Citizenship in the Community

citizenship in the community today is a special day for Lydia today her mom will become a citizen of the United States of America Lydia was born far away in a country across the ocean but Lydia's mom got a job in America when Lee moved here they wanted to become citizens citizens are the people who belong to a community Lydia's friend Sara has come to see the special ceremony Sara has been a citizen of the United States all her life because she was born in the United States today they are showing their love and loyalty to their country by saying the pledge of allegiance to the flag just like you do every day at school both Lydia and Sara live in the United States in the state of California they belong in the community of Elk Grove and they want to be good citizens in their community let's discover what that means citizens in a community a community is a place where people live but a community is more than a place it is also the people who live there people live work play and help each other that's what it means to belong to a community but beyond belonging the citizens in each community need each other they help each other meet their basic needs farmers need people to help them grow and harvest crops this provides food for people in the community we get clothing from people who make cloth and sew clothes families meet people in the community to build them homes for shelter people who have businesses that make things like cars and medicine need other people to buy their goods grocers need farmers to grow crops and raise animals so that they have food to sell to citizens in the community and everyone needs the services of doctors dentists teachers bus drivers and lots of other people citizens and communities need each other they depend on each other and like Sarah and Lydia the citizens of a community can be very different from each other they may speak different languages wear different clothes eat different foods practice different religions even celebrate different holidays but each citizen is important every one of them shares in the special things that each citizen has they also share in the work of making and keeping our country a special place citizens have rights one of the reasons Lydia's family wanted to come to the United States was that they could have freedoms here that they did not have in their old country these special freedoms are called the rights of citizens of the United States our rights include freedom of speech that means we can speak out about anything that is important to us even if other people disagree another right is freedom of religion we can choose to have any religion we want we have freedom of the press this freedom allows us to write about anything and get news about important changes citizens also have the right to vote we can choose the leaders of our country and our community being a United States citizen gives us all these rights and freedoms the community gives rights to its citizens to places like parks in libraries belong to all the citizens of a community that means that everyone has the right to use them or go there communities help with transportation communities also provide teachers police officers firefighters and many other services that are needed to make a place safe it's easy to see courage in the brave acts of our firefighters it takes this same courage to be a good citizen and to do the right thing even if it is difficult but how do we get all these wonderful things well we do our part in the work to provide them this is our duty as citizens a duty is a job someone has to do these are also called responsibilities citizens have responsibilities people must work together to keep their community a safe and peaceful place to live this is everyone's responsibility to keep communities safe healthy and fair a community needs rules or laws for example you have classroom rules so that everyone can learn and you have the responsibility to obey these rules that is what laws doing a community they keep order and keep everyone safe our government makes these laws government is the group of citizens who are in charge of solving problems and making laws they are the leaders for the community a citizen who wants to serve as a community leader can apply to be one then the other citizens can vote for the person they think will do the best job when we choose someone by voting we elect them the leaders that are elected become part of the community's government citizens are responsible to choose good leaders to make the laws but the responsibility doesn't stop there every citizen has the responsibility to follow these laws obeying the law is one way that people of all ages do their part students can be responsible citizens by following rules at school they should follow the directions of teachers the crossing guard and other helpers citizens must be responsible at home too these things are serifs she is responsible for them to keep them picked up so others don't trip over them and get hurt this also gives her practice being a good citizen in your community responsible citizens need to pick up after themselves and keep their streets and parks clean it is the responsibility of everyone who uses them young people can be responsible citizens now by obeying traffic laws in cars on bikes or scooters and even when they walk adult citizens in the community have other responsibilities too they pay for the services communities provide with money called taxes taxes pay for all the wonderful things citizens of a community get to enjoy taxes our citizens share in the cost of the goods and services provided in their community good citizenship a good citizen cares about the people in places in their community they respect the property that they share with other people this is called public property and they respect the property that belongs only to each citizen this is called private property if you heard a great someone's property you must be honest and replace it even if it's a hard thing to do good citizens care enough to learn about the things going on in their community they clean up litter no matter who left it they think about what they do and how it affects others so they use recycle and save energy our community is a small space on earth it's our space to take care of and use wisely the things we find in nature are called natural resources we use natural resources like aluminum to make soda cans and sand to make glass for bottles it's important to use our natural resources over and over again so we don't run out of them and almost every community has a recycling program to help you do that you can save energy too that's another way to take care of the earth good citizens also share with people who need help they treat their neighbors the way they want their neighbors to treat them a storm made this river too full it flooded and many people lost their homes this group of citizens help their neighbors clean up and find places to live good citizenship at school might mean helping other students some schools have a buddy system to welcome new students and help them learn the rules of that school Todd is getting a good Citizenship Award he worked with other students to make his school a better place by going to school you are doing one of your duties as a citizen another way citizens work together to make their community a better place is by being involved in government a good citizen learns how their government works they learn how to understand others and talk to them they read about and listen to news about their community that way they'll know what needs to be done in their community and who is doing a good job as leader then together they can solve the problems in their communities that's what these people are doing here this is a city council meeting only one person is speaking at a time everyone is asked to only speak about the problem not meeting things about the people involved everyone takes turns speaking so that all have a chance before it's time to vote on what to do motion and a second all in favor say aye aye opposed so letting others know your ideas and listening to others ideas is an important part of being a good citizen good citizens also respect the opinions of others even if they do not agree with them so a good citizen takes part in government these citizens have come to the town meeting to tell the leaders their best ideas good citizens think of ways to make their community better some of the changes citizens might make with the community government are building new playgrounds allowing new homes to be built for more families having crosswalks made for busy streets some citizens write letters to their community government to let them know how to make the community better citizens can also ask other people to sign a group letter to give to leaders this is called a petition good citizens do all they can to make the community better citizens are patriotic long ago the first citizens of the United States made an important symbol of our country a symbol is a drawing color or object that makes you think of something else our flag makes us think of the United States of America when our first government voted on having a flag they decided that there should be one star for each state then there were 13 states now there are 50 states today citizens can show pride in their country by saying the pledge of allegiance to the flag singing patriotic celebrating our country's holiday and by learning about the other symbols of our country community citizens can show pride by creating their own symbol a flag or motto citizens can learn about the history of their community how it has changed and how to remember its past another important thing that makes our country and communities strong is people working together to help each other citizens volunteer citizens can make their community a better place by volunteering volunteers are people who do work for something but they do it without being paid after paying jobs volunteers spend much of their free time doing things that make their community a good place to live some volunteers help older people with heavy chores some pick up trash recycle collect food and clothing for people who don't have enough some plant trees others help at an animal shelter some tutor younger students these teams are working together to build houses for people who have no shelter at all these adults are showing them how they are mentoring these teams this is another way to volunteer in the community good citizens care for others they're honest and respect others they take responsibility and are brave enough to do the right thing in their community good citizens are patriotic and show their love for their country they are respectful and obey the rules and laws being a good citizen is a responsibility we all share in order to keep this country a wonderful place to live for more great videos call 1-800 for eight three three three 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