Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta: How It Works

from the beginning you were driven driven to do what's right for yourself your family and your community and now there are so many ways to give how do you know which direction is the right one you start with the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta since 1951 the Community Foundation has been providing individuals and families with trusted expert philanthropic services connecting donors to the knowledge issues and causes that strengthen the Greater Atlanta region and the world beyond here's how it works you make a gift of cash stock or other assets you get an immediate tax benefit and a fund is created that's an investment for philanthropy the foundation serves as a GPS helping you navigate your personal philanthropic journey and connecting you with ways to impact the causes you're most passionate about your gift can be used to benefit nonprofits in Atlanta nationally and internationally the fund is invested wisely and strategically for maximum impact we can even work with your current trusted adviser to invest the fund you can choose to give now or later it's a lifelong journey that can include your entire family and create a legacy of giving that lasts for generations your fund can reap ongoing financial benefits allowing you to continue your philanthropic journey no matter where it takes you so talk with the community foundation today after all philanthropy isn't just something you do it's somewhere you go let's get started

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