Coffee Chat @ New Cities Summit: Underlying Societal Concerns

you know it is interesting be sometimes some of the biggest things that you see in the world if you just pay attention to it they're all symptoms of an underlying problem so if you think about the political world that we are in today with all the things in Austria and Netherlands and Indonesia and Turkey and now in the u.s. it reflects an underlying thing which is concerns about are we making the best use of our resources of a giving access to everybody or we creating a divide between the haves and the have-nots and you see this being played out everywhere right and so I think whether you like it or not technology in some cases create the problems the technology might be the only way for you to leapfrog some of these problem because what you have done the last hundred years you cannot take next hundred years to solve because we don't have that with the rate of urbanization 10,000 people moving into a city every hour worldwide that's the creation of one London a month on the next 36 years just to catch up the current conditions you're not going to build a London the way you will London last 10 years it may not be as pretty but we need something that is functional where people will actually get housing but cannot be so boring without a soul that those cities will die so you still need to create cities at a vibrant and that requires this blending of public and private and academics and labor unions think and that's what we're seeing here at the NCS the reason why we always participate with NCS is the fact that you can sit and next to you will be a mayor next year will be somebody from a think tank somebody was a professor somebody was from the labored from journalists just bringing multiple players together may ask you to look at the problem from different angles and then you realize when we sit and get upset why aren't they moving that do you realize it's not that easy yeah and I think it's key bringing this ecosystems together and having all these broad conversations around how we solve our biggest challenges and I think some of it kind of stem through you know a moment in crisis if we look at Singapore and water and how they now become a global center of excellence Israel and security but well right now I think seeing is these lessons learned and then taking kind of these public-private partnerships and integrated ecosystems to really help cities around the world advance and it doesn't matter if it's big or small North America Europe or anywhere else in the world and frankly we probably in Western countries need to step it up a little bit to keep up with what we're seeing in other parts of the world that are completely leapfrogging i would say some of our countries and cities for the technologies because there's your legacy exactly they don't have the legacy so they don't need to rip in a replace they actually can create now the problem sometimes is you know what they have to take take a country like India right or Indonesia or any any any of these asian countries or Latin American countries they're trying to solve for the problems of the 19th of the 20th century while they're also trying to create the opportunities of the 21st digital world where people are asking for self autonomous self driving cars or beautiful homes that are completely automated but they also trying to create public lavatories and public toilets so it's it's not a it's a suboptimal roles in many ways to bring them together you

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