"Come Be PC" – Social Justice: The Musical

I know that you got opinions but what you can see daddies your skin tone oppresses millions so just quiet down a bit come join me in gender studies compare a useless degree and when you make garbage money technology sponsibility jumpy PC can't be PC things are so splendid when you're offended take it from me we're fighting for progress can't you see silencing all whom I disagree so respectfully be a cry bully come be PC come join us in our safe spaces our shelters from and maybe on rare occasions will let you think something but if we team your thoughts toxic we might have to shut you down and if you critique our logic better you start preferred pronouns chumby PC got BBC our lucky racism is terrorism obviously let's all fight for the little guy from our parents pensions online come join our prison look what you're missing child baby can't be beat very different opinions are okay [Applause] [Applause] young BBC perfect harmony no problematic was the cost panic come watch the magic back [Applause]

36 thoughts on “"Come Be PC" – Social Justice: The Musical

  1. these where the days of awakening for you and all of us… we took the red pill and it felt so good 2-4 years ago… now the black pill isn´t feeling so well, next pill will be cool, this is like the windows OS, a good (W7 and a bad W8, and so on)… lets go for the next pill, 2020 is a good year for it, Trump will show us the way 🙂

  2. So Disney is making a live-action version of The Little Mermaid and Ariel will be played by a black character because PC Chris Ray Gun you called it

  3. No matter how much you whites complain:

    Ariel is Black

    MJ is Black.

    Annie is Black

    April O Neil is Black

    Captain America is Black

    Spiderman is Black

    Starfire is Black

    Black Panther is a blockbuster hit

    Black people are growing in number and becoming economically wealthier every year

    Whites will be a minority, and eventually extinct, all of their own doing and karma


  4. Under the Reeee
    With forced diversiteeee
    Race changing is okay as long as your race changing the right way…
    your a Naziiiiii if you disagree so come be PC!

  5. That clip were that person was pushed to the ground and then screamed "your sign is fucking oppressive!" where and when did that happen?

  6. Well Disney went for it with the new Life-Action movie of Arielle. Worst nightmares became real. nothing against the actress but the whole ginger purge

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