City of Pahokee Commission Meeting Oct 8 2019

We are going to go ahead and
get started Actign City Attorney
are you ready Yes Sir City Manager
Yes Sir I call this City Commission
Workshop for Tuesday October 8th 2019 to order at 5:08 p.m. may
we please stand for the invocation given by Vice
Mayor Murvin followed by the Pledge of Allegiance – Father God in the name of
Jesus I asked to come before you today how do you say thank you
that way I feel God has become together today God that make the
decision for our city that’s kind of the point out
commission, citizens and residents oh father in Jesus name amen (Pledge of Allegiance) – Roll call Madam clerk – Mayor Babb
– Present – Commissioner Bohlen – Present – Commissioner Everett – Here – Commissioner Hill Vice Mayor Murvin – Present – City Manager – Here – Interim City Attorney – Here – City Clerk is present – Thank you Madam Clerk
thank you Commissioners thank you staff and thank each
of you all from the public for tonight to participate in our
Workshop of Tuesday October 8th 2019 this Workshop of the City
of Pahokee is being held to discuss the following
presentation given by RLI 2019 responded just to give you a
quick brief back ground we sent out a request for letters
of Interest for City Attorney Services we had actually four
responded two was disqualified one because the information was submitted
late the other one because the information wasn’t completed
therefore we have two here tonight that will be providing a
presentation before this commission after the
presentation we would ask if there’s some question from the
commission for any clarification and if they would like to ask
we will do that I will give the respondents up to 15
minutes for their presentation don’t have to take the entire 15
minutes but you do have 15 minutes up for your
presentation, we’re going to follow these presentation as presented in our
Workshop so at this time is if there no father question from
the commission how we going to proceed we would go ahead and get this
presentations started At this time city clerk would
you call the first respondent – The first responder is Ms.
Bernadette Noris-Weeks – Good evening Mayor, Vice Mayor
Commissioners I am Bernadette Noris-Weeks I’m your interim
City attorney I have with me today along with myself
Michelle….who is also with our firm we this is
the type of work that we do we are a firm that provides governmental entities Legal
Services we’ve been doing this work for over 20 years
now we’ve represent cities currently in Miami-Dade
County and Broward and Palm Beach counties and and there are
not a lot of firms that do this kind of work I can tell you that we’re the largest minority
owned firm in the State of Florida providing legal services
to municipalities there’s very little that we have
not seen over a number of years of practicing law for
municipal government we are we are certainly qualified to
respond to your rli and we’ve done that
on one of the greatest things that I felt great pleasure in
I firm has a great reputation for doing this work is the fact
that in our very first meeting here commissioner Bohlen talked
about what a great job she heard we have done in the city
of South Bay and Palm Beach County and we’re very proud of
that and if we go back just to talk about some examples of
things that we’ve done while representing municipalities when
we took over the city of South Bay it was a city that have many
many lawsuits including lawsuits with other
governmental entities where they have been sued we came in
we quickly within the two-year. resolved the lawsuits that was
pending and we put a lot of measures in place to
prevent other lawsuits from happening right now
we have zero lawsuits pending against the city of South Bay
we took over that City lines were out the door in terms of
people coming to the commission meetings to complain about
various things the state that the state was had it had an oversight that it was and it going with the city of
South Bay that is no longer the case the city is doing very
well it is thriving it is looked at right now as an area
and The Glades area that has a great potential and I’m and
we’ve been able to enter into several deals with
developers to do different different things in the city
including a convenient kind of a gas station that’s a new
that just came online within the last 12 months so
the city is moving in a great direction we also
represent in addition small municipalities we also
represent large municipalities as well we represent the
City of Miramar which is probably the 6th largest city in
the State of Florida and and so with doing this type of work it lends us the opportunity to
understand what’s going on in other cities best practices for
other cities things that we can do to improve cities we look at
all kinds of agreement just recently completed an agreement
an economic development agreement that we have that your request
you asked us to look to opportunities with a possible
developer and we’ve done that and that developer now has the
economic development degree agreement in hand we are tough
negotiators with tough litigators and we do a great job
we win and so the great thing about
our firm is that we have a great reputation for winning
and that is what it is – Excuse me Ms. Weeks
Your out of order sir in the front with camera if you continue to disrupt this
proceeding you’ll be asked to – Thank you
Mr. Mayor we are very fortunate to be in
that position we are qualified and certified to practice not
only in all state courts but also in all federal courts
within the State of Florida that is not something that you
find generally speaking within firms but we are prepared something is filed to be able to
go into federal court and State Court as well we have a
lot of the qualifications that we have are outlined in our
materials one of the things that you may be interested in
why we provide three or four attorneys to the city of Pahokee you see
me as the face in the city attorney’s office when I’m here
but if I’m not here we do have two other attorneys who are very
qualified and one of them you met Lisa Crawford and the
other one is right next to Michelle Austin… Michelle and I work closely with
the city manager we we have a lot of communication with
him in terms of what kind of things are appropriate and
not to go before you what kind of ideas or issues need to be
adjusted before they come before you we’re very proud of the work
that we’ve done since we’ve been within the city of Pahokee
for instance we have been apart of what we do without going too
deep into detail but a part of what we do is we are able to
capture reformat agreement put them in the right way and
right perspective so that you get them and they are you can be
assured that they have been researched it looked at before
you get them are we done that consistently with since we’ve
been here one of the other things that you may have seen change in
your a packet would be the way that the resolutions are
presented we pay attention to detail the resolutions of
if you look at these resolution and ordinances
compared to ones that you may have seen even in 6 months ago
before we came I think you’ll find that it’s a stark
difference not a not a light difference in terms of the
presentation so we think that we’ve upgraded the the the documents that you see
in the contracts that you review so that they are done in a way
that comports with other cities not only in the surrounding area
but throughout the State of Florida we are we have a
number of talented people within the firm we do land use we do real
estate law we do we obviously write contracts resolution for
ordinances we do all of the same for the Foreclosure Michelle
handled the case is Municipal cases and she’ll tell
you a little bit about that a minute that we
have to go through for the City of Hope every other week or so
and are in Belle Glade so we’re behind the scenes doing a lot of
things that you don’t see of all I don’t make reports
legals a little bit different so when you have your meetings
and I say no report on the record is because we don’t
want to be in a position where
we diving into issues and put you
in a position that is this advantages for the city
because we say something in a public meeting that’s used
against the city so when I having issues such as tonight
where we want to bring a shade meeting to the city to talk
about it specifically specific issue those are the kind of things that we
engage you want otherwise we do our work and we do it well and
we do it fairly quietly working in cooperation with the
necessary staff I think I’ve been in touch with all of you on
different issues are we are available we make ourselves
available whether it is on a weekend or in the morning or
at night or during the day ourselves on making sure that we
are available to you and that you can ask a questions and we
try to have good answers for you when you asked us those
questions there are number of different things that I could go
through we are a highly qualified firm again all of us
have worked hard we’ve done all the right stuff that we’re
supposed to do all of us in The
Firm graduated that high levels in
our class Michelle was at the very top of her class I
didn’t I wasn’t there but I was in there and we’re smart
group of attorneys and we come to you not people who are
qualified to do the work not begging for the work that we
come to you with qualified people to do the type of work that we are well-versed
to do and we’ve been doing so without delay time I introduced
to you Michelle Austin Pamies – Good evening I’m not going to
add too much to what the content of what Bernadette
said but I’d like to introduce myself a little bit to the
commission because you’ve seen me come here before and really
the city manager in the city clerk that I deal with most regularly so in terms of my
background and experience I’ve been practicing for over 23
years I thought started at Holland & Knight which is one of
the largest law firms in Florida it’s not the largest at
the time and in their corporate Department that’s where I work I also did City work with
it was a partner representing the City of Coral
Gables at the times I was doing Municipal work I went on to do
different things including being the general counsel of the
state agency in Tallahassee the agency is that was the agency for Workforce
Innovation is now the Department of Economic
Opportunity I was that agencies first general counsel and put
into place most of the structure instead of being
used today in the legal
department I’ve been practicing now with
Bernadette for number of years and our Focus main focus has
been Municipal law and we’ve grown the firm we’ve been able
to expand like she’s that into Miami-Dade Broward County
and Palm Beach County representing cities we believe that working in Belle
Glade working in Pahokee is
extraordinary because we have work in South Bay we done
excellent work and this is an addition to that it would be
a bonus for us to be continuing to work in this region we really
appreciate the work we’ve done for you so far we’re proud of
the work we’ve done for you so far opportunity to
continue to do it just one more time there is no
area of practice that a municipality
we need assistance with that we are not capable of providing and
effectively and in terms of our litigation skills we
represented clients including municipalities in litigation
where we have published cases in federal court where we win and it’s something that you can
research and have a look at and I think that we’ve done good
work for you that’s why we’d like to continue to do the work
and I think you’ll be very proud of the quality of the
legal work product that’s put out by the city of Pahokee
thank you -So in short we thank you for
the opportunity we hope to continue to do work for the city
of Pahokee and we are very proud of the work we’ve done
like Michelle has said and we here and available for you if
you have any questions. more comment in closing when I
did say Belle Glade is because I actually go up to court in Belle Glade
for the for the city of Pahokee I go there where we
represent the city in the open container cases which are
Criminal matters and we’ve been
doing that since we’ve been here as
well – Thank you at this time
City Commission having heard the
presentation are there any question you like to ask the
respondents it’s not mandatory just for
clarification or anything you would like to ask them and we’ll
start and Vice Mayor Murvin – I don’t have any questions,
Mayor – Thank you Maam Commissioner Everett – I would like to wait until
both candidates have spoken. – Thank you sir – Can we do that can we wait
till both have done it then ask a question? – If that’s your preference,
yeah we can do that. – Ok. I agree, I would like to
do that as well – Thank you for your
presentation – The next respondent is
Nason, Yeager, Gerson Harris & Fumero P.A. Good evening we’re very pleased
to be here tonight to speak to you my name is Carlin Kowalski
and this is my partner John Fumero and we’d like to be a bit
informal and and make sure you get to know us and
what we do what our qualifications are and a little
bit of our personality as well just so you get a flavor for who
you’re dealing with and how they might interact in in your
city matters so I’m just to start with we have three three
lawyers on our Pahokee legal team we have a a firm of 27 lawyers
we have two offices in Palm Beach County and those lawyers
bring with us a depth of legal knowledge we’ve got everything
from you in a commercial litigation to real estate to
all kinds of business matters Mr fumero and myself specialize in
government work and we’ve been doing it for a
long time both of us have been practicing law for over
30 years so we are we seen a lot of different issues
throughout our legal careers I most recently was the
Deputy General Counsel at the South Florida Water
Management District just up the road so I’m with that
experience I’m pretty familiar with issues in the Glades
communities and got to know a little bit about of your
industries here so – Good evening Mr. Mayor and
Commission members my name is Fumero as Carlin said we’ve
spent our professional life in government or representing
government and if you would we submitted a proposal to you in
that proposal just going to highlight a few things and I
would urge you as you deliberate and make a decision to
please contact some of the local governments the cities
that we have represented to get a reference because I can tell
you that, I believe I’ve been effective for my clients I have represented
clients in federal court and State Court I’ve argued before
all of the district courts of appeal in Florida published
opinions which you can just Google the get that information
I have been retained as an expert not as a lawyer as an expert at public records
sunshine and ethics laws I recently this year testified
in Martin County I know if you’ve read that to Martin
County Commissioners were criminally charged with public
records violations by the state attorney in Martin County is
very serious issue I was brought in as an expert in
public records law and testified in court in for
commissioner Sarah Hurd’s trial we are a member of the Palm
Beach County League of cities we’ve seen some of you at the at
the league of cities luncheons because this is what
we do day in and day out you know in terms of the representation I have
represented Martin County, Lee County, Palm Beach County, the
city of Port St Lucie City of Atlantis Fort Lauderdale the
city of Miami I was the former general counsel of the South
Florida Water Management District so we know what it is
to represent individuals like you
in the public eye and you know what it means to be accountable
to the electorate what it means to be transparent to the elected
because that’s what we’ve done for our professional lives
drafting ordinances drafting any kind of quasi-legislative
items that comes before you is
something we’ve done you as the commission you set policy my
job and the manager’s job is to execute on that policy and
that’s what we’ve done our entire career Public Finance
Bond work land use zoning comp plan I’ve been involved in hundreds of administrative
proceedings in an I am presently involved in
administrative proceedings dealing with land use Planning
and Zoning issues before the city of Boca Raton the city
of Atlantis I have filed some legal challenges for the city of
Palm Beach County on some matters on behalf of the
city of Atlantis we’ve also have some extensive utility
experience I have been in this room on numerous occasions cuz I
was the former general counsel of The Glades Water
Authority and when that was my firm formed the Glades Water Authority working with
Palm Beach County ultimately as you all know that Authority
transformed into a different structure but while it was a
water authority I was here working with Pahokee South Bay
and Belle Glade and the county to try to make it work do what was a historic effort
and critical effort for the communities out here in the
Glades so I know the Glades issues not just because I was a
general counsel and director of governmental Affairs at the
Water Management District for 15 years but also because part of my practice involves dealing
with issues involving agriculture Economic Development
I’ve represented The Economic Development Council
of Lee County Lake Okeechobee there are major
issues involving Lake Okeechobee that I don’t have to
tell you you know better than I do have a significant impact on you as a city and
these communities I have lived Lake Okeechobee issues and I
mean literally and figuratively for my adult life because I’ve
been involved in those issues beginning with my work at the
Water Management District I’ll just end with a a few
important points here real world experience counts so when
you look at our proposal and if you are inclined to consider us
I would ask you if I said look at the references call the city
manager Port St Lucie work I didn’t do work for
the City Port St Lucie I was the City attorney for the city
of Port St Lucie I’ve done work for dozens of municipalities but
the city of Port st. Lucie is the 8th largest municipality
I was the City attorney and I managed 7 attorney in
house office that they had I manage that for two years
until they were able to bring in another attorney to serve as the
thing that they don’t hire firm their their large enough
where they have their in-house City attorney many large municipalities when you
get to a certain point you hire in-house Staffing for a
municipality like Pahokee it make sense for you to bring in
an outside firm to provide you with counsel but as I said Real
World Experience being understanding what it is that you deal with us elected
officials understanding that I have to work with the manager
day-in-day-out the help execute a policy that you set here in
these meetings is very important dealing with public
records laws you I don’t know if you’ve heard but
there are firms and individuals out there now
that are preying on small municipalities filing false
public records request and then suing when they allegedly don’t
get a response or a timely response to that request I’ve
been involved and I don’t read the cases I’ve been involved in
a public records lawsuits on
behalf of local governments defending those lawsuits A.D.A.
claims there’s also been recent case law about A.D.A. claims
having to do with individuals that are are hearing
or vision impaired and websites and that’s an area I
frankly if I were retained this one of the
area’s I would work on you have the city really needs to address
sooner rather than later so we have the
capabilities we have the experience we have the
know-how and institutional history out here in Palm Beach
county in general and then the Glades specifically we would
welcome the opportunity to come and serve the commission and
work hand-in-hand with your manager and your staff to make
things happen in this community thank you.
-Thank you City commission if you was
saying it continue to stand what time do is just did a
reverse object we had first presentation they was a second
we’re going to ask a question now if you have any chili crisp
on the dis here now at the podium so again I start with commissioner Everett what are the questions that I
have it is with regards you spoke to the heart of small
communities and you spoke about how off the time
firms are lawyers have been preying on small
communities that sometimes we can we are small
communities a great there’s a charm but then there’s a
double-edged sword when it comes to small communities what
have you done what limits have you have have you had previous
experience with small community and the nuances that working in small communities do brain yes so local government work and
you know this better than I do this is where the rubber
meets the road you are close to the flame and I can tell you a
large cities in small cities you know when you implement
certain rules policies ordinances you hear about it you hear about
it from the very vocal electric and so I could tell you
right now I represent a small municipality in in Henry
County and it there are trying to develop some land use
policies to move from a rural area to stay Irving
cuz it’s not even close but policies like having to do
with animals that you can keep on your property and it is very controversial there have
been issues I’ve dealt with with the use of all-terrain
vehicles in residential areas and you have a very tight-knit
Community a few with you propose a policy you’ll have 300
people show up in the room so I dealt with those very
difficult issues I understand that we have
to interact with the public may have to give the
public a reasonable opportunity indicate what their position is
we have to listen that ultimately the decision rests
with you and so they answer your question yes I’ve dealt
with some very difficult very controversial issue throughout
my career that if you are involved in representing
government is almost by definition deal with some very
controversial issues cuz this is where the rubber meets the
road is at the local government level do interact a lot with the
public but there’s nothing like local government you are in
the trenches in terms of dealing with issues gutentag reverse or do you want any understand what you’re trying to
achieve and help you get there. Our goal and that’s our
training is to write those things down and whatever it
might be ordinances or any other kind of contract whatever
but to try to help you achieve those goals and I’ll bring you together to just delete them got other one to take him all
the time I have a few more but basic general questions about
what and it might be somewhat unfair to ask this question but
what do you know about us what research have you done as a potential legal
representative what do you know about us at this point so what I
know about is what I know about the struggles that the
Glades committee namely Economic Development and balancing or we have an
agricultural industry here but is that the future can there be
Economic Development opportunities to broaden the
Spectrum that’s been a challenge frankly that the
Glades communities have been dealing with for decades and I
remember in the 90s there was a big push for doing Lake of the
Lake Okeechobee you know ecotourism and there was a lot
of interest him know the marina that you have here there when it
was built people thought this would be one of the
economic engines to start bringing activity to the communion fortunately a lot of
those haven’t played out but that that is a constant struggle
and frankly in terms of our research we are with one
of the first things I looked at is did you have a City attorney
before and what happened so I’m aware of that controversy that
happened as well what position do you take when
it gets highly political devices I want to come in and it
seems to be polarized what what what position do you take
as a legal representative that’s a great question I don’t
take a position my job is to represent you and the city I’m not an
elected official I don’t know my position is to defend the
city and the decisions made by the city I will provide counsel
to you as a body and as individuals to be quite candid
my job is to protect you as
Commissioners to make sure that our decisions are legally
defensible if you have been doing this for a long time and
I’ve worked in many political forms if you ask me for a
political opinion I’ll give it to you that’s not really my
first heard you is Council you and
then defended the ultimate decision that comes out the not
really take a position on it so you wouldn’t wait you would
tell us it mediately if we were heading in a direction that was
not legal this same absolutely so you wouldn’t save it in your
side so you know a lot of the work of an effective City
attorney doesn’t happen here if an issue pops up here it’s
late it’s too late it’s going through the agendas going
through the back of making sure that you’re all breathed making
sure there are no surprises at a commission meeting that’s what
I would do working hand-in-hand with the manager
don’t want surprises and you want when
something’s on the agenda it better be fully vetted and so
that goes a long way surf to preventing those big
controversies but they happen and that’s the city attorney’s
job is to anticipate that’s what you get with a
funeral just between the two of us over 60 years of experience
you we’ve been there we’ve been in many battles and we know how
a lot of those battles turn out because when you have fought
many battles you can Counsel on what do you go through
taureor door V how did you hear about the
position opening did we have a service that
looked at local government
contract can have either one of you ever
been reprimanded by the ABA or epics Bar complaints in the record
straight and what’s your ranking with the Florida bar Xavier highest-ranking Labrador so are we getting a two-for-one
package her even though we are 27 person firm I like to be very
candid so why we have an incredible breath what we
presented to you we call it the Pahokee so myself Carlin Kowalski and Jack Rice Jack Rice
is in here cuz he’s out of Planning and Zoning meeting he is he has a master’s in land
use planning he’s a planner who went to law school so that he’s
part of rounding out our team so you would get the three of us
but the City attorney position would be something that
I would take and then when I’m not available
Arlen would take and of course if you had questions during the
course of the week we are all available on land use matter
because black rice is frankly extremely experienced we
probably bring him in if you had I do a lot of Planning and Zoning
work but we probably bring him in to assist if you needed to
revamp Your Land Development code Jack would be the guy to do
it it’s a three-person team that we
proposed Okay Hand the two models that you gave us
for I think you gave his two models correct for the fee one it says fix monthly and then hourly to 45 after that right
information in terms of your past Legal Services budget so
we’ve proposed and I’ve done this with numerous
municipalities and that is you know it’s really foolhardy for
me to sit in front of you today and say I’ll
do it for X dollars because until I understand your needs
and priorities it’s difficult to build a budget for example if
you say I need you to be here three days a week I need
you to cover XYZ meetings actress of the
commission but board meetings are pointed boards be involved
with Economic Development Council meetings well that’s
another thing that we need to understand your needs a priority
so one thing I would typically proposes give us 30
days we come on board in 30 days we deliver a budget to you
based on talking to each of you including
the manager to understand what are your knees
are for a recently went with my daughter to purchase a car she
got a Ford Fiesta she’s not buying a Cadillac it’s really
what you want you want a Chevy will build a Chevy for you if you want a
Cadillac will go there, like it’s really what your knees are
priorities are in terms of whether it’s you know hourly or
are fixed rate typically we do a monthly fixed fee and we work
out a scope of services in that school for service is going
to be this big or can be this big it’s really a function
of the the level of service that you’re looking for from
your City attorney we can come up with a base proposal and then
from there as we indicated in our in our proposal we have a
simple scope of work in ordinances drafting ordinances
resolutions attending commission meetings and have a
just a simple flat fee associated with that is really
what you want and what you need I like sir the question why does
particular geographical area I live and work in Palm Beach
County where where in Palm Beach County this this is our
backyard I my practice is throughout Florida I’ve done
government work from Jacksonville to Miami I’m sorry
to Monroe County I’ve gone done working the keys I’ve done it extensive metal
work on the west coast so we do local government working we’re
here cuz we’re in Palm Beach County where a 40 minute drive
from our Gardens office describe an ethical situation
you had to deal with ethical situation example on how to do the
training for the debate the train to cross probably have
had it legal City’s record for the biggest boards and other
organizations helping him we had to come aboard numbers that
work York Communications after the
outside organization and so that’s something that
every person in public office and a lot of ethical issues that
I’ve dealt with have to do with voting where you have an
elected official that has an economic interest in an item
that may come before and talking to them about what they
are required in advanced ethical
issues that are frankly come up on a fairly regular basis what would you do if you were
assigned a case that was supposed to be morally opposed
to so as a lawyer I am an advocate for my client so if
it’s legal and it’s ethical I represent my client if I truly
had a like a moral crisis that I was dealing with I would
withdrawal that’s me personally but I’ve never come across that
a moral issue as long as it’s legal and it’s ethical I repped by my job an attorney’s job is
to be an advocate for their client that’s what that’s the
profession I chose this time we would bring back up weeks in her
prime do to entertain any questions by the commission and I start with vice mayor
murvin if they have any questions Seattle ferns remove to commissioner Everett what questions are pretty much
the same with regards to working in a
small community we definitely have charm but we also have
nuances and mores that I guess makes for comes with a small
community and in keeping in and understanding that how do you handle you know
issues that can you know border the lies of being very
controversial what position do you change yes sir what we do is we attempt
to give legal advice we attempt to stay out of The Fray
of things that go on particularly in the city of
Pahokee for instance you know we have been and understand that
this is a unique Community where people
have very strong opinions on issues but as legal advisors our
job is really to give legal advice and be definitive in that
advised we are very clear about what the advice is you
never have to wonder whether we you know where we stand on
issues but we try to do is really to stay out of the
politics we don’t pick Commissioners against each other
we don’t fit the public against the the commissioner is
we don’t do any of that we simply deal with the issues as they come to us that
are legal in nature and we give the very best advice that’s
research that we can understanding the complexities
we also know that having represented there’s a couple of
cities were represented for very long time one over. 15
years and we seen a lot of changes in that
City when the city when we first got there it was a very
different sized seen that change over time so I’ve been
around long enough to know and do this kind of work to know
that the time change in places but we
what we try to do is be consistent consistent in my
demeanor consistent and representation and really just
pay attention to the law and the legalities connected with
the position of City attorney I’d like to stress that we are
City attorney contracted City attorney for
numerous cities right now we are not guns for hire when I
just special counsel to City we are City attorney so we’ve been
dealing with the issues that you face on a day-to-day and
we’ve been dealing with those issues in a variety of cities and some of
them are small just like the city of Fairhope we have had the opportunity to
work for largest cities and we do have two larger clients but
we do have cities of this size the way used to dealing with
those issues as they arise with regards to it was something
mention in the previous of respondents
presentation and also I think it was in the Q&A with regards
to transparency ensuring that commission is made of him a breasts made of
where are my breasts on issues making sure that’s being
our legal so I guess my question is if that when he had
a hard are you your your position in making sure that we
things are vetted screened properly would you like
to Kevin’s found absolutely that’s what we do
that’s a part of what we do miss Chandler Hotel you behind
us we go to bed sometime and I’m so are ethics that is never
going to be a challenge I’m never going to be in a position
or any one of the attorneys work with the firm for with the
leave that there is an ethical issue or a legal issue that
needs to be brought to your attention and we
don’t try so that’s um you know that’s how we operate and I
think that’s a the fabric of of of our firm are you done okay okay where did you hear about the
position dinner with her well I heard it obviously I was here
I did not need to I knew that
you put forth the issue and we
responded to it. Have you ever been reprimanded by the ABA or never I’m going to ask you
kind of a different question that I ask them because
obviously it’s a different scenario but I know you’re the
City attorney for South Bay so as an example let’s say the
business development board brings us a company that wants to build
and and manufacturer and hire people in The Glades and it
comes down to between us and South Bay and both commissions
tell their attorney and their city managers to please
negotiate see what you can do to bring them in how do you handle that I don’t
see that as an issue but if it were to come up and I felt that
there was ever any kind of an ethical issue I would ask for
outside counsel to be brought in for one of the city’s I do not see that as an issue I’m
typically that’s not the way government works and in terms of
saying we could only have one and that’s the end but I
can’t tell you that certainly do have a great rest great
reputation in South Bend since you mention it I will recognize one
of our commissioners who sitting right here and then as a
reference in the audience that can certainly speak to our
qualifications and how we have been even handed in the way that
we operate within that City cooking did you all know before it
happened that there was a possibility of the City
attorney getting terminated the night you were in the
audience I receive a call I
didn’t I didn’t know what to expect
quite Frank quite frankly and I’ve said before and I received a call from commission vice
mayor murvin and we came to the meeting I had not met bison
and bourbon or any of the commission is on the diet
prior to the night that we came
to the meeting did you know Mr Williamson in
Broward County when he was in broke and I never met Mr
Williamson ever in the first night that I met him was the
first night that I came to the meeting thank you and one
quick question do the other
cities that you represent do they have
something similar to that ordinance 2019 O2 well I will
tell you that are similar I don’t know what the ordinance
number was number to meet you talking about the rules of
procedure okay well I’ll tell you that there is a similar ordinance in South
babe that works very well and I know that because I see it
implemented and so I know that it works well and so that I
think will work for your meetings because having said
here for the last few months and understanding some of the issues that have
come forward including some of the comments that you always
made about your meetings and how your meetings operate I
believe it’s something that will help you or meetings to
operate more efficiently and effectively it was a meetings in
Southfield about an hour and that’s what
the whole lot of people talking and a whole lot of activity
taking place so I know that that ordinance would work very
well here and I think it would help to organize your meetings
in a way that you would appreciate later maybe not now but later
thinking well we are already as you know
representing a city here we’ve been in that city of about six
or seven years now and not pictures I guess and it’s an
area that we love we do other community things in the area so
it’s not just a matter of just coming for meetings we
are in Palm Beach quite frequently for a number of
different issues and the blaze with a special area it’s a
beautiful area it’s an area that you I think you have to
hand I grew up in an area kind of like Pahokee so I which is very similar in many
different ways from the air that I grew up in and Pahokee
and so I think I understand the type of community that it is
and it’s appealing to me the type of community that it is
with your friends and colleagues describe me probably the one who is
dedicated and honest and I think someone who cares about
other how would you describe yourself as a person others I can I can say what I
think I think that Bernadette noris-weeks first of all is
brilliant and I think that everyone would
agree to that in her surroundings and you can check
the references because we talked about references we
didn’t really delve into it but you can call any municipality
that we represent now or it needs that we represented prior
in the second thing I’d like to say she
doesn’t rest so Bernadette she’s brilliant Lee working all
the time so she we have these discussions because I tried to
keep my work hours within a certain timeframe I’m getting
her 2 a.m. email so yes she’s a hard worker tell me about a situation where
you failed I don’t know how to answer that
question because I don’t know that failure is in my vocabulary
necessarily I always try to look at making finding
something in every situation that can be a learning
opportunity last question describe an
ethical situation where you had to wait where you have to deal
with an ethical situation involving a
city well there have been I guess a
lot over the years but we get questions a lot where there may
be Commissioners who are in this is not in Pahokee but for
in southeast battling each other and it’s a very
public battle and you know they try to kind of draw you into
that battle and so I think I am in terms of trying to get you to
stay with someone else to ask for instead of those are the
kind of situations that we don’t
allow ourselves to be pulled into we just try to be very
professional operator Above The Frayed and out and in and let
them know what the ethical issues are in terms of Ethics
you know we work with Commissioners all the time and terms of their own asking
questions about different things what has to be done if it’s
issues come up and whether they think they have conflicts of
interest and so we Give opinions on all those things a
lot of the time based on whatever City it is because all
of the cities are different based on the ethics codes and inspector
General’s information that’s on that you know that in training
so we keep ourselves up to date we also do ethics training we
have been for many many years attending the municipal lawyers
conference there’s we presented at the conferences I presented at the Florida bar conferences
actually I have a conference that I’m doing I just coming
coming up with in the October 25th I think it is where I’m
presenting on the issue of ethics and so it’s something
that we know we certainly take very seriously and and we just try to impart that
to our commissions thank you and thank to both of the law
firm I was on the board for the
Florida bar dealing with the issue that so thank you
thanks for both of the law firm
for the risk presentation City
commission we going to have this decision to make either
tonight or the following meeting so we need to decide whether you’re
comfortable with the presentation and you have
enough information to access make a decision tonight it would
be my recommendation that we proceed and making a decision
not at this Workshop is that I Rucker commission me
but it up to the city commission wasn’t. You
are ready to do that that’s one of the consideration
as full as the compensation for the law firms we will allow
yourself at least two weeks to negotiate have the city manager
negotiate a salary compensation for them her and no other for the
business before us I will adjourn this workshop and will
reconvene meat in 5 minutes started in a few minutes but we
are looking for some additional seats we know we haven’t lost
your trial tonight so we’re going to try to come today to
the best possible okay folks we’re going to get
started in one minute we won’t be able to bring in additional
details because of the seating capacity for the chamber but we
will move up the presentation from the glaze Regional School so that we can at least expedite
bad so I’m going to get myself another minute and
we’re going to get started so just commissioner bohlen I called the city Commission of
the city for Hocutt regular submission me to see October 8th
2019 Thor order at 6:27 p.m. they would please stand for
a misdemeanor misdemeanor misdemeanor Mr Mayer I apologize we do have
to wait until the meeting is advertised at 6:30 I apologized play Star Darlings on 3 minutes
3 minutes are in practice run Commission new Jordans hey thank you got to get started
now 6:30 fish Ali city clerk are you ready manager
Mission bowling call this meeting of the city
for hotel regular scheduled Commission meeting of Tuesday
October 8th 2019 to order at 6:31 p.m. will you please stand
for the invocation given by the Reverend Lonnie spry qualify
to pledge of legion most gracious an eternal God In
Our Father we come tonight and the half of the city of Pahokee
Lord we pray that you would bless this meeting in a way Lord
that when we can leave here knowing that we’ve been
educated about our city Lord and help our citizens to understand
this is not a boxing match no a wrestling mat but this is a
meeting to bless and to help our city go forward we pray that
you bless in them all the way in Jesus name amen roll call Madam clerk present
commissioner Everett city manager City Clerk thank you madam clerk thank you
commissioner thank you staff and thank each of you all for
being here tonight to participate in our regular
schedule meeting Tuesday October 8th 2019 I like to just
recognize some of the elected officials here we have school for district rep Marsha Andrews we have the mayor stop faith we
are Joke House Mel by former City commissioners
vice mayor mayor Allie Biggs we have represented from County
Commissioner McKinley office Lisa Wilson we have the mayor of the city of
Belle Glade Steve Wilson we have the vice mayor from the
city of South Bay vice mayor did it Bernard and we have a host of VIPs here
mail the school board employees we have principles but we going
to have a presentation later on I’ll be here all night if I
individually call their names out but we thank you for being
here are we having to sight in a presentation from
my Regional School District if you don’t know this is the first
time in twenty years that none of our schools in the glaze
have these a f all I still have to see
above-average and you’re really looking
forward to next year when none of our school would have seized
that average we going to be A’s and B’s schools and that’s the
gold and we want this community to work behind a school system
because it takes a village to raise a child and we are that
Village agenda as presented with icing a
move up the school board presentation is that okay for our commission thank
you at this time I would Ike’s do we have any additions to the
manager to two of this ordinance was on porch reading
it passed a room and put in an old business for continue
discussion please understand division there
any additional additions deletions of the Minute Men
agenda Gary Nunn I entertain a motion
for the adoption of the agenda with the add-on of ordinance
2018 – 02 and old business nearby make a motion to accept
the add-on old business or ordinance 2019 O2 also to move
up the glaze Regional team and Pahokee Area School second thank you has been moved
by vice mayor murvin improperly second back commissioner Everett
that will self agenda as presented with the addition
of hornets 2018 – 02 and the moving up of the original
School presentation call for questions before we vote up where we where
we moving in specific valve red apple in additional questions arrie none of you ready for vote
roll call Madam clerk Commissioners the agenda is
approved by unanimous vote I will move to a Regional School
presentation of the place. School do we have a
representative at this time dr. abou is a board member
Marcia Andrews good evening everyone I stand before
you on behalf of the Glades region thank you mayor Babs for
giving us this opportunity to speak to everyone tonight I’d
like to and also members of the Pahokee AQHA michener’s
office I like to call all of the principals the members of the Tri-Cities also other
people who have supported us throughout the school year to
come forward as we prepare to do our presentation on behalf of
the Glades region so I can get all of the principals the assistant principals I’m sorry I’m sorry that they
come up I will introduce myself I’m Angela more proud region
superintendent of The Glades region actually had the
opportunity to start this position last year and so last
year at this time we were here introducing all of our
principals as well as their assistant
principal we know you guys have a heavy agenda so we will have
the principal to come forward as quickly so that they could be
introduced but we’re here to thank all of you for your
support especially the members of the Pahokee City commissioners office in the city
of Pahokee we did as you heard me herb App State we all
all of our schools in a glazed regions have region has a school
grade of a c or higher this is something that we were
able to accomplish and it had been accomplished in
20 years so when school grades were released the 1999 or we’ve
gone for 20 years what we were weren’t able to get a schools
that were not on the drf list and so that was a huge
accomplishment for us but this is something that we
weren’t able to do alone so even though I stand here as the
region superintendent we were able to do it because of the
hard work of all of the people who are standing to my right is
if I can just get all of them to come to the front please
please so that you can be recognized are we going to move this
quickly starting with dr. mateer who’s to my left but you
can just raise your hand she is the instructional superintendent
and dr. mateer works with the elementary
schools and I’ve had the pleasure of working with the
secondary school so we did work together to make sure
that we were able to accomplish this we also have Miss Johnson
who’s standing next she’s the principal of Everglades prep
it’s important to understand the role that Miss Johnson at
her school plays with the graduation rates of our
schools and so over the last couple of years
we’ve seen an increase in our graduation rates and so as
of right now Pahokee band at a graduation rate of 90 5% this is an increase of 3
percentage points compared to last year I mean we know that
the work that Miss Johnson is doing with our students does a
tribute to that as well. The Abrams is standing also can you
just wave dr. Abram she’s the principal of Pahokee elementary
school and she also has some of her staff here as well so we can
get them to stand at this time we also have dr. hibler Foods
here and dr. Hibbert is here with his assistant principal
Miss Henley and also his SSC Miss Boswell and so what we want
to we want to make sure that we recognize that doctor
Hitler School Canal point was one of two schools that earned a
school rate of Av so let’s give them around we also have mr. Dennard who was
the principal of the middle school last year Mr Denard
inherited both the middle and the high school last year and so
we did we went into that school there a lot of changes
that would be amazing. I’m proud to say that mr. Dennard was able to
improve his school grade points as well last year and so
with the denardis here’s with members of his administrative
team starting to his right we have Miss Lydell Dr golphin mr.
Lawson also we have missed wigs to the SSD as well as me to
travel to he was also an assistant principal give all
of them a round of applause community and we also had the support
which I think is very unique we had an opportunity to speak at
both commissioner meetings in Belle Glade as well as South
bass and we also work with a lot of the success that we we
were able to accomplish this I’m working together and so I am
very appreciative of the work that the Tri-Cities
education committee has done over the years as well as the
work that they’ve done with us last year I also want to recognize mrs.
Andrews and I know she’s going to come up and speak as well
mrs. Andrews is our district 6 board member and so she’s very
involved yet so give her a round of applause very involved in has been very
involved in our schools for years and so we definitely
appreciate the support that she’s given to us but we want
you to know that we stand here as a united front and so we
cannot do this work alone it’s important for all of us to continue to
work together because we know that if we work together we can
accomplish even more of what we accomplished last year our goal
is to improve all of our schools that’s we heard mayor
babbs state that we expect to have all of our schools are running a
school grade of an a that is the goal and so we’re going to
continue to work hard to make sure that we accomplished this
not for us but it’s for our students and this wonderful
Community that’s why I thank you for giving us the
opportunity to be introduced to you tonight I’d like to turn it
over to mrs. Andrews but I do want to recognize that we do
have Miss big suchir tonight in Tri-Cities we also have Miracles
you heard from your bathroom mentioned him earlier and we also have mail
Wilson was standing here tonight and again we come spend
collectively Everglades region team will continue to work hard
for our students and we appreciate all of your support
thank you guitar very quick that we wanted
to present to our commissioners for all the
support and I’m Erika for husband achievement that we’re
going to have it at the school you guys are always there when
we need you so are Pokemon City High School where I finally opened up a book store with your
starting next week so we want to make sure that the
commission is the first Insurance to come out of my book
store all right okay thank you BRAT diet take me to bring a vice mayor
American Council the administrative team good
evening to the community it takes the village I’m Marcia
Andrews your school board member I bring greetings from
our superintendent dr. Donald fennoy and all seven school board members but I want to
thank you all Community you elected me in 2010 to make a
difference in the lives of the children and the glaze
region I’ve been working on the
ground in the community in the schools
to help improve treatment I can tell you we did great this year under
this leadership team of Miss Angela Moore come on up
here again Miss Moore it takes leaders to make it happen.
Demektir where are you come back up here these are the
leaders who actually work with the principal get the work done it’s because
of our principals because of our teachers because of our
assistant principals because about cafeteria workers I
Librarians are student assistant it’s all of the
village that makes it happen for the children and it surely
is because of the community the community spirit
that helps us to do the things that we want to do I look at the
commission and I want to tell you that you’ve been
working with me since I’ve been elected in 2010 up until this
day I thank you for presenting the key of the city to me hard and it made me know I had
to really work extra hard here in volcanoes to make things
happen and I’m just so proud of the progress that we made in our
schools the superintendent is Happy everybody’s happy we’ve
been celebrating but we know that academic achievement for all children is
essential success for them is very essential and when I see
the principles and I see the teachers and the team that
you see in here tonight they’re committed many of these people
get up at 4 in the morning to be ready to open the school up at 7 a.m.
or before the make sure our children already with breakfast
with whatever they need to be successful with the best
teachers ever as you know I thank you for passing the
referendum because now we have a police officer in every school every school we
have a police officer and we have mental health services a
mental health counselor and every school because we truly
want to make sure our students are safe we want to make sure
that they’re happy and we want to make sure they learn and
they grow and progress to the best of us as they can be
and have a wonderful life so I could not do any of this
without all of you and I want to thank the schools the people
who truly make it happen every single day
thank all of us because we are truly the family thank you I want to leave you with this
our model for The Glades region is we’re growing greatness and
academics and Athletics because it’s in our DNA and we want to
thank all of you for being a part of our village thank you
thank you again thank the original school
system so much and was so proud of all the effort you have put
in to educate our young folks we know we have an outstanding
reputation for being a football Community an athletic Community
but that’s not the case anymore I academic have risen and raised
the bar so we appreciate that very much and what kind of work
and continue to work with this school district to improve our
children wives and their condition thank you so much I forgot to ask the commission
doing the addition to the gender whether not you want
to consider a legal team the appointment of
our legal representative that need to be added to the gym that
if that’s your desire is not then it will be on our
agenda. Next commission meeting in any comments on there any
recommendation Miss May I would like them all
promotion that we place the decision for our legal on
the agenda second thank you it is a move by
commissioner Everett and properly second. Vice mayor
murvin that we place on our agenda is the selection of our
legal representation call for question where we put on new business no new fitness tonight another question and I need you ready for a vote
throw call Madam clerk yes yes thank you madam clerk thank you
Commissioners we would now move selection of our legal team on
our agenda on the new business can’t this time we would have
our citizen comments must be an agenda items only must have a
comment card completed at this time city clerk do we have any
comments car completed pertaining to agenda items only Bobby called in 3096 bacom Point
Road twin so many things get added
it’s so hard to make a list of what I wanted to say I had my
things in about 3 different places but on September 30th
2019 I sent a letter to the mayor as well as copies to
all the Commissioners and the city manager of some concerns that I had for
the city in it I gave comments on why I see Hornets 2019 O2 as
being evil also in that letter I detailed why not to consider
attorney Brandenburg for City attorney the truth cannot be
hidden forever I hope that letter will be
accepted as part of the public record for this meeting so I
don’t have to read it because everyone you if you have it I’d also like to remind you that
on this most holy day on the Hebrew calendar Yom Kippur I pray that the god of Israel
will also be recognized as The God Who Watches Over and cares
for the city of Pahokee if our commission will deal honestly
and fairly with the citizens God will bless them help however they offer up evil
ordinances like twenty nineteen oh-two I pray that God will
intervene and will judge as he has done in the past when all
French were not acceptable and I like to just mention what
happened so this day Yom Kippur in the Old Testament the high priest
went into the holy of holies only one day a year this day to
offer sacrifices for the people a covering for the people War bells and had a rope
attached to his leg so that he could be dragged out if the
offering were not accepted better pack two of the high
priest Sons Aaron made Avenue by who he lost two sons due to this and on this day of atonement I just pray that our commission
will do right and I hope God will be able to
bless thank you sir the next one is from miss
Catherine marvez Catherine marvez 1838 East Main
Street Pahokee and I noticed every time I see the agenda
items that are left off at the meeting before but maybe not
carry forward for old business and nothing so it’s very difficult for us to look at
an agenda and see what we want to come it’s so today I’ll
keep my comments to this ordinance this is 13 pages of a an
ordinance that is almost through the government it is so
filled with other items that may or may not get passed
because it’s not as important as a big thing and some of it is flowering some of it is
excessive verbiage we need to be able to understand exactly
what the differences are between what we have today and
what does ordinances proposing we need to understand it right
now in my personal opinion just commission reports to the city
manager quite often I have heard
Commissioners sit up there and say I have not read this
document or I just got this document could you tell me about
it the city manager tells you about the document explains
it to you and then you vote on it based on a synopsis that is a big red flag for me
and it disturbs me greatly though some of the looks that I
get sometimes disturb me greatly I find them arrogant and
unnecessary and I’m sure you get them from the audience
to so you know how it feels I want you each to look at your
oath look at your duty and your responsibilities to act as
an independent commissioner for the citizens and the City of
Pahokee and remember that you report to the citizens while you
have the final say so and what you vote on and what you do the ball is in your court right
now but we hold the tickets to the game and I want you to get together
start doing it right if you don’t understand a document if
you have to ask that many questions about a document
before you vote it behooves you just set it aside and review it
some more not take somebody’s word for what it means that’s your responsibility
that’s your duty that was your oath Mickey Mouse the next one is from Rebecca
bush Rebecca Bush 1548 East Main
Street I’m here tonight to speak against this ordinance but
I want to give you a little bit of background on some of the
cumulative effects of what drove me here in order to get to
stay within the three minutes I’ve written down my remark so indulge me as
I read them I’m here this evening because in
recent months I’ve experienced some things that
cause me great concern a few months ago I needed to speak to
the city manager about an issue concerning the city I stopped at
City Hall two times in one day to try to see him on my second stop I was
told that he refused to see me or to even give me an
appointment I also Place calls texts and emails that went
unacknowledged it was only after I express my displeasure
on Facebook that I got any response internist Commissioners Mervyn
and never did answer my emails and texts after that time I know
you guys hate Facebook but when people are desperate they
get they turn to Desperate Measures I did get a response
after I got on Facebook only next I watched in shock and
disbelief the night the City attorney was ambushed there is truly no other word for
it I have talked before and I must say the video of this
meeting with serve a teacher well as a demonstration of a
textbook violation of the Sunshine Law and why the law
actually exists what happened that night was a well-orchestrated procedure
obviously known well in advance to all present except for
commissioner bohlen to tried very hard and in vain to be
brought up to speed on what was about to be voted on she was
silenced rudely and abruptly which past then comes a
ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars on a fake field that
exudes and excludes large segment of our population
I won’t even I won’t even go into the debacle at the
lakefront we have a blatant attempt now to
change an ordinance that clearly is designed to silence
dissent telling Commissioners to whom
and when they may speak during a meeting is absurd as is
limiting length of a commission meeting I suggested at the time
you get home from a meeting is important perhaps you should not
have run for your seat in the first place there other problems in the
ordinance to but I’ll leave it here particularly when it comes
to paying legal expenses but I’m not going to go into that
this ordinance is beginning to appear that the city manager is
a puppeteer and you all are willing puppets he is tracking a local dictatorship
please wake up and represent those of us who
elected you thank you the next one is from Lynda Moss Lynda Moss 2827 bacom Point Road
actually a lot of what I’ve had in mind has been said
differently than I was going to say it but part of it is I do
feel that this ordinance is created by it’s cutting off
citizens from the Commissioners and I think that’s a very inherit
relationship that we need to keep very open and very honest
between the group of us the other thing I was going to
talk about that isn’t a damn it
is accountability and
accountability for me has to do with the Mirena and I think it is time I don’t
know but I’ll look at the five of you
play she’s not here for accountability Chandler’s our
city manager he’s been here three years for years for years
okay 3 so we may be here another for whatever but he’s
going to come and he’s going to go to City Manager going to come and go and
we’re still going to be accountable to the five of you
are City commissioners so when I have issues I feel it’s my
responsibility and I think the city ordinance the way it’s
been presented kind of Creep Fast challenge for us to be able to
come to you he is your employee he is our city manager and it’s
time that we get answers from you from what I hear it’s city
council meeting I can’t say chandler doesn’t contact me and
talk with me cuz he does and I do appreciate that
but it does sound like that’s not the norm of what
happens to a lot of the people in the community so the
community needs to be able to come to City commissioners to
get answers and know where they could help him and find out what they
need to do to move forward so your accountability is very
important to the citizens of this community the next one is from a mckinstry 371 East Main Street before they
make their final decision on attorney they decide if
there’s several issues in Broward County regarding the
current interim City attorney I’d like to ask her if she’s got
the over $11,000 worth of back taxes should Broward County
set I’d also like to ask her how she
got a commissary deal fast-tracked through the airport
in Fort Lauderdale I also like to know how she is managed to get over $365,000
worth of government grants for her own personal use do things like that need to be
addressed and dealt with before you make your decision on who
you want for your City attorney is the mayor list of man found
may I know we’re in the middle of public comment but we have
been doing a lot of attacks name-calling and of such and
especially with the interim City attorney I think is more
than right somewhere along this
agenda that she can write and confront her accusers with a
response I appreciate that this is what we do we’re
professionals and so we you know all the times we don’t sit
this is very unusual in that somebody would come and the
thing that was said by this gentleman were outright lies
this is the same man who after I leave just about every meeting
yells profanity from the from standing out while I’m
going to the parking lot so I will just say that it’s not true I don’t owe
anybody I have no idea what he’s talking about in terms of
getting money I have no idea what he is referring to and and so I would just like to
say on the wreck because I you know this is what I do so I
don’t need my reputation’s card for representing you know when
doing the work that I do for a living I have we have a great reputation and I’m not going to
let anybody else try to ruin it and you know you are out of
order sir if you interrupt this proceeding again I might ask
that you leave but you said you didn’t check him out of order stop the news to be done officer in an eruptive four
times I would need to ask him to leave thank you thank you city clerk score in bowling my name is Wayne Baldwin 366
South Broken Road Barfield Highway I just like to save it 2019 – 02 I don’t approve of it
I don’t think it’s I think I’d be a legal Nightmare and Becky
didn’t want to talk about the legalities of this ordinance
but you guys are I read things and I’m not educated only had my business for 55 years since I
was 21 and I manufacture my own products and sold I know anybody
but I’m not educated but anyways the the artist looks like it would
leave people open the sue the city for almost any time and
in my opinion cuz I read it and it’s kind of going against the
charter to a lot and a lot of the charter was in there and who
authorized her to to do this that’s that’s another question so I just wanted voice my
opinion there are no additional comments this time we’ll move top Public
Service Announcement let’s also have a public service card
completed city clerk at this time to have any public comment
card completely if they will have one card missed Crystal
Bruce Crystal Rose 8862 Seville Street
Pahokee Florida to Cherry that I’ll stick with you
know it’s been a while for brain surgery but I had been
working cuz I am doing the mall with you and it was some other things and I was approved
through the charity I reached out to keep on last week but I
know you would you know you did get like actually you was there
at the end of the meeting. Struggling single mom can’t get them hard to think of
one who they work and I’m not talking about drunk I’m not
talking about some fly-by-night season whatever we are open for
donations but I have a process to it and I’m going to be honest
with you guys like I’m just going to okay imma just you and him so I
am a fat person so I did reach out I want invite all of you
guys and also you have a conversation with a dude in a
pot of a congregation as you being to call Maurice keep you
being in there in the city manager
limited to anybody because I am forming a small small community
because this Crystal something I never mailed my name
down about it I’m all right with that but one thing
nobody can take from me my work in this community and plenty
plenty of the places but the sad part about it I’ll see
the Peabody has broken and I
hear the stories okay I’m going to
get into the black anal get it to the right but I’m going to
tell you what I see from my black people the corner the
snake it the Rocket Games and all that it’s a shame cuz I run
into these people everyday need help and I
went to a lot of people all I’m saying all I want to do is help the
people that I see struggling like me it ain’t no job okay if
you nothing here but a lot of it was it called when you write
he snapped a lot of them because I’m going to tell y’all
something I’m not a nobody up here but I see a lot of things a
lot of things to me all I want to do is try to help some
of the people that I see stroller I want everybody is
welcome to my table but I ain’t got time
for games snake head and all of that I don’t have time for that
but I want to bring this program here what is hot and
bring somebody here city clerk of new Sam there in
additional comments cards pertaining to public service
announcement we’ll move on to the way we
don’t have any approve of minutes but don’t have any
consent agenda item Mr Slade from the Everglades
prep she could have General but she would like to go to public
service announcement good evening Linda Johnson
Ursula principal at Everglades Preparatory Academy you know my
colleagues came up before me and kind of set the harmonious
town I think I’m going to stay there but it’s something that I
just need to suggest and bring to your attention I think it’s an honor for the
city of Pahokee to have a tenant that happened to be a
school that impacts the other schools that are managed solely
by the school district that’s enough I think we need to be treated in
that capacity as what it is when you have the leadership
from the district the common acknowledge the impact of school
we keep the schools of float grade-wise Mobile City on the day it says had
people and family members who have graduated in the currently
enrolled at the school with that being said commissioner mayor vice mayor
Commissioners for Everglades Prep Academy to be a standing
item on your agenda being that we are your tenant that you should have
just update let the city manager come in and say is it
any issues going on because being that the governor have
mandated all schools in Florida that have officers and certain
things in place to harden schools we’ve done it as much as we could and that we
are 10 to the city of Pahokee now imma tell you it hasn’t been
easy being a citizen with first of
all I’m a true monk step on a glass General Hospital raised
up in Belle Glade move to South Bay and it really upsets me to know
that some things are not looked at in an urgent manner we’re school we are countable we
have to be in compliance and when we can’t then it falls
on me and I have to protect my hundred and fifteen children and
do what I have to do and I must say you are never heard
from me as far as complaining I’ve been dealing with this for
a very long time but I think you need to get more
involved and what happens at Everglades prep big tasks include public service
announcements we don’t have any approve of the Menace
no consent agenda items we do have an ordinance but it was
moved to open the door but that’s Westland resolution we have resolution
2019 – 46 to the attorney that the city Commission of the city
of Pahokee Florida authorizing the city manager to the $475,000
provided to the city pursuant to state-funded Grant
agreement contract number g – 0 v164 Design Services for S
Barfield South Barfield highway from East Main Street to East
7th Street by affecting payment and 828 and E engineering Inc
for the performance of such Services as described in The
Proposal attached it to his exhibit a providing for adoption
representations providing for an effective date thank you madam City attorney
city manager this time could you give a brief overview of
this revolution history on it commission thank you very much
and may have this is your agreement for Engineering
Services for Barfield highway or a engineering is your
engineer on record before we move forward with putting
Department of Transportation you have to put your engineer on
contract to continued to proceed forward to manage this project
we are now at about 90% of design plan for Barfield Highway
going to move aggressively forward to put a
bid on this street hopefully by the end of this year give me
back I’m at the end of this year but hopefully in the next 30 to 60 days but
your engineer has to come on contract now we’re at that stage
where he will now manage this project wrongly whoever
will win the dead thereafter again he is your engineer on
record what you have to put them on contract officially now for this
amount to be paid to get sperm to manage the project in
its entirety thank you sir say the
Commissioners Have and Have Revolution 2018 that’s forty-six
probably read into the minutes and explain with
your pleasure I laid off from most of them
except resolution 2019 – 46 for consideration tonight thank you
are breathing properly seconded vice mayor murvin for the
adoption of resolution 2018-46 call for question okay I’m I’ve read this and I’m
very very confused okay so we’re hiring a m e engineering that’s our engineer who’s on
contract correct okay and then they are hiring Baker
design-build yes that’s one of us all some
designers okay and then under this stuff is all dated last
year at long is it a long project we’ve
been dealing with it for about a year now will not have to 100%
stage of design plans going to f. For we can move
forward with a vehicle yes they’ve been working on it for
that long typically Highway projects they do take 2-3 years sometimes
what you mean I was just taking right at 2 years
it’s been a long process with this with this project is a an
extensive renovation of Barfield highway is not Justa
repaving is complete tear of and and and redesign so it yes it is taking that long
with Amy and Engineering to get to this point but we’re at that
stage now where we need to move forward aggressively with f. To
get this project online sooner than later okay so we’re going
to give the 475 to Andy and then they’re going to
hand it out to these different companies Services okay so under
this Baker design contract in and scope of work
that I read under survey at said that they were quoting it
at 26000 but on this thing for a Andy it says 28 what’s the
difference how about that Sandy that that
that question is there some contractor there or what it cost
and what is that what the estimate is what bakeries is
the Bible but this is his final cost of a 475 okay and then who are doing all
this other stuff if we have the contract in and stuff here
from Baker for the survey and a
few other little things then who
does all this other stuff that’s on this list that Andy
gave us design estimate permitting environmental clearances
drainage calculation utility clearance and design
geotechnical F. Criteria plans maintenance of traffic cost
estimate that summer Baker in that summer
18 engineering got to remember a and
Engineering is you’re that sure Master contractor on record but
they do have a opportunity to shop some of these these
Services out to subcontractors okay so give me a kind of seems
like we’re paying double for engineering this is an
engineering proposal for Engineering Services and then we
have an engineer they just give you back up to let you know
when they give some of their services to assist their perm your pee and Engineering
you’re not paying Baker engineering that’s the contract make sure it’s just one
subsidiary that assist down with some of the services they
need to get the design to get the Energy Engineering plans to
F. And also do some of the project manager so you’re
not paying Baker give me an 80 engineering but they provide you additional backup to
let you know exactly how they manage this project and
who’s involved okay but under this contract
that they gave us this page it doesn’t have a page
number but it says if your contractor or subcontractor
fails to pay subcontractor sub subcontractors and material
suppliers those people who are owed money may look to your
property for payment even if you have already paid the
contractor in full and then it says that that a
Annie I guess is going to be the ones that are going to decide if they’ve been paid or
not are we guarantee on that commissioner bohlen we can’t
guarantee what the master contractor does with his
subcontractors we pay the master contractor they are
allowed to hire any subcontractor that they pleased
when how where and what severity the master contractor pays has
subcontracted that’s not our responsibility but it clearly
says on here on paragraph 5 that they’re going to give us a
certificate for payment to contractor but then it says the
engineer certification for payment shall not be a
representation at the engineer has made exhaustive or
continuous inspection to check the quality or quantity of the
work reviewed construction means methods techniques
sequences are procedures reviewed copies of requisitions
received from subcontractors and suppliers and other data
requested by the client to substantiate the contractors
right to payment or a certain how or for what purpose contractor has used money
previously paid on account of the contractor’s contract phone I don’t I don’t understand
somebody please help me out here play you have a contract with a
nanny which is providing you with continuous services in the
engineering sector that’s under contract that you have a
contract is 3 years old and it still effective so you don’t
have to go out each time you need an engineer so the
contract has all the terms and the are the subcontractor
could put a lien on your property but the contract with
Annie the actual contract provides what mechanism for us
to go against Annie with an E doesn’t pay to call a subcontractor so you have an
agreement with a need to provide services you can go
against Andy if there’s a problem with a contractor but
a subcontractor but it’s always true subcontractors can always
put a lien on your property for non-payment in any Construction
contract now what you’re doing today is
just saying this is not a contract that was just his
additional each time you have a work order you sure do need
him you have a man contract is 3 years old but each time you need
his Services it has to come back to the city
Commission in order for the day we call it but they work order
to go out and perform the work so this is what this is this
$475,000 available that was grant money to go to the
specific project nothing else and he’s presented his $475,000
invoice which is exactly what the grid provided
for and now is the time to start disbursement so that he
can do the work and he has his Subs underneath him who will be
receiving part of it but the bulk of it will be for the
Engineering Services you provide himself and that’s okay but I
live on Barfield Highway and they’re talking about doing a
survey and they did it last year and Thanksgiving time over
the Thanksgiving weekend I really can’t tell you whether
they did it in the past and they’re doing part of it now and some later but I believe
you would was the basic contract terms that permits a
need to do your work and then a separate document that’s a
work order that matches the
amount to be expended that’s provided
the details regarding the timing of each work is part of the work it’s
something the city manager can tell you whether the survey was
in last year with it’s going to be done this year and etcetera
but in terms of the work order I know what the work is that
outlined it matches the amount of money that the grant provides and because
it is a contractor that was already contracted with the city
to provide these exact same services on a continuing
basis legally it makes legal send to us I have one more
question where we getting the 475 from their Commission in 2017 the city was awarded
stop funding for the city of Pahokee gressive state project
that provides for small County and cities to receive funding
for dilapidated or our streets and Roads that are in severe
deterioration the city Pahokee this was very
successful in securing 4.5 million dollars in 2017 and 2018
stroller cost us 4.5 million dollars question you guys had Budget on
why do I bloat you go from 4.3 to 8.5 I said them to you it’s
because you were awarded 4.5 million dollars for Barfield
Highway they have the 475,000 have they given it to us that
we’re going to give this guy they don’t give you $475,000 up front you receive an invoice
that invoice 10 travels to District 4 in Talent Inn in Fort
Lauderdale is in processing Fort Lauderdale I
just sent that invoice to Tallahassee Tallahassee didn’t
process is it it goes back to district for the support since
attractive City Pahokee we pay the contractor that’s how
they building gold collage projects of this okay I guess my
concern is I don’t want us to have another 206 $177,000
that we got Advanced and then we spent it already got messed
up and then we had to pay it back so this is not this is not going to be that
correct stop peeling process
commissioner bohlen Gary none of you ready for vote no, Madam clerk commissioner
Everett vice mayor murvin yes mayor babbs thank you madam
clerk thank you Commissioners Revolution 2019-46 passive value
Natomas vote we don’t have any public
hearings no Proclamation where we have
one Proclamation Proclamation on and in Life and Legacy of mr.
Roar your ass it’ll turn into the record Proclamation honoring The Life
and Legacy of mr. Royal e York where is Royal e York was born
on July 22nd 1938 and whereas he moved to the city of Cohoes in
1972 and served as the scoutmaster of the Boy Scout
Troop 628 in Pahokee from 1980 until 1984 and whereas in 1982
Mr Yorke began his political Endeavors when he ran for City
commission and whereas mr. York was active in the Pahokee Elks
Lodge 1638 until it’s merging with Belle Glade Lodge 1716 she
served one term as exalted ruler after his son term later
in life Mr Yorke had a had a renewed
interest in scouting and served on the troop committee for troop
622 in Belle Glades and we’re as Mr Yorke served on City
Advisory Board was a very active member of the Pahokee
Rotary Club preceding his death and whereas mr. York was kind to those who make
counter it has been said by many that Mr York-New no
strangers only friends he had not met yet and whereas on
August 13th 2019 the Lord called Mr Yorke home he leaves
to cherish his memory is full of family friends and dog but now they’re
for the city Commission of the city of Pahokee Florida to
Here by extend a heartfelt condolence heartfelt condolences
to the family and friends of Mr Royal e York and
here by honors His Life and Legacy done this day of October 2019 mayor Keith Babb Jr vice
mayor Clara murvin commissioner Gina bohlen commissioner Benny
Everett and commissioner Felisha pump still I think we have Mr Yorke son
here we’re going to ask him to come forward and we were going
to ask the City commissioners come down so we can present him
with this Proclamation on behalf of the Pahokee City
commission myself is Mayor Keith Babb vice mayor Clara murvin
commissioner Regina bohlen commissioner Everett
commissioner Felisha keogh’s who’s absent along with by city
manager turn out city clerk in our entire city community of a half with this Proclamation
honoring Miss sorority Joy he was an outstanding a citizen in
our community I can remember the time when he brought the
circus acts all the Commissioners to beat it on
a on a very honorary ringleader and which was a great honor to
us he brought students from Notre Dame down to do community
service every year just a very active person as this
Proclamation stated he ran for City commission piece of corn
candidate sleeve thought would do a great job for the city slow or now that had to
give me an honor as mayor of this city for half of this
commission family member with his Proclamation don’t know if you would like to
say a word or two I don’t hate you mirror so you noticed a yard he’s a proclamation we gave him there’s a good music to the
demand the sad part about it is no he’s the family is leaving
Pahokee is already been relocated to Georgia the sun’s
just sort of here right now trying to tie up loose ends and
when he’s done he’ll be leaving as
well so you’ll be losing your entire family you know she weeks
didn’t give me moving as well so I guess a billboard in
or around city hall because my dad dog uses the restroom Zone
arrest them all so you’re going to miss that
City Hall but she always a good guy every day you’ll
always be there if I’m serving what was going on in this city
and going to be hospitalized maybe morning I’ve been knowing
you need to today’s we see himself but no listen to family
relocating so long thank you very much for that Proclamation
thank you Mr Man is there anything is there any family
connection with the naming of the library with that family okay thank you now we would have well we
already have the Glades region of presentation that will move
into the mayor’s report I wanted to show the
presentation that we as this commission had completed a
couple of months back just to kind of remind our residents are
some of the outstanding work that this commission have
completed in the last few years I just have
the reminder it’s on Facebook we all go on Facebook I hope
this sometime you review that but like anything else you know
there’s a saying you know what have you done for me lately I
always seem to be the most favorable Tree in but all I
can say is this commission has work hard and improving the
conditions of this city leave the city manager I current City
attorney I stay at everybody’s that’s part of this ministry I have a desire to improve this
city and to try to move it forward every citizen here has a
right to their opinion but we need to be a little more cordial
with people’s but we understand some frustration I was elected mayor of the city
of Cahokia for all the Resident not just a sec select few and I tried to do that the
decision that I make and devote that I may it’s only for one
purpose and one calls and that is in my opinion to move by City
forward to make the best decision that I can make with
five individuals we have five different opinion
we have five different thought patterns it always been that way
I think that’s why the charter Alec five Commissioners and the
majority normally is a prevailing body to move things forward it
takes three individuals you know don’t matter how talented
we all are as individually it going to take me to make a
decision to move the city forward and there are going to
be decision that we may not disagree or agree with but
we have to live with them and move on continue to work and we
can’t take it personally I’ve been here for a long time
all my life I’ve lived it in for a whole kit I’ve been a
commissioner probably longer. Probably longer than any other
person in any claims region to be factual I don’t I’m not
always perfect but I try my best to do what is
right I never been accused of anything unethical illegal and I can’t control what’s on
Facebook or what people say I can only control the things I
can control and that is a desire a strong desire to move
our city forward and I talked about a few things
that we have done that we sometimes even get criticized on
the list is number one is the football field $800,000 get
our certex money have to pay for that can we use that money in a more
efficient way evidently three commissioner bout at that time
that was a good utilization of those dollars you talk about the
looks on those young children face when they out
there utilizing that feel if it’s Priceless and then we
have a division in this community kid in the commission and the black community against
that’s a panic because someone feel that they are being
discriminated is Northfield in Palm Beach County known official feel that I’m aware that’s open
anytime in any day that anyone can use most activities although
they are paid by taxpayers dollars are supported
by a charge and a cost associated with it in operate Neal Pointe Community Center your taxpayer dollars pay for
that I beg your pardon if any of you
all look any person here can go and ask Palm Beach County I’m
having a family reunions I’m having a gathering and I want to
use that facility without any cost associated with we have
worked very hard to make some sort of agreement that
they’ll be able to utilize that football field against even
our city manager recommendation he understands we understand that is something that we can do
although we are really waving into a unknown
territory with opening up something that possibly other
organization can come back and say why can’t we do that but we
have made some provision to bring that leaves in Tri-City
operated program so that would solve that a hopefully but let’s talk about
some of the things we have done in the five years that I’ve been
here as asmera and this most of these commission that
I’ve been here at the marina size for the marina the
timeliness of it and it may be a valid criticism black bat marina contract has
been standing on the governor desk for the governor and the
cabinet to vote on it it’s been out of my hand for a
long time things will slow the process is sometimes slow
about the fun in that we have provided for that just recently
1.2 million dollars renovation completed anyone with common
sense a look at that Marina know has a better
place than what it’s been 4 years in addition to that 1.2
million we receive $900,000 to to continue Phase 2 of the
marina which is near the end of its completion when I spent a
lot of resources and time there which we should
because it’s a valuable asset to this community 75% of our roads and streets in
the city of Pahokee has been paid to repave that’s just
unheard of so we have done it I mean we have made some major
improvements you take East Main Street 5th Street right across
from the elementary school 3.5 million dollars completely
reconstructed we spent $550,000 on commissioner Park new
playground equipment do basketball court tennis court
that’s why I use that’s what families can come out and enjoy
those amenities that other cities have I made a list go on and on and
on we talked about Barfield Highway going to a man quarter
that’s a 4.5 million dollar project CD secured from the
state for about a year now and haven’t been completed haven’t yet
started but it’s nearing that we don’t hold the money we’re
not actually going to be doing the project I’m just mentioning
that to share that a lot of these projects sometimes it
takes a year or two to materialise so I asked you and
I’m not trying to compare us with anyone else but you looked
at their five-year the last five years here at the city of
Pahokee and compare with the best 5-year that you may be
able to recall in last 20 years 5 years together and you would
see that this commission have really moved this city forward
do we deserve the criticism that we’re getting we can’t trace vet
that’s that’s that’s fine but in comparison in comparison
there are some comments about ethical violation Sunshine Law
violation I never heard so much criticism come and go back in
the past just briefly there was a commission
that came on board and they fired the city manager that
first day of business is that the mission with high was
elected no one knew if I didn’t comment
it just fine and I asked him to be escorted
from the building some of the same treated never spoke on
that never released in public never say that the commission
got together and made that decision outside
the chamber has Miss weeks have stated
another true decision meals that this commission everyone is
aware of that previous it a trend was terminated it was by
majority vote I never met this lady she stated
that none of us prior to that meeting with the exception
of the vice mayor and every even spoken to her black we’re being a true
sometime of violating the Sunshine Law even to that
regard I would tell anyone if you feel that this Commission of
commission and violated Sunshine Law you have evidences
that reported say on deer stay at this time
please Commissioners have talked and this was a subject
that came before you should report any unethical violations
that you know of you have evidence please mirror I
encourage you to report it that’s your dude it that’s your
job but don’t you these thoughts that may be wrong doing
and you put it out as again I can’t control what you
put on Facebook but all I can tell you is other for that’s
interested in coming to Pahokee day speed at in the gay
community as well as a commission of
negative view in the community but we’re going to continue as
mayor I’m going to continue to make the best decisions that I
can and I’m not asking you to always agree with it you know no one agree with everything but I will
work hard and I can say that I’d still respect each
individual here and in this community and you and Tyler to
your opinions and we’re going to continue to work on your
behalf and imma speak just briefly and I know we’re going
to be revolting on this week we talked about the
ordinate and how bad it feels and they are similar or news
that’s out there to help commission meeting run more
efficient we’re not here to camp out and be here forever and
we’re not here to share our responsibility and try to rush
out the door I was at South baby than just last week they
was here for 45 minutes and I’m not comparing up with South
being saying we need to watch the clock and meet on the 45
minutes for the reasonable time have an opportunity now at the
beginning of a meeting to speak on any subject whether the gym
or non agenda items you don’t have to wait you don’t have to
be here all night if you choose not to so most of those organism most of those outlined
in theory is just a healthy Runner commission meeting
smoothly and everything agree with and say that we don’t we
can discuss that and remove it or just stood in and make some
changes to it it’s not a dictatorship it’s not
the silence one individual commission or two individual
Commissioners is not the stylist and Community
because you have the right to
speak on your subject matter that you
want is to make our operation smooth you still have access to each Commission watch a meeting talk to Jim call
them with this Commission meeting is tooken job Fitness of
the city to move the city forward and thank you for your
time and listening to that mareth reporting at presentation I will move to the city manager
report Team air condition a residence
thanks for coming out tonight or visitors if you hear still
here thanks for coming in and I was spending some time with us
this evening sometimes we can’t get along we apologize for that
I thank you for reminding me why I can’t get there are a lot of
Milestones here. All that we’ve achieved and I might have to do
that tonight cuz I came a little aggressive with a
different mindset and I’m still in that mindset because I’ve
been doing a lot for 4 years through all of those
accomplishments since you name this Administration has a do it
and do it a lot and sometimes it’s been very uncomfortable but
that’s part of the job one thing about local government
I’ve been in it for quite some time and I expect you know the rough rolls with this
movement as well so you just have to compensate for the
course and so I’m very good at that but I’m
going to ask I’m going to ask you accomplish many statues that
you stated earlier over last 4 years was married proficient in researching
opportunities for increasing our capacity to Sturgis
Community one of those recently came to an award but I guess you
could say to see the Pahokee rewarded a new
transportation bus by the US Department of Transportation on
September 27th they delivered that bus
here to Pahokee Parks and Recreation on that bus is valued
at about $135,000 by the US Department of
Transportation you only had to
pay $10,000 for the handicapped equipment that’s
on that bus so to the staff and Apartment
Community Health development summer no longer with us they
were part of that Grant submission and so were either
side of the house that sleeps I got vehicle in our sleep
Proviso capacity to do additional Services the singers
of course additional trips enough in a mini American Parks and Recreation so
that’s $35,000 that we didn’t have to spend on her own
pockets for additional Transportation here in the city
Oklahoma in addition to that they have spoken with you the
right thing about Adventure that I’ve been working on for
the old hospital I’m still not going to release
that information sometimes when you’re working with a private
investor, it’s important that you are clear about your
objectives on your clear valve the end game that you’re trying
to achieve, but I will say Mission community that we have moved aggressively forward
with your hospital for a plan and I think I ever want to be
pleased with I’m not prepared to present an agreement to the
city or commission as of yet I want to meet with your organization on tomorrow here in
Pahokee to get some of this no information that I think will
be imperative is Life release site control to this
organization I will release I control to this developer I’ve
seen their work they’ve done it nationally supported by the
federal government and so I am going to release I control with
to his organization but I I want to
have another conversation about what the project will will look like
for the city for hockey and subsequently when we get
presentation in the city of Pahokee and it’s a private
public-private partnership is very important that we do I due
diligence in the cab you know Financial portfolios who has the
capability of tearing out the promises that
they are being presented with I can assure you this private Venture is already
funded by the federal government ice we saw the award
letter for myself but again I’m not ready to have the public to
a conversation because I want to ensure that we don’t stumble
again but we have in the past on the old hospital in Pahokee when I
feel comfortable or I will pull in a legal firm so they can
review where we’re going with this project but it’s something
that I think this entire Community will be proud of
excited about and I think as Barfield highway is going to be getting
renovation so good old hospital at the same time so that’s going
to be significant you no change in the landscape,
Barfield Highway for the street and Road itself and also for
that property that’s owned by the city of Pahokee so that’s great news for the city of
Pahokee but it’s something that Mary you and I wish you was with
me when I when I met them dark but when I bet the
developer that that move very quickly when they came to
Pahokee and so we’re excited about it but we’re not ready to
release all the information yet because there’s some additional
things that we have to ensure for in place before we release I
control to this to the organization but you’ll be
very proud of what the the conclusion will be for the
corridor in that area of Barfield highway so hopefully
hopefully by next spring you know a
difference occurring over there on Barfield highway but again is
something that I have to continue working with his
organization on to ensure that we don’t stumble as we have in
the past and we have stomach before on this location on the property owned by the city of
Pahokee so we just want to make sure everything is well with the
city what’s it to be as far as what
we explore we’re expecting our capabilities of this
organization who have a long long long history of development
in a municipality so I’m using using other
alternative funds to the government US government by
the way so I’m excited about that do you mean
by side control police in fight control get some idea of what
their development portfolio should look like as far as the
amount of money they need to put into the project to either build certain
structures are demolished man all those preliminary things
that go into having side control over particular piece of
land that there that they’re planning to take over get your body to start drawing
up their developmental plans for the property I can release
that and so when you have an entity like that that is
aggressively moving forward on your behalf and they have their own Financial fun of
it is it makes the landscape a little easier to move and it
makes the path easier for the city to make a decision
about what the development
should be as far as you know selling the
property to them we will sell it but again we got to put
some things in perspective and I want to make sure that before
we come back to this condition resented that everything is is
sorting order and eventually it’ll move over to off us City
attorney for their for their review before we bring it back to the
commission but there are some things that they want to move
what was now because they’ve already received funding for the
location so that’s that that’s the short end
of the story right now when I first engage them I didn’t
know how aggressive they were going to move with their funding
opportunities that would be presented to them but
they were actually there were skilled in this but done for many years and so that’s how
they were able to secure the funding for this weekend
project here in front of me and if I could ask a man to
Jesse’s ass just briefly yesterday I spoke with Richard
Williams who’s the father of us and he’s looking at a young age and himself came to Pahokee
day met some type of a contribution and donations to
some program but he want to have a more positive impact one
of the areas he looked at was old hospital in a prayer for
that what you were doing going to go to but as a backup
playing in there are some interest also and that in addition he’s
looking at houses and creation Economic Development to
businesses and other tasks dad’s death positive very
positive and just last I want to stay there so I missed is it
in sports when fans are boring boring 15 the best way to stop the bull
win is a win game so this Commission dedicated two winning games and moving out
sitting forward and when could Stitch Ewing’s complain
the best way to stop their complaint is to move the city forward to
bring businesses job and housing and that’s why we
selected communication with the state as far as are leases
with your Varina they are moving fortnite at
we’ve gotten past the breakers and they released that
restriction to the city of Pahokee on there now focusing
all of their energy on the Mirena upcoming decision
about the three release the
beast or a particular entity that would
best that we are hoping to partnership with they have
provided a date of November they reviewed it for October and
they held on to it they going to bring it back in
November for that board decision the governor in cabinet
they have provided timeline of if you want to talk
about any additional language in many different additional
changes on their backs that three times because they looked
at the Lisa’s and they just want to make sure that the
commission wants what was presented in resolution 2018 – 15 if you’re still with those
stipulations in that language today if you are everything
stays the same if you want to make changes or improve the
lease language excetera of the pee scale of the first year second year in Missouri for
50-year 5% you know you have that opportunity now we now
and probably the third week the 4th of October to to resent
of Jeff some additional changes to what are ultimately put in
their package so I’m giving it to the commission that you
have enough at this time of moving forward
to make any final changes or any other pleasure that you have
on these leases before they getting before the governor
in cabinet see November delay that they just made a decision that
they were thoroughly to ensure that what they were doing this
efficient and also to come back to the city and present
questions about it and they may want to ensure that if you could commission understands
what they are agreeing to before it goes to
the to the to the government cabinet and a black staff and I said three times now so
they want you to diligently take a look at the key scale
evenings Lisa’s and look at every other part of that
resolution in a bit resolution is going to change quotes about
to give me different resolution from home before this before November so I just want
to present that to you and if there is some type of additional
Provisions that you want to see if you want to make
whatever your pleasure maybe that’s your choice I’m just
telling you the state is giving you that opportunity as they move for on their
responsibilities are put in the package together they do you
know put that to me as an opportunity to know because I
getting now they’re down to build in the package and freeze
having to prepare for November they’re not going any further than the second week of
November on this they’ll be going into the cabin so you have
an opportunity to clarify everything that you are
presented to them previously in that resolution and at least we
would need I would think they’d Workshop to look over the sea
scares you look over the actual crime try to see if there is
anything that we were like I don’t know how we can even
consider making a change at this point without having it in
front of us without reviewing it and without even getting a
staff recommendation of what they feel changes need
to be made right correct way I was talking tonight I really
feel that that’s not fair. not decent about this company
has been here for 3 years waiting on us to get this
together and I don’t think making a change or changing
anything at this point that holds us up even a day is is
even close to being the right thing to do at this point I think we
need to move that forward and get it done, cleared this is not
coming directly from the city manager this is coming
from the state tax in this commission if there’s anything
you want to look at in training at 300 but it’s just Our
obligation to review it if you listen to closer to what I said
if we are considering making any changes in order to do it we would need
a workshop to have it in her face so we can review it and
discuss it I’m not saying advocated one way or the other
Ford I just say if we decided if that’s the route we want to
take that’s what we need to do
commissioner Everett I think you wanted to know no not at
this time before my turn it was here we had suggested some
changes we never the guy to copy of that lease agreement
changes that was made so is there a way that we can
get a copy of that cuz we don’t know what we don’t have a copy
of it everyone that you’re there was
somebody that night when we all have a draft end of these but
either way it goes I’m hearing a lot of here cuz I don’t know
where it’s coming from but I’m going to so we can know you know what we
know what’s been said in the early so we don’t have
written copies ugly and they
sent me a draft so whenever the
commission to start and I’ll give that I’m poured that
between now and tomorrow morning so if she wants to come back and look
at those that. At least that’s that’s your pleasure but I do
have a copy of what was reported to the state I can’t we can have a workshop
can have special meaning to just up to the commission if
that’s your choice if that’s what you feel you would like to
do to look at it if not then we would just move forward if it’s
up to the commission maybe once you get
the actual contract by reading it you may want to decide from
there that’s have some type of Workshop of meeting if not then
nothing on that mare you know we have some type of weed with that we wanted to put on
record is not the city of Pahokee that held up the society
and approval of the leases we have nothing to do
with it for the going to the state so we wanted I know we
have people always draw them a hole in the back that’s that’s
not that’s not the truth I’m going to put on truck is not
there the Commissioners that hole in the least back from
being signed Tallahassee that that’s that’s not but we do
have to make as they said in everything diligent and look over the lease
and make sure everything is correct not just before one
side before the community is it is it cuz we have we have lately
have had some questions that came to the commission that
you don’t owe them that that’s something that they would like to address about
this about the lease let bet we have had questions
from the community that that would like to ask questions so I
think of the workshop we will be good Mr city manager did we spend
Elise to the state that wasn’t sign if we didn’t sign that went
to the state and it was held there until it goes through the governor,
and it was signed by the commission and then we sent a new draft to
Tallahassee okay with that Draft when the resolution that’s
been sitting in Tallahassee until the governor
and cabinet once they decide that you can
provide for Baltimore Lisa Reyna restaurant Campground
Campground that can be executed by just can’t do it until
Tallahassee says yes you can execute 3 leases until
Tallahassee give their approval for you to execute 3 but I have to come back at least
that we write for execution we can’t sign anything
you can’t put it into law it’s just a proposal to
Tallahassee to allow identity to sublease from us we can’t
execute that until Tallahassee says yes and I’ll just say now is before we say yes or say
no or whatever that this your final opportunity for any
recommendations or changes you want to make that’s what they’re
saying if there are any at all that’s all they’re saying
you know it’s just they’re going to ask that question anyway so my mouth that’s all that’s that’s that’s
all I’m asking is playing right now you know we can’t execute
those leases until they say yes they got a draft lease that we
formulated they weren’t they took information from that lease
and they put it into their package in question and they’re going through their
due diligence and their wedding and they’re coming back to the
city and saying hey is this what you want okay great we’re
going to put everything in the package if there’s no other
changes there no additions deletions or whatever we’re
moving forward it’s all they’re saying
the government cabinet cuz I want to be correct as well you
got to stay out that’s working in Tallahassee as well as you
got to stop working on this as well and everybody wants to be
on the same page and everybody wants to ensure that when this
is done that is something that we all can live with and we can
be very successful regardless of who the entity’s going to be we’ll look at a review with in
an interim if we feel based on that document that we recommend
or feel some changes need to be made or dressed then I will call
a special meeting or we would have Workshop but I need
to get your input through the city clerk weather
not of meeting his desire to move forward and that’s the
quickest route I can see that we can get this tomorrow so you
can just a recommendation this you know city manager is
not saying hey go over here and make this change in Tallahassee
saying if this is your final support for all of these three
Lisa’s fine we’re going to move forward to going to forget a
package is going to be done with it that’s it that’s it that will move to Old Fitness on
the old business we have I have an announcement of a
notice of an executive session that I’m seeking approval for
approximately six 6 on Tuesday October 22nd forest and thereafter as may be heard
the I’m asking the city commission ameet I need to see
all privately as an executive session to discuss pending
litigation pursuant to section 2 86.01 1/8 Florida statutes for
the following case Okeechobee Okeechobee Land
Company Inc versus city of Pahokee Florida
and it is court case number 5 0 – 2018 CA and the people who
will be at the mission meeting as required by Florida statute
to announce with the commissioner bohlen
commissioner Everett commissioner Hill vice mayor
murvin and Mary Babb city manager Chandler
Williamson the attorney bernadin norris-weeks the system
City attorney Michelle Austin panties and a certified
court reporter the estimated length of the attorney-client
session will be approximately 30 minutes and I would ask that
would be able to set this on Tuesday October 22nd at 6 p.m. attorney weeks album in
Washington that’s not a problem one
condition that we could we could move it there are we
should move it to the following meeting Tom and that would be
the first Tuesday in November I’m sorry the second Tuesday in
November and I don’t have that date November 12th if that would be
allowable I would like to set it for that date November 12th
at 6 p.m. motion for that calendar it if
there’s a consensus between legal staff and this commission it won’t be in public it will be
recorded and reviewed and once his cases seller all lid
minutes in the trance of that meeting will be public
for your review but mainly joined lawsuit
litigations and all that other issue your there’s been a lot of
discussion about what the coordinates from twenty
nineteen oh-two says it doesn’t say and during old business I
would very much like the opportunity to go
over it it was hard to do it by phone at the last meeting and
summarize it so it may have been you know it may be a good
thing that we can have an opportunity to go through it and you all can
understand what it is that will come for you at the following
router okay I’m sorry you said there
was a notice issue what was the notice that you’ll have to
talk with the city clerk that it
has to be advertised for second
reading which is a public hearing so I’m Palm Beach Post
High School deadlines we didn’t need it was the next day after the
meeting so this is not going to be
second reading today it’s not the second meeting but we are
fine question if need to so at this time we’ll move are you
complete with your hair thank you man but this time we moved
our old business with have or in
this 2019 – 02 at this point will turn this over to the city
of Trinity County give us an overview of this particular
foreign vice mayor Commissioners I won’t read the
title since this is not a public hearing but I would like to go
through it and I think all of you have the coordinates in
front of you on the first page it’s simply just stating what it
is to wear as far as and clauses and inspection one and
this is a spection just generally about Section 1
about Orem and ground rules for the corn and what will be
expected for the corn you all have currently just some very
light language into what’s called rules of procedure in
your current ordinance but I don’t know if it’s well it does not in my opinion go far
enough with how you might treat each other how the public might
be treated how this is this is you will see this language that
set forth in the section and many many ordinances if you go
into the any of the code Provisions that keeps
city code that it’s very common that there are rules and
procedures that are set forth and so just to kind of go
forward they are the procedures and scope it talks generally
about the city of Pahokee is permitted by Florida law to determine its own rules and
procedures which it is and that’s what you’re doing now
that this brought under your brought home rule authority to
be able to craft your rules as long as those rules don’t
violate Florida Statutes and they do not in terms of an
agenda this the agenda unless otherwise that Forest shall be
agreed upon by majority vote which is what you do right now
with your agendas and the city manager and the City attorney as
is the case right now can’t agenda 9mm for
discussion and that happens in that can happen right now the
duties and responsibilities of the mayor of these are some
general things that are Robert’s Rules type of things
under duties and responsibilities that just
basically States things about recognizing all of you making sure that he’s giving
everybody an opportunity to speak to discuss issues I’m
not to the reason to believe did Lay recognition of any of
you want to speak just very Maddie was similar but really
exactly the kind of things he’s doing right now but it’s set
forth in your ordinance so that it’s very clear and you
understand what you’re you know what you’re really is rights and
duties of Commissioners are with respect to the any presiding officer and I’m one of
the other things I want to point out that a lot of time
what happens with if there is a very controversial issues that
is lost on a vote because it’s not a majority you may have
someone bring the issue up and it’s a contentious
controversial issues the weather Latta cities cities
do to her tell issues from being reintroduced that are
contentious and have already been hold it down for the lack
of the second is you have to wait a period of time to
reintroduce that issue until in this case it
would be a. Of three months if an issue fails however if
there is some information that was not known at the time that
issue could be brought back a sooner or any emergency or
something like that and I’m one of the other things that
you may want to be aware of is time of the meetings and
this has come up before obviously you can move these
times if you find that this is not enough time but many
commission and even if some Charters they will have time. From which
meetings would have to end and that’s totally within the
purview of the commission because your Charter does not
speak to it and because your charger doesn’t speak to it you
can actually set your own rules with playing you with your meetings should appropriately
and so this is just suggested language but you all can make it
anything you want you can make it 10 or 11 or whatever you
wanted to make it but basically the time of meetings
here it would be no set for that specific time to end and began at 6:30
and in no later than 9 p.m. the city commission discussion
sees or just typical things that
you will find in Robert’s rules in
things like each commission member of the city commission
and the public who desire to see if she’ll address the mayor of the presiding officer
and then be recognized and and these are the kind of not to
interrupt anybody who has the floor and in this case it
also goes further and talks
about while the City commissioners in
session a members of the city commission and public present at the meeting
shall not be in conversation or otherwise delay or interrupt the
proceedings and it’s really talks about the piece that
should be afforded to that your city commission meetings I’m not
just for yourself but also from outbursts from the public
there are Provisions for Citizens right
citizens being allowed to be heard and speak but you have 3 minutes and
that’s what is set forth in this ordinance citizens that a
member may be hurt member from a public may be heard for. Of 3
minutes and this this right is not apply to an official act
that must be taken to deal with an emergency situation
doesn’t involve a ministerial act including but
not limited to ceremony of proclamations and it doesn’t
include issues that are exempt by 286.011 such as the executive
session and crew quasi-judicial hearing so but in all other cases if a member
comes and presents himself a member of the public of prior
to 6:35 p.m. that member will be given an opportunity to speak
on any issue on the agenda and that is this
actually gives up Grace. Almost because what a lot of permissions do is they will
have at the start of the meeting like at the meeting
start 7th the public has to come and sign in by 7 because I
knew it might be controversial perhaps some some members of the
public my suggestion was to make it 6:35 after people do have
time but you could certainly make it a longer. Of time in
your discretion also it goes into personal or slanderous
remarks that are made this is just standard language that
you’ll find them a lot of rules of procedure that any person making personal I’m in
partner or a standard slanderous remarks who shall
become boisterous while addressing the commission may be
requested to leave the meeting and met at that
meeting not being ejected from
that meeting and not be able to come
back for that meeting and so these are things that
certainly right now the mayor has the authority to implement
however this is legislation makes it clear in writing that
these are the rules that you will proceed by and in special
meetings as currently is the case the
meetings are caused solely for a specific purpose that stated
on the agenda and that is standard for special meetings
which one of the things you comply with right now and I
certainly a quorum is still the majority of the commission
meeting to commission members who are
present at a meeting however on this this is some standard
language that you may consider them to implement or not and if
a Mitsubishi member mrs. three consecutive meetings or four
total meetings during the fiscal year that can be considered grounds for removal
some commissions have some Provisions where they have it
has to be stated or they have to get have a good calls or
something like that so if you didn’t want it to be as
stringent you can certainly have some good
cause language in here that would address that but that’s
something for your consideration additionally this talks about
your compensation and expense allowance this comes right out
of language that you already have in your Ordnance and it
talks about the amount of compensation so this that
section 2 that you see here it’s exactly what you have right
now is Section 3 in terms of attendance of
meetings by telephone or other electronic means this basically
makes it clear that you can attend by telephone if there are
two other meetings at two other members present at least
and and then that third member can have accounted for porum if if in fact I’m you have two
other men member to our present I’m it also goes into stating
that it’s not just for convenience that somebody would
appear by telephone rather it will be in the in in cases where
you know there is a real emergency or reason for the
person not to be present section 4 outlines the order of
business and the biggest issue here there two issues that you
should be concerned with are familiar with and that is the
public participation section like most other commission
agendas at the very beginning of the meeting as
opposed to the end of the meeting what happens and
what I have observed in your
meetings is when the toilet comes up at
the very end of the meeting it turns into another meeting and
so you may want to streamline your meeting by having everybody
speak on anything they want to at one time on the
agenda so they’re not limited and I think like the mayor said
earlier that people don’t have to stay the entire meeting in
order to speak if they have a particular concern on a particular issue and they
can also speak in the good thing about this is they can
speak before issues that actually considered so the way
that you have it now there may be issues that you have voted on
and then the public will come up to speak on something but it Galaxy late so this actually
gives them more rights to own in terms of their being able to
get their message and point across and let you know what
their concerns are prior to both still looking at it would
be 3 minutes still and also on one of the things that you may want
to be aware of there will be a future if you past is the
future agenda items area on the agenda subject Commissioners
have issues that they want to bring before the commission it
will be a way for staff to prepare for the items so it
would be a thing where you put in the manager on the spot you
would actually have it as an agenda item on their next
agenda where the manager will need to bring for certain issues
and it will be voted upon and if there’s enough interest
in it then it will go forward one of the things that this
prevents especially in and some cities is you have where you
have a small staff is have Commissioners asking staff
to do things that maybe the commission would not approve
agree upon if they all knew that this was taking place and
so if you’re able dreamforce items and have the manager work
on things that you all agree on as a future agenda items to prepare for that item
then it helps to better have your staff prepared for the
issue and also it helps to put you in a position where you are
you’re actually dealing with the issues that all of you agree
on and so it is generally want to start going it doesn’t
take long to do that but that’s something to take out or keep
depending on what you what you want to do another thing you may
want to request for readily available information so I think
that’s already required by Florida statues is the city
manager City staff if there is information that citizens have
requested interim requesting in terms of commission public
records that information has to be provided that has Florida law
stole that is just really outline here so it’s clear and it’s something that is a part of
your public record and speaking of public records
Section 8 deals with the same thing but a public record is and
that and that things that need to be brought forward they
they they should be one of the things that in
section 9 another another section dealing with some public
records and it talks about the clerk being designated
as the custodian of Records Florida Statutes change
the few years ago where you actually have to have in your
lobby and and then clear for who your
custodian is a public records and here is the clerk of your
cities and and it’s also talks about if you get us some
document or something sent to you that you have have we would
have 72 hours in order to present the information whatever it is
if it’s involving citibusiness to the clerk’s so that if she
were given a public records request that information would
be house with a clerk and could be provided you could take that
out you could not have that that’s just something for you consider that is and how
many rules of procedure dealing with cities also
inspection by City this is just standard language that obviously
the the public hasn’t opportunities in an obligation
in the city has a duty and obligation to produce oven
allows citizens to inspect records that
are public another thing that you may want to be aware of
is skipping through to section 18 it talks about
indemnification no it wasn’t actually free pages
but I’ll go back up to section 10 because the stuff
I’ve already gone through but inspection by citizens you can
do that removing or withholding from the custodian you can’t do
that so that’s just clear public hearings we all know that as the second reading of a
public hearing is when you would have the public hearing so
I think that’s why it’s get didn’t think it was I thought it
was pretty obvious but 13 indentification of Municipal
officers for losses and expenses you don’t have anything right now that specifically
addresses how you deal with a citizen coming forward and
suing anyone of you individually for ask that you
may do in your public duty so if you are doing what you’re
supposed to be doing operating like it’s supposed to be
operating in a person from the public Toms
and stews any one of you it does not provide currently that
you would be provided with the defense basically outlines
the fact that you will be
provided with the defense and you will be
indemnified if you are sued personally and it talks about the expense being
even litigation expenses so your legal fees would be paid
and it doesn’t have to be me so it’s not paid if you are sued
individually because I can’t represent you
individually anyway indemnification this just means
that you know basically the city will identify you if
you are doing something that is proper in your role as an
elected official and if you go on down to the bottom of the
page it just talked about your
obligation which would be to cooperate so if the city is
doing this you would actually have to cooperate and make sure
that you attend any deposition that you obtain court or trials
or furnish evidence is evidence is necessary that you regret the city access to do
you know what it needs to do to it before you took to
basically defend your your your honor basically if it also
provides for information that describes what happens if you are not
authorized to act in your official duty if you are
operating Road and you’re doing something that’s against
whatever you should be doing then it’s it’s basically the
next page goes into how you won’t will not become faded and you know if there’s
you have to basically give the official Chef given a
written notice of at least 20
days before hearing and and and these
are things that you can consider putting it in or you
can take it out this is totally up to you but I did want to bring
for that you all don’t have anything like that that protects
you now there is a section of talks about
interest in administrative fees
one of the things that some City
struggle with is what happens if there is an overdue account and how they
deal with invoicing people and being able to add additional
penalties this allows for 1% 1% penalty that may be imposed by
the director of financial management and it also talks
about return checks and so if there is
a returned check you can get have the service fee charge of
$20 or 5% on the face reminder to check whichever is greater
moving on to section number 15 settlement of claims this has to
do list if for instance the city somebody
hits one of the city of vehicles and might the damage is
minor it would allow for some negotiation with the person
who hit the vehicle and a member of the to be settled
without necessarily coming forward to the city commission
if it’s less than $5,000 if it’s
over $5,000 send it would have to come before the city
commission and the manager could have some discretion to if
it is a municipal claim to deal with that if it’s over
$5,000 also the municipal claim with then proceeded to you all making the
decision of what you wanted to do once the manager bring it to
your attention so that’s really what section number 15 is about
and then the rest of it is the standard language about
severability an effective day and that pretty much complete the the ordinance
it’s not anyting you know like I said it’s not anything scary
is pretty and you can kind of dive into it and digested and
then perhaps come back and decide what you would like to do
or tell me some taken language outer or what-have-you at the at
your next meeting but thank you for the opportunity to
prevent that item I move now to a new business
which is a selection of a legal firm I have a motion to that effect is a commission has
a responded that they feel she
would be out no leaguer advisor you can make a motion
need to be second and we’ll vote if the motion don’t get a
majority approval then we can proceed with the second
responder if that don’t get a favorable and weary advertise Mr man I would like to offer
motion that we entertain the services of attorney weeks I’ll II it has been moved by
commissioner Everett and propolis II by vice mayor murvin
that when you attain the services of a training weeks
as a legal representative for the state of for hope alphaquest well I personally think that we
only had two people who actually qualified for this and
I don’t have anything against either one of them but when I
made the motion I specifically made the motion that we should
advertise in LinkedIn that we should advertise on that we should advertise the
number of places it’s my understanding that we advertised
in the Palm Beach Post if she hadn’t been sitting here this week she would not have
known that’s why I asked how did they find out if they didn’t
have somebody specifically searching for that
ad they wouldn’t have known either so I don’t think we did
ourselves affair Justice in in the fact that we
didn’t advertise it where we might actually get some response
and again it comes back to every time we have an
RFP or we have anything that goes out it goes out and we get
one we get to and it possibly could be because we’re
not advertising it where people actually shop for Stuff and so I don’t think that we
should hire anybody tonight I think that we need to go back
out or an RFP or whatever rli whatever it’s called and see if we can actually
advertise some place where somebody’s looking for work that advertisement any additional questions from
the commission I will say this I think the two
firms that we have before us who made the presentation they
both of our highly-qualified of both have a minimum of 20 plus
years of his Spirit they both have a team that would represent
Pahokee Evan our biggest assets is the marina
and each time we went out to do a proposed on that we
only received one or two responders for that so I think
we have done that dude is it due diligently to advertise we
will advertise at least 30 days are 3 Day but I think we do have a
qualified group that we can select an additional comment arrie 9 are you ready for vote roll call Madam clerk
commissioner Everett vice mayor murvin bowling now thank you madam clerk thank you
Commissioners the commissioner motion passes by a majority
three different ones vote for The Taming of the weeks as i r
legal attorney now will move to a citizen comments
and general concerns City flirted is fine do we have any
comments cards from our citizen next one is from is Catherine
marvez my name is Catherine marvez I
live at 1838 East Pahokee I’ve sat through tonight’s
meeting I had my say earlier about what I thought how this
commission could do a little bit better I heard you go on
about the positive things that you’ve done for the city and I
think that’s terrifically wonderful however I think what I didn’t hear from here
today is what my concern is is job performance the perception
that we have that this group does not get their information
through to stop IE putting an ad where it belongs you
mister mayor who I’ve often said I don’t get reports from the
city manager I want reports from the city manager and yet
the city manager never gives you report funds that have gone
missing funds that have been misplaced funds that were due and owing
for years and come up two years later because oh we forgot about
that or owe that money was misplaced you can’t miss
place money for 3 years if you’re doing an audit of your
books on a monthly basis the deal is it’s not about black
white green red blue or anything else has any issues
with any of you we would all think that we could
all go out to dinner later on the issue is strictly
and soul a poor job performance we don’t want to hear that the
mayor is not getting the reports that he asked for we
don’t want to hear that commissioner bohlen is having her eyes rolled
out when she asked questions that are legitimate
for her to be able to vote so if you want to be respected if
you want peace in your house do a better job at what you’re
doing I heard you say wonderful things about Playgrounds and
children and that’s all wonderful I haven’t heard
anything about business development since I’ve been here
about the attempt to get business development there’s
been so many businesses that I have spoken to who have said
forget. City Hall is a nightmare and I know you’ve
heard it too I know every one of you has heard it and you know
it I know every one of you is not getting the reports that
you asked for and yet you sit up here and say if the citizens
weren’t so vocal so so disappointed so disrespectful
this is our Outlet so it’s not about you it’s about
poor job performance so continue doing what you’re doing
but do a better job three years that City have a tainted
15 new businesses of the city manager myself went to one of
the largest retail conference is in the
United States to attract and solicit businesses here I just
recently spoke with mr. William we will continue to work on
generating businesses for the city of Pahokee we can only
control what we can control which is improving our
infrastructure cuz then they positive you for
this city hope it businesses would accept
that invitation to come to the whole kit to do business for
the Lord part of that is having the population and the support
about residents to sustain businesses but that’s just
because you didn’t hear anything about business development is a
challenge and we still have a long way to go but we will
continue to work on it are there any additional comments
cards Clerk and I would just like to say I
have six pages he read to write and read but I could just put it in a few
words really quickly businesses are they’ll what you
build a town for children don’t stay here because we have businesses they
leave to go to work somewhere there is no businesses and a how her personal feeling about the
help was being pushed on to this all of you wasn’t it no it was marijuana that was
pushed that’s not passed the state help with past them but it was marijuana so guess what Pam at marijuana
that was before you they didn’t even get 76 Pages if you don’t put the
business in here for the children football field is
great but that’s not going to give them a job other than football and you know I had it
all right here and I was going to say it off but there is
nothing nothing here that you all are all the words that were
said by the people here and her and their and they’re are there studies 95 words to
describe what goes on in here well Margaret Thatcher describe
it as best as you can get it at her lecture and there was
others at the lecture after the 95 words to 85 words I
looked up red flags and I said what it
what are we saying here well would you like the
description of what we is going on here since I’m not reading it all I had six pages Miss Thatcher describes this as
devilishly time time is up week week week we have the point
time is up and I made something I’m going to make a
comment on this you you mentioned him and you mentioned
the City attorney I just like to let you know this is
Trina has worked hard coming up with a workable economic
agreement with that stamp company we haven’t given up they
walked out we asked them to come back to the table and
let’s continue our discussion and negotiation we have work all at to generate
businesses that you can compare us with anyone else it’s a difficult task bringing
businesses but that don’t mean we stopped we going to continue
we are business-friendly we are soliciting business but we have
a partnership with the community to support it in addition card the next one is
from Alvin good evening 1548 2nd Avenue My
Name Is sanquetta Cowan I’ve missed a couple of meetings here
in person but I have been watching the meeting online and
maybe it was God working in my favor because I want to ask but
I’m asking I’m one of the ones that have questions in
regards to the least for the marina I haven’t had a
chance to see what business it
up to Tallahassee for the Future Part
what I’m asking is that before you sign a lease out have some
questions about emailing to the city manager that I would like to
have considered prior to at least being sizes I would like
to know how much the company has written the Mirena for are
we getting any money up front will the city be responsible for
the campground if it’s not with a the services that the city is
going to be providing if we’re getting anything as far as
collateral because I’ve heard before how companies have come
in walked away water bill was left so I would like to see if
any of this is being put in the least so that the city is not left
responsible for all of this like it was last time how much
is the rent going to be how long is the least for what type
of business is the company going to bring to the marina is
the all of this in the least we talked
about Economic Development what kind of business is going to
bring so they can bring some jobs here I also want to know is
there anything in the least that’s going to interfere with
the city or the citizens being able to utilize the facilities for
meeting or city bad cuz I know they have the annual barbecue up
there with the Tri-Cities what are we going to be limited
to with the Mirena I would like to before the least it’s a sign
that the citizens have inopportune to give input and to see exactly
what is in this least I know I am one that we that wants that
wants to see the lease and have some input so that was that was
one of my concerns and also how long is this lease is going to be full before and is it in
the lease that are we going to be taking care of the campground
or are they going to be taken care of. I would like
to see if all of that information is in there that’s
what I would like to see before I leave so I would
like to see you all have a workshop before making a
decision and I know they waited a long time but as a citizen I
have that right to ask that question because I have not seen
the least and I would like to know that I live
in Texas here is well in addition, Carmella clerk
Sharon Colvin Sharon Colvin 3096 bacom Point
Road I agree with a lot that night but I can tell you one thing it’s one thing to come to a
meeting when there’s something going on my husband and I we have been
here can I have ring meeting unless
we were sick or out of town for over 10 years 10 years and we have I have yeah I’ve seen a lot spend a lot I’d like to ask the mayor in the
commission this Pahokee any better since you become a
commissioner I am so that’s but yeah
absolutely positively years in the last five years absolutely that’s my opinion I’m not
speaking everyone well I have no trouble in saying did I go to for each one of you
up here I voted for each one of these and I’ve even worked hard on
your campaign very much so behind you 100% but I staying up here tonight and I’ll tell each one of you except for Regina bohlen that I am
disgusted that you have not done your due
diligence the whole staff city manager accountable we sit here meeting after
meeting and you do not hold the city
manager accountable for his employer not him yours it’s time for each of you to do
your duty the job that you promised while campaigning and that you swore on the Bible
to do when you took the road to be a commissioner the city needs to fire the city
manager with cause and there are numerous numerous causes we cannot continue as a city to do the same things and
expecting better results just this last meeting the city manager said at the marina work would be
finished in 10 days last meeting why has nothing even been done
up there the last meeting this is the way it is thank you Miss Court comment in
additional, Scar from Joann Culberson Joann Culberson 1621 East Main
Street I was going to hold my comment because I really never
know what I’m going to say to I listen to everything in here and it’s the same thing every
time there is Yes Y’all have done a
lot but it doesn’t seem like any project ever gets completely
finished we mess with this Marina for 4 years I’m
ready to just and they bought you all had RSVP I’m
pretty sure and now we want to go back to changing it and doing
this and doing that and being if everybody in here don’t know
what we discussed in the last 4 years of that I’m like her I’ve
been to every meeting unless I’ve been out of town or sick
and we all know what’s going on with the Mirena
and every time something I was everything something always
wants to end up getting changed and Babs he’d met with mr.
Williams all over Facebook and he wants us to that we see We Are Tonight We heard what
a great commission we had and what all
y’all doing but we can’t even get the type finished or get the
Praxis flashpod up and splashing and it’s winter again
and I’m like her I’m I am thoroughly fed up with this city in addition to come in Sky the
next Miss from Kirkpatrick the next one is from Lonnie spry my name is Lonnie spry live at
424 Royal Palm Court in Pahokee and I’m like some of the others that
come through a lot of money but I miss a lot and
there’s a reason why I missed a lot because I am a minister and my ministerial duties is way
more important than this, come here to listen to that some
of the foolishness y’all talk about everything here don’t
you make no sense and I want you to know everybody up
there on that dice’s also like some of you but I’m disappointed in Regina
Boling cuz I work like hell and all you’ve done with fight the
city manager fight the mayor you didn’t get voted in for that and I also want to say for those
of you and fighting the city manager allowed allowed to Residence Inn
in the city manager y’all have already stayed over Fair
since August 15th 2015 after the robbery Mr Williamson go to
the city hall and get a copy of this I don’t dislike nobody in here
white black blue or green some of my best friend sitting
up here right now wife but I’m disappointed I came to this city
the seven years ago some of the city manager that y’all
had the males you have Robin against that y’all want to talk you know
why you want to talk about what you want then kissing your
behind in addition, the next one is
from Mary debrow Mary jabro Mary dobrow bacom Point Road
Pahokee Florida city manager is there any update
on the mail telesign we’ve kind of been going back
and forth on that since June I know you said it was in
production and also you said you was getting the drawing back
in August go to the sign is probably close
to being completed now they’ve already came out and
they actually did spot two locations you just haven’t
decided which location you want to go over it but it should be
done by now they haven’t contacted me but they I did it put it into production
release come out and in measure of wisely you know or did you
research for any of us rely on no utilities there since I
didn’t see any utilities paid in indicating back to me once
they came out know when you come around the corner will
take that under consideration Rihanna that’s why I sent a spot
to location instead of one I knew that was going to be a
question and I have one more attorney here left everybody had their head down nobody said
Thank you or anyting that was I didn’t hear him say
no if I over cited that it’s on me but
maybe Everybody’s Talkin I didn’t hear you okay thank you
that’s all I have the next turn is from lateresa
Jones Green’s my name is Latrice the
Jones my husband and I have been in Pahokee for 2 weeks now
this is the first meeting I’ve come to I am from Detroit
Michigan originally from Ocala because my husband is a retired
deputy sheriff and he’s going to know that coming in here and
sitting down this is where the community comes I look at
the behavior of counsel people commissioner black and white
people symptoms 2019 I’m walking here and I don’t
know any of you we talked and we decide we want
to relocate to Seville to retire show me the place I have a
dental office and I will tell you something that I know for a
fact for all of y’all all of you I’m from Detroit I know it
bad government looks like and what the the saltiest of the
children in the city and hearing about $800,000
football field and I know this school that I saw all over the
internet a place in here because they can
play football for two kids going to end up dying in without the prior time in this
city to find going nowhere if I use my hard money and move it
to a community I live at 6 I’m a realist and I wasn’t
because you want to talk about business common sense what type of this city does it’s
not a rich City like us a place to move in Walmart refrigerator how you communicate everybody
y’all brown people my grandmother died at a hundred
and twenty-two in this country a prayer to work thank you in addition to come is car the
next one is from Patricia Wilson I’m Patricia Wilson 731 Barack
Obama Boulevard the beliefs of the marina because listen that and looking
at some of your stuff on Facebook make you wonder what’s
really going on and for certain ones to pretend
that they my friend I don’t deal with fake people I call you
out Regina I voted for you but I thought you had more class
than what you have I’m going to say what I have to
say because it’s my man speaking is always talking about the City attorney what years this man been
dragging his butt and every time they asking for
something you don’t take him 2 weeks 3 weeks before he get back
but yet and still he went along with the program yes I’ll call him out on
Facebook my mother and father both deceased I have 980 family
members that’s Cromartie I have 500 that’s bikers so I’m
a I’m a long lineage I have officers that work for Sheriff
Department I won’t call a name I have family members so I’m not
scared of nothing I want to say this to the mayor estate commissions you’re doing
a great job I want to say the city manager you don’t have
to answer everybody call if you answer anybody call you and
they’ll get no work done so therefore I gave you kudos to
you to the new attorney it’s hell here but you’re a Survivor
by city clerk you have a lot on your plate read they call and
say they want this done that done it’s not that many hours in
the day to get all this work done for when they call the
mayor they get their little team together
call for town hall meeting but I get to see them call for 1.
Justify a real meeting so I’m saying to those who I don’t like you already know
who you are but I’m going to support this
town I born and raised here I didn’t I wasn’t brought here I
was raised here so I’ve been here long time I left came back
loving you please have change isteve I’ve seen the changes so
you got me I’m here for the whole
Hall so Commissioners the ones that work if I continue working
for us the last comic card is from
Robert Lambert seems like I must be the most
hated person here in Pahokee for trying to invest investing
over $100,000 of my money being here for three years so I don’t
know one thing I would like to address to my friend the city
manager is I have been trying since hurricane door
and was bearing down on this little city and our state
has a category 5 I’ve been trying to reach him by telephone
and I know he’s mad at me he’s mad at me over the
point counter point 2 and me having to go out and spend $1,650 of my
own money to go get lines and properly secure that vessel
insurance which even with the winds that we got with a
broken loose only morgue with
two lines very old line it would
have broken loose it would have destroyed other property it
would have destroyed your floating docks if I overstepped
my boundary mr. city manager I apologize but I have been
trying to reach you for over a month both by tala text
message and my email and the
other if you really want development in this city really want
business and you really want to move forward at least return my
calls is laminate and a normal make a
lot of comments when folks speak but I will make this
comment you have indicated previously in the past amount of
money you spent that up at that Marina now you use in the
trim a hundred thousand I’m not sure where that at as a mirror I
don’t have any knowledge of your spending that type of money
you’re in the process your company of getting that bed
I wouldn’t advise anyone because we don’t know who’s
going to get it if you going to get it that type of money in there you need to give this commission
some evidence of your expenditure that you
haven’t receive reimbursement and who gave you the permission
and authorization to spend that kind of money I would really be
hard Fiat is something happened where you didn’t get that Marina
and you spent that kind of money so it’s a
public meeting I’m just putting it out here that’s a figure to
hide and just ignore and say this man has spent that kind of
money here in the city and haven’t got any reimbursement I think that was a confusion of
the the citizen comments will now move and imma just ask the
city commission it be remind for of the time and just do a
maybe a conclusion of the meeting without going
through a whole lot of drone out
comments and concerns but at this time
I’ll start with our commissioner bohlen good evening everybody thank you
for coming out mr. spry has already left this Wilson I want
to say to you that home I don’t have a problem with any and I didn’t go out and campaign
and make promises I told everyone I would do the
very best that I could do I am doing the very best that I know
how if anyone has an issue with me I
wish they would call me I wish they would come and
contact me and tell me what that issue is so that we can
work it out because I believe in working things out but I am
not and I repeat I am not going to stop
asking questions when I don’t understand what I’m looking at
because I took on this responsibility and it is a very
big responsibility to spend your money without understanding
how I’m spending so I’m sorry if that takes a
couple of extra minutes every time when I ask him questions
but for many years I sent the audience and wondered why
the commission didn’t ask those questions so now I’m here and I hope that
you all are out there wondering why I don’t ask more questions I know we talked about the
marina lease and you all know how I feel about it I believe that we need Economic
Development and the city very desperately and we cannot keep
backing up on everything it amazes me that Mr Williamson
sat there and talked about how aggressive this company is that
none of us maybe the mayor but none of the rest of us
apparently know anything about the old hospital and who’s
coming in and they’re very aggressive when green tone came
in and was supposedly very aggressive for the Hamp our City
attorney said slam on the brakes we need to put on the brakes we need to slow this down
we need to make sure we’re not pushed I don’t really understand how we
can be one thing with one group and something different
with another group when it’s both thing I would like to see us because
as mayor said he talked to mr. Williams and he said that he
would be interested in the hospital so before we make
any decisions I would say we
need to go out for an RFP for the
hospital and this time we need to advertise it
correctly so that we get it in the Daily Business News and the Wall Street Journal and places where people
advertise commercial property but to just start to negotiate
and give Spike control to someone without ever bring it to
the commission to ask if that’s what we want I don’t appreciate I’m still waiting on the
explanation for the 206 $177,000 and how we paid it and
how that didn’t affect this year’s budget we are supposed to in January
according to everything I’ve
read do the city manager evaluation and we haven’t even negotiated
last year’s contract yet I don’t understand why we make
rules and we have things that were supposed to do and they
just fall by the wayside and we never get them done I agree we are hired by you I’m here for 3 years I’ll do the
very best I can and after 3 years if you don’t like what I
did go vote me out that’s okay with me because I have to go
home at night and sleep after these meetings and I have to know that I did the very best
for everybody that I could not for one section not for one
group not for one people but for everybody and Pahokee I work hard everyday trying to
bring businesses in here and make sure that this city grows I
care about the kids if it’s not one thing that’s
going to make this happen people if everything we have to
work on it all at the same time to make this happen and we have
to pull together we can’t be arguing amongst our self do we
want Economic Development then fine we got to act like a
business because if we don’t act like a business we can
attract businesses we want housing good we need to
be talking to housing developers and bringing them in
here we all say we want things but
we’ve got to start acting like we really do want them and the fact that and I’m going
to go back to this because it just bugs me is that we have a
contract that we signed and that that we negotiated on the
Mirena and now after all this time turn on talking all this time in
hundreds of meeting now we’re going to discuss it
again and make sure that’s what we want well I don’t know where
everybody who had a problem with this contract was during
all this time they could have brought it up at any point and
said maybe we need to have a workshop by to wait until he’s
staying in November we’re going to be on the agenda for this and we
wait till the very last second now to start talking about it
again how do we look out there on the street how do we look the
business people we look like a bunch of idiot I’m sorry what we do and how do you expect
businesses to come in here and want to do business
with us when they when somebody they are here and somebody spent
three years here waiting on us and waiting on the state
and waiting on this and waiting on that and whatever it was the
delayed everything and now we’re going to say okay well
we’re not sure I don’t know about you but I’d
go on down the road and and the lady who got up and
spoke and said she just moved to Pahokee and she’s talking
about her husband opening a business as soon as he
finishes school and all of that
we don’t look good to people out there
really don’t and I’m sorry but I’m not going to just sit
here and pretend that that everything’s okay because
everything is not okay I’ve never seen such a mess in
my entire life and I’m sorry if that insult
anybody out there but it is a mess and we can all pretend that
everything is wonderful and we’ve done something and yes we
have done some things and they are nice but we still don’t have
anything done at the marina we don’t have a
campground that’s done we don’t have a restaurant that’s done we don’t have a tiki bar this
done we don’t have our Marina that’s done we don’t even have a
public park the how in the world did we
spend over 2 million dollars and none of it is done I’m sorry but I’m I’m going to
business person my whole life and it’s somebody ended me two
million dollars I assure you that restaurant in that
Campground would have been Complete because those are the
two things that make money and I know I’m probably
preaching to the choir to a lot of people but come on we got to
start thinking like business people here because if we don’t
we’re just going to run this city in the ground and that’s
not what any of us want we all live in poke cuz we love
Pahokee I didn’t I wasn’t born here but
I love Pahokee and I’m here and I’m going to do my very best
while I’m up here to do what I think is best for the city of
Pahokee and anybody who has a problem with anything I say or do please please call me please
come visit me please knock on my door I don’t have a problem
with that and let’s talk about how we can make it better and
work together yeah I’m taking a breath hold on
I’m not done yet there is one thing I would like
to say this is the best city anywhere
and we all know it and we all care about each other
at the end of the day we really do we might argue we’re like family
you know we argue amongst ourselves but if anybody
says anything about us we all band together and go and
not know you’re not going to say that about up so that’s what we need to keep
in our hearts guys this is our city don’t don’t make it bad make it
good everyday try to make it good I’m not a preacher but you
wouldn’t know it by that thank you good night commissioner Everett it was something said that in
the final hour it is not the words of our enemies but the
Silence of our friends it was stated earlier in the meeting
and referenced about the Hebrew calendar date beating October 8th through
October 9th will be young Kippur known as the day of
atonement and it was a plea made that God
will have mercy and forgiveness to be extended the Pahokee and
light of her leaders desire to pass and allege quote-unquote
evil document Legend and accusing the commission of
attempting to censor of the public all her citizens but
I chew I too sure that princely photomath why realize that there
cannot be existential transformation until there is a
word called repentance but myself or plea is a little
different than mr. call because why all in one breath we
can talk about a evil document I have many issues with evil
words being stated in said about a
certain sector of this community is very beautiful to
get off inmate impassioned speeches and style cute and say
that is not a black or white thing you have to deal with
people and I heard you and you’re going to hear me I’ll call individuals roaches
and apes and monkeys and call me to negro Bull and
all these kinds of adjectives idiots and I regret it at my
thing is if you know so we’re going to call for forgiveness
and and want to talk about at old man and all of those things
talk to some of the people you sit in Grande skinny with derrame such inflammatory
statements concerning a sector of the
community while in the same breath we say it’s not a black
or white thing is real funny the things that citizen sends me
that individuals post on Facebook about a certain sector
in this community so I share the plea for
atonement when I look at the world of tone minutes it
says at 1 I would love for us to have unity in this community but
we need to be real and honest about how polarized a
community is and how some individuals love to make
racially-charged statements against a sector of our
community and I know some people don’t
like this true. All you got to do is look on the news so you don’t have to look very
far you can look right here now come in today the kind of words
and labels have been given to a certain section of the
community we talked a lot about business I’m not to come here you know
some people moved here you know I was born and raised
here by violin to be exact 162 shive Drive grew up at Shiloh
Missionary Baptist Church I said in St James Church with
different persons came to campaign we talk about business
development let’s be real bogus been declining in business for years we had him
a car we had glazebrook until we had bad car we had jeon
we had jelly roll we had candidate after candidate,
various churches in the roaches Community say we going to reopen the hospital
talk about corruption corruption language and talk has
it just started you have people accusing wellstat stat
families who have had standing in this community for years that
sat on that hospital boards for misappropriation and
mishandling and Miss Dylan and year you would think the
hospital just closed for 5 years ago this Hospital been
closed it was one of the best hospital
I was born there people in Belle Glade with leaves and
bypass Blaze General to go to that hospital so people come on
let’s be real let’s be honest the economy in our community has
been down for a while why I guess it was the city
commission fault that Brian close the meal close as far as
the mold and all of that in at the school that’s not a serious
problem you had the District
representative right here you could have talked to Marcia
Andrews about the mole in the school not unless the bear in the city
manager informed me that that’s not on that school’s been deteriorating it has been a problem but let’s
not act like these issues that will bring it to the Forefront I
issues that just even just stepped on the scene. Habit
Burger King did we post it why you talk
about business and restaurant I don’t see a lot of people
frequent in X but I heard a lot of conversation against on
Facebook so let’s not talk these cute and beautiful
speeches and I take my hat off to pass the Hitman and The Glades Covenant Church
come into the church I mean by segments and pokes Deliverance
on me for opening up the smoothie shop but for people who may not be
millionaire who decided to open business not outside the
community that they live in but right in their community they open up this and it’s doing something to
improve the quality of life but the issue of business have
not just stepped on you know just stepped on the scene it’s
been an issue we talked about I apologize my dad and mama
raised me to be a proud black man that I don’t have to walk in
Step Off sidewalks in the more I don’t have to hold
my head that I was talk with someone speak you look at
me and I’m sorry that I don’t have this this Mississippian way
of living I don’t I don’t laugh if I’m not typical I don’t scratch if I’m not
itching I don’t borrow money from none of the people around
here I didn’t know Miss weeks from a can of paint and I don’t
have no deals with you. Just like you see my body language I
hear comments being made about it got that must be a
money thing I don’t need nothing from any of you all
because unlike some of the comments on Facebook my mama
wouldn’t on welfare she’s a college-educated woman my mom
and dad at work. He was a businessman in this community before going to Palm Tran and
when I bought it and when I bought land I didn’t borrow it
from the bank I bought it from my mother and I’m paying her
back now so all of this about needing some money from somebody
I don’t do that so just make a comment was made
about warrants going to be I live right across from shallow no I don’t want need to be sent
send it you can send it back but this has to stop and when I talk about race we
agreed we get oblivious to the fact race does matter
because it’s ignition because of
race didn’t matter you when you
called me monkey and apes roaches and the Negro full nose
kind of comments wouldn’t be made every race wasn’t an issue I think some good things have
happened in our community but I don’t think we are above
reproach I don’t think we’re above criticism I don’t think
we’re above people calling the rest of the carpet but the
book I read whether you agree
with it or not I read same book you read was
calling and it does say come let us reason together reason we could be we could
disagree but we don’t have to beat why don’t the disagreeable
because just like you a human I’m human too and I don’t think
I’ll be able to take much longer the name calling because
I got a few names of mass action good night we’re not going back and forth Commissioners vice mayor murvin in a comment short two things
first of all I would like to say after careful consideration
and hours of prayer I was compelled to pin observation of
alcohol in Saudi we have been elected by the
residents of Pahokee and duly accepted altivar nonpartisan
office I’ll text it to develop the best policy and make the
best decision based on facts presented to us for the
residents of Pahokee and I’ll decision-making being disagreeable without being
confrontational and argumentative weekend and we
must do this yes I know we would not please
all and they also know that all would not be pleased in order
for us to as one body to complete our tasks buy to create
and pass at the most appropriate apology to Governor
Nelson professional manager to manage the daily activities
attract talented person no budget that would be in the best
interest of our city nowhere in the employment of our
magical we must like the manager no matter we like or
dislike I manager we must engage with them the residents of a city with
Games should we as Leaders engage with that manager become
unified and that same invocation was spread through
our community this is Bashar to be to begin
the unification of our commission the city and Subs
Community the community I strongly believe that
unification active engagement firm directions and a two-way
communication with bring vertical growth has to move this thing forward and let the
next level so that the great day as we as fellow residents of
Pahokee no are possible and no could become reality another
thing they made a statement or statements if I’m allowed to say
green tone as a matter fact we do have am I allowed to say that where
you talked about green tones over they say we’re just shut
them down we did not do that am I correct no no by saying we did not do
that the manager and I had a meeting with the lawyer who
was here from Green tone a few weeks ago and since that time I
taken an extensive amount of time and thought in and working with the manager putting
together an economic development agreement we sent
her back from the attorney who said that he’s wondering you
know when we can talk again and we will do that but in addition
to that he had some other questions and so we just got that email I think today and so
we’ll be following up with him to to answer some questions to
the manager that that the person had so we are in
communication and in the issue wasn’t not whether we would do
it or not it was getting the information is necessary in
order for you all to make a reason to stay and also to
have it in a format that would
be most beneficial for the city so
that is our job and told we’ve been doing that and hopefully
we’ll be in a position at some future date soon to present it
to you all and let you consider what we have come up with and
what’s been discussed still a lot of work to do the state
has not come down with regulations yet so that’s
still something that spending out there so we’ll try to work
around that by putting some Provisions in the proposed
agreement that might address those kind of things but there’s
still a lot of unanswered questions and down
and we hope to be able to speak with you about it
to a workshop and extend the second thing is as far as
the Mirena I don’t think the one who said that they were going to
be any changes made but I think it is fair to open up
and let the public have say so if they
have and never held up the contract
we did not get a revised copy of the contract so that’s why I
asked if we can get a revised copy of the contract that mr.
Branford had did before he had left that’s all we ask the
second and third thing is I would like to make a
motion mare that we would consider a glaze go to the City
attorney in the city manager to give some discussions are
probably make an appointment with them and meet with them
concerning their proposal if if need be I like to make that
motion for the $35 it has been moved in with a face
mirror murvin and probably II by commissioner Everett that
we authorize our staff the city of Trinity and the city manager
have a meeting with a glaze call for question what what are you I’m confused
by the demotion to meet with the global business group in addition question. 9 call for
vote roll call thank you motion passes banana
smoothie that’s inclusion of your report
haven’t all been has been taken and he has a proposal concerning
housing are also on 35 acres of land that is also in
discussion concerning you know him call Venus band bra for Jen
taking care of Carlos Mena turn

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