Cities and Human Society in the 21st Century

The project is called Cities and Human Society in the 21st Century, and the logic is pretty simple. About 800 million people will be added in
cities all over the world in the next 2 decades or so and within 20, 25 years we’ll have 60
cities over 10 million inhabitants. Cities are the leaders of our globalizing
world and they are the Avant garde of all this transformation. So we need to really take care of them and
to understand how to deal with that. These are places where you have an immense concentration of power, wealth, talent, cultural movement, innovation going on. And then the thing about these 4 areas that
makes sense for us, cyber change and the post-carbon city, Big Data, and all the new data and knowledge
that we can produce. The social division inclusion of cities, and
the infrastructure and housing. Bringing people together from different urban
experiences and getting them to talk to one another, and getting them to think about how
the evidence that I know from one setting might be similar to, but also might be different
from the evidence that comes from another setting is potentially a way also of thinking
outside the box and changing what the box is. So to do that you need something like CIFAR
which is unique in its capacity to provide a framework where you bring those people from
different background together to think about knowledge that might be transformative. And as a result the impact will hopefully
be that each of the disciplines will become more powerful by interacting with the other
disciplines. Successful cities will make for a successful
21st Century human society as a whole and that’s really our goal and our deep commitment,
and to do it at a planetary or global scale. [Music]

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