Climate change is simple: David Roberts at TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege

Translator: Emma Becciu
Reviewer: Diba Szamosi Hi, this talk started out of a Twitter conversation. I haven’t decided whether to be embarrassed about that or not. But I was on Twitter one day and a relatively prominent left of centre pundit, piped up and said “You know, climate change seems like a really big deal, why are so few people talking about it? Why have so few thought leaders made it their signature issue?” And another reasonably prominent left of centre pundit piped up and said “Well, for my part, the reason I don’t talk about it is it seems really complicated, I don’t feel like I have a good grasp on all the science and so I just don’t feel qualified to go out and assert things publicly about it.” You know, anybody who has ever so much as mentioned climate change on television or on the internet will understand why this person thinks the way they do. Any time you mention it, the hordes descend, bearing complicated stories about the medieval ice age, or sunspots, or water vapour, and, you know, there is a lot of myths about climate change borne by these climate sceptics but to debunk those myths you have to know, you know, you have to go online, and research, and read, and be able to respond to them in detail, and a lot of people just find that prospect dreary, and so they don’t bother. And this, of course, drives me crazy, so I piped up on Twitter and said “You know, climate change is not actually that complicated. What you need to know to be able to speak out publicly about it, just about the basic structure of the problem, is really not that complicated, I could explain it to you in 15 minutes” so, let this be a lesson to you: don’t go talk smack on Twitter, unless you are willing to back it up. So, one thing led to another, and here I am with 15 minutes to explain climate change to you. So, let’s get started. Why is the Earth not a cold dead rock floating in space? The reason is that it is enveloped by this tiny, tiny thin layer of gases and chemicals that we call our atmosphere. So, the Sun’s energy, rather than just coming down and bouncing right back off, it comes down and is held close to the surface of the Earth for a while and then bounces off, and then this simple process is why we have evaporation, and precipitation, and photosynthesis, and life on our planet. So, scientists discovered, well over a hundred years ago, that the atmosphere and the systems on Earth are in this dynamic relationship and you can change the chemical composition of the atmosphere and hold more of the Sun’s energy for longer. The energy still has to escape, of course, but in the meantime it will cause changes in these biophysical systems of the Earth. And, you know, you often hear people say, “The Earth has always changed, the climate has always changed”, and that’s true, it has. This relationship between the atmosphere and the systems, they go through cycles, but these cycles have typically taken hundreds of thousand of years, millions of years. The key thing to know first is that for the last 10,000 years on Earth, the climate has been relatively stable, unusually stable, and by stable I mean temperature has varied, it’s gone up and down, but it’s stayed on a fairly narrow band of about plus or minus 1 degree Celsius, and all of advanced human civilisation has taken place during these 10,000 years, the development of agriculture, the written word, the wheel, the iPhone, everything we know, everything we have built, we have done in this period of relative climate stability. So, what we have been doing for the last couple of hundred years is digging up carbon out of the earth, and throwing it up into the atmosphere, and changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere, like has happened in the past except for extremely faster. In geological time, the blink of an eye, we are substantially changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere and all of climate science has been about, “What’s going to happen? What is the Earth going to do in response to this?” And so, we’ve already seen that the process is underway, we have measured, we have witnessed, observed with our eyes and our thermometers about a 0.8ºC rise in global average temperature since before the industrial age, since before we started digging all this carbon up. And this may not seem like a lot — less than 1ºC — but the thing to know about it is these greenhouse gases we throw up stay in the atmosphere for a very long time, there are very long time lags involved here so this 0.8º temperature rise is a response to what we were doing 50-100 years ago, and what we see in the first half of this century will be a response to what we’ve done in the last 50 years and what we’ll see in the latter half of this century will be a response to decisions we make today. So the question is, “Temperature’s rising, how high does it have to rise before we need to worry, before we’re in danger, before bad things start happening?” The typical answer to this question has been “2ºC.” Anyone who has followed climate change discussions knows that this 2º number has taken on a kind of iconic quality. Typically, climate scientists who model impacts of what’s going to happen, model 2ºC rise, typically economists who try to model what it would cost to do something about climate change or what it’s worth or what various policies would cost, model 2º centigrade. So obviously, what counts as not dangerous vs dangerous, is not a hard scientific question, it’s a political question, and this was a political decision to take this 2C number, mainly made by European climate negotiators well over 10 years ago, and it’s just sort of stuck since then. All the countries involved in climate negotiations have basically signed on saying “Yes, this is what we want to avoid, 2ºC temperature rise.” The bad news on this 2C number is twofold: first of all, all the latest science done in the last 10-15 years has pointed to the conclusion that those impacts we thought were going to happen around 2ºC are in fact going to happen much earlier than that, the climate is more sensitive to these added greenhouse gases than we thought. So, if those were the impacts we were worried about, then the real threshold of safety ought to be something like 1.5ºC. James Hansen is the climate scientist most famously known for raising these warnings, but it’s a growing scientific consensus that 2º is, in fact, dangerously high, which is bad, because we are almost certainly going to blow past 2ºC. There’s some reason to believe a recent study said that even if we stopped our carbon emissions tomorrow, we’re still going to get more than 3º this century just from momentum from the previous emissions. But stopping at 2º now would take a level of global coordination and ambition that is nowhere in evidence. So, a lot of climate scientists don’t really want to tell you this because they don’t want to depress you, but I am just a blogger, so I am happy to depress you: 2ºC is probably off the table. So, then the question becomes “Well, what would it look like if temperature goes higher than that? What would, say, 4ºC look like?” Oddly, there hadn’t really been a lot of concerted scientific attention to that question because climate scientists honestly thought we wouldn’t do that to ourselves, but we are doing it to ourselves. So, in 2009, several climate change research groups in England drew together a group of scientists, commissioned some papers and had them really take a hard look for the first time. What would 4ºC look like? There are a lot of papers, a lot of equations, a lot of talk and complexity I have hopefully paraphrased here for you, to make it easier to grasp. 4ºC temperature rise would look ugly. Among other things, that would be the hottest the Earth has been in 30 million years. Sea-levels would rise at least 3-6 feet, and this excludes some really tail end possibilities, but 3-6 feet at least. And persistent drought would cover about 40% of the currently occupied land on Earth, which would wreak havoc on agriculture in East Asia, Africa, South America, Western US. Well this combined will produce hundreds of millions of people who have been driven from their homes either by their cities being swamped by sea-level rise or by hunger or by all the attended ills that come along with those things. And, to boot, probably somewhere around half of the known species on Earth would go extinct. This question of pinning down the exact number of species is very difficult, this is very much an approximation, but some substantial chunk of life on Earth would be wiped out. The final bit of bad news… that’s not true, there’s more bad news to come, a middle bit of bad news is that, according to a recent paper by the International Energy Agency, we are currently on track — if we keep doing what we are now doing, if we go on with business as usual, as it’s called — we are now on track for 6ºC temperature rise this century; something, 5-7, these are obviously estimations. So, if 4º is hell on Earth, I’ll let your imaginations filling the blanks on 6º but, one danger that comes up when we contemplate going this high with our temperature is the possibility that climate change will become irreversable. I think when people typically think about climate change, they think, “Oh, temperature is going to rise X amount, circumstances will change, some places will get warmer, some places will get wetter, we’ll adjust, we’ll move our farms around, people will migrate from one city to another, we’ll get resettled and we’ll go on with life. The really dangerous possibility is that what are called — the Earth has several of what are called positive feedback systems, so, for instance, in Siberia there is this permanent ice, the permafrost and it contains a bunch of methane in it. As it melts, it releases that methane, the methane causes more warming, which melts more ice, which releases more methane, it’s a self-sustaining process; or sea ice melts, ice is white, it reflects energy, when it melts becomes dark blue and absorbs more energy, which heats the oceans, which melts more ice, which creates more dark surfaces. You see, there’s a number of these systems that are self-perpetuating, and the danger, the great danger of climate change, that towers above all these other more specific dangers, is that these positive feedback systems will take on a momentum of their own that becomes unstoppable, and human beings will lose any ability to control it at all, even if we’d stop all our climate emissions on a dime. Will that happen at 2º? Probably not though there is a real chance of it and there is a lot of debate about that; will it happen at 4º? Well, it looks a lot more likely at 4º. Will it happen at 6º? Almost certainly. So, if we continue on our present course, climate change will probably take on a life of its own, spiral out of control and, according to a recent paper, by 2300, we could see temperature rise of up to 12ºC. Now if that happened, something like half the Earth’s currently inhabited land would become too hot to survive on; and when I say too hot to survive on I don’t mean it’s difficult to grow beans or air conditioning bills are inconveniently high, I mean if you go outside you die of hotness. I mean, places that were an average of 80ºF would be now an average of 170-180ºF, literally too hot for human beings to go outside and survive. So, will there still be human civilization under those circumstances? Who knows, I mean, maybe we’ll live in underground climate controlled caves, maybe we’ll grow food in test tubes, but that wouldn’t look anything like Earth as we now know it, it would look a lot more like Newt Gingrich’s moon colony, assuming any human beings, or at least enough to make a civilization survived in those circumstances. So, when I say “Climate change is simple.” — I know this has been bugging you, you are not used to thinking in Celsius, those strange European metric temperatures, so here is good American Fahrenheit, it’s just as ugly. So this is what I mean by climate change being simple: There are many complicated and fascinating discussions to be had about what to do about it, or about what effect our actions might have on the climate and when, or which policies are best based on cost benefit analyses. There is complexity, plenty of complexity, for those of you who like complexity, but we now know to a fair degree of certainty that if we keep doing what we are now doing, we will face unthinkable catastrophe; that’s the bumper sticker, that’s the take home message, and that, you know, saying “I don’t want to talk about that because I don’t know the ins and outs” is like saying, “I don’t want to raise alarms about Hitler’s army being a hundred miles out, because I don’t know the thread count of their uniforms, or, I don’t know the average calorie intake of a German soldier.” You don’t need to know those things to be scared that the army’s on the march and to raise alarms about it. Similarly, if we keep doing what we are now doing, we are screwed, this we know now. To stabilize temperature, and I don’t mean stabilize temperature at 2º, or 4º, or 6º, I mean to ever have a hope of ever again having a stable temperature, of any kind, global climate change emissions need to peak, stop growing, peak and start falling rapidly in the next 5-10 years. Every year we do not get started on this, we add, according to the International Energy Agency, an extra 500 billion, with a B, dollars to the price tag of what it is going to cost us to do this, eventually, every year we wait. That’s $500 billion down the drain. Now, you and I look around at current politics, particularly US politics, and massive coordinated intelligent ambitious action does not strike us as particularly plausible. In fact, it might strike us as impossible, but that is where we are, stuck between the impossible and the unthinkable. So, your job, anyone who hears this, for the rest of your life, your job is to make the impossible possible. Thank you! (Applause)

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    L/M = Labour (LEFT) / Man-made Climate change
    L/N = Labour (LEFT) / Natural Climate change
    C/M = Center (Mixed) / Man-made Climate change
    C/N = Center (Mixed) / Natural Climate change
    R/M = Conservative (RIGHT) / Man-made Climate change
    R/N = Conservative (RIGHT) / Natural Climate change

    My view: C/N = Center (Mixed) / Natural Climate change

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    only 500 years for the medieval warm period where the whole planet was hotter than it is today.
    at the end of the 1800's the total lack of sea ice in the northern hemisphere had scientists exclaiming we may be headings into a warm period
    then in got cold. then really-really hot. then it got cold for decades.
    so, the concept of usually stable is a flat out lie.

    Altering the temperature data does to erase a documented and published PAUSE shows the politicians run the narrative.
    now we have found out that there is no data. none that can be believed because it has never been published.
    and when some numbers are published, they are altered when they are inconvenient.
    we get more honesty out of Trump than the pretend scientists.
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  11. We are a species which has evolved and survived by making a drastic change when forced by a threatening short term cataclysm. Unfortunately, climate change will be our demise because it occurs over a longer time period, thereby not really triggering humanity to respond until it is too late. Defeatist?…maybe, realistic?…probably.

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    CO2 does not create global warming and is not a greenhouse gas. Water was made to maintain the temperatures of the planet. CO2 will never make a difference.
    The error in your science always lies with the assumption that there is no God.
    If evolution is true, then animals will adapt in the oceans and on land. Let's give evolution a chance. Stop pushing intelligent design by claiming all parameters have to be precisely maintained to sustain life on the planet. Is evolution true or are you just pulling our chains?
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    He tells us the world has risen in temperature by 0.8 degrees, and why he thinks that has happened. But he doesn't tell us where he got that number from. Or his explanation.

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    Climate Alarmists want you to be worried about the paltry amount of CO2 that is in the atmosphere now. It's been more than an order of magnitude higher in the past and the Earth was replete with jungle and animals. They want you to hand over your liberty and your money to achieve the leftist agendas of depopulation and poverty. Arguably, lowering human population is a good idea, but not by way of starvation and poverty.

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  29. Thankfully ever more organizations responsible for climate related
    future threats are taking ever increasing steps towards mitigation
    strategies and better risk assessment (e.g. insurance industry.) Thus,
    it is increasingly unimportant that we still have an enormous amount of
    climate risk ignoramuses in most societies. There will be many losers in
    coming decades; many of which will only have themselves to blame.

  30. Thankfully ever more organizations responsible for climate related
    future threats are taking ever increasing steps towards mitigation
    strategies and better risk assessment (e.g. insurance industry.) Thus,
    it is increasingly unimportant that we still have an enormous amount of
    climate risk ignoramuses in most societies. There will be many losers in
    coming decades; many of which will only have themselves to blame.

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  50. The only thing this guy says that is correct is that it can be explained in fifteen minutes. More temperature stations in cities, than away from cities. Temp is higher in cities. 4 degrees higher. 5 temp. Stations in cities and one outside of cities will give you a higher average temp. Duh! Take away temp reading in cities. No warming! Idiots! Co2 is plant food! Co2 is rising temperature is not!

  51. We absolutely need to use Farenheit for all Global Warming discussions in the U.S. because illiterate, uninformed deniers will see 1 degree Celsius and have no idea it means 34 DEGREES FARENHEIT!

  52. If there was a drought over 40% of the earth, it seems like there would be less plant life to absorb CO2 and use it in respiration. Why wouldn't the increased heat cause more water vapor to go into the atmosphere and cool the planet? The hotter the Earth gets, the faster it will reradiate the heat into Outer Space. If it got up to 4 degrees brave what it is now millions of years ago, you have to admit that some corrective mechanism was activated to swing it back to a livable average. There is nothing certain about catastrophe because the Earth has corrected high temperatures in the past. Those high temperatures came without man made CO2 into the atmosphere.

  53. Why are comments to this presentation typically several years old? Are "negative" comments to this presentation typically excluded? I guess it would do no good to point out the numerous scientific errors and alarmist baloney presented in this video. Evergreen needs to stick to its leftist, progressive social ideology and leave climate science to real scientists instead of propagandists like Dave Roberts.

  54. This guy isn't a scientist and sadly doesn't have a clue of the lies he's telling. Eg, the planet changed much much more then 1 deg over the last 10 000 years. Sad, that someone like this can do a TED talk,

  55. Look at the temperatures in the 1930's, specifically 1934.
    Likewise in Europe in the 1910's.

    Come back to me if you think it's hot now.

  56. What's funny is YouTube thinks this guy is a climate change denier and places the obligatory Wikipedia global warming article below the video.

  57. Where is the time that these alarmist wore a sign in the streets? With social media we are now governed/run by extremists with powerful platforms.

    This guy is an arrogant predictor, where no prediction ever came true on climate.

    “Almost certainty” really????

    “We are screwed, this we KNOW”. Really????

    TED I thought you would be a little more selective.

  58. Let’s create a system like they have on the ISS except on a huge scale to scrub the CO2 out of our atmosphere. Then when we find that we expel lots of CO2 as humans we should get rid of humans. Oh, wait animals on land and sea also expel CO2 so maybe we should also get rid of them too. What’s left? Oh, wait nothing because plants need CO2 for food to grow. Oh well that’s life.

  59. Climate change ?? In the 21st century we humans like believing we "have the power" to be in total control of everything and hate to think certain facets of our comfortable life could scare us.
    So if we don't like climate events just  look for some man made activity to blame rather than admit our vulnerability to what is beyond our control. If we can nominate some human activity then government can tax it and some institution will inevitably seek funding to "solve" it.
    But why the heck should anyone expect long range climate patterns to be static. Look at the record for climate over the past 500mill years. We survive on a very small, unique, fragile rock hurtling thru space in an imperfect orbit around a star that converts 5 mill tons of mass into energy every
    second. Occasionally sunspots and flaring occur, our magnetic poles change, tectonic plates affect islands and even continents, earthquakes  and tsunamis, undersea volcanoes (some 75,000) rise up to a kilometer, heating the oceans with lava affecting sea pH, temperature and levels. And some complain that it's all man induced with oceans perhaps having risen an inch and  global  temperatures increased a degree over past100yrs all bc of man's activities?  Then these ill informed, carbon based doomsayers, aka green zombies and control freaks look for someone or something  to blame. So they wrongly  complain that CO2 is a pollutant and not the sustainer of all lifeforms and the reason the earth is not a desolate, lifeless wasteland, like every other planet in the universe. But how else do these self defined semi evolved apes glorify an otherwise meaningless existence and get on TV?

  60. The simple Scientology of climate change:
    If  u want irrefutable proof of Correlation being proof of Causation, consider this example. Shark attacks show exactly the same binomial distribution in summer as ice cream consumption. If we could only discourage beach goers from eating ice cream, we could save lives. On the other hand if we could half CO2 to 150ppm, all plant life would die, then humans would inevitably follow soon after. Alas sharks would then  have nothing to eat, Damn!

    Conclusion: to verify this relationship a clever programmer using a virtual computer model to design  with parameters to show the desired effect of atmospheric CO2 on human population. Such a Correlation should include shark attacks and  ice cream. The desired outcome would be to predict future population levels as CO2 rises or falls. Got it?
    This is not an inaccurate analogy to show the sad state of climagate and their failed, flawed and fudged evidence base for predicting how man is adversely controlling climate change.

  61. Is this climat alarmist a joke? How can anyone get so much wrong? He can't even give one concrete source to anything he says. I think we need to go back to science instead of listening to incompetent bloggers.

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