CNA | The Family Affair S4 | E03: Breaking Point

17 thoughts on “CNA | The Family Affair S4 | E03: Breaking Point

  1. For Singapore, Alex Yap is a better parenting father here. You can see how much he has already lost talking to his wife, where she insisted on thinking whatever moves that she made is correct for the future. But didn't really think is that what they want. Whereas the father here, subconsciously understand why they are reacting to this way. I think most of the parents at this generation knows what is the correctively way to do things, but doesn't know how to handle them correctly. The execution process is what kills off what they have expected of their children.

    For Korea, I think they just lack of communication between them. Their burger shop has pulled them apart on understanding what both their targets and wishes. They need to understand their goals are not to be casted on their children's vision and goals well. They need to know they have their own will and path they want to go also.

    For Philippines and China, I think both are really wrong vision alignment and putting their kids on entitlement. Their priorities are totally wrong. Joseph neither wants to intervene also, seems like a four parties family each with their own world to achieve.

  2. Kakainis ka favorite mo yang isa, parang Nanay ko noon. Pinaaral ng ilang courses ang isa nmin kapatid. Ako hang high school lang. Nag Self support ako. Nag college. Nagabroad. Dito sa Europe, nagupgrade p ako ng knowledege dito. Sino ang successful? Napagawa ko bhay kahit hindi ko dag ng nanay ko. Hayys

  3. All I can say, I'm appalled by the parents in these show. They are suffocating their children with dreams that are not even theirs. The Filipino one's is the top worst one here. How can a mother be having double standards on her own biological children! What is so special about her son! He's not even a big celebrity and already she's treating him like the king in the house!…she is so infuriating!…I really sympathise her daughter, she is so young and yet she has shown sign of resentment towards her parents, I don't blame her, her parents made her that way.

  4. What a tough way of life competing with one another constantly to get ahead its the Asian culture it's not like this in Europe and people live happier

  5. basti is a lazy piece of s…., has no talents and the mother can't see that. i feel bad for the little sister Gab

  6. That Filipino mother needs to wake up. Her daughter is going to grow up resenting her and her favourite son. That is NO WAY to treat your own child!!!

  7. Kakahiya itong pamilya Philippines….kaya siguro ganyan ang Pinas mga kabobohan pag-iisip sa mga magulang kasi ang kadalasan kaya naging artista ay kasi sila ay napansin sa mga taong may koneksyon sa mga film industry o kayay nilapitan at niyaya kaagad na gawing artista. Kakahiya naman kung ipilit mo ang iyong sarili na maging artista eh di naman ka gwapohan ang anak nya.

  8. I really feel for the Korean girls. Their dad thinks the first daughter is not good enough to start her own food truck. He also wants the second daughter to stop pursing her dreams and just focus on the family business. This is rather selfish of the dad. It's not like the family is broke. They can hire more people. Should a dad not be supporting his kids dreams and ambitions?!

  9. The Yaps have made one cardinal mistake in bringing up Keane – they have allowed Keane to be addicted to computer games to the extent that he throws temper tantrums when deprived of the console and iPad. Such negative parenting is very common among Singaporean parents. At restaurants, it is common for parents to keep their toddler kids entertained with an iPad rather than engaging them in the real world. The Yaps should engage Keane in more outdoor activities and sports rather than allowing him to become a couch potato.

  10. I love this chinese boy. He's really clever, smart but he feels under too much pressure from his obsessed mom. She's destroying her son's motivation indeed. As obsessed as the chinese mother, the philippinos mom is frankly unfair toward her daughter. She considers herself as a great coach while the result of her "expertise" are still wanting. Does she know what karma's about? You are so unfair vis-à-vis your daughter… you can't succeed with your too much beloved son! IT'S IMMEDIATE KARMA! Far ahead all those obsessed and PRETTY ANNOYING moms, the philippinos is really a stubborn one! not sympathetic at all! Her husband who lacks many qualities becomes more sympathetic than her.
    Those moms are CONVINCED that they DO KNOW HOW THEIR KIDS CAN SUCCEED! It's definitely STUPID! They NEGLECT some aspects of happiness! And their kids after all, respond the right way by making them understand that they're not robots nor mom's puppets!

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