Chuck E Cheese Family Ticket Battle: Arcade Games & Family Fun!

what's up everybody its kids city this is the Chuckie Cheese family ticket battle each family member gets $10 to spend and a person with the most tickets at the end to beat today's winner the person with the lowest amount of tickets gets a whipped cream pie in the face stay tuned for that geez Marta you're up first round one take your pick and you'll start the game for her first game she has picked the bike rally see how she does if she can get up on it just have a little bit of trouble but she's picking up some goodies on the road keep working hard there I'll keep working five four three two one time let's see how you did for round one she got one ticket for round one good job Ava good flash you're up next all right he's selected the Simpsons soccer for his first event oh that's a go already another goal he's sabotaging yet timeout let's see how he did he got one two three four five six tickets hey that's a good one now you can play the same thing twice if you want to all right mom sit Eastern she's going right to the super spin three tickets three tickets my first is crank it bring it Oh I got the bonus I guess the grand prize on my version go round y'all got a lot of catching up to do see Geoffrey's this is called the king's castle the top you can get on this one is 25 Ava three tickets that's your turn buddy how'd you do how'd you do wait a minute you got one ticket you got one ticket holder all right all right next up is the red hot six red wins to win the jackpot she drops in the boss drops the balls would she win 50 points which is it roll for gold is this the magic token and here's what you do at the right time five I'll take it out guys the spake the song is going where's Chucky there's no Chucky Oh 20 nice give me advance give me dance we're sticking with crank it everybody's liking it is the hot machine look at that strength mom power [Applause] he's gonna play hammerhead for ducks killing ducks all over the place let's see one two you gotta roll it and try to get it all the way up Oh 15:15 Oh No that's embarrassing you find a broken one rookie game and just keep speeding the basketballs oh yeah oh yeah Ava Ava but I pack you two more tickets free tickets she's gonna try the Hollywood rails for her last game there goes what'd she get it says help she needs help okay we're gonna give you one more chance she this thing is broken so she's decided to go back to the big win super spend one more time final super-spin every going and then we're going to tally up the tickets and we're gonna see who the winner is and then the loser is gonna get a cream pie in the face tickets here Oh how many do you 39:17 oh it's gonna be a lot of work right here here grand total is 118 tickets so we had as a family almost 200 a little over 200 tickets and we managed to score these cool paper swords to airheads and four stickers what a toy Hall what a treat what a treat all right Ava but since you got the lowest score that means you get a pie in the face okay Ava you understand okay well here it comes now I'm the I'm the highest score okay so I get to not I get to put it on your face you can lick it in just a second okay I want you to shut your eyes need a baby girl you shut your eyes I'm gonna say I'm will count to three and then I'm going to it okay is it yummy oh my goodness Shammi pie the P okay oh you got some on his no no if you want to see more Chuckie Cheese fun on kit Sitti remember to give us a thumbs up and subscribe so you don't miss any the family fun but you see once more okay so ever I said bye and then you can eat more everybody say bye

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