Chris – LCC Foundation Scholarship Success Story

I’m from Veneta. Went to my elementary, middle school and high school out there. Graduated, honor roll…it was a great time. I wanted to go to college right out of high school, but looking at my family’s financial situation, and other things that I could do, it wasn’t really something that I could plan for, or pay for. So I decided out of high school to go straight into the workforce. Four years ago was when everything drastically changed for me. I have a problem with my foot that I had injured when I was six years old. I have constant pain from it. Around the same time that I’m going through medical work, in August, my brother had passed away. I got laid off at this point. As I moved back in with family, my grandfather also passed and I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. Everything in my life has anxiety tied to it. The medical field has always been something that I’ve dreamed about working in. Health Information Management is a field that emphasizes the need for our medical programs to become more digital, more accessible, and more secure – all at the same time. It’s a field that is not only growing immensely day by day, it’s a field that up to 20 years ago didn’t exist. But it also deals with something that I’ve always had great success with. Dealing with computers and programs. The resources here at Lane have helped me succeed to get a 4.1 GPA, and recently I’ve been inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success. CAR is the Center for Accessibility Resources. They’re a major help for students that have physical disabilities, anxiety problems. Not only have they helped me gain confidence coming back into college, but they’ve made it to where I feel more at ease and I know more of what to expect while I’m here at Lane. TRIO is an immensely valuable resource here at Lane, because not only was I able to get tutoring on classes for subjects that I’ve never heard of or dealt with before, you’re also able to hear from students who are either in your same program, or further along. So you learn what to expect from somebody who is in the same boat that you are. After I complete my studies here at Lane, I want to go into working with the Veteran’s Administration. I’ve always had thoughts about going into the military, but because of my physical disability, I can’t make it in to any of the military programs. The opportunity that I’ve been given is amazing. To take everything that I’m learning here at Lane, to go into not only a medical field, not only a computer field, but to also be able to give back to veterans… Everything really adds up to a dream come true moment. To tell my grandfather and my brother how far I’ve come, and what’s I’m doing, I know both of them would be very excited and proud. If you’re thinking about helping, please do it. I know that there’s somebody else waiting for the same opportunity that I’ve been given. And I can’t stress how important that’s been to me. And all I can say is thank you.

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