Climate change and the melting glaciers in Switzerland – Docu – 2018

How high do we need
to make our dykes? How can you protect yourself
from a hurricane? The effects of global warming
are becoming increasingly visible. How long must we wait before
taking real, serious measures? This isBacklight.
Welcome to our wet, rough future. Long, long ago, when people
still drank water from plastic bottles… …and went on holiday
four times a year by plane… …when we still threw car tyres
into the sea… …and bought clothes every few weeks,
in warm cosy shops… …when we ate meat every day
and were quite content… …that’s when glaciers still existed: thick
masses of ice on beautiful mountains. But that was long ago. The ice has melted and
we’re up to our neck in water. Hurricanes and tornados
have ripped cities apart. The mountains have fallen down
onto our villages. We knew it would happen. But most of us preferred
not to think about it. This story takes place
long before that day. In a time where people tried
to change the course of events. One of these people was Saul Luciano
Lliuya, a mountain guide from Peru. He took his battle to Europe. With his German allies, he wanted
to tackle the CO2 emission… …responsible for melting his glacier
and threatening to destroy his village… …at the source. Many people will support you
for your work. You can explain to them
what you’re doing and why. You’ll have a lot of people behind you. It’s important to get a lot of attention… …from the industrial countries. Developed countries like Germany,
among others. Saul felt powerless for a long time. The melt water from the glacier had
accumulated above his village. The dam was ready to burst. It would destroy his home and
flush away all the drinking water. The mountains have always been
part of our lives. They provide us with the water we use. If we didn’t have that,
that would be the end of us. If we lose the water, we’re finished. One day, Saul met a group
of German environmentalists… …during a hike in the Andes. They didn’t know how to protect
a village from a melting glacier. But they encouraged him
to fight the looming catastrophe. They became Saul’s guardian angels
and he became their talisman. Can we practice your speech? Say it in a clear, strong voice. ‘I’m from Huaraz, in the Peruvian Andes.’
Say it like that. Go on. Since I was a small child
I’ve seen it change. Just shouting that something
had to change, wasn’t enough. And so Saul, with the support
of the German environmentalists… …took the unusual step
to hire a lawyer… …and sue one of the biggest
polluting companies in the world: The German coal-fired
power station company RWE. Today we’re going to enter the court
the same way as last time. The judge sits in front,
we’ll sit on the right. And the defendant will sit on the left. We’ll sit down, and the names
will be recorded in the protocol. And then the court will
state how things will proceed. It’s your trial. Like last time.
You’re the plaintiff, you decide. It’s important to remember that. And keep your back straight. Chest out. We want to make sure you’re not at risk.
You’re fully in your right. All RWE is saying is: Everyone pollutes,
so we’re not responsible. I don’t believe that is justified.
We have the right to be there. What do you expect personally? We’re hoping to win today. If we lose, global warming will continue. But if we win, we’ll be contributing
to the end of global warming. We can’t imagine it now,
but one day everything will be gone. Our houses, our streets,
our libraries and beauty parlours. Our planes will be grounded. Grass will grow between the rubber
wheels, and moss on the seats. Cities will sink into the mud
and be flushed away by the water. Humans caused this. It has only just
begun and we’re unable to stop it. In the summer of 2017,
a Swiss mountain came down… …crushing the village of Bondo. The huge mudslide was the result of the
melting glacier just above the village. We were in the high side valley,
Bondasca. I was cooking in front of the house.
I’d made a fire with a cooking pot. Then Monica came too. It was 7.30,
she came to bring some meat. And then I got a call,
asking if Monica had made it safely. They were afraid
something would happen to her. So I rang Monica in the hut,
and I heard the hut manager cry: ‘The whole mountain is coming down.’ They filmed it, did you see?
– Yes, I saw that video. Barbara cried: Get out of here.
You see it coming towards us. We went outside,
but I couldn’t hear anything. But suddenly I saw
all these plants coming down. We ran away as fast as we could.
– Yes. To the little lakes?
– Yes, down to the little lakes. After 30 or 40 metres we looked back,
and everything was gone. There was just a big pile of rubble.
We ran 30, 40 metres through the field. Tragic. A helicopter took us away. I asked the pilot: Where are you going?
We’re from Bondo. We can’t go there, he said.
– Gosh. We wore the same clothes for a week. Because everything we had
in Bondasca was gone. I had nothing, not even slippers. You were in bad shape.
– Yes, I hardly had anything for a week. Eventually I could go back
and borrowed clothes from Dario. Normally it would come down 300 metres
and stay there. But nothing like this. Anyway, what can you do? When did life start up again in Bondo? When I opened up again.
– That’s when it started? How long after the landslide was that? 52 days. Were you lucky
that it didn’t hit your house? Absolutely. Checkpoint for the red zone. You can only go in supervised. OK, and the red zone is
the zone that’s still dangerous? It’s still inhabitable. Nature follows its own course,
it doesn’t ask people what to do. Was anyone killed? Eight tourists. Eight tourists. Where were they? They went into the side valley. They didn’t see it coming?
– No, probably not. It took them by surprise. Were those tourists ever found?
– No. They were buried in the rubble. We have to accept the consequences
and carry on with our lives. The question is also:
Who will return to Bondo? What did it look like?
– Deserted. Everyone was gone. Company ready. How can you protect your village
from a melting glacier? The rock under the glacier becomes
saturated with water and breaks off. Since the Bondo disaster, an alarm will
go off when there’s an avalanche threat. Residents will have exactly
four minutes to escape. There’s no alarm service in Peru. Global warming continues steadily. It’s the biggest threat
to the next generations… …and yet there seems to be a sort of
paralysis when we talk about it. What are we supposed to do?
Radically change our lives? Would it make a difference? Saul’s story captures the imagination. If his village is buried,
the consequences will be profound. But European glaciers are melting too. The environmentalists brought him to
Switzerland to show him he’s not alone. Can you imagine going up
this easily this in Peru? You’re from here. You must have seen the glacier
retreat over the last few years? A bit more every year. The mouth of the Lang Glacier
has collapsed. The mouth. It had become so thin
that it collapsed. This year?
– Yes, this year. In the Lötschen Valley. Do you have childhood memories
of the glacier? Yes, especially of the Rhône Glacier. The Rhône Glacier flows down to the
valley and the train goes right past it. And all the way up at the back,
a lake has formed. The melt water has formed a lake. Look at the horizon. You never know what’s going on
behind a mountain… …until you climb it. We’re at the Eggishorn,
2,900 metres high. We have a wonderful view
of the Aletsch Glacier from here. This year the glacier has lost at least
three to four metres in volume. Just this summer. That’s a lot. In this summer,
the summer of 2017… …the Swiss Alps… …more than three percent
of the total ice volume… …has melted away in one year’s time. That makes you think. When you’re here every summer
and you see how quickly it’s going. It has always fluctuated. But in the last fifteen years
it’s been going extremely fast. You’ve seen that?
– Yes, you see it happen. All you have to do is come to Eggishorn
and look at the glacier. It’s going incredibly quickly. What can we do about it? Yes, what can we do? All the fuel we’re burning… …with our cars, planes, heating… …that’s speeding up the process,
that is crystal clear. It’s a vicious circle.
You can’t change things overnight… …and get rid of all
the heatings, cars, and so on. The population is growing and more
and more fossil fuels are burned. That speeds it up, so it’s difficult. Many say it’s already too late. But nobody can truly imagine
what that really means. Have we turned our backs
on nature? And is nature now turning
her back on us? There is hope for the future,
but uneasiness prevails. Author Amitav Ghosh,
who’s writing a new book on Sicily… …was the child of climate fugitives
from Bangladesh. He thinks that the human desire
for possessions and comfort… …and our desire to live the good life,
will be our downfall. In Europe people are studying
permafrost in Sierra Nevada, the Alps… …and from Scandinavia to Spitsbergen. Because permafrost
is affected by climate change. Scientists need to know how the soil
temperature changes over the years. That’s what the house looked like.
Last year, not this year. The garden with the hydrangeas
and the roses here. Loss is part of life. Such a lovely rose.
– It was indeed. The mountain, the Cengalo,
more or less exploded. Even the specialized
geologists were surprised. What’s it like on the inside?
– It’s fine. No floods downstairs either?
– Nothing at all. People keep saying that: We should be
happy the house is still standing. We’ve been lucky. Everyone has accepted
his or her damage. Everyone deals with it their own way. The worst is obviously death. That’s the worst that can happen to you. But I have to now…
Next spring will be hard. There are far worse things.
Tomorrow things will be better. People are killed all over the world.
There are worse things than this. We’re still here,
we can talk to each other. We can have coffee together
and we’ll sleep well again tonight. There you go. There’s more poverty in Peru than here.
You can see that, can’t you? It’s almost like being home. Yes, Peruvian Switzerland. Yes, that’s what they say. I grew up in the mountains. I saw what happened to
the mountains with my own eyes. As I got older, I could see
the glacier retreat more and more. I could see it change. And because I worked
as a mountain guide… …I could feel and see
the changes straight away. The climate change,
the glacier retreating. It’s very sad to see
the mountains disappearing. You have to look at it every day… …and feel it and do something about it. Because it’s your nature,
your mountains that’s being damaged. You have to do something
to stop it. I’m hungry. At an altitude of 4,400 metres… …there’s a massive amount of water.
The town is down below. If there’s an avalanche or earthquake… …it might collapse and come down. In Peru we also contribute to pollution… …but relatively little. We’ve hardly contributed to pollution… …and yet we’re so badly affected
by the consequences. There’s bread and cheese in there. This is for the rubbish. This one’s better, it’s paper. You’re right, that’s better. My client has an acute problem. It’s a matter of time before
his house is flushed away… …by the imminent glacier flood
in the Andean Mountains. The problem isn’t new,
but it is a big problem. He wants to force measures
to prevent the tidal wave. In concrete terms this means a dam
has to be built and new drain pipes… …to make the lake safe. He says RWE plays a significant part
in global warming. RWE’s business model is based
on producing electricity with coal. That leads to CO2 emission.
That’s how they make money. So I want them to make sure
that my house isn’t flushed away. We’re not holding RWE solely
responsible for global warming. We’ve never suggested that. We’re saying:
For the emission you have caused… …you need to take
precautionary measures. RWE says: That’s impossible. To make a claim like that you’d need
to monitor each CO2 molecule… …and follow its effect
on the glacier in question. That’s impossible. Secondly, even if you don’t do that,
it’s completely unrealistic… …to pick one out of so many culprits. Even if you could,
it’s impossible to establish… …that our emission made
any difference to that one area. You need to know that RWE causes
the most CO2 emission in Europe. RWE emits as much
as the whole of Holland. Around 20% of Germany’s
total emission comes from RWE. RWE is responsible for 0,5%
of the total rise in temperature. That’s not negligible, it’s significant. You can’t compare it to
an individual car owner. Car owners have a collective effect.
RWE just on its own. Why do we need so many words… …to protect something
which everyone knows is vital? We’re aware of the consequences
and yet we pollute more and more. Meanwhile, all over the world… …people are busy cleaning up
the damage nature has caused. As if nothing happened. The step that Saul has taken
seems peculiar… …seeing as he lives in Peru,
and not in Germany. And German energy giant RWE
is not the only polluter in the world. We are all polluters. Hello. You live in the red zone?
Then I won’t hold you up. You haven’t been home for a month?
– Two months. We’re coming with you. We’ll walk. Good, good. Thank you. Aren’t you afraid of living here?
– No. Not now, but in springtime…
– Maybe in spring, but not now. Are you sleeping at home tonight?
– Yes. After two months. When we heard, we fled into the forest. We were picked up
by a helicopter later on. After half an hour, or 45 minutes. Because there was a cloud of…
how do you call that? He couldn’t fly because of all the dust. How did they know you were there?
– No. Yes, they did know. They were told. The people in
the village knew we were up there. You were lucky. Very lucky. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.
We wouldn’t have been carried off. They say it’s because
of the climate change. I think so too.
It’s because of the permafrost. But well… Should we change how we live?
– We should, but how? Difficult, isn’t it? We were at the Aletsch glacier. It has melted a lot. So has the Bernina. The Bernina is retreating
more and more. Will more mountains come down?
– Absolutely. If the temperature
continues to rise like this… …I think there will be
more places where… You can’t do much about it.
People are a bit… After a long session, a German judge
rules in favour of Saul. He can sue energy giant RWE… …for being responsible for melting his
glacier on the other side of the globe. The case is far from decided. You look happy. How did it go? It’s incredible.
It’s an overwhelming feeling. The court heard all my arguments. Now we can start proving that RWE… …is co-responsible for the rise in
temperature and for my client’s problem. It has far-reaching consequences,
but we’re primarily very happy… …that we were truly heard… …and such a clear decision was made. The trial will be continued.
My goal for today has been reached. How does your client feel? The mountains won. The lagoons are the tears
of the mountains. Justice has heard us
and ruled in our favour. Join our discussion
about the devil’s choice… …between a care-free life
and a melting glacier… …at our meet-up in Pakhuis
De Zwijger in Amsterdam. Or a meet-up near you, like
the Central Library in Utrecht.

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  9. The people who made this video and many of the commenters are brain-dead morons. This is not a crisis. The climate of earth has never been stable and there has always been extreme weather. Over the last 10,000 years, 95% of the time the climate has been warmer than it is now. There are a multitude of cycles involving our sun, our solar system, our galaxy and the universe that humans will never be able to fully understand. For example, there is a 400 year cycle involving Saturn and Jupiter getting close to one another. The universe is electric and our weather is driven by this electromagnetic energy. Historically, the warmer periods have been a good time for mankind whereas the cooler periods Have not been so good. CO2 does not cause rising temperatures, rather it is the result of warming trends. The rise in CO2 levels follows the rising temperatures by about 800 years. Our climate has been cooling since 2000. This whole climate change hoax is simply and agenda by United Nations lackeys trying to install a one world tyranny. It is truly mind blowing to see how many gullible idiots believe this crap.

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    Hell, I bet you happily do pull quotes, too, don't you?

  18. I hope some of you can take a little time out from your individual and collective hand-wringing, and try to grasp the lesson from what has happened here. This Peruvian has legal standing to sue a large European power company. That's significant, whatever the outcome down the road, but especially if the suit goes in his favor. Obviously, RWE cannot he held solely responsible for the harm done to the mountain environment in Peru. But a lot of law, around the World, depends on precedent. And whatever progress toward accountability is made in this case in Peru, it forms legal precedents that move things that much closer to justice elsewhere. That's the real reason this matters.

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  31. ExxonMobil did look at the potential effects of CO2 and concluded that it wasn't worth worring about.

  32. OMG we are cooling the fastest that we have done in 10,000 years. google the Grand Solar Minimum! Don't listen to this crap.

  33. As long as the world permit Big Oil & Big Coal to continue their dominance the water levels will drown our world . To survive we will have to turn to clean energy Wind, Solar and Wawe energy and similar carbonfree energy systems . And we have to reduce the human population drastically ! Make love without making children ! Big Oil & Big Coal are criminal power structures ! They have to be stopped and pt under strict control ! Make love ! Stop all war to control the Oil & Coal

  34. Make Love Not War ! No More War to Control the ownership of Oil & Coal ! Make Love not children that has to fight the wars initiated by Big Oil & Big Coal ! Make love not cannonfodder ! Have sex just for the fun of it ! Adopt children ! Dont make them ! Refuse to support Big Oil & Big Coal and their wars !

  35. Don't be surprised if you start seeing cat 6 or 7 hurricanes clocking wind speeds of 400 miles per hour plus and force 12 blizzards and 125 degrees heat waves across the Eastern Seaboard of America. Things that we will all would like to pretend are not going to but it's already happening we're just afraid to admit it.

  36. What is wrong with all of you idiots? How did you get to be so stupid and gullible to believe this crap? You mean you still haven’t figured out when someone is trying to steal your money and control you? Are you all children? You need to research the “club of Rome.” They planned in 1960 to manufacture a fake environmental crisis. First they decided to tell everyone that we are going into an ice age. But when temperatures started rising they changed it to global warming. Now that temperatures are falling again it has become “climate change.“ Our earth has been cooling since 2000. It has nothing to do with CO2 which is necessary for life to sustain on our planet. We are at historically low levels of CO2. More CO2 means a greener earth fools. You also need to research “climategate.” These psychpathic wannabe tyrants have been falsifying historical data regarding the earth’s temperature. Not one of their predictions based on their pathetic computer models has even come close to being accurate. The climate of the earth has never been stable. It has always been changing and is driven by so many different cycles that we will never begin to completely understand. The universe is electric in nature. There is a 400 year cycle where Jupiter and Saturn get close together as they are now and that electromagnetic energy affects our climate. The cycles of the sun are one of the major drivers of our changing climate as is the position of our solar system in the Milky Way. You gullible morons are dangerous! Your idiocy is allowing psychpathic global elite control freaks to establish more and more control. They are laughing at all you brain-dead peasants as they jet around the planet in their private jets from one of their mansions to the next creating a carbon footprint in weeks bigger than all of you morons will create in a lifetime. And they will be exempt from any taxes while they pick pocket you for breathing. But you’re so damn stupid you sit there and snivel about CO2 like the pathetic wretches you are. Pull your collective brainless heads out of your collective asses!

  37. the hopey indians warned us about this the economy is a heat engine but if we shut it of it will be much worst because we will stop the aerosol masking effect and the particulants will fall and we will heat even faster

  38. There is nothing we can do. Clean energy should have started in the 1950's. All we can do is delay the extinction.

  39. show me where the sea level has risen . prove to me that co2 is the cause of climate change . propaganda bull .this world is not getting hotter, do your research on real graphs, and not manipulated ones .you can not stop climate change it is a natural event , driven by the sun .

  40. Imagine if Americans had the same attitude about WWI and WWII? What can we do? We cannot just change our entire way of life. Is the problem complex? Yes. Is there a chance our efforts will fall short? Yes, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't do anything.

  41. Whether climate change is real or not, it is indisputable that we're polluting the environment and people are being impacted negatively. Every major city throughout the world has smog. Hundreds of thousands of people are impacted by air pollution alone. So why should we not try to clean up and go green?

  42. Tax more than one child. Tax breaks for one child families. Stem migration. Go vegan!

  43. IF we ALL do Not Rise UP were ALL in Big trouble, I have 3 girls who have 2 kids each NOW WHAT DO THEY DO for OUR IGNORANCE and FEARS. STOP and LISTEN to PEOPLE the RICH are KILLING us~What about H.A.A.R.P what the hell are they doing to stir up MORE problems. We can not beat Mother Nature History has proven that.

  44. These weather disasters have been happening on earth before we were here and will be happening even if we go extinct. We build our homes in places where it does flood and then complain when it rains.

  45. English is the number one spoken language know throughout the world. if you wish for this channel to start making a real difference, your going to have to put effort into making sure the entire program (all that is said, all that is heard) is translated to English, otherwise , your just another child, screaming into the wind that the sun don't shine no more.

  46. False narrative given here. We have already entered a massive downward spiral into A SGSM( Super Grand Solar Minimum )Geologically speaking we are in the Quaternary Ice Age and have unfortunately just left the 10,000 year interglacial period which was a warming period. However,we are now into the start of the next major glacial phase which is an 80,000 year cold period. Globull warming is a fraudulent tax scam & an orchestrated littany of outright lies & mistruths cos the PTB want a mass population die off to keep the Earth for their own selfish selves. So before false infomation like above is put onto video form people need to get the facts right! The IPCC has NEVER included the Sun in any of their reports!!!!! because they say it has NO EFFECT on our climate = what a bunch of paid Government liars, what a sham, what a total disgrace. Science has been politically hijacked. Wake up everyone!

  47. It stopped warming up in 1997, now its cooling. More people die in the cold than in the heat. There has been no recorded extra heat, floods or storms, its all media hype and the biggest con trick ever. The numbers brainwashed is massive.
    Current sun spot numbers are super low, that is an extreme just as 400 a day is, odd things happen at the extremes, and none of it is down to us.
    If you think you can stop a glacier melting you are deluded. They have melted before and returned.
    Now they are poisoning everyone trying to take control of the climate, yet space and all that's in it controls our climate.

  48. The magnetic poles are reversing. We now have four poles. This is what is causing all the problems. Nothing can stop it.

  49. How high do we have to build our deichs? – 120 meters
    How long can we wait? – We have heavily polluted for about 170 years now. Then we have waited 50-60 years. We are already experiencing heavy impacts.

  50. In response to the Indian from Bangladesh who keeps asking, 'what makes people want more, why aren't they satisfied with a single date farm, why do they have to have green lawns like Europeans'? Hello doctor, hello, people just want the good life, that is what they want but we have an unsustainable population on earth and earth cannot support 8 billion lunatic consumers, get it? Let me tell you something, I do not want to continue to decrease my life year after year so another billion humans can land on the planet to consume their brains out and pollute everything. Deal with that, we can have a sustainable civilization with 1.5 – 2 billion, everybody can live a good life without destroying the ecosystem of earth. You think that is wrong? you think that no number of humans are too much? Then you are living in a fantasy world!

  51. So, there are glaciers melting in the summertime, just as we had record breaking cold in the midwest this past winter. The treachery of the Democratic Party is creating fragile snowflakes. They'll do anything to make TRILLION$, grab power, and murder MILLION$ of babies. BTW… where did the $10 TRILLION go while Obama was the POTUS? What did he spend that on? Global warming? Or did the globalists just line their pockets with American tax dollars?

  52. Food for thought. What if..just what if CO2 is not responsible for climate change ? Would it not be better to place resources to defend humanity in early warning systems, better prediction of weather and climate and infrastructure to defend against the vagaries of weather ? It appears that the evidence, which is accessible to all, is suggesting that the contribution of humanity to climate change is much less than previously thought. Some reasearch is even suggesting that we could experience a prolonged period of global cooling rather than warming. If this turns out to be the case, we could have been barking p the wrong tree. This the importance of verifying whether these latest findings are true or not rather than stating that climate change is settled science.

  53. Yea after all the demonstrations setting all the tires and blockades on fire then they all began to become enlightened as to how much they contributed to polluting the environment. If the Panama canal disappears to sea level rise, try not to have a nuclear war over it. If the Buddha was as enlightened and desireless there would be no art, but the Buddha may have been right about how materialism and extreme extravagance causes suffering in that all most people do is argue over everything, my last desire would be to throw the world's largest pearl back into the ocean where none could possess it. And if you're left with nothing after a disaster, at least you don't have to call a moving truck.

  54. Yesterday it was the highest temperatuur in Germany in the city of Coshen on the border with Poland with 38.6 °C . It brocke the record of 38.5 °C of the city Buhlertal on 27-28 of June…. 1947. A rise of 0.1 °C in 72 years. Indeed a reason to panic. That it shows that high temperatuurs are occuring from time to time, regardless what humans do, is ofcorse not politicle correct. Before we had movies about catastrofic events, now they are governement funded and presentet as " news " . In 2003 in Europe have died 70.000 people as a result of a heatwave. The rest of the time, nobody dies….. Healthy people don't die from five day's above 35 °C . People who are not healthy can die of a heatwave or without it two weeks or a month later. I Brazille a dam brocke and killed hundrerds of people. By climat change ? People live on vulcano sides, on mounten sides where they have cut all the trees and vegetation, the world is an every changing crunch on a verry hot liquid ball. And because nothing moves for hundred years, it's seen as solid for ever. Do sea levels rise or is ther more prove in country's with mauntens that land rises or go's down also ? Is the land oing down or the sea rising. ? I live on a hill sid in Spain and the whole hill, more then 50 meters above sea level and the hill is made out of sediment with sea shells in stones . The hill was under the sea level before there where even humans. The past proves the facts. The future is a believe. Making people afraid is the best way to controle them.

  55. More fear mongering with Many people like Al Gore making millions, the earth changes all the time and will never stop as we have no effect on it. these people fail to tell us that we are at the end of an ice age and conveniently left out the middle ages warming period when people in Greenland grew grapes. They also fail to tell you that the earth's tectonic plates move constantly raising and lowering the land mass, wake up as CO2 is our friend not our enemy.

  56. Bullshit! Climate change has Nothing to with CO2 nor human. Global warming? 0.44 degrees the last 40 years. Ocean’s has barely risen 0.17cm the last 100 years. Rather worry about the grand solar minimum. Not “man made global warming” due to co2 bullshit!! 😆

  57. I am seeding low growing edible weeds in my yard, so that I do not have to mow. Dandelion, Plantain, wild Grape and so many others!
    Plus, by eating them my health has improved and my blood pressure has dropped to normal.
    It's July in southern Indiana and I haven't turned my air conditioning on yet. As long as the nightly temperatures stay in the 70's, I open my windows at night and close them by 10am. It has reached over 100 degrees during the day, but I am still comfortable inside. Once the temperatures get into the 80's and hot at night, then I must turn on my air conditioning.
    I have three different garbage cans to recycle metal, plastic and glass!
    I have been saving my money to go 100% solar, but the ORANGE BUFFOON and the HOLYROLLER ZEALOT has put tariffs on China and I can't afford to right now.
    And, the most important thing that I have done for our Earth is to promote and vote Bernie Sanders!
    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thank you for sharing this documentary!

  58. climate change is caused by a phenomenon called the sun. you may have heard of it. i'm all for helping victims of natural disaster. i dont want to be blamed and taxed on something i have no control over

  59. In 1970 when i asked my horse how she viewed people she said most were just stupid because they cannot hear her thoughts but she can hear theirs. This horse was probably smarter than most avg. humans. The trainer said the also based on the hollows above her eyes bei g deep into her cranium. This is a true story!

  60. How long can you wait? As long as you like. It is too late to "do something about it". It's out of our hands, we are ballistic now… in the hands of physics and physics doesn't give a shit about us.


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