CNA | The Family Affair S4 | E05: The Stress Never Ends

18 thoughts on “CNA | The Family Affair S4 | E05: The Stress Never Ends

  1. She forced the peppermint oil on him when he clearly expressed his dislike for it and then she got mad at him for being rude to her? Threw a tantrum by dissappearing and causing inconveniences to the rest of the crew? Then kept forcing her son to apologise to her? She was forcing him to apologise for making her look bad coz of the way he reacted and not really because he was being rude. Man.. she is overbearing and egoistic.

  2. I hope mummy Yap see this and know she is doing a great job, although outsiders might say she is controlling or a "bad" mum , but she actually reminds of my mother who did the same, always believe in me & pushes me to strive harder. You might look like a bad mum/ tiger mum now, but your child will appreciate and thank you when they grow up.

  3. Haha the yap family kid is not wrong though? Just apologise if it’s your fault la. It’s your fault for putting your peppermint oil fingers near his face lol

  4. basti might seem selfish outside, I used to hate this child, but when he cried, I melted, I could feel the burden he felt from his mother's expectations as well as the hope of helping his family's finances. parents should not see their children as commodities, but with their circumstances, they may only have limited choices.

  5. That kid gets spring rolls for everytime he recites a few lines and Judging by his size…. He should be a genius by now..

  6. CNA, thanks for producing such an engrossing and relatable show. I’ve enjoyed all 4 seasons and look forward to more in the future. I also appreciate that you’ve given updates at the end of the series which was missing from previous series. I do feel this series the parents all seem to project their own wishes onto the kids and set unrealistic and unhealthy expectations. I know all parents think their own kids are perfect, but there is some serious delusions here. The Indian family also proves that money doesn’t buy happiness, nor good behavior as they all seem to support each other in their own sacrifice and selflessness. The SG family is the worst – Keane is very spoilt and his parents treating him like a baby is a disservice to him in the long run.

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