Colorful Eye Tutorial with Melissa Alatorre

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey guys, Melissa here,
and my fur baby, Mika. We’re here at Too
Faced headquarters in celebration of the
brand new Clover palette. So today I’m going
to show you how I created this look using
the colors “Spoiled” and “Wet Kisses.” And I think this
look is absolutely perfect for those
days when you’re outfit is just so simple that
you really want to amp it up with your makeup look. And it’s a really great way
to do it with a pop of color. So let’s jump straight
to this tutorial. I’m want to start by priming
my eyes with Shadow Insurance. I’m going to apply a little
bit at my fingertips, and then just spread it
all over the eye lid. I’m going to apply a
transition shade first to make all the eyeshadows
really easy to blend. I’m going to be mixing “Love
Is Love” with “Chihuahua.” So I’m just taking a really
large, fluffy blending brush and lightly blending
into the crease. I mixed the two so it doesn’t
go on super vibrant at first. But we can always build
on the color later. And also while
I’m here, I’m just going to grab a different brush
and apply that same combination to the lower lash line. Next, I’m to take that same
eyeshadow “Love Is Love” and just really pack
it onto the outer v to darken up the eyeshadow. So for this one, I’m just
packing it onto that outer V. And I’m not really blending it. I’m going to grab that
same blending brush and buff it out afterwards. But I really want to pack
it onto that outer v first. And now on that
inner corner part of the eye that doesn’t
have any eyeshadow on yet, I’m going to apply “Wet Kisses.” Now we’re going to
make this look really fun and add another pop
of color using “Spoiled.” I’m going to apply that
to the lower lash line and sort of create
like a reverse wing. So I’m going to create a
wing starting under here. So, I’m depositing the
most amount of color on the outer part of the eye. And then I’m going to
wing it up to connect with the rest of the look. I really love the
way this is looking. But I want to make it just
a little more dramatic. So I’m also going to
go in with “Wolf,” which is a deeper shade of blue
just to darken up that wing. The best thing about
this eyeshadow, too, is that there’s little
flecks of glitter in it that are identical to “Spoiled.” So the two shadows match
really well together. And then for a highlight
on the inner corners, I’m going to be
using “I Ruff You.” And I’m going to play
this using my fingertip. And this color is
perfect for this look because it’s a soft, pinky
peach highlight, which really complements the peach. And I’m just kind of
obsessed with “What Kiss Is,” the color on my eyelids. So I’m also can apply
it to the inner corner part of the lower lash line,
so just a tiny bit right here. Because I love
the color so much, I feel like it also has
to go on the lower line. All right, and to
complete this look, I’m going to layer on three
coats of “Better Than Sex” Mascara. All right, guys, that
completes the look. Comment down below what kind
of fur babies you have at home. We’d love to know. And we’d love to see
the looks you create using the Clover palette. See you guys in the next one. Bye.

43 thoughts on “Colorful Eye Tutorial with Melissa Alatorre

  1. love Melissa! She's a gem! I would have loved to see money donated to Hope For Paws…theyre on YouTube also and have a rather big following in here, and I think they're based in LA (at least that's where I see most of their videos taking place). My furbabies are a 1 year old pitbull who is already 91 pounds, and a 5 yr old yorkie…Yorkie runs the house, of course 😉😆

  2. Yay Meeka is in the video!! I love seeing dogs in YouTube videos. I have 2 pit mixes Buddy and Mykah Nd then I have white dwarf rabbit named Shelby she has these huge brown eyes with black eyeliner and them these sweet few black lashes you rrally see at her outer corner she is such a beautiful baby

  3. LOVE THIS LOOK!!! TooFaced is one of my OG FOAT!!! Melissa has always been one of my FAVS for a while now!!! Fur baby looks as beautiful as always too!!! Lil fact about me…. I have 9 PitBulls!!! My dog Isis is the mom… My brothers dog Cesar is the dad… 4yrs ago Isis had her 1st litter at 1yr old… she had 10 pups!!! We found good homes for 3 pups… the rest we could not place in a home that I knew they would be cares for and loved sooooooo…. I KEPT ALL 7!!! Now, 4 1/2 yrs later… BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!! #PitBullLove PIT BULLS GET SUCH A BAD RAP!!! ITS ALL ON HOW YOU RAISE THEM!!! All my dogs eat, sleep, go outside, and live TOGETHER!!! No fighting, bitting, any of that!! They love hard tho!! I know this comment is long but I have to have a voice for the Pits that can not!! DON'T DISCRIMINATE BREEDS!! I had such a hard time finding an apartment when Isis was a pup due to breed restriction… ITS JUST WRONG!!! LOVE ALL MY FUR BABIES!!! ADOPT A DOG TODAY!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! XOXO

  4. i went to go and order this online when it came out cause I like fell in love!!!!! I added another too faced product which was about £12 and I went to order online. I thought the $50 and over free shipping deal was also available in the UK. Guess not! With tax and shipping the total was over £81!!!!!! Too faced if you expect me to pay that you're doing it wrong. So upset it isn't available in store because that was/is my favorite palette!

  5. This is not about the Clover Pallette.I understand the reasoning behind the packaging.Listen Jerrod and Toofaced.I just came from the Beauty News YT channel and They are Just right.Ive seen over 40 INFLUENCERS even say it,Y'ALL HAVE WENT TOO FAR WITH THE KIDDIE LOOKING PACKAGING!THE SWEET PEACH PALLETTE IS IN MY TOP 3 FAVES EVER,Y'ALL HAVE GREAT PRODUCTS,PLZZZZZZ BACK OFF OF THE KIDS STUFF.Yall must not know about or see All of the Thousands of comments I've seen in comment sections that say "I Love toofaced products but I don't like buying them cuz the packaging looks like it's geared towards teenagers or kids".Sorry,had to get that out.Im giving this Video a thumbs up because I do Like the tutorials.they are great!

  6. The look came out STUNNING of course it did Melissa created it 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have two fur babies along with two kids AND a husband 🤦🏻‍♀️ I have a 3y/o black lab his name his GATSBY and I have the baby which is 6 months old he’s a pug mix his name is BARNABAS pronounced BARN-AH-BIS he is such a sweetie!! I love this pallet I’ll have to check it out to see how much it cost I would love to own it it’s got great colors very unique and great pigmentation as you could see in the video!!! I have to know TOO FACED the brushes she used in this tutorial are they the ones made from teddy bear hair????? I have those I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! So so soft!!!! Great look girl 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  7. I️ have a Boglen Terrier named “Wade Boggs.” But I️ call him my Bogsley Bone! He is a Designer/Hybrid Pupster-Pure Breed Beagle and Pure Bread Boston Terrier. I️ Love him so much! Mika is totally Cute! Now that I️ see the pigmentation of the pallet, I️ will be ordering! I️ trust, Melissa!!

  8. Love love Love Melissa Alatorre💟. She is so stunning and has such a lovely personality on camera. She's just very much at ease and true to herself. great video😃💝

  9. Loved this look and can't wait to try it! Thanks for always having such amazing products and tutorials <3 Love you Too Faced! <3

  10. Siberian husky. Named Laika after the first dog to go to space! She's all white, one blue eye and one brown eye<3 "I ruff you" and thank you for the tutorial as always!!!!

  11. Myfur baby is Cashmere and she is fab.Love this eyeshadow and I've been creating so many looks. Love that you are giving back. Keep it up.

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