Classroom Management Styles: What's Your Style?

hello and welcome to teachings and education a classroom management styles what is your preferred style to managing student behavior now classroom management styles are broken down into four different categories the bottom categories represent teachers that exhibit little control over their students the top categories represent teachers that exhibit high control also management style categories on the Left exhibit low involvement from teachers while categories on the right exhibit high involvement authoritarian management very controlling but not very involved with students in authoritarian styles you will notice a lecture driven lesson the teacher might simply read off a PowerPoint or simply talk about the content itself the students sit in the classroom and remain quiet the authoritarian style teacher does not want to take any questions from the students in this classroom classroom rules are strictly enforced the teacher is very firm and unflexible when it comes to the rules authoritarian teachers like to have their students sit in assigned seats for the entirety of the year these teachers are very organized and like to see their students in one place next up the authoritative teacher teachers with high control and highly involved in their students the authoritative teacher enforces their rules but also hears the students out these teachers are both firm but also fair to their students the authoritative style looks to give students their own voice classroom discussions are encouraged this teacher cares a great deal about their students the teacher wants to see their students succeed and you often see a lot of positive feedback from the teacher these teachers consider the consequences of their actions authoritative teachers carefully weigh the circumstances of a student's inappropriate behavior next up the permissive style very little control and very little student involvement unfortunately this is a teacher that doesn't really care about their teaching career teaching is just a way to pay the bills the permissive teacher often doesn't take the time to prepare lesson plans permissive style classrooms are out of control students are out of their seats doing whatever they please a teacher doesn't take the time to go over classroom rules or procedures permissive teachers often show movies during class time they do this simply because they do not feel like teaching the permissive teacher doesn't know much about his students he doesn't care about the kids teacher-student relationships are of little importance to him permissive teachers don't notice suffering students and lastly indulgent very little control but highly involved in the students the indulgent teacher takes their career as a teacher very seriously they work very hard to plan fun and exciting lessons you can count on this teacher to come to class prepared the indulgent style of classroom management believes in a student empowered learning model the indulgent teacher lets the student run the classroom without intervening when they probably should the indulgent teacher looks to build the strong relationships with their students these teachers have close relationships with their students overall they deeply care about the kids indulgent teachers have difficulty saying no these teachers want students to behave in the classroom but are not strict enough to get them to behave so here's the question polls what is your classroom management style click the link for classroom management professional development trainings

14 thoughts on “Classroom Management Styles: What's Your Style?

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  2. Hello everyone, how can I change my teaching style from indulgent style to authoritative ? This is my 1st year as an intern and I'm new teacher at the school I'm working at the moment. The problem is that I don't know how to move from a warning to consequences. I'll be happy to read your comments. Thank you in advance.

  3. I am somewhere between authoritative and authoritarian. I'd usually assess the class's subject ability and base my teaching style on their test performance.

  4. Thanks for this video. My students (college of education) and I appreciate your clear, concise approach to the styles (and the illustrations)! We used your video as the foundation for an in class activity.

  5. I love your videos. I am going for an interview tomorrow and have been a teacher for 12 years. I want to flip my classroom with google so bad. Your videos are awesome! I love that they are not long and cut right to the chase! Keep up the good work 🙂

  6. I cannot get enough of your videos! Just watched another 3 and took notes. I am getting more information here than I did in my college classes! Thank you very much!

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