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one day more than 1200 shelters across the country 90,000 animals given forever homes [Music] this is clear this shelters oh and welcome to clear the shelter’s I’m Emmy Award winning Hollywood superstar Jane Lynch and today I’m going to come believe share with you some incredible stories of animal adoption that are sure to inspire encourage and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside with the help of the dodo we’re counting down the year’s top 10 most amazing viral videos featuring shelter pets from huggable cups to adorable odd couples [Music] and what goes into getting a shelter animal ready for adoption we’ll take you inside the everyday lives of these pets and their caretakers to find out how they prepare for finding new forever home so what’s going on yeah I know my life has changed for the better by adopting meet my for canine compadres we’ve got Millie roomie Bernice and the astounding Arbuckle this handsome fella was 60 pounds overweight due to an untreated hypothyroid condition when he was rescued and he’s been rehabilitated by us and he’s now lost over 30 pounds and his appetite for life is strong for the fourth consecutive year NBC and Telemundo teamed up for the clear the shelter’s initiative helping animals across the country find new forever homes by cutting or reducing the costs of adoptions from cute cats to perfect puppies to many species beyond thousands of deserving pets went home with loving families here are some of the highlights from this extraordinary day [Music] that is a beautiful tell me about Danny he stole my heart it’s a surprise for my fiance look at her she’s just a bundle of joy she’s the sweetest thing ever is this a good day or what the shelters is all about finding little ones just like this one a forever amend me the dog walk a dog keep some cats and fill out an adoption application and that’s pretty much it you can leave today with your new passion when I first saw her she was all over their shoes so knows well thought wow sure there would be a good name because just her sweet well my daughter’s wants the cat they been good with other people who pets I think it’s time for them to get one of their own with all the catastrophes in California all these little critters need to find a home [Music] at MSPCA zhn Eben’s farm in Methuen we found more unusual animals seeking homes including this rabbit and guinea pig along with this pot-bellied pig we also found horses in need of homes to purring and barking tendril berry Hudson found caramel at the Irvine Animal Care Center they think it’s like having a new member of your family that can make you a little bit happier then there’s Tyrone tackle a blind man who came looking not only for a friend for himself but also a friend for his guide dog after 10 years of service and I didn’t want to leave her alone in the house by herself without companionship it turned out to be perfect perfect time to convert yo Niels were also looking for a companion for their dog honey I checked online and we saw Daisy and she had this big gigantic smile and I showed my dad and it was love at first sight basically [Music] can’t get a better pet than a rescue dog we’ve had numerous clubs they’ve all come from shelters to have a day like this to where people come out and adopt these dogs and give them a new home give them a new start on life which is really important for these dogs anytime we can adopt out 90 animals in one day that’s a big deal some of our longer-term residents have found their homes which is just the most rewarding experience for our staff to know that these animals that we’ve cared for for so long are finally gonna find their homes and every year we have cleared the shelter [Music] you can tell it’s a great opportunity to find that forever friends little animals are so sweet they need a home they just want somebody to love them and I need somebody to love me well there’s no question that taking home a pet can fill your heart with joy and your cameraphone with great videos with help from the dodo and Best Friends Animal Society we’re counting down the top 10 most memorable viral rescues of the year and we’re kicking things off with one chubby but cheerful chihuahua Lucille with 16 pounds when she was adopted she needed to lose half her body weight in order to get healthy the first day she’d upstairs was a real milestone for us after months of working out Lucille was down to her goal weight and her mom’s throwing her a huge party to show off her new bad with all her friends even though dogs can be older they can still learn new tricks they can still get healthier and you can still really change their lives like we have literally steel coming in at number nine is a modern-day Noah opening his home to some deserving seniors Steve Gregg and his family can’t stop adopting dogs and chicken and there’s a pig and they all live under the same roof and love to go on trips together bikini Josh Hercules he or Madeline Phyllis Loretta Waylon Edna tinkle Bert Laverne surely it’s not an easy job but he knows how to keep them all happy and safe with great food and a comfy place to sleep it wouldn’t be a family without them putting the cow and count down the number 8 spot goes to a blind bovine with a sisterly bond when these two cows were babies they’d spend every minute together and became sisters oops blind so love became her seeing eye buddy hope was sent to a sanctuary and they were separated for several months they finally reunited and it was like they were never apart oh that’s a sweet picture hope came back to so much confidence and now they get to live the rest of their lives together and never need to be apart again finding a warm embrace at number 7 are some delightful dogs who just love to hug and use a nor two dogs who both had a lot of trouble finding a home because they had so much energy they got lucky and ended up in the perfect family where they’re inseparable [Music] and now they’re making room for a super-cute new little brother to join their crew but they all love to hug now before these beautiful animals can find their new homes it’s important their day-to-day shelter lives are filled with food playtime and lots of loving here’s how a full belly and an active social life can make all the difference when it’s time to adopt people that work in animal welfare all have this common compassion we feel for animals when you get to know a pet you’ve seen them progress and grow inside the shelter and then you see a family adopt them it just makes it all worthwhile animal care centers of New York City serves all five boroughs on average we get 30,000 animals a year you can tell us mourning time in our care center because you hear a bunch of parking and a lot of noise that they know as soon as those lights go on it’s time for breakfast we check on the animals to make sure everyone’s okay and I feel like their normal selves and we make sure to feed them not too much not too little so they can maintain their healthy ideal weight we see it all the animals Hill and they love it a full belly is a happy belly and a happy belly is a happy pet and a happy pet is more adoptable food is often the most expensive part of any animal shelter budget we’re one of about eight hundred shelters that are part of the hills shelters love program we see the hills van pull up and we know we’ve got all our food for the week at a really low price we’re able to now have those funds go to other programs such as our dog play groups for instance play groups allows for their dogs to be able to just be dogs and interact the socialize this helps us because we get able to tell adopters how animals behave at dog park environments so adopters get to see their true selves the people that come to ACC and our first-time adopter adoption counselors spend a lot of time getting to know the animal have available for adoption the right fit for the you’re making a family when we see that often happens it really just warms our heart because we all knew we made a difference in the animals life we send them home with some hills pet so that the transition is easier they’re getting kills in the shelter and they’re getting kills at home and it’s a good way to reinforce the idea that the quality pet food tell your friends to adopt and always choose adoption first because the more the community helps us the more we can make a difference in the lives of all these animals still to come our viral video countdown continues with a gentle giant who will not rest until he’s had his warning cuddles where the shelters returns right after this

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