Circuit Training for Your Brain: Well Being Is a Skill

2 thoughts on “Circuit Training for Your Brain: Well Being Is a Skill

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  2. So after you drag your religion and so called, life changing "holy experience" into our Government and design, create and enact policies within government via unconstitutional healthcare LAW, (while on your government salary,) what do you have planned next?
    Nationwide sun meditation? Tree worship, or will you continue focusing the nation on yet more, sodomy? I mean, clearly, you and your profession hasn't quite got us all on our knees with electric cattle prods proudly up our asses yet? Maybe you need to expand the taxpayer funded, "Free Anal Lube" program, that might entice some to experiment more willingly? Of course, you could see about getting masturbation 101 to be on par with math and spelling for 4-9 year olds? From there, it would only be natural to have 6th graders eagerly awaiting some proud teacher and his "gay" pride videos in preparation to be fully sodomized before reaching high school. THEN, you folks would really have your utopia now wouldn't you?
    If I may, I offer a piece of advice. See, the real problem with why you haven't succeeded in even grander numbers than you have, is because you have to rid society of the idea of potty training. I know you've got some studies on the necessity, rather the, "ethics" of such training in the pipeline, but that really does pin down the primary problem psychology and their sodomy loving gangsters will always face. Mainly, there's just too many people who will always be absolutely repulsed by the idea of plunging around in other people's sewage. You get the general populous over that hump, and you'll have human feces and pride flags flying from sea to shit-filled sea in no time.
    But I suppose, psychology being the gods-saviors of the sodomites – it makes sense to sell them phallic worshiping via the sodomite-Lama – as it would make for a nice transition that all your "gay" parishioners could readily play along with while you convince them there's no reason for any shame, even when they're running around in public with feces, urine, sperm, blood and smiles on their psychologically cured faces.

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