C&K Kingston – Winner 2019 Safety and Wellbeing Award

he had seen caking said we are developing this special in my enrollment process to catch their wider variety of family in need there's 22 children enrolled in my group 21 of those children are enrolled through MDA and access which is the refugee an asylum seeker pilot program that they're running to build a culture within our service that is really safe and really inclusive we introduce traditional songs and engage with the children and learn about who each individual child is we've welcomed in their countries and we welcome their culture story acknowledged that's what their celebration they've got their routines very predictable they're flexible but they know what's going to happen next and when is mommy come in and when it's give them sophistic you were in the places so with the predictability of their routine it's helping them to understand where they are and to make their own space in that safe environment to continue their journal and continually move some of them don't speak English so finding that connection with the child that makes them happy or something that gives you the body language that they're happy with it it's a sign where they will smile something that they have done all you've done with them and that's a good response learning about things like what is culturally safe to them and what is culturally unsafe for them we also offer a bus service to families so children that would not normally access kindergarten can access kindergarten through our bus service the Kingston service has an impressive and I would think challenging number of children from refugee backgrounds it's been really interesting to watch them implement new ways to welcome and support families as they've gained we're changing the way we are communicate to the families because a majority of them is not speak English so we have to adjust our information to deliver to the families and correctly understood by the time a lot of children leave our center they are so comfortable and they're so confident and it's just a wonderful thing to watch

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