Come Join the ‘Walk to Freedom’ in Delhi

3rd December 2019 is World Disability Day. The NCPEDP in partnership with NAD, have organised the walk on 3rd December 2019. There will be a peaceful walk at the India Gate in New Delhi from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. They have three demands. 1. Indian Sign Language (ISL) to be added the amendment in the Constitution of India. 2. In India there are people with disability such as Blind, intellectual impairment, physical disability, etc. 75% of them do not receive quality education in India. 25% of people with disability receive quality education. However, 98% of Deaf individuals in India do not receive quality education. Only 2% of Deaf population receives sign language education. For the remaining there is no education as all the teachers teach through oralism. Due to this, the students do not understand anything. This is why they have demanded the government, for sign language and accessible education for people with disability and Deaf individuals. NCPEDP and NAD had created a proposal for the 2021 Census of India. There are 21 different disabilities mentioned in the RPWD Act 2016. The 21 disabilities included the blind, handicap, people with physical disabilities, Deaf, etc. The proposal wanted disabilities like the Blind, physical disabilities, intellectual impairment, Deaf, etc. to be included in the census. This was rejected by the government. Just like a door to door count is made, Deaf & people with disabilities must also be included in the count. They rejected this. NAD and NCPEDP also wanted to be a part of the Census committee. They even rejected this. This is very wrong and demanding to be included. They also want Indian Sign Language to be recognised. For example in India, there are many languages. In forms, there are options for languages such as Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, etc. Depending on your mother tongue you may select Gujarati as you speak it since your birth. Or you will select marathi if thats your language. The forms have everyone’s languages. But I have been using Sign Language since I was a child. But its not on the form. This is why we are demanding sign language to be recognised. NCPEDP and NAD invites Deaf, people with disabilities, to be a part of the walk. Deaf associations, individuals, NGOs, etc are all invited to participate in the walk. They are hoping for more than 10,000 people so that the government hears the demands and starts to do things.

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