CloseUp: Gabbard slams allegations of Russian influence

100 thoughts on “CloseUp: Gabbard slams allegations of Russian influence

  1. Tulsi had me until she said Trump gave Syria to Turkey.
    He did not, He simply pulled US troops out of harms way of a hundreds of years local conflict.
    She is beginning to show her political true self and playing the game

  2. "…enshrined in our Constitution…" Except the 2A and modifying the Electoral College. Along with a soft immiigration policy. While being likable with a low blink rate usually means integrity she served as a medic in a triage. Her father is a powerful political operative who kept her out of harms way. She is playing the victim card. She definitely has been victimized, but that doesn't buy her way out of her socialist domestic agenda. She's naive regarding foreign policy. While there isn't anyone not thanking her for effectively ending Kamala Harris's campaign and exposing DNC corruption it's clear she'd be a younger, smarter, honest and forthright Elizabeth Warren. She dropped out of the DNC to support Sanders. Thanks, but no thanks. Even if she is the only Democratic candidate who matters.

  3. I hate to see someone I respect and would love to vote for lie like this.
    The Syrian Kurds have had every opportunity to negotiate a deal and unite their nation with Al Assad. The only reason we were fighting with the Kurds was to fight ISIS. They still exist, but have been largely eradicated. Now the only thing we're getting into is a Syrian civil war. The Kurds think they don't have to compromise their terms at all and can use the power of the US military as their bargaining chip to get whatever terms they want from Assad. Assad and the Syrian government have offered reasonable terms multiple times. The Kurds refused because they think the US is going to stay and help them get whatever they want because we helped each other fight against ISIS.
    It's like a strong group of individuals helping a kid on the playground with a bully, the bully offers reasonable terms and says that he won't bully him anymore, but the kid being bullied demands the bully allow him/her/they/them to get a few free punches in and take their lunch money for the next year as recompense for the bullying. Now that group of strong individuals says, 'Nope, the bully offered you reasonable terms. You wanted the bullying to stop and it can stop right here, right now. You are now the one being unreasonable. Take the deal, or we're not going to back you any longer.'
    We helped one another fight ISIS. We're grateful for that. Now it's time to unify your country and stop the violence. We're not going to waste our time and money helping the Kurds achieve their goal which is "a wasteful war to change the regime of Syria' orrrrrr………… translation a "wasteful regime-change war" as Tulsi always says.
    That's all Syria would be if we continue to help the Kurds. They want to change the regime and refuse to accept any peace until that happens. They have been offered reasonable terms and refused them. Now here's a new threat for them that we won't help fight. Are you going to fight Turkey or compromise with your government and Assad by making peace and then repel the invading Turks? The choice is yours. But we will not help you change the regime in your country. ISIS was our fight. Al Assad is not our fight. Turkey is not our fight. If you want to repel the Turks, you're going to have to compromise and make peace with Al Assad.


  5. I like Tulsi but this point on withdrawal from Syria confuses me about her. Do you think troop withdrawls anytime are problem free. If I continue and extend your perspective what would you think we STAY in Syria until they can defend themselves against Turkey. Either your in favor of getting out of countries or your not. I agree with Trump on this one. A good bag or indifferent get our troops out of these countries. Not one more troops life is worth extending our time in these countries. I think this is where Tulsi loses my support to Trump.

  6. The day after Hillary's and DNC emails came out on Wiki Leaks Hillary got on stage, pointed her finger and blamed the Russians for the email hack and that Trump was helping them!
    She's doing the same thing again.

  7. Andrew Yang is the opposite of Donald Trump, and Tulsi Gabbard is the opposite of Hilary Clinton; a strong woman with integrity. I love Sanders but wish he had the gall to stick up for Tulsi especially considering what Tulsi did for him in 2015.

  8. Tulsi is right on the removal of troops ,but I do not agree with her on funding abortion mills like planned parenthood when they do not even offer mammograms.. How do you teach generations of people that they have a right to life if the most innocent and smallest among us do not have a right to life !

  9. Excuses and reasons for The division of the Dem voters against the DNC, dysfunctionally and psychology being blamed on 3rd party runs, strong progressives, and Tulsi.

    It’s Hillary is not only the reason for the Dems last major loss but she is the divisive cancerous source that is dragging the Dems down, way down.

  10. She's actually talking in circles. Trump did wrong but she's going to do the same and it will be right kinda thing. She sounds good but being a soldier does not make a foreign relations expert.

  11. It's funny how she said we should have waited to pull back until the Kurds were able to negotiate a strategy with Syrian leaders , but as soon as we pulled out; they did

  12. I could be wrong but I don’t think Trump said he was “giving” Syria to Turkey. There was talk that he said he was giving Turkey the green-light to invade Syria. It this isn’t the same thing. It would be great if someone could fact check Gabbards statement.

  13. Other than just not wanting to agree with Trump, it sounds like Gabbard is for what he did in Syria. She sure didn’t provide a better course of action.

  14. That is a great idea giving California away. But Tilsi, I don't think anybody wants it.
    I support President Trump 100% however I applaud your candor and honesty and I thank you for your service to our nation.
    Team Trump 2020

  15. I don't know how Hillary Clinton can sleep at night. It is a feat of compartmentalizing, to be that evil and to sleep.

  16. Hillary runs the Democratic party. Anyone that gets in the way may end up in the river wearing concrete boots , be careful Tulsi.

  17. Stupid Hillary just raised Tulsi’s profile to the stratosphere. When more people see and like Tulsi, her chances will improve.

  18. She's still absolutely wrong about 99% of issues. But that makes her a lot more sane than all the other democrat clowns running for president.

  19. Too bad her clown counter parts dont take her seriously but shes the least clownish of the clown crew and in the wild clowns are very mean to each other. 🙂

  20. Imo Tulsi again is avoiding the elephant in the room. The wars are not because of policing the world but about stealing the oil, overtrhoing governments and replace them with governments the us likes to assure america can do whatever they want to those countries. It's all about the benjamins. If it were about policing why wouldn't the us interfere in e.g France or Equador?

  21. Honestly. I'll say it: F the Kurds. That fight has been going on for hundreds of years and Americans have no responsibility to fight their battles for them. Stop trying to police the world and take care of internal issues. Same goes for Israel. Let them fight their own wars.

  22. The governor of California is giving Mexico California he's doing that through deception. Don't be deceived by her either she speaks well but her words is misleading, she could be a plant by the deep state to draw people from Trump.

  23. yes Tulsi, we donated and polled u in to speak up for us. we r behind u and andrew yang. keep bashing thru. we r behind u.

  24. The debates would be valuable if people like Gabbard would withdraw. She is not going to be the nominee in 202. Try again when there's a opening. There is plenty of work to be done in the Congress. Does only the president serve the country? give me a break. Her whole rationale for running is absurd.

  25. She's at something like 1% in the polls. She is 38 years old with fewer than seven years in Congress. Why not run for the Senate in Hawaii? Big ego?

  26. She probably isn't a Russian plant, but she still works for the greatest enemy of this country and that is the treasonous democRAT party.

  27. Welcome to the national league… this exactly how politics has been working since the creation of this nation. Nothing new… don't be naive with Bambi eyes…

  28. The Question at 7:41 is the most dishonest an American journalist can get. America's presence in the middle east is no longer welcome simply because of this belligerence.. "our values" What values?? You murder and plunder… GET OUT! Her answer was honest and this is exactly the path America need to take in order to rebuild lost trust.

  29. Tulsi is just a beautiful, powerful & intelligent woman. God bless her the Angels are guarding her steps less she dash her foot upon a war mongering hell-a-ry. Lol

  30. America is a republic it's not a democracy. When it takes 270 people to decide who is going to be President every four years and 52 people to nominate and confirm judges to the Supreme Court and the federal bench for life this isn't democracy! Democracy is one man one vote. A republic to a democracy is despotic and it will lead to tyranny. (Empire)

  31. TULSI being smeared by HILLARY and being an enemy of the CLINTONS is proof that TULSI is an HONEST .ETHICAL.MORAL.person!

  32. Basically a good, intelligent interview – the interviewer asked some good questions. And I gained some additional depth and perspective on Tulsi's antiwar approach and message. However, the sad reality is that, even though Tulsi swears that she has not accepted Russian influence, which may be true as far as she is concerned, still, I feel that Russian trolls and bots are hard at work to utilize Tulsi's antiwar stance and message to their own ends. And an antiwar, laissez-faire approach plays right into the hands of the Russians on the world stage, as the Russians are quick to rush into any power vacuum created by US withdrawal, as we saw in the totally reckless, irresponsible and disastrous withdrawal of US troops from Syria recently – Trump sided with Erdogan primarily because he had personal business interests in Turkey that was used to manipulate him, I feel – with the tragic result being the genocide of the Kurds and ISIS getting a new lease on life. Trump gave Putin what he has always wanted – a real foothold in the Middle East – and he has delivered the goods so many times for Putin since he was installed as Russia's agent in the white house after the Russian cyberattack on the 2016 election.

  33. If Tulsi had decided to BOYCOTT she would've had my full support, if she had decided not to, that also I would have given her my full support! "TULSI4POTUS2020! ! ! Walking the Talk"

  34. After the last week I don't support Tulsi 100%. I SUPPORT HER 200%! Thank You Hillary for CHRISTMAS IN NOVEMBER! But wait…where's Bernie? SURELY he'll stand up and defend Tulsi. SURELY a Great Man would do the morally correct and loyal thing! BUT WHAT DO WE HEAR SINCE HILLARY'S ATTACK? CRICKETS! You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Bernie. This is a Profile in Cowardice. PROVE ME WRONG – SAY SOMETHING!

  35. Shoot, ready, aim. I didn't think about the consequences then I did. Then I made up some stupid excuses as to why I flip flopper. Yup, I'm just another politician like the rest of us. Oh, and I'm against regime changes but hate that Trump does, too.

  36. The Dems won't let her! Like Trump she's anti-corruption and too much government! They will do to her what they are doing to Trump!

  37. they don't want a straight white god fearing women as president.probley has children. everything about her is total opposite of there agenda.

  38. 90% of American Media is owned by essentially SIX companies. The people who work for them are toeing the corporate line not even the party line. That is why it is so important to fact check and get your news from various sources. And make up your own mind. #Tulsi2020 I wish she would run independent though. There is swampland galore in both parties.

  39. Well WMUR, the Brits stole Hong Kong as a result of their Opium peddling war. This H.K. "movement" started with a Khashogi style murder and dismemberment, and the Taiwanese asking for the murderer, who fled to H.K., to be sent back to Taiwan. There was no process for that, so H.K. tried to create one (its just Taiwan talking to Hong Kong, not Beijing). Who gets behind a "revolution" behind something like that? Not "suspicious" at all about these subway burning freedom fighters? 'Course not. Not sure if this is Truth Telling or Cheer Leading. But thanks for having Tulsi on, thanks for posting the interview.

  40. I’ve seen pictures of the phosphorus attack’s on Kurds with burns all over their bodies, these were people fighting side by side with America just over a week ago.

  41. 2:20 And these people that smear Tulsi?

    Make A LOT! Of money off of these regime change wars.

    Tulsi got Trump to say it. Makes me glad

  42. Great ambassador for hopefully the new regime long term on both sides of the aisle. It's funny when the guy asks chicken and egg questions. The turmoil in the Middle East is from half a century of Western nation building. Including arming ISIS via "aid" to "allies" like Saudi etc etc. The CIA once armed Bin Laden before he turned our weapons on us.

    Hillary has the blood of our troops plus a million dead in the Middle East either by direct bombing or the destruction of infrastructure and sanctions. She is done. I hope Judicial Watch bring her down along with Bush etc.

  43. 5:40 Reminds me of A move I used to pull on the AI in Empire Total War.

    Love those games.

    Wish all war was A video game.

    Then no one would die from war anymore.

  44. Tulsi is part of the problem. She is only now speaking out against Hillary and her Russian accusations because it is targeting her. I sure wish she would have had the guts to speak the truth for the last three years when Hillary was wasting America’s time and money for political gain calling other people Russian agents. Don’t be a hypocrite Tulsi. I guess we are going to have to wait another 4 years for a Democrat with integrity.

  45. I don't understand why she is a member of the armed services when she is so anti-war.   This doesn't make sense to me.

  46. I like Tulsi and I agree with her we have NO BUSINESS in the Middle East. I can’t help but point out her hypocrisy. She’s on the one hand claiming we have a responsibility to protect foreigners in the Middle East from being invaded then the other hand claims to be an American Patriot who will work to protect our citizens. However the USA is under assault and occupied by 20-50 million foreign illegal aliens criminally living in our Country whom she IS NOT PROTECTING US FROM. She doesn’t care about the invasion of OUR COUNTRY. Not only that but she’s committed to STEALING the sanctuary and fruits of labor through tax to support Foreign criminals living here. She’s a walking contradiction of blatant hypocrisy.

  47. What is sad is the media established front runners, Bernie and Elizabeth are silent on the Clinton/NYTimes false claim of Tulsi being a "Russian asset "………to me that silence makes them part of the deep state status quo.

  48. As a GOP supporter I can't believe this bullshit they the Clinton's are laying on this democrat candidate for President. Clinton is pulling the Russian card against her as Clinton did on Trump.

  49. Tulsi Gabbard keeps her balance, like a good ship on rough seas. Truth does not get you far, however. Her answer about Hong Kong was a bit slurred. HRC's attack on her was pathological nonsense. How did the Democratic Party get to be so ugly? Was it always thus? The destruction of Bernie should have been a clue. One dare not say more or risk being labeled.

  50. I am very impressed with Tulsi's grasp of the complexities surrounding the current situation with Syria, Turkey and the Kurds,

  51. What a refreshing interview. The reporter was not trying to manipulate her answers or ask gotcha questions. And no mention of visiting Assad. What a sharp contrast to the MSNBC propaganda machine.

  52. Russia Russia Russia…what a bunch of nonsense. Interesting how media hosts never challenged the Russia narrative when it was about Trump.

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