Community FC

Community FC is an introductory program specifically for cold groups migrants refugees and indigenous players it's to get them into club football it's for those players or participants that wouldn't normally have access to club football so today we've got our girls program and our boys program here in Smithfield which is hosted by Fairfield Hotspurs we've also got Western Sydney Wanderers here in attendance so we've got Katherine Connolly and Dean Heffernan who have come down to engage with the groups as part of an a-league Club and we did a quick Q&A with the players where the players had opportunities to ask either Dean or Kathryn questions about their playing experiences and their coaching experience in previous times yeah look it's very important you know to engage with the community and making sure that these programs are running and all kids are getting the opportunity to play football female only Community FC programs help you know young young females and associations in many ways it helps them be with with other young females that are in the same situation as them and they can come and enjoy and play football in an environment where they're fully comfortable The Wanderers in particular I know for the from the club's point of view that it's a very important for us to make sure that we can involve ourselves and play a part in any any sort of grassroots football and provide opportunities to people that are less fortunate than others it's a chance for kids who don't always get these opportunities to come along and integrate through the community through sport I think giving them that opportunity will set them up for better success in the future and help them to integrate a lot more seamlessly into this environment my favorite part of this program is like getting to know a lot of people and I just connect to do with like girls out there that also like playing football I love playing football because I like being around people and I like to coach I like everything about this program you

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