Community Biggest Wins #16 / 2019

[Laughter] yes we've got a bonus seven spins to go so we have a slight chance to get him out and above but depends on this bonus what's it gonna do this could be the change see the V triggers of course are really important I've got unicorns it's not too easy to get them but if you get enough it's a nice win oh come on we want the re-trigger the recheck is early make all the difference no unicorns yet no whoa we go lucky guys we got the rete rigger come on something a bit more sensible like kings queens okay prince mom we trick our two mirrors oh my god four four unicore so it's got to pay big whoa yes he does that came out of nowhere yes we've got a reit rigger it is going for it on this we ended up with jacks that was a really quick one whoa we've got symbols all over the place now we've got jacks have got Creed's we've got the unicorns can we keep this bonus going come on we've still got 12 spoons to go I admit with a spin together I did not think we would be going up to this level Oh full screen of Queens this is just not stopping this is on a steam train nice bonus 889 [Applause] we are me and I in our coming for you all right because we're a bunch of bad boys better eject okay it's a chance again he's not doing back who X was the last one so this one has to be better right can be 2x again 10 times multiplier whoa guys guys guys please drop on the 10 drop on the 10 babies please no not on a five full four rolls on a 10x multiplier guys what a crazy guy now we can go big right now we can go big holes on the tab is multiply than the freaking dream guys please be a big bang please be a big bang guys guys look at how many big ones there are on the screen crazy oh and freaking g11 we wanna see doubles games double doubles last time we had 250 euro like this that was the last rule right are we into jail 500x boom Shakalaka guys oh yeah Oh in a two minute 82 when it baby ain't it to win it seven is this it wow wow wow wow wow I'm not sure but I'm not sure seven is too much I think right now it's in the middle it's in the middle yeah it's in the middle right oh my god it's in the middle why are you doing this why Wow Wow Wow what and again sue what it took her 100 videos Wow why did you do that this 500 euros crazy value

30 thoughts on “Community Biggest Wins #16 / 2019

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  2. The only time u see big wins is on small stakes. Why do we never see bigger stake wins or are they only for streamers?

  3. Only seen 2 videos with monopoly getting to the final edge of the board and 'by chance' both times it landed on super tax…

  4. Nice to see that my chilli win was "top win" of the week 🙂 I was like hell yeah, 400x when jacks came on 15th spin but then purples came out of nowhere and I was like what the f 😀

  5. i don´t trust those videos with no adress bar and where you can´t see if they´re playing with real money or just for fun.

  6. guys check this danish 40000x on Doa 2 like
    om f g
    I dont even wanna spoil

  7. Thanks for adding my video… 🙂 If anyone wants to pop to my channel I have added 3 more this week over 200 x videos from some other games.

  8. I've seen the exact same spins on monopoly 3-5 times now by just watching videos and streams. Allways on high multiplier it shows the same.

  9. I like what I did with the magic mirror bonus , u could have milked it for time but didn't and for that THANK U.

  10. that monopoly game fake as fuck, the last time it also had a 10x and they landed excactly on the 20% off lol

  11. Hey I made it ( the Napoleon win )
    Thanks for including me!
    Also lmao with Homer Simpson, top notch editing once again XD

  12. Why does he have 1€ bet on monopoly bonus even tho he got the 10x multiplier… I mean 500x with 10€…??

  13. The editing on these videos is always so good, should've kept the homer simpson scream after, but I still laughed

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