Chris Wallace SCHOOLS Kellyanne over “secret impeachment hearings”

The president is slamming the process because
if you get a parking ticket, Sandra, you have more due process rights than it seems the
president of the United States has when it comes to the early parts of this investigation. Open up, where’s the due process, where’s
the right to present witnesses, to cross examine witnesses, to present evidence–
Is it fair for Republicans and the president, in the case of that tweet he sent out, to
be demanding this? Well, my feeling is that, you know, if you
are having trouble with the facts, you argue process, and that’s what Republicans are
doing right now. The Democrats have gotten some very damaging
information from people like William Taylor, the acting US Ambassador to Ukraine;
Fiona Hill, who used to be one of the top advisers on the National Security Council
on Ukraine. Evidence that seems to tie more of a quid
pro quo, that the president—that there is some evidence from people working in the Trump
administration that the president linked aid to Ukraine, a White House meeting with the
Ukrainian president, to getting oppo research on the Democrats. So what the Republicans are doing is they’re
arguing the process is unfair. You can make that argument, but I mean if
you look back during Benghazi, when that was being investigated by Trey Gowdy, they had
hearings in private and, you know, depositions in private. You try to build your case, figure out who
are the witnesses who can say something, who can’t and then you’re gonna end up holding
public hearings anyway. I mean, there’s not a chance in the world
that they’re not gonna bring the key witnesses up to be questioned by both Republicans and
Democrats. This is Fox News’ Chris Wallace calling
out Kellyanne Conway who, because the facts AREN’T on her side, is purposefully muddying
the waters by complaining instead about the process. She goes on to mislead viewers by decrying
the idea that there’s no due process, that the right can’t cross examine witnesses
and present evidence. But here’s the thing—THIS ISN’T THE
TRIAL. The trial happens in the Senate AFTER Trump
is impeached in the House. The process happening right now is for the
prosecution to interview witnesses and gather facts, which is NEVER done in public. Just like it wasn’t done for Clinton or
Nixon or any grand jury trial. And Kellyanne obviously KNOWS this, but it’s
more important for her to treat Americans like they’re idiots and suggest that this
is some unprecedented sham investigation. It’s not, and the only sham here is giving
oxygen to these BS talking points. Also, if these arguments seem especially petty
and pathetic, it’s because that’s all that the right has left. Seriously, over the last few months, Republicans
have dispatched every possible excuse they could conjure up to defend themselves, only
to have it immediately blow up in their faces. Republicans said the whistleblower is a partisan
and can’t be trusted, despite the fact that not only do we not KNOW their identity, but
everything in the complaint has been proven 100% true. Republicans said the whistleblower isn’t
allowed to rely on second-hand information even though it’s perfectly acceptable and
legal to do so. Republicans said Adam Schiff personally counseled
the whistleblower, even though it was a staff member of his who CORRECTLY advised the whistleblower
to seek legal counsel and file a complaint with the Intel Community Inspector General. Republicans said the whole impeachment process
is unconstitutional even though it is IN the Constitution. They said there was no quid pro quo, only
to have everyone from the US Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor to Trump’s OWN Chief
of Staff Mick Mulvaney confirm that there was indeed a quid pro quo. And this week, we’ve landed on complaining
that Democrats are holding secret impeachment hearings in the basement of the Capitol to
unilaterally reverse the outcome of the 2016 election and have Trump removed from office. And not only is that not true, but Democrats
are following REPUBLICAN rules. They were enacted in January of 2015 by the
Republican majority during the Tea Party era in Congress, when the GOP gave unilateral
subpoena power to all 14 committee chairs and permission to take closed-door depositions. They were signed by then-Speaker of the House
John Boehner. So if Republicans suddenly have some major
issues with these rules, they might want to point fingers at… Republicans. And it’s not even a secret. Here’s Republican Trey Gowdy, the former
House Oversight Chairman, praising closed-door interviews—
Our private hearing was much more constructive than the public hearing. I mean, public hearings are a circus, Margaret. I mean, that’s why I don’t like to do
them. I don’t do many of them. I mean, they’re– it’s a freak show. I mean, the private interviews are much more
constructive. Or consider the Final Report from the Republican-led
Benghazi Select Committee, which went into great detail about why closed-door interviews
were better, stating “The Committee’s preference for private interviews over public
hearings has been questioned. Interviews are a more efficient and effective
means of discovery. Interviews allow witnesses to be questioned
in depth by a highly prepared member or staff person. In a hearing, every member of a committee
is recognized—usually for five minutes—a procedure which precludes in-depth focused
questioning. Interviews also allow the Committee to safeguard
the privacy of witnesses who may fear retaliation for cooperating or whose work requires anonymity,
such as intelligence community operatives.” But again, to even humor these White House
talking points is giving too much credit to what are clearly bad faith attacks. And they know that they’re BS, but when
the facts surrounding this case are so cut and dry – that Trump used his public office
for personal gain, that he committed impeachable offenses and then desperately tried to cover
it up – then it’s no surprise that Republicans are forced to start parroting lies to protect
their leader. Of course the other option is to actually
put country over party and not protect a criminal for once, but it doesn’t look like that’s
going to be happening any time soon.

100 thoughts on “Chris Wallace SCHOOLS Kellyanne over “secret impeachment hearings”

  1. trumplicans keep saying "we need to call our own witnesses". What witnesses are they talking about? If I was the media I would ask for the names of the witnesses trumplicans want to hear from.

    At the very least it would be good for a laugh.

  2. What a freaking moron she is. News flash moron, it's NOT A TRIAL. God, how stupid does the Republican party believe their followers to be? No respect at all-why anyone would vote for a moron Republican is beyond the pale of reasoning.

  3. The traitor Trump and his republican allies are robbing the American people of their rights.
    The saying is that the people that the president nominates to office "serve at the pleasure of the president ".
    Well the president serves at the pleasure of the people.
    Our pleasure is made known by the ballot box and also thorough our representatives in congress.
    By failing to cooperate with congress he is robbing the American people of our rights, and violating his oath of office to uphold the constitution.
    Lindsey Graham and the rest are giving up their power and failing in their duty to be the check on presidential impropriety and abuse of power.
    I am sick tired of the tricks and legal maneuvers and delays and the constant personal attacks on anyone who dares to have an opinion contrary to the great and powerful Trump.
    This is a job not a right. You have a right to face your accuser when you are charged with a criminal act. We have not gotten to that part yet

  4. "A parking ticket?" Did she just compare Presidential corruption to a parking ticket?? This crybaby "it's unfair" attitude is so weak. These morons weren't acting in fairness. They have no honor. If Trump would have Done HIS JOB he wouldn't be in trouble! Kellyanne is such a ditz!! She doesn't help Trump in the least.

  5. Kelleyanne is a republican…therefore no connection to reality, she lies, bullies, bullshits her way through life. Not a good example of a catholic!

  6. Who made this process in 2011? A Republican controlled house.
    Who signed these processes in law? John Boehner.

    So they complain NOW? Bunch of hypocritical morons.

  7. Its almost Halloween and SNL missed a chance to do another Kellyanne and IT skit! Maybe they are waiting for next week 🤞

  8. She can ever teach her kids the value of being honest & truthful citizens when she lies constantly for her PC of 💩boss?! A pc of 💩boss who also disrespects her husband?! Oh yea, that's right, $$!! The ultimate drug of choice for soulless capitalist & opportunist with no morals or ethical center!!🤦‍♂️

  9. Well it's time to really start jumping of the train. Well Republicans I hear the Democrats are coming. Republicans look retarded at this point!

  10. "The president is slamming the process". Republicans have no defence and attacking the very constitution that demands a criminal like Trump be impeached is proof they are all living in the gutter with Trump. Republicans made the rules to have closed hearings when it suited their agenda, but when it's not convenient, they whine like pathetic babies.

  11. Kelly Ann Conway, is a joke an embarrassment to this country. They would rather disrespect the constitution than admit they are wrong. What a disgrace. Fembot puppet that she is.

  12. The GOP has to argue process because Trump's getting more and more closer to being impeached. Republicans upset over Republican rules… No, the Republicans know their guy is guilty so their scrambling at anything that they think might be helpful. In this case, complain about the process, even if it's their own idea. Go figure!

  13. Ms Conjob in the opening part of this video admitted it was an INVESTIGATION. In an INVESTIGATION there is no due process, no facing witnesses/accusers….that happens in the TRIAL/IMPEACHMENT.
    For a bunch of people who are such experts on law and The Constitution, they seem to have very slight acquaintance with it and how it works…which is why they are in this mess to begin with.

  14. TEN THOUSAND LIKES! That's awesome. Now will you ten K armchair quarterbacks write to your public reps and senators? That's what these talking heads never tell you to do. And writing your senators will actually influence what's going on. So get the hell off the computer for 35 minutes and write cards and letters to your own public servants.

  15. What a ridiculous woman. How could she even defend this? It's TREASON. KellyAnnne Conway's children must be so embarrassed and ashamed of her.

  16. The police use anonymous tips everyday to make arrests. They offered $10,000 for anonymous tips that they can make arrests. So this example of a parking ticket is not relevant because the parking enforcement or part of the Traffic Division of law enforcement and law enforcement uses anonymous tips to make a rest. How do you think they have these drug busts. Sometimes an anonymous tip come in. We're investigating the tip there is to see if there's any thing that is substantial. There was a big campaign talk about if you see something then say something. Somebody heard something and they said something. Are you going back on what America has tried to teach in and still has about being honest and having integrity? Republican Conway your words have been deemed as negligible. We don't need to hear from you anymore on TV because your job in Congress is to defend the Constitution not defend a president

  17. My nightmare becomes true if more than 45 percent of the Americans becomes that ignorant. You already have big problems and we feel the earthquakes in Europe too.

  18. “Due process” is Kellyanne’s code for “do it my way until I change my mind. Then do it some other way.”

    Rinse, repeat.

  19. It is an investigation and you don’t present witness. The only part you have in an investigation of you is to wait and see what is discovered.
    The bleach must have really sunk in.

  20. Isis leader dead. Another Trump win. Unfortunately the libs are to busy with impeachment to get real things like this done but Trump does it alone.

  21. The thing is investigations are done in secret while the case is being built. Once that is done, actual charges are filed and a trial is pursued. That is when witnesses are produced for cross examination and evidence is presented. So, stop whining. You elected and continue to support a criminally oriented person more interested in personal interests than what's best for all Americans. His verifiable lies now pile.up in the thousands and not a day goes by that we ate not grappling with some calamitous situation or another. He is vile, vulgar, uninformed and disinterested in world events. His daily briefings are more or less presented as picture books or he loses interest. He spends most of his days watching Trump TV and now is only allowing newspapers that make him "look beautiful". The WH press briefings rarely happen anymore and have been replaced with gaggle gatherings outside with a helicopter roaring in the background causing everyone to scream. Very presidential. And still his loyal followers defy all ideas of logic and patriotism. When NPR was attacked for playing a reading of our Declaration of Independence as seen as a perceived attack on his majesty. This period of our history is a disgrace.

  22. It must be really bad if they have had to let Conjob out of her crypt to try and confuse the public by spreading her lies and misinformation. Conjob contributes nothing positive to society. All she does is spread mud and false equivalency in order to cover for the bad deeds of whomever is paying her mercenary fees. She has made a career out of covering up the crimes of corrupt politicians so she is one of the reasons why there are so many scumbags in government and why good government is now a thing of the past. She is just all kinds of bad.

  23. she,s reporting it like she really believes it but in reality she,s collecting a paycheck for a so-so performance piece,,

  24. Truly Awesome!, I enjoyed it a lot!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you may like it 🙂

  25. Trump's base are idiots. They believe any lie that comes out of Dump's Admin. It's a fine example of the dumb leading the stupid.

  26. People have to see these Republicans from previous hearings when they were in control justify “private” hearings! They are Judas that profess God and the Bible🤮

  27. Republicans and trump the fattest most ridiculous looking orange faced retarded retard, are both corrupt and dirty!

  28. Putin Puppet Rump and his Parrots are trying to confuse people… Rump is pleading with you to feel sorry for him…

    Keep this in mind, whenever Congress has a close door hearing or open door there are representative's from both sides of the Isle in there…

    Don't fall for the pity that Rump is looking for…

  29. If and when Mr Wallace bales Fox will simply be a reality tv propaganda channel. Their lack of truth prevented them winning tv deals in the UK …just think…Russia today is treated the same way.

  30. Oh they are going to get everything they are wishing for and then some! Public hearings are coming and then my guess is they wont want them! LMAO

  31. How can a woman agree to the sexually slaving of little girls and little boys… Why is Kellyanne Conway working in government… We are the United States of America a nation under God so we should be protecting the children of the world…. Kellyanne Conway is a disappointment and a disgrace to the human race

  32. Chris Wallace , with a face like a nutsack, presumes to be a reporter, but is actually a lefty bull shipping artist. Bryan Taylor Cohen is a nutsack as well.

  33. I thought that Ms Kelly Ann Conway was a Lawyer and should know what is going on,.
    not sprouting Bollox
    Irish Citizen

  34. …We need to educate and train the children of the world to do all jobs because we the adults are not going to live forever… How come the REPUBLICANS and most politicians and the rich don't understand this… We need to protect the children and teach them everything

  35. Defence and prosecution witnesses arent usually invited to meet….prevents a certain thing called bullying bribery and perverting the course of justice…shut your whining girl


  37. You can't make sense with a dumb fucking cunt like kellyanne she can't hear you because her head is so far up trump's ass all she can do is smell and talk shit!

  38. None of this shit matters because as soon as they start having hearings and people testify republicans are just gonna say the same bullshit they’ve been screaming for Years now, oh it’s fake, oh Adam schiffe is corrupt, oh they’re all forced to say these things, oh it’s a coup. It’s not like their gonna believe any of the negative things these people will be saying regarding this administration.

  39. Trump did provide evidence: the transcript of him asking Zelensky to investigate Biden as a favor in exchange for delivering money that had already been approved for the Ukraine.

    She’s bitching about Trump not having the right to more rope with which to lynch himself.

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