CNN BARELY Addresses the Most Important Issue Of The 2020 Election

so what did you think about the brief moments of climate change debate that happened tonight yeah I mean it basically amounted to almost nothing there are not a lot of issues that you can substantively discuss in you know 30 seconds I would say climate change is one of the toughest ones I think that we heard just enough to get an idea that some of these candidates are willing to acknowledge that it's happening but obviously are not prepared to actually do what's necessary to stop it I think that came through clearly to me I hope that that comes through clearly to people who don't pay as much attention to this I'm not sure hopefully that will get sussed out during the climate town halls that are coming up in the next month there was what what are two quick things I wanted to say though one the strategy from CNN I found to be very frustrating where they clearly designed this where they were going to bombard the candidates with questions from a far right point of view to attempt to tear down Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and they were going to use the centrist that are here tonight as their pawns instigating conflict between them to do that in a way that not only that in their view would hurt Bernie and Warren but insulates Biden from being the guy who went after them so we'll see if they go with more kid gloves tomorrow and don't try to instigate fights between him and Harris or anything like that but I found that to be quite present I'm gonna disagree pretty strongly with John's assessment there because I think that what that's they were the two frontrunners they were in the middle I think it was unquestionably framing that would never be asked to by and nobody would ever ask his Jews Joe or Joe Biden's positions to moderate to beat Donald Trump in in 2020 it's inconceivable that that would get asked so I agree with John on that point but I mean there there was not an attempt to take down those people that was and there was an attempt to take down Sanders just based on the framing of the questions everything was framed in the context of this is Bernie Sanders policy do you think this policies to Bernie Sanders is policy I mean that's good for Bernie Sanders because Bernie Sanders has controlled the dialogue of the Democratic Party for the last two years hasn't gone as far as he wanted but he has totally pushed its direction so those are logical questions to ask and Elizabeth Warren has risen in the polls what she the she more than anybody else she is the darlin new darling and to focus on those two who are ideological compatriots make the most sense in the world and we know from reporting before the debate that turned out to be completely accurate that the moderates in that debate that moderates and and and even further to the right center-right Democrats we're gonna go after them regardless of the question they were gonna target those that their plan was to damage them and be the moderate who rises up into the top tier right but I agree with John in the fact that it from the perspective of the questions that were being asked where the far-right things these policies are CooCoo and what do you say about that as opposed to asking the questions from the perspective of the people who the all the people want to know but it's always framed from this extreme policy that you have we want to know we want to ask you about this extreme policy as opposed to asking them the questions from the perspective of the United States of America before you jump in Ben I actually want to go to sound where where Bernie calls them out on the GOP framing and and it was a great moment in my opinion let's take a quick look at that Jake your question is a Republican talking point at the end of the day by the way and by the way by the way the health care industry will be advertising tonight on this program you Center senator Warren it's your turn with that talking point yeah that was great and and by the way and I thought one of the best answers to that because again you know you want to break through Bernie said it you expect Bernie to say it and he was right and it wants that and that's unquestionably true that the framing I just don't think that was an intentional we're gonna get Bernie Sanders and I think it's important that we don't talk that way people judge said his answer to that question was hey man this is a distinction without a difference the costs are gonna go down that's the important thing your and so that was I thought a very effective way to answer that question for a mayor P but no question that that that that is framed as the that is that is the way Mitch McConnell that is the way Kevin McCarthy that's the way they want that question asked so I want to pivot back to climate change because there was a moment where Bernie Sanders and I Paul was he debating with okay so there's a debate about how far you can go with climate change proposals and the big argument is that the green New Deal is unreasonable it's it's not something that you could get bipartisan support for and this was the response from Bernie Sanders and look understand that we're going to Bernie Sanders a lot because there were a lot of questions asked with the framing of this is what Bernie Sanders is proposing what do you think nobody wanted to see the amy klobuchar Steve Bullock debate right that's exactly right so let's take a quick look at this moment and John pay close attention because I'm really curious to hear what you think I get a little bit tired of Democrats afraid of big ideas Republicans are not afraid of big ideas they could give a trillion dollars in tax breaks to billionaires and profitable corporations they could bail out the crooks on Wall Street so please don't tell me that we cannot take on the fossil fuel industry and nothing happens on we do that here is the bottom line gotta ask ourselves a simple question what do you do with an industry that knowingly for billions of dollars in short-term profits is destroying this planet I say that is criminal activity that cannot be allowed you know Sanders did it you know focused one of his answers are several of his answers primarily on corruption right Buddha judge did a good job in giving a brief concise and strong answer on government corruption what needs to be done about it he met he mentioned a constitutional amendment but woven into almost every answer from Bernie Sanders is the issue of government corruption so he brought it up in this context the fossil fuel industry and how it corrupts politicians and that's the reason why you know we're not doing enough or doing anything nearly enough to combat climate change the fur guys but here's the with Bernie Sanders the issue is very simple if he is expanded when he talks about from 2016 a little that was an answer right there a little bit different than 2016 but people know him they like him right he still polls incredibly eyes because his approval rating especially among Democrats is I think the highest you know it's season two certainly in the top tier I think he's number one so the question is is he does does an answer like that convince anybody to move to him right and it may be and if they don't right if none of this works and they don't move to him it means that people haven't thought on Bernie and they've sort of made up their minds on him because it's much easier for Elizabeth Warren to break through because they don't know him it's much easier for people to judge to break through they don't know her and they don't know him and they don't know about o'rourke he can't do it anyway Biden they know harder for him people want him to be sort of stable and they got you so Connell Harris can break through so bernie is trying and I appreciate that I think that that he that due to what Jenks said he didn't try hard enough in the first debate yeah he's trying here I will be here I have no clue what's gonna happen but Bernie has been in the neighborhood of 17 18 19 20 21 for a very long time the nomination doesn't have to be right now but at some point it would have to be removed let's keep it real I mean he could be in a month it could be after we get a couple more debates I mean it could be in the next six weeks but it's got to start happening as we get into the fall that he has gotta make a move because nobody is unaware of how Bernie Sanders presents a case for what he thinks America ought to look like everybody else who went after the progressives tonight Tim Ryan Steve Bullock Johnny they're praying for the opportunity to tell people what their vision of for America is Bernie has made his point now he is fine-tuning his point and and I'm curious to see whether he can get people back who he had in 2016 or grow to some other dissatisfied voters so so John you know Bernie Sanders mentions how important it is to dream big we need big ideas let's turn that dial of ideas to extra extra hot is that going to resonate with voters you know do you think that's the type of answer that's going to resonate not only with people who supported him in 2016 but additional voters this time around in a vacuum I would still hope so I can't guarantee it and ya want to see I think that that answer was a great example of he has the right thing to say we can't say with any certainty whether or not people are going to jump on to it but I mean it's not a vacuum it's on a stage with a bunch of people who are making clear and the way that Elizabeth Warren pointed out that they are effectively running for president to just everybody simmer down on your expectations for what could possibly happen and that is not a recipe for shooting up in the polls and tonight it wasn't Biden but by the is a lot closer to those people both in terms of what he wants to actually accomplish as president I would also say this ability to communicate about it than he is to Elizabeth Warren or to Bernie Sanders and while you know Bernie Sanders I don't think it's gonna fundamentally change people's opinion of him at this point a lot of people I think have a somewhat false view of who Joe Biden is as a candidate and that I think probably will inevitably change over time as we have more debates like this yeah John totally right no question Joe Biden's a has had three cracks at the national stage and he's over three he failed in two presidential runs when he was like better O'Rourke was sort of thought of as oh no this guy's kind of look at the doget Joe Biden this guy's gonna be a great candidate then he just wasn't and then Anita Hill was an embarrassment like he's over three on the national stage he got his national he's a was a reliable senator from Delaware who would never not get reelected following his family tragedy and that's an easy State to win reelection in and he had his sort of uh it was seen as a very knowledgeable guy on foreign affairs but as a national figure he was dead in the water except he was rescued by the one single person who would have picked him to be vice president by a guy a black guy with a crazy name who needed to tell white Democrats mostly hey I know you want to vote for me and I know you're scared but it's gonna be okay it's gonna be okay and Joe Biden was you think if John Kerry hadn't run in 2004 that would have been John Kerry and not Joe Biden so Joe Biden got rescued by Barack Obama and now we've decided again Oh No he's a national figure and a uniter and he I don't buy it I don't think it's gonna happen and I think we were just waiting until he collapses then again I could totally be wrong John I want to ask you a question while we are talking about race what is the the makeup of the people who were in attendance because I noticed when they when they talked about the HBCUs Elizabeth Warren talked about funding the HBCUs I heard a lot of cheers when we talked about the race when Marianne Williamson talked about race and Flint and and it being racist I heard a lot of Jews and the reparations was there did you was there a lot of people of color in the audience well I can't speak specifically to the audience because there's no way that ever gonna let me in that room but in terms of the press room I can say I'm looking around now and I mean I the majority of the people here are white but I would say that it's probably not the mix that you would expect I talked with a number of people who seem to work for either local radio stations local TV stations and they were more likely to be non-white I think that because this is located in Detroit there is a more diverse mix I would say if people cover I don't know in terms of like their guests or anything like that that might be in the room but the room I'm seeing right now is not it's not as insanely white as I would have expected it would be in something like this the two easy ways follow Young Turks want us hit the subscribe button down below then you're a TYT subscriber and second is ring the bell and when you do that on YouTube 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27 thoughts on “CNN BARELY Addresses the Most Important Issue Of The 2020 Election

  1. Which company was Bernie Sanders employed at that grants him to dictate what business owners do with their profits?…if he was to fill out an application today his resume would be empty

  2. I spent some time in the US and I was honestly astonished by the amount of drugs advertisments. It really shows that the pharmaceutical industry controls the television media.

  3. Baltimore can’t afford to pick up there own garbage, as in LA and SF, but demorats will handle healthcare. 😜🤪🤔🧐😆🤣😂

  4. Ben, get off the stage. You have absolutely no clue about politics. Go back to watching movies. You're idiotic.

  5. Ben has this default position that the Media treats Sanders no differently than anyone else. I don't get it. Cenk, and Ana, have illustrated this to him many times …yet Ben keeps on believing that the Media is fair to Sanders. I don't understand that? ..and I like Ben quite a bit, but on this, he is wrong.

  6. Delaney definitely needed a big bump, and had to take on Progressives…Delaney had his butt handed to him. Career over…and Bernie just keeps shining on.
    Bernie Warren in any order 2020. We can have our government working for CITIZENS vs CORPORATIONS (TRUMP).

  7. Funny how elites like Ben can ever in their wildest imagination connect with the common person who is the canary in the coal mine. The US is collapsing just like former USSR due to the split in economic lives of the haves and have nots. We get it and the elites dont get it. The elites think neo-liberal policy where legalized stealing through tax code from workers is ok and will go on forever. They think their wealth is fairly earned. I have a brother just like him who despite being given his job my my Dad attributes all instances of success to hard work. Ben owes his wealth to more than just his voice. He got into the business through his Dad. There is an old saying that is no longer true that says " That the sun never sets on the British empire."

  8. No Democrat is taking the white house in 2020, Trust and believe ADOS. ADOS is withholding our vote. No Tangibles No Vote!

  9. Ben….Bernie has pushed the direction of the DISCUSSION, but he is far to real to be satisfied with simply changing the discussion. He wants RESULTS.

  10. Bernie is spot on about Health care for All but talks CRAP about the Fossil fuel industry HE STILL GOES ON PLANES & CARS etc like all these Green New Deal Morons what BS TRUMP TRAIN UNSTOPABLE MAGA 2020

  11. Who cares if they asked far right questions? If the proposals are iron clad they’d stand up to any and all scrutiny. Stop tyt just stop. There is no such thing as an unfair question. Either you have an answer or you don’t.

  12. There were also zero questions regarding what the candidates were/are doing about foreign obstruction in our elections

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