Clear The Shelters: The Franklin Co. Humane Society

[Music] this weekend WSL s10 is teaming up with some area animal shelters to help find permanent homes for hundreds of animals yeah and joining us to talk about what you can expect this week at Franklin County Humane Society we have carry your study thank you so much for coming in thank you for having us so Greg tell us I know yeah I brought sander he’s about seven and a half years old he’s a shepherd mix he was picked up as a stray by the Franklin County Animal Control and we Frank County Humane Society pulled him from there and so he’s just waiting for it’s forever home now it’s a little timid and shy yes right so tell us a little bit about Franklin County Humane Society we are a nonprofit organization and we don’t get any government funding so everything we do is raised by donations so every little bit helps we have a store next door to help with that call perfect treasure so you can shop for rugs mirrors furniture to help and all 100% of that Perseids goes to helping the animals there that’s sweet all right let’s talk about yeah Xander is not going to get a close-up sorry Spencer Spencer’s try to get a close-up picture of Xander here but let’s talk a little bit about the clear the shelter’s event it’s Saturday but you’re offering adoption specials starting tomorrow what are those so any dog six months and older it’s $50 mm-hmm all cats and kittens are name your price really oh wow that’s huge okay and is this something that you all have done before we try not to do it too often but you know when we need to we do what we need to do to get the animals adopted out and get them into their forever home because ideally that’s where they need to be yeah and tell us about the work that you all do for the community we have a couple different programs like spaying neutering for feral cats we do we have a vet office that we have spaying and neutering done for people’s pets yeah at low cost oh it says here that you take in over 80 percent yeah of the pets in your community yes in our community and we have taken in animals from other shelters outside that area wow that’s huge okay and you all are a non-profit you said so how can people donate to you all let’s say they are they fit their max on pets or they don’t want a pet how can they donate to support you all while there’s different ways to help there they can donate they can go online to our website planned pethood clinic in Franklin County Humane Society and they can donate that way we take food donations blankets towels they can even volunteer their time help them get the dog walk or just take them for out for the day and socialize them so and you want to take in special-needs pets oh yes yeah tell us about that we have we don’t turn any pet need away okay we definitely work for the animals and and you have a cat positive program tell us what that is that we teach the cats to sit high-five jump through hoops stuff like that to help get up get them more adoptable really yeah I mean think about it you’d be neat to have a cat that can give you a high-five that was really cool jump through a hoop for you got to do what cats want to do so funny alright so Saturday is clear the shelter’s as we mentioned and if people want more information on franklin county humane which they do that’s to go online go online or stop by which we prefer because then you can fall in love while you’re there absolutely Xander well thank you very much we appreciate them

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