City of Kirby, Bexar County feuding over shared Animal Care Services shelter

feud between the city of Kirby and Behr County with lingering questions about the shared animal care services and who’s responsible for what the city blames the county for lack of communication and transparency on how its operating the facility the night teams patty Santos finds out more about the problems they’ve been having when they brought this to us this was the greatest thing in the world and now it’s just it’s I guess like a bad marriage Kirby councilman Mike grant says the animal care services agreement between the city and county it’s just not working out when we pick up animals a weekend we have among their list of grievances lack of space concerns about conflict of interest by the vet contracted by the county and the nonprofit rescue she operates we’d rather fix the problems as we if we can the county owns this building the land belongs to the city the city also owns of that building across the street which the county was borrowing until recently one day all of a sudden there’s a full operating room in this building over here and we don’t know if it needs to be certified we don’t know anything because we’ve never had that the county denied our request for an on-camera interview but did provide us with a copy of the contract agreements with the city and the vet also adding that the city has not met it’s part of the agreement to host adoption events to relieve overcrowding and saying they are working with a non-profit to put up animals for adoption a letter by the city presented to the Commissioner’s Court a month ago is being reviewed by the district attorney that’s the county and I had asked the Commissioner to please come in and help us mediate this and we’ve been totally ignored patty Santos case at 12 News

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