Coffin Cruisers Hearse Club members show off their spooky rides

This is Al, my ex-husband. It’s the Coffin Cruisers Hearse Club.
Currently the club is very informal. We’re just a group
of enthusiasts that hang out together, enjoy our hearses, and like to have fun. My car is a 1981 Cadillac hearse by Superior. It’s a true barn find. I got it out of a
barn covered with chicken poop. Got my permanent passengers in a casket,
then I have the cemetery trailer. I like the classics. 1969 Cadillac hearse.
Very rare because of the color. I do drive it around town. You get all kinds
of reactions: people taking pictures, smiling, thumbs up. You do get a little of
them going, ‘Oh my god.’ Laughing, pointing, sign of the cross. Well, you can see
people whooping and hollering, People either really like it or you really
don’t, but they’re dying to ride in it. It’s a ’65 Cadillac. I built it in ’07,
pulled it out of a field with a backhoe. Started working on it, was gonna take
the kids to the prom. It just kept going and going and going,
till you see what I got. This is Morty. It’s all original, right down to the curtains. You have to see the full spectrum of this baby. To me, it’s a beautiful vehicle. I don’t look at it as a hearse, first of all,
I look at it as a classic ’69 Cadillac. It drives like the devil’s chasing her. We’ve had a lot of bands in it.
Drowning Pool. Candlebox. Alice In Chains. You can go to Godsmack ‘Rocky Mountain Way’
and see this car in there. I’m retired from my real job
and I build coffins as a hobby job. My primary coffin customer is Voodoo Doughnut.
They come with three dozen Voodoo doughnuts. What better vehicle to deliver
coffins than in a hearse? That’s a cool old car that was
custom built one at a time, and they had a lot of real craftsmen
working on these cars. Everybody’s got a Honda. If you wanted to
have something different, that’s different. It actually is very tranquil.
It’s not for everybody obviously. And I think you have to
have an open mind and be a free spirit and don’t really
care what other people think.

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