COLOSSIANS: Eight Aspects of Christ-ness // David Evanger

all right well we are in our second week in our new series in the book of Colossians that's how we tend to do things at Sedaris we preach through books of the Bible because we want to start with the Word of God we believe he's revealed truth to us we don't fully understand it and so we need to come together in community to consider it together that we might have the revelation of God opened up to our eyes to our spiritual eyes that we might know who God is and who we are meant to be so that's what we'll be doing again today today you will need some coffee so if you need to get up now and get some extra coffee I'm literally planning my mind almost exploded this week studying this very famous passage Colossians 1:15 to 20 your brains might explode because we're actually going to get insight into the cosmic realities of who Christ is it's really gonna blow us away so you need to get coffee don't worry we we don't shy away from big ideas here at Sedaris and so we're not going to shy away from this one either but I promise to not just be big and abstract I want to start by making you laugh so imma tell you a story one of my favorite stories a story about the Mississippi River what do you all know about the Mississippi River well I grew up in Seattle and you know back in the day before the big westward expansion back in the day to make it from the east coast all the way west to the Mississippi River that was a big deal was a big deal and so I kind of my brain works funny and I always thought since I grew up on the west coast I thought it would be as equally big of a deal for me to go back the other way east and see the Mississippi River and I actually moved to Dallas Texas after my getting my master's in accounting from University of Washington I moved east and so I was so close I can smell the Mississippi it's just one state over really there's a big State Texas is big state so it was a commitment and I remember the first time I ever went to Louisiana I thought I was gonna get to see the Mississippi River and I got really excited and I saw this river and I ran – turns out it was the Snake River not the Mississippi so I had to make another trip to Louisiana this time I go right to the heart of it right to Louisiana and I was there with actually my best friend from high school his name was Steve Bob Moore he he was actually in flight training for the Marines in Pensacola Florida so I actually flew over the Mississippi River then drove back from Florida to New Orleans and New Orleans my same that's right mark okay darlin sorry sorry sorry 23 years old so I wasn't you know the holy man of God that I am now I apologize but we were in New Orleans French Quarter you know we had had a couple of adult beverages or 20 23 years old and we decide to go down to the famous cafe du monde we've in the cafe du monde we heard of this beignets beignets are kind of like Donuts I know I shouldn't say that they're like donuts without holes little squares and you go to Cafe Du Monde famous cafe right there in the heart of the French Quarter and we had this was late at night and we had that was coming threes we each had three but they're filled with powdered sugar so by the end of it we were throwing powdered sugar on each other and we were covered 23 years old come on guys so many years ago and and I said this is the moment I've been waiting for I've got to see finally the Mississippian I just want to see it I want to I want to touch it so we go Cafe Du Monde we walk down down this Hill down to the edge of the water and there's this little dog and we walk out on the dock and and there it is the Mississippi I'd heard so much about it the fame of the Mississippi and I don't know what happened next I still to this day I don't know if somebody pushed me or I slipped but next thing I know I'm not just dipping my toe in the Mississippi I'm swimming in the Mississippi River probably about 1:00 a.m. and in that moment every part of me was woken up because you realize when you're in the Mississippi it's no longer an idea and you feel the current and you realize next thing you know you could be taken out to sea luckily I was strong swimmer strong swimmer made it back to the dock and lifted myself up and realized in that moment realized in that moment that the Mississippi the power the majesty of the Mississippi River was even way more than the stories that I've been told he's he I don't know why I had misjudged the power in the might of the Mississippi River it was dark I was immature we probably had a little bit too much fun the night before I was distracted by the friends that I was with but for whatever reason even though I knew and I'd heard the stories until I encountered truly the reality of the Mississippi River till I was in it I wasn't woken up I needed to be sobered up whether somebody push me or I tripped or I slipped it doesn't really matter now I was awake now I was awake to the full reality and that's what's gonna happen to us today Paul is gonna push us or we might just slip into the fullness of who Christ really is maybe you've heard stories maybe you've grown up hearing stories maybe you think you know today Paul's gonna say you don't really know Christ is so much more than you ever thought so that's what we're gonna look at I hope that this wakes you up in a really good way and maybe in a really scary way because maybe you've been walking in darkness maybe you are immature maybe you've been distracted by the pleasures of this world and you need to be woken up let's see if that happens today so if you've got a copy of the Scriptures turn with me to the book of Colossians it is a small four chapter letter written from the Apostle Paul to the church in colossi which is in modern-day Turkey we are going to be looking at these famous five verses in Chapman chapter 1 verse 15 if you new to the Bible the large chapter or the large numbers are the chapter numbers and the small numbers are the verse numbers so I'd say chapter 1 verse 15 you look for the big one and then the small 15 and that's where we'll be now as you're turning there let me just recap from last week what we said Paul will pray for the church in Colossae he will pray that they would have their hearts and their minds opened to the one hope the one hope which they should hope in which is the hope of heaven and we talked about how so often we tend to think of heaven as as over here and earth as over here and they're sort of these two parallel but never intersecting reality so what we said is actually when we understand what the Bible teaches then I get to do my my powers dancing again is that heaven is everything everything it is the realm of God who created everything so heaven is everything and then there's this little rebellious subsection of it which is creation which God in heaven past decided I'm going to create material reality we call it earth and the Bible calls it earth it's all of the universe the cosmos the stars in the sky the earth the animals all of it he creates it but it is not sort of separate from heaven though there are distinctions because of sin God's president is not fully in earth as it once was and once will be but heaven is still all and earth is like this tumor we talked about that has gone wrong and Christ as we'll see wants to come and redeem it all and bring heaven and earth back together and so Paul prays this over the people in colossi and in verse nine he praised this as well and this is sort of our prayer for this morning and so from this from the day we heard heard of your faith and your love and the hope that you have in heaven we have not ceased to pray for you asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and you could add spiritual spiritual understanding why so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord fully pleasing to him bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge that is the relational personal knowledge of God so that's sort of the hope of the whole reason Paul's writing this letter to to a church that he didn't that he himself didn't start but that good friends of him started actually one of his disciples went to start this church and he's writing them to encourage them because they have division and quarreling amongst them they're worshipping things that they need not worship because they've missed something something really really important about who God is and who Jesus is so that is really the first thing Paul will do that we might gain spiritual wisdom and spiritual understanding he needs to help us see Jesus as he fully is Paul will say if you want to walk in a way worthy of the Lord worthy of who you are and who are being made you need to see Jesus Christ fully and that's what we have in verses 15 to 20 and what is so amazing about 15 to 20 is most likely Paul is is has taken an original him something he didn't write and he's probably massaged it just a little bit to fit the context but he's taken a hymn that the church would say or sing about Jesus and he's put it right in here why is this so amazing they called the Christ him what's so amazing about this is that it shows that people were saying these things about Jesus long before Paul wrote his letters and long before the second or third century which many critics of Christianity say oh that's when they started calling Jesus the Son of God this sort of proves that no they were singing about Jesus as this cosmic reality that were about to read about long before just within ten to fifteen years after Jesus death and a resurrection this had become a known Christian hymn throughout the world that Paul can quoted and people would recognize oh yeah I've sung that I know that isn't it and then amazing so people say to you well you know this whole Jesus says God thing was a later invention of the church to kind of keep people going not true here we have proof right here that these were the things they were saying right after his death and his resurrection so much so that they wrote a song about it that was circulated amongst all the churches in the Mediterranean world crazy exciting and what will this hymn tell us it will help us to see who Jesus Christ the Son of God is because here's the problem earth knows Jesus as something heaven knows Jesus as something but what should we know Jesus asked so I put together this little chart for you throw it up there earth knows him as Jesus okay sorry if that's a little bit hard to read he is put my glasses off okay Earth knows him as Jesus here's a man born in three to five BC we've got some of the dating wrong many years later which is what Jesus isn't actually born at year zero born three to five B C's son of Mary and Joseph brother to James Joseph Simon Judas any and most likely had sisters as well he lived the majority of his life in Nazareth which is in the region of Galilee in Israel he was a carpenter by trade he had a short ministry as an eye tenant rabbinic teacher travelling around teaching people about the Scriptures he had a short ministry of healing sick diseased lame people he had a short ministry as a miracle worker and he was personally speaking a beloved religious ethicists he was a moral teacher what else does the earth know about him he was convicted and executed as a blasphemer as one who claimed to be God who claimed to be the Messiah who claimed to be the Christ so earth knows him just as Jesus of Nazareth so so the earth knows him now if he is the son of God that means heaven knows him as something what does heaven know him as heaven knows him as the son the beloved son we saw that last week which is what that he is God of God he is the second member of the Trinity he is eternally he has eternally existed he is not made he is not born he was not created he is Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end life itself love itself he is the king of heaven that that's how he's known in in heaven in heaven on earth he's known as Jesus of Nazareth how are we to know him how is the church to know him that's where the Christ nests of Christ comes in the church knows him as the Christ the Christ and what does it mean that he is the Christ that's what we'll look at today it's gonna mean these eight things if you take notes here's my suggestion you're not gonna have enough room for the things are gonna go we're gonna talk about eight characteristics aspects of that he is the Christ my recommendation is write these down right now and then just listen and you can always go back online and take more notes and listen but if you try to take all the notes you'll run out of space you'll be angry that we haven't given you more note sheets okay so write these down these are these are the eight things we'll walk through them one by one the church knows him as the Christ which is he is the image of the invisible God he is the firstborn of creation he is the means of creation he is the glue of creation he is the head of the body which is the church he is the firstfruits of the resurrection he is the dwelling place of God's fullness he is the peacemaker king of heaven and earth

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