City of Pahokee Commission Meeting – September 10 2019

-Good afternoon we are started
City attorney are you ready? -Yes sir City Clerk?
-Yes sir – City Manager
– Yes Sir – Commissioner Bohlen
– Yes sir – Commissioner Everett?
– Yes – Vice Mayor Murvin? – Yes – Sergeant at arms? I call this meeting of the City
commissioners special meeting on Tuesday September 10th 2019
to order at 6:11 p.m. may we please stand for the Pledge of the Allegiance
and invocation given by Reverend Smart followed by the
Pledge of Allegiance – Gracious Heavenly Father
we thank you for this day we thank you for all that
you have done for us but now Lord as we come
before our City Council to discuss the budget, to
discuss things that need to be done in this city,
may we have peace may we also get things
done as needed to be done for this city we ask you to bless each one
of our Commissioners, our Mayor and those that are
on the City staff and our law enforcement Keep us safe and bring us to you
Lord Jesus in your Holy name Amen (all) I pledge allegiance
to the flag, (all) of the
United States of America (all) and to the Republic
for which it stands (all) one nation, under God
indivisible, with (all) liberty and
justice for all – Roll call Madam Clerk – Mayor Babb – Present – Commissioner Bohlen
– Present – Commissioner Everett
– Here – Commissioner Hill – Vice Mayor Murvin
– Present – City Manager
– Here – Interim City Attorney
– Here – City Clerk is present – Thank you madam clerk,
thank you commission and thank you staff and thank each of you all from
the public for being here to participate in our special
meeting of Tuesday September 10th 2019 this meeting is being called by
the city commission is being held to discuss and have a public
hearing on a budget and tentative millage for fiscal
year 2019 20 before we get into the deliberation and
discussion of our have our public
hearing just a few housekeeping chores we have a large crowd as well as
expected to have during our regular commission meeting I am going to ask
each of you all to minimize talking while we are in our
discussion this is a public hearing will be able to have comments are from
the public and you have some opportunities for some
interaction with the commission but during our deliberations we
just ask for you to be remindful for that as well as in the
public meeting our commission meeting we are looking to have an orderly
meeting so we can get out of here in a timely manner so if
you can follow those guidelines will be very appreciative. At
this time we are going to turn open the public hearing public hearing is being
discussed at this time is a tentative millage fiscal year
2019-2020. At this time I’m going to leave this discussion
over to the city manager to give us a Insight on our
budget discussion here – Thank you Mayor Mayor, Commissioners,
citizens, visitors thanks for coming out tonight for the special meeting on our
budget for 2019 2020. Mayor, Commission this is just
our tentative hearing on the budget, that we have already
discussed you’re required by
statute a tentative meeting on the budget to
announce what the tentative announce looking tentative
millage will be and a tentative budget. So this is
just a formality that we have suffice for the statuates and then we’ll come back
at the next meeting and you will and you will vote the budget,
at the final budget hearing so again this is just a
tentative hearing required by statuate for budget 2019-2020.
The first resolution if you want Do you want that read into the
record by the City Attorney? – Yes -A resolution of a City
Commissioner of the city of Pahokee Florida adopting a
tentative millage rate for the fiscal year from October 1
2019 through September 30th 2020 providing for adoption
representation providing for an effective date. – Thank you madam city of attorney at this
time before we get into a deliberation as
far as a second on this particular motion we
would open it up for public comments on the tentative
millage for fiscal year 2019-20 anyone in the audience wish to
make a comment at this time? Hearing none, the chair
will entertain a motion for the adoption of the
tentative millage for the fiscal year 2019 20 Chair is looking for a motion. (inaudible) – Maam Yeah- the mileage rate -Our millage rate for taxation
for real and personal property is
6.5419 the percentage change
or rollback rate related to 6.5419 represents
a 5.2% increase over the rollback rate of 6.2157 that is what will be charged for taxable real and personal
property for 2019-2020. Essentially that millage rate
starts, pretty much stays same year in and year out bases,
based on the real property that we have here in the City of
Pahokee, and assesments that are made by Palm Beach County
Property Appraiser. – Here we have a resolution that
has been read and properly recorded in the minutes.
Resolution 2019-40 chair is now calling
for a motion for the adoption – Mayor Babb, I would like to
make a motion to accept the tentative millage rate of
6.5419 for fiscal year 2019-20 – Motion is to accept the
resolution of 2019-40 which would include the
millage rate – Yes
– Thank you – Second it has been moved by Vice Mayor
Murvin and properly second by Commissioner Hill for the
adoption of resolution 2019-40. Call for questions? – So, I have one so basically this
means that for every $1,000 of property taxable property they
have that people own is going to be $6.5419 that they’re going
to pay in taxes correct? – Yes maam
– Yes Sir – Ok – Any additional questions? Hearing none are you
ready for vote? Roll call madam clerk – Vice Mayor Murvin
– Yes – Commissioner Hill
– Yes – Commissioner Bohlen
– Yes – Commissioner Everett
– Yes – Mayor Babb
– Yes thank you madam clerk resolution 2019 – 40 passes
by unanimous vote and we will have resolution
2019-41 City Attorney – A resolution of the City
Commission of the City of Pahokee, Fl for the adoption of funding of
tentative millage a municipal budget in the amount of
$8,931,675.00 for the fiscal year beginning
October 1, 2019 and ending September 30, 2020 providing for
adoption for representations providing for an effective date. – Before we going into our
deliberations I will open the floor to the
public for comment pertaining to resolution 2019 – 41 You have a comment? You need to come to the… – 9 million dollar budget, what
is thee — ad valorem tax that of what we (inaudible) – City Manager, do you have
that information? – No, I can get it to him
tomorrow morning I don’t have it in front of me. – That will be fine – that’s my only question
– Thank you sir Any additional comments
from the public? Hearing none, Imma close the
public hearing on that section. City commission
having had Resolution 2019-41 properly read into the minutes
what’s your pleasure – Mayor I make a motion to
accept the tentative budget for the fiscal year 2019 2020
resolution 2019 41 – Second – It has been moved by Vice Mayor Murvin and properly
second by Commissioner Hill for the adoption of resolution
2019-41. Call for questions? – I have a couple,
okay on this it says um, first it says that we have a
tentative budget of $3,929,007 and then on the back it says what is it say 8 million or 9
million dollars someplace else that was on the other one okay so on that it says how
how come it says $8,931,675.00 im confused? – Commissioner Bohlen, the
tentative budget for general fund for 2019-2020 3.9
million-dollars however, when we have the Barfield project
coming up for 4.5 million dollars draft include that
for the 2019-2020 budget, that’s why your budget
goes from 3.9 to almost $8 million dollars, because we
are adding $4.4 million dollars to the operating budget for
Capital Improvements for Barfield Highway. – Okay so we’re just
adding in the Grant and that’s where we’re coming
up with the number? – Yes maam – Then one other quick question it says that we’re
going to appropriate $5,000 from the Henderson
endowment special Revenue fund is that the interest that
were expecting this year? – If the rates keep, then yes – Yes sir – Bank rates, by the way. – Okay then I just have one
more quick question Um, yeah, Ok. In E it says
that the tentative budget for the Marina Campground fund
and city is $233,036 dollars so when we pass that over to the
new operator will we get that back in our general fund budget? – We expect that to drop
significantly if a sub leasor takes over the marina we’ll
come back once those leases are secured and make a budget amendment
because we do expect a discount because we do expect a
discount from those expenditures If someone else takes over
those liabilities for us. – Ok
– Yes maam – Thank you
– You’re welcome – Any additional question
from the commission? Hearing none you ready for vote? roll call Madam Clerk – Vice Mayor Murvin
– Yes – Commissioner Hill
– Yes – Commissioner Bohlen
– Yes – Commissioner Everett
– Yes – Mayor Babb
– Yes – Thank you madam clerk
thank you Commissioners resolution 2019-41 passes
by a unanimous vote. at this time we’re move into
Commissioner comments. And we will start with our
Vice Mayor, Vice Mayor Murvin – I have none at this time,
Mayor. – Thank you maam. – Commissioner Everett
– None at the moment – Thank you sir!
Commissioner Bohlen – No – Thank you maam
Commissioner Hill -No
– Commissioner Hill, thank you This special meeting
is now adjourned we need order in the chamber we
are getting ready to start our regular City
Commission meeting the volume give him a sheet that he can
just write the name and indicate whether or not it’s
going to be agenda item or non agenda and item City Attorney are you ready?
– Yes sir – City Clerk
– Yes Sir – City Manager
– Yeah – Commissioner Hill
– Yes – Commissioner Bohlen
– Yes – Commissioner Everett
– Yes – Vice Mayor Murvin
– Yes – Sergeant at arms
– Yes call the city Commission meeting
of regular commission meeting Tuesday September 10th
2019 to order at 6:36 p.m. please stand for the invitation
given by Deacon Kirk Patrick followed by the
Pledge of the Allegiance – Let us bow our heads please Father God we thank you
for this opportunity thank you for this time,
Lord we ask that whatever you do tonight
let us come on one accord. Oh God let us be able to
sit down and reason Oh God, keep the pathway clear
so we can have understanding in whatever we do tonight, let
us be able to recognize you God we thank you for our
Commission, we thank you for everyone, we thank you for
everyone that’s assembled here in Jesus name we do pray, amen
(all) Amen (all) I pledge Allegiance
to the flag, of United States of America, and to
the Republic, for which it stand one nation, under God,
indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All (chatter) – Roll call Madam Clerk – Mayor Babb
(Tapping on microphone) – It don’t feel like they are on (Tapping on microphone) (Tapping on microphone) – Tasha are you over there
playing with the buttons again? – Present – City Manager
– Here – Interim City Attorney
– Here – City Clerk
– Here – Thank you madam clerk
Thank you Commissioners Thank you staff and thank each
of you from the public for being here to participate in
our regularly scheduled Commission meeting
Tuesday, September 10, 2019. Before we get started, I just
want to remind the audience that we need to lower our voices
we need to be respectful of this commission and the perceiving
that’s going on here if you have to answer your cell phone
make sure you walk out quietly and do so if it’s already not
off please do so at this time one of the hardest thing as having
to remove someone from this chamber but we have to conduct
business of the city that’s why we’re hear. You would get a
warning if you’re out of order the second call would be to
have you escorted out. The purpose of thi meeting is to
complete our City business. We want to give you an
opportunity to have an input in a voice in this proceeding you
have to opportunity to do that you have a public comment
section where you can speak on agenda items only and a second
opportunity is just general comments and concern from a citizen you’re not always
going to get an answer immediately and sometimes we
have to follow up with you but we do listen to you and listen
to your concerns so if you can bide by those we can get out of
here in a timely manner our meeting normaaly start at
6:30 and this is even for our City Commissioners. We wanna be to be out of here no later than
2 hours at 8:30 at the most we’re not going to rush over
city business but we don’t need to be here all day.
Unnecessarily as citizen only get three minutes and I’m not
trying to monitor or regulate Commissioners but we need to
know this meeting as well all our meetings it take care of
business once we get to comment from the commission it should be contained two
things that you don’t have an opportunity to address
outside of the commission. It may be an item we are the
public need to know those one or two comments, we need
to have those to discuss and brought up, but those other
comments, questions that can be asked outside of commission
meeting this is not the place so we just need to
respectful of this and everyone else’s time. it will move to the addition
deletion and approval of agenda items at the same city manager
do we have in addition to the gym did the commissioner are
there any addition that you like to request removed from the
agenda for whatever reason or any I’m sorry in addition added
or engine removal I’d like to request that we put
the soccer back on as old business I need a second to that if it’s
the majority choice to add that to ride a bike on DeGeneres
early do that so we’re going to change commissioner bohlen and old business topic question here and I are you ready to vote
roll call Madam clerk thank you madam clerk safety
commission is the motion to add to soccer team on the old
business have been approved by unanimous vote now I would entertain a motion
to accept the agenda as presented with the addition of
the soccer team been added on construction may I make a motion to accept
agenda as red with add-on soccer is the movie by vice mayor
murvin and properly second back of this material for the proof
of the Jenna at the dentist with add on a soccer team topic question. Are you ready
for vote roll call me thank you madam clerk take the commission
is the agenda has been approved by unanimous 5 + 0 vote now we
only have a common core I completed to the
clerk at this time do we have any comment card completed
pertaining to agenda items only and the first one with mr. Saban
Cardenas address Cardenas High School teacher, trying to
get a job female author of city manager
email on Wednesday after I can point
me so I know that he knows our priority so I now know
that cuz that’s the only way you’re going to get an email
and I read it 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. I know that we’re moving or moving
around with different District we do not want to move around if
you wanted to play and you can even if we wanted to get on
the field and then the other people right
and they were. You need to cut down on the
talking please if we can proceed in an orderly manner and
if you could dep laws cannot hold a process
up to eight and know your twos and excited about this
particular topic we want to make sure we can get out of here
no reason what time is a clerk in addition of common
car painted credenza lights you can give it to him what was
on the game doing their two is listening to each person to have
a comic when you pass on your comment of concern with
additional prison lock to speak additional 3 minutes I’m just setting the foundation
because if 5 people say they want the same individual with
speaking when I going to allow their evidence chair cuz out this is a cheer ruling on there
have heard his concern in there going to be a cold again by his
famous telling me so we have the picture of what temperature
ruling not you can speak I’m just
saying for additional people that have the same with only
giving him additional 3 minutes if anybody else other than that all right for my name is so my question is do at what age
do a football team stop playing continue playing and you can have a pathway where
people can walk you to also have a part where did
General, what did we do to cause we just
simply play now what are they doing they’re taking it all the
way from they’re taking away for everyone
that want to do something or even what are we going to do are we
going to Young play We have nothing against did not want to take away from
anyone what we want is can we use for soccer for walking
around for basketball. I still don’t understand my
question what do you guys want when they
closed down field city clerk at this time of year
in addition to coming card with painted Christian items only everybody know I am no
information that we were going to be designated retiring from
firestick 52462 I get out of work here and we’re
on a schedule you know we need to have our kids bad to
have your homework done by a certain time I believe that
you know we can come together and we can find a solution for
football for my twelve-year-old for a 13 year old to be able to
have a four-year-old so I believe that we can find a
better solution than designating them an hour and 15 minutes before football
practice what we have going on right now we can do better give me Doctor Who did you get
that information from thank you in addition, scarred Madam Clerk what was what was funny that
we’re out here we’re getting ready to to come in here and
start talking about soccer and then we see the football players
in a football quarter, getting ready and not going to
write you don’t just keep it to yourselves and
don’t talk so the automatic hate what time you guys are like
right right right Ali Wong I remember my
classmates and I come to The Inn at the pier for about 15 30
minutes do they have been here before and the day tribe I don’t
know who write canceling right I didn’t know what it meant I
didn’t know they started at that time we do not grieve the commission
agreed because they called me up after I have finished working
out for a time and I gave it to you the beautiful images of
Commissioners meeting or lie or whatever it
was right people being on the park play can you
play City Clerk 17 West 5th Street, are you
going to be able to do something that will support
world. just feel with you and everyone
you Okeechobee the phone all night turn the lights on all night or do you want to corporations
have you all gone to come in and have a free like we have a
football league call me when you get done what needs to be
done for the city call me if you have a good day
with the you know you got to spend it number one hookah bars in Houston 249 every time I see on Facebook
when I look at you and your partner Road until we going to be a battery problem they can’t have their way with
you people you are a bunch of Jack play darker brick India to order 30 have one
person speaking refrain from
speaking I would like that you all are a
bunch of morons gears back and things are going
well nobody’s taking it called nobody morons nobody you get done for me I think that concludes the comments on agenda items I will
now move to public service announcement it is in a cars on public
service announcement Margaret smart there is a first birthday in
October take your Bible to school please do it in addition, car container to
public service announcement City Clerk thank you this is Patrick did
you want to briefly mention and rescheduling of the Gospel V helping me out. but I’m just saying we want to
try to get everyone to come out with this guy for sale for what
they started singing from the 31st and 1st to October 19th
and $20. Oh Missionary Baptist Church American Ninja Warrior party
woman doing just come on board are we are we still having the
same groups that are coming will there still be the same
group that’s on the flyer perfect in our city and marijuana continue to move down the agenda
approval minutes we have no minutes to approve it this
time we don’t have any consent agenda items to have no
ordinance if you have a resolution actually three
resolutions Chris Revolution is resolution 2019 – 37 resolution of the City
commissioners Pahokee Florida declaring a local state of
emergency for the city of Pahokee authorizing the city
manager to take action providing for adoption
representation thank you madam clerk
information about the station
state of emergency hurricane out
application to help protect and sit in a timely
manner the City commissioners haven’t
had resolution 2019-34 Evan properly read into the Menace by
City attorney with your pleasure Sharon bye-bye play American improperly
II by commissioner bohlen that we approve
Revolution 2019-34 Seventeen call call Will question medical go broke automatic but
thank you commissioner Revolution
2019-34 Evan path 5 9 volt now we will entertain resolution
2019 – 38 that are turning ignition of a pretty Pahokee
Florida approving The observed holidays the fiscal year
2019-2020 SF riding production representation
providing for an effective date City attorney City commissioners
haven’t had resolution 2019 – 38 probably
read into the minute with your present vice mayor murvin improperly
second. Commissioner Hill for the adoption of resolution 2019
that 38 off question Ernest exhibit a how many days are we are we
giving them 11 holiday and that’s why I counted more
than that so that’s why I’m confused floating holidays after total how many did we give them last
year the normal schedule that we
always give every year holidays every year okay so why are we playing New
Year’s Eve is at your discretion at City manager’s
discretion are we giving it to him or not pick up my prescription at that
time I don’t think I can fit into a little bit of traffic,
but I need a cool to have that depression now I give it to him I don’t know I’ve never done one
before so that’s why I was asking night night questions to ask
before he is now and authorize New Year’s Eve that’s normal
position a date given I don’t like the terminology of the city
manager party wants to make plans to go out of town or
something they could you have the discretion to allow dad
to leave early to have to rent in preparation & Safety
enough keeping out migrate you don’t go to call me
to give it to him the record for you I know in our
past conversation that was not concerned about the number
of days that employees what were part of the school district
in a stand that but I’m just saying that we
have lift right correct you know like with Christmas day
before and I’ve seen businesses is the norm for other city or
county agencies to do outside to get to give Christmas Eve off
the Christmas tree. It’s during the practice of most
municipalities organization that I’m aware of it I’m not saying it can’t be
done and should be done but when is outside the box like
that I have some concern but I will say that I do have a
normal range of days I’m I’m fine with
the Stars so then that the day after
Christmas in the day after Thanksgiving actually will be in
this if it’s shown over here on this side correct do we need a motion to change
New Year’s Eve from discretion to yes let’s do it okay I make that motion that we
include New Year’s Eve and Easter holidays and take away
the discretion cerveza with Jessamine in the same price me a
murder mystery an additional question do we have amendments and and a
minute Mountain on the floor by bowling with a second by the
menu commissioner bohlen major motion
amended motion and commissioner Hill staffing comments are you ready for a
vote roll call Madam Clerk thank you madam clerk thank you
commissioner has motion passed by unanimous vote now we’ll move
to resolution 2019 – 39 Civic trannies Pokey Florida
approval number 5 in the amount of $638,000 2019 as provided in the tactic
providing for dodgson representation providing for an
effective date thank you madam city clerk City
commissioners have had resolution 2019 – 39 probably
read into the minute by the City attorney with your
pleasure looking for a motion wrecking on it on Road thank you ma’am second vice mayor murvin
improperly second bag commissioner bohlen for the
opposite of resolution 2019 – 39 coffee I have one about the
206 $177 out of the $206,177 where are we getting the money
from it says we’re going to repay it to the state did we
figure out where we’re getting the money from want to repay
that loud okay so is that going to affect
our budget so is it just sitting in the
account and we’re just going to get it right out of general fund in addition to question I have
one I really have to marry him I can’t I can’t speak for the
other commission but it really be a report on this incident I
know you’re giving up a verbal report if you can and
the receipt of what occurred but what we’re talking about
going to be on the project planning would be proud of your
arrival as a city manager but doing the process of death of
grant you was on and leave early I was told at one point
that the money was not identified and later on I was
told that it was identified and that there was no
new money that we had to allocate for this week so I’m
not saying which one is right now I’m a little confused as an
elected official so I would request something in writing and
in reason I’m not flip-flopping on this
and I made the statement in the pass a written report and
then stab report wasn’t
sufficient then we need to look at the
possibility of having that particular Grant weight of money
was it could have been spent in a different area I don’t know
where to buy obligation to know where the money was a whiz
at now if it can be identified so interim report they request from
the State High School for reimbursement is because I’ve
heard that the discrepancy of the laws of misplaced money then
heard that the state of the reported information back or promised a plane into
this grant need to be attached as an agenda to the report at
night and I didn’t sleep because I was concerned how we
were going to come up with $206,000 because we were we had that discussion so we
need to know what pots of money and what hospital program the money is going to
fit you know with me up trim 20,000 permit department in
another 50,000 this apartment we need to know that has a
commission in know what changes now is being affected by this
money being reallocated that in the report listen to mister money laying in
general phone it wouldn’t have spent the day
trimming in any department and 6000 dollars that was in general
fund that we’re going to be used for various apartment
in this upcoming budget now that 206 I’ll be used
in 2019-2020 to put money that we have to America for the
2019-2020 in a state of how we looking at it on a perm
or chronological perspective like I know what you’re saying
that are we going to stand out before I forget how to get
effective project that money doesn’t affect your 2019-2020
school year I can bring those asses back to
you got rolled over and we would have taken it with us and
the 2019-2020 so we’re going to we’re going to pay it out so
we’re not rolling it over and we’re
not taking it into the next year with us so how does that not affect our
our budget lawn equipment for the 2019-2020
butthole so I can do is bring you that before I knew
what actual 16 to hire effects 2018-19 2019-2020 upcoming
Global then maybe we should have there been
here until we get that clarify we have another meeting before
October 1st get the wait or not we understand this and I don’t
like. I don’t understand questions you at right now we have some questions and now
we’re asking you about them
white again give us an opportunity to
provide Clarity once I figure under the radar Department map
of let me finish talk I’m respecting you and I’m listening
to you but if you want me to respond for you now please give us an
opportunity to bring back those answer to the commission on how this project would extend it
out where did the dollar go to you
asking I can’t I hear but just resolution is on the states and
we need the money save on October 1st if we want to take us to the
next commission meeting but I recommend that we can so we
can take the money that we have
in our general fund and I personally don’t think
that we ought to be spending 206 $177,000 of the city and the
citizens money without all of us understanding what it is
where it is how organic and how it’s affecting I don’t see any reason we can’t
wait and get those answers in Dental. Mostly mostly Mosley Tire when did they communicate about
this that communicate with the city manager they’ve already
requested why haven’t we paid it already so that’s why the revolutions
here to give me the author of
authorization to generate a payment to the state not not
going to have any meat at least I can probably hold it all week
but I don’t want to give up. Who by the way we’re going back
to four additional funding for more pockets in the future
hold every payment up because that affects all of my
conversations and Communications with the state of
Florida for future project if I’m still holding their money Bodo points invalid I can see
your commissioner bohlen point I can offer to you as I was kind
of leaning beyond the same direction she was leaving the
end of waited till we can leave the money have to be going to do us
any good looking for their money back to them we need to
make sure that we get this mattress from pee we need to pay
it and then look at that report and see if he’s satisfied
I need an answer a question and then we’ll make a
decision on how we move forward commission is I dare any
district West hearing none are you ready for
vote roll call medical alert vice mayor murvin motion and
Revolution passes by majority of 41 mode dep to conclude our Revolution
we don’t have any public hearing no proclamations patient
and will move to the mayor of the board the way that I can just meet me
here and I must say that the Improvement that everybody
have a different management
styles of how they do things and how
did care out of their feelings being in their training or
whatever you be we always look at the
outside and spayed can be done the other but you have to take
in some of those old one was that sometimes not only is the
public but even commissioner feel that’s how I mean get out of control I don’t see it
normally to that point there are some the Russian. I just
have to make sure the dozers ruption is minimum at the
possible again is one warning the second one we don’t want to
throw anyone out of this chamber we don’t have any choice other
than that and it’s really up to the mirror to make sure these
meetings are conducted in a official Manner and when we
discussed in the bay dinner talkin. Our process and we can’t not allow that but
this is not going to be no dictatorship you look at
Courthouse to see if they’re always going to be some folks
even in the courthouse they going to make me come in when
they shouldn’t did the judge tell them you’re in contempt of you out of
order second time you know you can help people who are
convicted convicted for the crime to have to be changed
down and restrain your some time to help with this music
station all together so I just want you to know that I missed hearing to
your criticism in your comment and there are going to be a
little tightening call policy at the painting to
outbursts is in orderly a comment because we want to get
out of here in a timely manner and fortunate in South Florida
to have a state ID in major wrap up here came during
unfortunately the Bahamas was fortunate but I think all the
residents of the city for Hogan’s Michelin Tire Palm Beach
County resident that have volunteered gay selflessness to
donating the cause and heavy with the
relief effort and just been unheard of the Dead many people
will contribute island is not even in the United States and I
personally at the mayor of thank you I want to thank the
staff for the great job they did during the hurricane but
they are in city of what is songs are we pray for the best
but we prepare for the worst I know there was some concerns
about both be at the Marina at me a misquote it in an email that I really don’t believe it
was a responsibility of the Caribbean private Vehicles
because one thing if those vehicles are not properly
securing and it was all Staffing in it and plus if we
didn’t have what we do is make sure all the
photos of properly notified of their responsibility of ensuring
the own separate and we also need a hand public works department so I
thought we agreed with the current boat on to make sure
that is legally sufficient someone quoted some patches to
be saying that if it is obligated to do within a
reasonable means of securing a bowl but it’s not out so
responsibility products are early we need to point the
Housing Authority board I don’t know we have anyone that’s
interested in serving on the housing authorities and if
you are please an application
want to try to get that done next
commission meeting has been a while now and I’m not sure what that line items
need to be included on their
board okay so we’re looking for at
least two additional that board members into alternate and
addition is there a challenge in an accident in Persian the City Commissioner to cap African flag Youth Camp so
we can get that up and running it probably be about a year and
a half past the revolution haven’t made any appointment
today at Council we wanted them to be able to give us some activities ass and young
people not communicating so we’ll be moving now that’s
including mayor’s report I will move
through our city manager report coming out tonight they’re
missing work is concerned no changes from the conversation we
are in a holding pattern with can you come County to
start renovation they are not getting any more update our
decision on what type of snow are we going to see where they
install new update wrong, you know that a
compliment from all other matters here at Park and
Recreation so we’re just awaiting their sponsor when
they’re going to start renovation try to reach out to
one of their staff, but I ran into one that’s over
this weekend and told me there were no new update and I
reminded him that we are patiently waiting for them to
start yeah last part of business before they provided
that information so we’re still waiting for the representative
for my district, county jail responses on working some delay
on that project I want to hold off on talking
about when I get home renovation tell me about to be
here around football field and we know we got to have to see
you here at the football field are some things that I can deal
with in private for under an organization to address
with his football field will call her again but we were
sitting at the right time to start the renovation of the
football field and I’m going to reserve what
they are saying about it right now because their mom for the most part they’re still
on board yeah that it might help us know
what we’re doing and these are individuals that have vinegar
community and they’re offering Casino renovation first football
field football player so we know what we’re doing here and they
have their own personal things about the football field. I only
bought that out because we’re looking at some additional
money to help us bring in the stadium seating
that was used for the football field dep Accord upgrades Waste
Services we have weight management that provides all
about 35 years early November we’re about to pull out a new RC
for New Way Services here in the city of
Pahokee what type of what we’re hoping that we can play
for 5 year olds having waste management will be Waste
Management again but we won’t know until we’re going to take the money
2018-2019 signal strength tarot I’ve been thought of you know
when we go to these conferences we need a lot of these
organizations that provide you know in general about what
we’re looking for in Waste Service here than what we’re
trying to do typically we get the right response hope you give campaign going to
be this Friday what I’ve decided to do on this Friday
here we’re going to take a break from their duties and
responsibilities we have in staff and we’re going to stand
here Friday here in Pahokee encouraging all
citizens on Friday to give to the Bahamas called at the old
fire station or intersection Spring tire sale for old men
take a couple hours and trying to really drive home the point
that we need to give to the victims of hurricane in the
Bahamas on Friday morning from 8 to 12 call Sarah when will be
at the intersection Charles East Main Street North Lake
Avenue promoting your campaign information came for giving tank
on commission volume warning for the rock skin in the
city hall then I put it on the board I got a phone call
they want to partner with me if you want I can drop off point
duck that led to the city being a partner with United
Way if you don’t want to give item you can go to the
United Way website and monetary donation item and bring it to
you Soca station you’re going to package through the United Way we’ll bring in there staff are going to take all the
items up and they will ship it for so we don’t have to pay for
shipping over to the Bahamas they have all that arranged for
all responsibility to collect that money or items at Taco have
them prepare rap on Tyler’s for they can be picked
up so we’re going to continue doing that all of this week in
up till September 19th and probably will continue even
after September 19th because I’m talking thousands of people
who play who are looking for a place to stay and I think someone may be our and
standing outside cuz you don’t have a home difficult
on these individuals families out there in the Bahamas and a
lot of them have said that the worst part of being
displaced for being in the sun
they don’t have a home and so I don’t
question along with your practice putting on cover hair because that’s
important items that we can put in those packages a
long way I hope everyone is giving you the best that you can
think if we were in the same condition it will be
returned to us so that I could take time out to be everything
that we were talking about it in the
groom think about our victims in the Bahamas we could you work
hard and we’re not so obvious employee that if you
have anything to give garage and you’re not using anymore you
feel that it’s packaged it up bring it to her and will
ship it to the Bahamas for you we are having questions all
Ocarina sound are we going to wait and talk
about soccer as a girl great thank you sitting manager
to let me bring you up to date on where
we are with the division Estate Lane very quickly and
also subleasing other Marino they indicated to me that of
course it wasn’t on the agenda for this week but the 35-acre
will be on the agenda for the 24th
they were requesting some additional information from that
would be on the van so we’re working on getting a
better formation so that 35 Acres will be on the agenda for
September Jamaican back and they said that
for the Mirena they’re not going to put that on there so
that they requested from the
appraiser that was hired at information they’re going to
review it together controls with the schedule for hours ago I haven’t listened to that if they are empty 443 leases are
given to the governor and Catherine want to see that they
will give an opportunity for you to providing that
information to go in there and get going.. I’d like to request a copy of
that please or no voices because I didn’t know when I was
in here one question, just a follow-up
and I talked to say I know that the company he walked out of our
last conversation with them and just want to know
the status of that are we talkin or to bring them back to
the table or have an idiot father discussion or that deal
is pretty much closed so we can have some closure or have some
hope that it may continue whatever the case
may be continuing call Barry Robux information on going on with
her. We are in constant communication attorney in on the conversation he’s not involved. No didn’t we give directives to
both of you to be communicating with them before but Beyond is on sale we’re all not
she’s being a prude was trying to derail which I don’t think
we’re not desperate but we are in need of Economic Development
ball forward until we can get a crew that we own request we have
2in we wasn’t responsible someone walking away from the
table because of that that’s what you call a negotiation it
happened that part of that equation of compensation have to
be public transpire sometime a one-party could get frustrated and walk away but they are acted
back at the table doing some discussion broke it out so
the public be aware that you know we’re doing our part to
make sure that we can bring it I have I have a question because
when when they were here before she was talking
about some economic development plan or something and they were
talking about ap3 and if he’s talking to him and he’s
negotiating which one is he is he following what she wanted or is
he fall on what we have never seen an economic development
whatever that was playing in the Regal how would we know if
we wanted him to negotiate that or not that was my biggest
concern that’s why I don’t want anything to come back to the table right
back to square one I just need to make sure that the city of
hope he is just so you know we’re not in situations where we
were seeing start backpedaling or we’re not happy
with I’m not that damn nothing ringtone I really would I don’t
have a problem with even trying to support investors that are coming in but
at the end of the day I will want to hear I will feel
more comfortable with the city attorney knowing something just
with the legality and I’m still a little more comfortable about
it all of them have to come to the
table tell her. He’s all turning I just feel that we will
be able to move forward quicker in that manner opposing
I’m coming in now we’re not agreeing on now the record I guess my opinion
opinion even more so I Miss Williamson he’s aware of
them and my opinion unless something magnificent happens is
not going to change so I think if he can further
discussions with him and ended maybe bring you bring back to
you all what he’s pretty think we’ll be
in the best interest of the city if you don’t I don’t
want to be in a position of derailing that’s not my router
information based upon the facts and circumstances for you
and and and I have no other desire to do anything else so I
don’t know so if he’s having discussions or no I think the
other side knows you know what what my opinion is and I like I
said I have additional information I don’t know how to get around that yet
but when the appropriate time, you know maybe additional
information that you have to the city manager so he can American Legion I’m not going to
bring you anything let me know you are okay because I know
who I’ll bring them to the commissionaire
in my location directions that will work
something different now you know the other side has an attorney
present you should have an attorney present I think is happening with the
Russian that the city manager is currently engaged in his
making sure what his attorney to receiving that information so
she have an opportunity to give them some input that way
only concern and I’m going to be because she kind of say you know I’m
comfortable with that role right now because if the deal
Falls to blame her for what she’s going to do her if she’s
not there can I can I ask a question mr.
Williamson who are you speaking
with public speaking to an attorney
because assumption that the position that you heard from
that representative is that he registered as a lobbyist
pursuant to your code of ordinances and that he is free
and have free reign to so that is the position that he is
taking I have had conversations with her
with the attorney and a Gentleman he was here a few
weeks ago and told me to take a placement and explains my
opinion he and I are Communications he know he is communicating and
I could I communicate back to him what my opinions are and at
some point he’ll come up with something that he can bring me
something and I weigh in before that time I wasn’t told her where that he
was speaking basically with legal representation because in
a live is illegal that’s all tied in together are you
comfortable in a manager has taken so leave the conversation
for Life couple eating a bowl instead of being bought
and not getting information that can paint sit down to the
table along with him and if there’s anything that would not dealing business. She can
have them put on what direction we want to take on that glider
be represented as a lobbyist and so it would be in our best interest
in conversation with maternity leave with no
disrespect to tell a joke that I put advantage and I benefit to
have legal representation if I can talk I just think it would be really
good after sitting in a dryer and the City attorney and their
group and their attorney all set at the table together and
work this thing out and neither is and how they’re communicating
with me right now in reality give me I forgot that’s not the City attorney to represent a
person or company that really doesn’t
have any ownership that’s just basically cutting a deal that
wear sounds like it’s an
inappropriate situation for the city to be involved but you
know I I will weigh in at the appropriate time I will
weigh in before so you don’t
wear whatever you all want me to do cuz this is an unusual
situation and it’s not the kind of Economic Development I get
that and I know they want it now but you know there may be
some other Florida hemp Growers or United out there that you may attract
rather than you know lyrics at the last meeting I said in a
previous meeting you you may want to look at this land is is
at a premium right now cuz this type of activity City and you can do it by and
there a lot of people who are interested just like the poem
that you went to a bowl and there are a lot of people who
are looking to look at the land and the land is at a premium
because there’s not a lot of track where
they can come in and we’ll pality can give them
buildings and land and you know that’s not a lot of stuff like
that so although you may feel like you’re being forced into a
situation I mean you have time to procure it if that’s what you
wanted to do it doesn’t have to be some little person
third-party so you know there’s a better way to do this and this
is Billy. It can I stop a quick question because I was
under the impression that the that P3 thing that they gave
up then if we had accepted that or we had negotiations then
we would advertise for exactly what you just said for
everybody to come in right bet that if you were going to deal with this particular that is not
I don’t think that’s the best way to you until I
think you can put it out for bid
and you can do an economic
development agreement that would you have something
tangible that you can look at that will you know who took okay thanks I haven’t
seen a single second I make development agreement that so
can you give us a sample of it so we can read it right now
because who knows with me I have music I
can give you the times of Economic Development agreement
procurement process if your stay with the one fine
we’ll probably be a good so that way you can see a way to go
because that way. I understand economic
development that are actually bidding on the property
right and then that way you get to your own and then
you have a equipment manager is describing as a
regular process where you have owners talking to the city and
then attorneys coming in to help craft the document but they getting rammed and and and
Encino right away and and I think they’re trying to take
advantage of the prospect that they know that the city really
want Economic Development TrueCar everybody wants that but
I think there’s a better way to do it that’s all
I’m saying feel comfortable enough manager dialog in conversation to keep
him at the table or do we need a motion to make sure with
yellow conversation with ever download that if it is. Your
quarterback spell comfortable if we had representation from
Owl City which is repeated I see your pain but no brainer but I think the
problem is we are more we are very concerned we it’s almost
like we want to give them that opportunity to work with them
and we want to see the attorney to see how is it she can go in and make
that happen where it would benefit you I get it and I also understand
your concern which I clearly understand because basically if
anything goes on it’s almost going to be like the City
attorney who railed Addy pick something to the city and I
think at this point I was just feel more comfortable with a City
attorney being present opposed to the city manager keeping
their attorney which we already speak at this point let’s go
let’s just say when they are very aggressive so I don’t know
if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but however we still
need some rent a right and I did not even if we don’t go
there with them at least we will know you can get in the
what how is it going to benefit the city supposed to directions to owner and then I
think that will cut through a lot of surfaces of operate by
that this one piece we get when we
clear out where the owner that way they won’t come here and we
just put on I just I don’t want citizens to feel that we’re not
want to do business because at the end of the day guys I know anybody would notice you just
can’t go in on a deal with anyone and in Creston just so to
the point is this is not what you want over then we will
just walk out I don’t I don’t have a problem with green tone
but I do want details and I would love
for 1 because this is this is about the city I like to make a
Moana 2 attorney to speak directly to
the owners of green attorney requests that the
owners of green tone first operating and Rowing the the product here
and so in other words if you just ringtone and set up by
middle person that you know doing a deal and they get paid
if we want to meet people in Canada we want to talk to the owner the
people who would actually be The Growler of this product
in the City of Hope you follow me so cuz I don’t think together along with the city
manager communicate directly to the owner the owners of the
copy of the ringtone the people that the people that will be
rolling I’m sure they will but at this
point I think that’s what we need to do right now we want the
city the city will be entering into any girl who I
actually produced product growing the product and so what
what these additional dialogue that
we need that’s okay we have a motion to go along with the
city manager directly to the owner of
the people that will be directing or facilitating or
even financing this company or green tone but typically we want
communication done making sure that you all directly speak
to let’s do that first and then we
can go from the last hidden staff City attorney
to demand to speak directly to the owners to continue this
negotiation topic no no no I have one okay so are
we talking to the owners that are going to be the girls
because I didn’t understand there’s going to be Growers I
understood they were coming in to put in the prom so you’re
talking about the dinar and then my other concern was when the
city manager said he said in the last 24 48 hours he’s been
discussing it with him and they walk out of here two weeks ago can we make that motion a little
tighter that says you do this in the next 24-48 hours so
don’t put timelines on allowed to work with front with
appropriate to give negotiations letter for Chris process that’s how we
got in trouble before that has broken sprocket please don’t put
time lines on they may not be ready we know we’re not be
ready for anything that important Prophet with no I got
them talking back to her but don’t work online allowed to
work with your school and let you know till paper we all
can you come right now Kareem on are you ready for the
boat motion carried in Toronto Gmail all right commission meeting Annabelle MLK Park Camaro white camo cake box you
are available available Sunday Saturday December 13th is not
closed until we get dark for the day opportunity by Sia basketball tournaments in
Robinson for sale Mayfield that’s about Interstate Fox Hill we’ll make it when a female feel
here in probably live in total ironic when you got to get
together around a commission. A car call conversation drive to Bloomfield Cardenas Lynda Carter an appointment to
email on following the commission meeting
at 9:34 a.m. I responded to you on August
28th at 10:20 a.m. almost 54 in Japanese email I have that talk we right now Annette email I pay for
everything and I’m going to read anymore I played it to you. We will be
reviewing the next several days I have a return the parameter of
operation City facility staff availability City program
sponsored by City on all that we have to offer. I will provide
your response are you aware Parks and
Recreation on the Oregon Ducks the dawn 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. why do we have everything it’s because of that Allegiant fly happy policy when I got at night name all of the vandalism all of
the breaking everything else that went along with liability
so I can stop we’re going back to the policies
that I can put in crate for the city what we tend to forget is
liability cost of money and what we were in current
world breaking into the light box to make sure the lights on
the 12:00 at night I can’t tell you how many times that my
former director who’s here tonight that we had to make
purple powder to the Play Store we got tired so we made a decision back then
that we will provide an opportunity to play soccer you can’t beat a powerful
operation Community doing that. You have a policy that protects
your facility at 8 p.m. disability have to close Nicole I also said Google it will be no
table Department right there right there wasn’t any
communication never heard back from him you had her. But what I did get was a
response at all anymore documented Rock Hill commercial
Cardenas I continue with my promise by
the record for most chemical you said fine and opportunity
for soccer FreePlay whatever to happen on their football field I
would have been restricted for you or not I’m going to use it so what I did was I first Parks
and Recreation soccer Parks and Rec program for the entire year what are those football for
category what are they 808 apply football adult women give me the schedule of programs
that offer Bark River City Oklahoma soccer programs that we said I’ll give you a copy of it and
I’ll give it to the public parks and recreation department
on September 30th of every year every quarter football football football football football club
adult flag football you have a lot of programs
occupying you know disability football December 1st so again how you survive upon I offered the opportunity to play at a
certain time knowing you have foreseen shut off of 25 dep by Audible you know I’m right what is a female when I’m being told to offer
that time what time football practice what I got to do right to do
that. Offer time for that to happen Durham consequences I offered him an opportunity to
come out on that field every single day knowing that it will
redo the time ago for Envoy things to practice and be
prepared there any sponsor $50 Tampa don’t have money okay we paying for the Orange
Bowl we take one now what’s happened every home
game here at this field generated anywhere from $1,200
at the gate program back to the City of Hope there are quasars being program
I want to amplify Barker leave program under the City Oklahoma why am I saying that every year
we got nowhere I’m not saying that that’s the
right Department if you are a program conversation let me have that time when you
got to feel a part that you can play on right now to do that
anytime tomorrow at 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. I’ll be on cousin community Bobby McCray connect me with propagating put things out there
publicly. Don’t do that because at one of the Revenant
said no one has ever came for the city manager at one
conversation with me about the pill if you want to see you can ease
out the door and see if it’s not in community-acquired audio video we don’t want to hear the
conversations about on being we are Somerset mayor Commission how can I set an alarm against another Community are
all part of our community action Community when I’m
looking at my face everyday social media Reverend South Carolina can’t
tell me about segregation I know about how to negotiate it the try to create story ganga Bennett bumper the right
way again I’m A and A Spell On You
to provide against the wishes or will I know what’s going to
happen it up to you when you come across that field for the
workers are you going to incur making a call ahead of time for what they prevent I
mean 2015 results and that’s fine if you better
send credit card that’s why I move forward with her body
from time for soccer now mayor’s commission I cannot take
that ripped navigate to sylheti open at that
time of night subsequently there’s no kids can
I hear knocking at night that remove other mirror
throwing up down home remove that conversation that we
are don’t do that you want to move Beyond AT&T
U-verse filled you with greater Rift and that goes into your
insurance in your liability but I don’t think you can have it got a great system and after
program on the Opera football that they would come in and you
can feel too late at night with Noah. Call it cause a lot of
issues you have for our property at
work unit something happy football program and again you have a soccer
field so if you want to add more time that’s just where we are at because the facility have to
close at 8 p.m. because of liability bacon and all those
other things that I mentioned earlier that we had to deal with
an hour of the day commission. Currently the
schedule that you have arranged for them to play is 5 days a
week from wait time now free play Bruce Wayne King
playing at 9 so if you given the soccer team
opportunity to play there from 5 to 6:15 that means you have cut three
hours off six practices of the football teams because if
you’re saying they’re they’re normal to 8 they’re not won’t be
there to eat now will be there too find something because it got 14
something for just a very short time to practice driving
power week because I’m thinking almost an hour and a half away
I’m just trying to figure out what was done to help, date soccer team have knitted lace
they said that they don’t want to interrupt the football
program program but I’m just work toward making them, dacian
there now thank we are moving towards that direction their
biggest problem now is the time and you mention about the liability
if not all does close at Delta dust for Dawn I just committed
commission willing to thin the soccer team a little more
time than was the city manager
is recommended that’s going to be
the biggest hurt us if we live with that and live
at the time he woke me up the football season still be
able to be able to send it Outlook email things to get on a group has a
representative why can’t we as a serious sit-down with
representatives and see if we can integrate with
soccer into Rupees recreational program as missing by Wonder
Riverdale let’s see how we can sit down at the Battle table
read because you’re playing a can opener attorney but would you ever
return it with that open up a free play they’re doing it
here on the ground why can’t we
can go into hey lyrics by Recreation Department that
that’s one thing that we can’t do is continue to promos
fallacious statement about if not friends because I was highly
offended because of online sales I don’t want to go to Royal Palm
to the movie theater I don’t want to go to an outdoor
we have a lot of people live there but what we need to have a
conversation about how can we integrate the program and talk
about what we have to understand that everything have gay at a certain time that’s the that’s the lay of the
land I think the best thing to do is to have a copperhead
band services provider Department agent in conversation
about integrating into a program and it is a reasonable order just
like football and not just thrown together
program program that citizens can pay and enjoy the Hispanic
Community playing song is playing the song why should I
program let’s sit down and have some
personal feelings about what we like to grow into the city who was in the bed of a lovely
program program program if so what are you all
playing for you and you want more poop in New
York football teams are playing I’m looking at the okay what is the problem with what
the problem is on the field during the day time is it there
concerned cuz I know there’s a safety issue and then if you have tournament games okay to play on the Cedar Rapids Water Park. Walter Bobak Iran burnt rice on stove is not until
1. If you do not want to move it up another Google, take me to work just talked to Uncle King
Shuffle or east from requested that that has been a
concern with the field at MLK and expressive with I can spread
to the city manager with regard to a date because we want to roll you all have going back to the
football field on the ground cuz I’ve never Scarborough okay can I say something I
contacted commissioner McHenry and ask her what was the deal
with the life because I’ve heard y’all talk about how you
went and got the lies can the response that I got word
from Eric Hall and it says the attached photo shows the new Synthetic Turf
field Pahokee installed earlier this summer although I’m not
certain how it appears the city is reserving the field for
football only I won’t allow soccer program Final in 2004
from a recreation and cultural Bond
inclusive reports lights for football and soccer the funding
agreement obligates down to you to feel for the same purpose
football and soccer for 30 years or until 2034 the facts a
of change the fact that they have changed
the surface from natural to synthetic does not excuse them
from this obligation they also receive funding from us in 2011
to repair the field and that funding has a 15-year obligation
for both football and soccer switched takes it out
to 2026 this is from Eric Hall director
of Parks and Recreation okay I’m play on something when we by
we’ll get it ourselves to let them play soccer here don’t know what let me say okay to allow them to utilize the feel that I’m taking the
point to another level of reproduction to say how can we
have a leak because we are conversation that I’m trying to get is the
conversation of how can we integrate it into the city
recreational that should we should work toward that with
that so long term when I mean long-term rent it may not be for
the current soccer season I think we have taken
steps to drift in one season we have Devon ate at least the city
of designated Time 5 days a week to lie you all to use
that feels or whatever just another play in we have
accomplished that this still is not exclusively for football is
for both U-Haul program outside the city
function of a lot of program that you got it programmed with
all this cold weather can be accommodated during the third
season of the Bruce’s soccer group has been a long day
farewell know that it is a compliment why are we trying to escape
looking at the elephant in the room last address how can we
because it keeps saying it was not a freely stated that allow is this person who are here so
that we can facilitate a program I’m in a dream what I’m saying
to illustrate an official program you have the
time if I’ll question now whether or
not we want to spend that time and go over the normal time that
is currently being in operation so you don’t destroy the
football team but if we’re going to have a liability
problem when is y’all season open in September OK Google soccer schedule Spring if no
traditional schedule for soccer players girls the information
commissioner bohlen has an obligation programming
you have an interested captive audience here stop having dancing back and forth with
getting a call after hearing what has been read me how the
interesting character based on NBC Florida listen to Whitney wristband the
last three years until 2016 4K video call to Park and
Recreation Albrecht 3 / 14 in adult soccer program, basically
a high school soccer program on that grass field why
it was not working with the program on one particular
field at that time okay train to Angel at the time
he was in charge there and then I started working with Jakob and
I explain God we got to give that to your downtime Brown
when I came back and every spot for for the golden
there was basically right now the last year about running a
meme OK or right when I get a coffee we got a runner actually need to
register there we go about that I would love to have a program
when I first year I went down to Belgrade Progressive program please don’t say that okay now
it’s time for me to go to the park or quarter because you
know I’ll talk to hear what it’s
going to cost to pay for recreational activities so we
got to work with everyone no one can not go out who’s playing so I agree 100% with me to do it next week you’re still
going to have some problems with the schedule the main
quests are you going to Norma Recreation time for field work on do you have to replace the
time they were like maybe a lift
liability just a lift because now is on the city of umbrellas
now you have the joint resorted to cover any injuries or
whatever may be happening out there but it didn’t they only
want to be there till 9 so we’re only talking 1 hour
extended opportunity to live in the play at 9 after that
time if you have a question whether we are
willing to make that type of the
sea football local time umbrella football program football can I make a suggestion
maybe in the in the end term if we can figure
out a way to let them play and
then have them come to the city and
set it up and and organize this and and do everything that
everybody else does in the meantime they say
play for that actor Hour 1 hour and and they, they set up this
week I see him shaking their heads because you got the
schedule so already. like every question thank you we’re going to let mr.
right but after that this is really why we got to continue
in the commissioner playing in this is not concerns a lot of folks are going to get
off of work so that you know do you know you can make that you know each other and we both get
to use the pills I want you to be happy and y’all
filled of Grant and everybody happy for you for
granted I don’t want to compromise you
don’t answer to a common ground you can play on the field but also compromised and let’s
not say that Reverend white rice in Fulton,
Tennessee a tractor Allstate champion from
Pennsylvania in All American leather Sport and we had a
community called who to call because people are we willing lower the volume I was a basketball player All
State basketball player in Pennsylvania of course, Japan Daiso hot dogs and whatever to
help in the insurance process because it’s cool so are we
willing to come together as a booster club I don’t want to keep all the
time to keep you in order okay commission now to put for some
type of motion that we can move forward how cool was to have fitted
stand work with this continues to try to accommodate your needs
and someone just mentioned earlier that it’s
going to be even a football team being reduced by that time I would have the city and
start working on that immediately but
I think giving ground to use appeal at no cost and I think we
have accomplished there is it appropriate to know that’s
ever going to have to continue to work on but I wanted to think
of Greece that we need to put under the steering problems
that we can have both soccer and football equipment co-op
need to make some emotion weather. Disagreement that the
city manager so far have provided 5 to 6:15 until we can work out a permanent
leave again it is out overnight so big so we need to work on it right now right now basketball you have free
morphing for history call Brown Milwaukee Mr man that is why I’m saying we
will talk into each other with motion what do you have your
calendar on your phone can you give can you give me the come up with a plan I would love to explore
developmental soccer league on the city of Spokane Parks and
Rec program because it’s just that, and it’ll play Anarchy
something and it will probably be a lot of discussion of
splitting time during football program for all of us in our community
but I think if we can sit down and utilize I read it that all right with
you if you were born in 2017 football record right now the time I was there right now former today you’re wrong with this just disrupted working with him to operate jet program how do I make a motion and that
that we get down with corn and and and a job and have them
ready and Runnin by February what you’re saying is that right you can do whatever you feel
necessary to get the job done with me do we have a motion second bohlen and second question 48 hours to work out all of the
things you know is in the
planning meeting ACC tomorrow in addition to Quest 8 hours to
have a meeting with Mr Osborne and sit down and eat together so that the city has a soccer
league and these kids can play soccer on this filled out here proper table setting equipment
yes ma’am Mission Everett comments Lisa Wilson representative another point privilege city clerk at this time you have
any coming parts please Mary Lane continue working on North
Augusta Drive time we Dyson what the deadline if you get it
out to her and get it back up I know it’s something that you are
really trying to I’m trying to put this week and I can probably
tell you today and two weeks from now and they
hopefully you know the other two weeks of hard here to get it done by the end of the month yeah yeah burger in Edition come
in so who are looking better than
Hill number one and also brought here
in Oklahoma for a meeting schedule for June 4th we would like to put for that
program, Medina County will not Grant go to
billboard now you’re the funniest Monday
November what time will it be awkward just
needs a special Pacific date that it needs now they don’t answer. Community North Chino Hospital City Clerk in additional coming
card 19 North 14th Avenue turn off that was an oversight
of the hurricane in Caribbean Kirk Franklin my second born
tomorrow 11 44121 Old Navy in the Bible additions comment Glendale Mall critical role additions Ms State Road walkway right my family owns the tree on
Martin Luther King Avenue I mean and he was on the rain do not realize when you know you
can call me. I don’t know city manager prequel okay I don’t know if city manager in the armored
vehicles involved cuz I may be talking to the wrong people how
many people no it’s not about Mr Jamie Callahan good evening everybody in the
mayor air horn for in the Marine Corps 11 Wild Horse Pass Casino want to buy the average know they’re not returning my call
the phone calls you call can I get brown we got right on the phone send a
text message tomorrow looking at that one person intervention here we are 12 weeks now we have a meeting schedule
tonight approval can you know you cannot rap that’s what I said earlier, the
owner that we’re moving as fast as we can be taken care of that
we’re going to get a date for his outward meeting as soon as
we can get all of the members on there that was so Greenfield
in advertising agency schedule. Want to know if
they’re all of them something over and over again that boy just has to leave and then after that hurricane
came and then there were none available that’s why I’m saying
we working on another day we’re moving as quickly as possible
reschedule where does it when were when
will it happen no listening if we know okay so
how long until the wedding tonight I can’t give him that
answer that’s why I’m telling you sometimes people want
answers here tonight I can’t give him that I said to the
owner that we’re moving as quickly as possible to get along
with all of her. Memory they will know we will we will publicize it and
we’ll have to leave me so I can tell you that tonight sitting
here tonight we heard you were going to make
sure because extraditable an additional comment card New Jersey comments and I know I don’t
think anybody got a maximum 3 minutes hopefully you’ll say you
know it’s been late I appreciate the ER doctors make sure we will try to get
something completed in and make sure we ought to the people that
instead of trying to get things done the soccer team the
guy with the artist on Jimmy young Mister all about teeth
because I meant reach you just understand we have to go through the
process I get that but Wednesday if you’re waiting 12
weeks and then I met when does it when will it continue to sit
here and say old has it he has he got to have an answer and
even with that soccer team Memphis TN get some
things done because I don’t want to come back to another
meeting and then we go through this whole process again I’m
sorry I had to wait that long and I’m at people you don’t know
you don’t know what’s going on in the meeting to get it done
and just see if everybody’s trying to work together special
with the situation let’s just get something moving in. I’d like to say tomorrow is
September 11th so I know that’s an important dates like mr.
Miller said but if we could kind of look back and remember
what we did on September 12th yeah and we were one nation and I just coming together as a
nation so please let’s think about that tomorrow and then the
day after and can we please try to do that every day I would
love to see us have September 12th without having
September 11th every day there were some things that I
was going to talk about but I did want to say that I’m very
proud of everybody who came together and dropped off stuff
whether they dropped it off there are some places to donate
for the people from the Bahamas and I think
that it was an amazing time I know I live over on Barfield I
think most of y’all know that and my three came together
wonderful they helped each other we won’t each other stuff
today we know everybody helped everybody put the shutters up and make sure
they were good and I’ll have to tell this even though I know
it’s late my husband and I were put the shutters up and the
neighbor lady sent her a little boy over to help us and I looked
at my husband I told him I said well
we don’t really need help thank you very much and I look at my
husband and I said you know we must be the old people on the
street now because they be the one who went to hell but it was very nice to have the
whole street come together and everybody up and down loaded
ladders and that kind of stuff so it’s even in the in the
face or something horrible and thank God we were spared
we’re together and that’s something that we can do every day in this city
and I’m I’m happy to see that tonight then the soccer guys and girls and ladies and
gentlemen we’re all here and that we are working something
out with them and that they are going to have a league I’ll be
happy with a be happy to help with some sponsorship myself because I love soccer and
me and I would be glad to help with some of that I can’t
do it all but I’ll be okay and I don’t have a turkey I think that’s it tonight thank
you very much good night Grant and Grant and Grant benefits of Grant gospel for
reading when you live in the city of Grant Walker do have
a face days cancelled in the
only thing they’re asking for more
than health and wellness storytelling and developing a
new string of participate

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