Chris Broussard – The Player Empowerment Era is LeBron's Legacy

there was an interesting article in bleacher report this week when Damian Lillard has some great quotes he talked a lot about how players are kinda we saw it in free agency right with Kawhi Leonard recruited Paul George to play with him and got George to demand the Train with three years left on his deal now they're both going to be Los Angeles Clippers LeBron was active in trying to recruit Kawhi Leonard LeBron obviously had a hand in Anthony Davis decide he wants to play with the Lakers and Kawhi Leonard did not even meet with Frank Vogel the Lakers coach so he's talking to LeBron he met with LeBron twice and probably talked to him several times on the phone but he doesn't meet with the head coach you and I were talking earlier Matt Kevin Durant did not meet with the Brooklyn Nets right he had Kyrie just talking and they decide let's go to Brooklyn alright and it reminds me remember when LJ Mayo went and told us see I'm coming here he was the big star out of high school he was you know the top player in the country and he went to USC and told them I'm picking you it wasn't really the other way that's what this reminds me of but Damian Lillard talked about had a great quote Rob gee you want to read this quote from Lillard that's right Chris he did say quote it's become huge because sometimes the coaches in the front office's they don't have as much power as the players do players are so friendly now I think in the past guys like Michael Jordan probably didn't go out surging and trying to get guys to come join him it was like they were competing against each other but now it's like well hey they got three stars on their team I know this guy and that guy might try to get them to come to my team so I think you're seeing that recruiting a lot more now where it's just players recruiting players is more powerful than anything the pitch meeting with the team's the interesting thing about that article was that a lot of teams were lamenting the situation they were essentially saying as Lillard that the players do have more power than the teams in terms of where guys are going to end up I think Matt that this is like LeBron James we always talk about his legacy as either go is he better than Michael so on and so forth I think a huge part of his legacy is that I feel like he has kind of opened up players eyes to the power that he had no question right is it his empowerment of others from moving teams to being more than an athlete and dominating business off the court you know so it's that's definitely to me he's the the greatest superstar we've seen do what he does as far as just being in touch with you know stuff outside of basketball right and inspiring people in different ways showing people that you can do you know really whatever you want so it's a hit I think you hit it on the head he'll know he'll be known for both right and I think even within the sport as well because first super teams aren't new you know in the eighties bird Celtics were super team they have four Hall of Famers and even before they got some of those guys tiny Archibald was there when they win their first ring Showtime Lakers of course we're a super team I mean Jordan I wouldn't really call him a super team but Robin did end up being a hall-of-famer and then you know even though the Celtics we're a Island that you played against Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce that was a super team the difference was that and even you know Shaq Kobe before you got there Shaq and Kobe and Glen Rice the year they won it Glenn was so unhappy he demanded a trade after winning the championship remember I mean no man in GP for a second I just think more than ever it's the team's just happened to be I talked to someone today the team just happen to be the landing spot the vessel for you know we're so if me and you were going somewhere it okay look it Brooklyn has enough money for us and look what's around him okay the Clippers have you know quai situation okay look it we can meet they can afford both of us look at the team so they have that players have always had all they're just utilizing it now and that that's you know hats off to the Brom because I think he made people realize like we really are we we could really control our narrative from every standpoint right because because the difference and I argue with Rob about this all the time the only difference between those teams I mentioned in the prelab Ron Miami Heat era is that those super teams were built by the owners and GM's and the communal front office right and the super teams today tend to be built by the players no question they're 100% go by the players and that and and the interesting thing is executives are scary Rob G read some of these quotes give me another quote or two from the executives and how they're frightened by this development of players putting together their own teams well here's one I think you'll like Chris one exec said quote what it really does is it scares you if you have one of these guys and you don't have a path for another one if you're the rest of the NBA how do you build given this reality and then an agent followed up saying quote I think at the end of the day no matter what teams do it doesn't matter it just doesn't so so what that is matte like and there's other quotes where a GM was praised in Toronto they did everything they could to keep huai they're just not in Southern California or you know things like that here's the deal though this is true freedom mm-hmm like it's just like in my industry I can choose to go where I want to if I want to leave I did leave ESPN to go to Fox I could do that if I want to just I want to be in California so I want to be here or if I leave Fox and go to you know get back to ESPN because I want to be on the East Coast like we have that freedom players haven't kind of people don't think of them like they should but they do you know for so long it's always being called the business when the teens betrayed us cut us wave us under pay us do what everyone it's the business right you know so since we've taken that power away now like okay we have all the power we and we can create there's not at the end of day because we're you're gonna be playing with the players you know I mean so if I'm gonna team up like I don't you know at the end of day I would rather talk to the player there's nothing a pitch meeting can tell me that I'm more worried about what LeBrons gonna tell me if I'm a star than what they're gonna say in the pitch meeting you know what I mean or when I'm going somewhere I'm worried about if I'm a star with that what page is that other star on I I got a team up with him we're gonna carry this team what page are we on that page you know the GM's and the exact they can't tell you that you know what I mean so you have to get a feel for that player and that's what players are doing now and like Dame said these guys see each other all the time like every player probably 70% of the NBA it's an LA during the summer right you know I mean so you're running to them at the grocery store you're playing pickup with them at UCLA you're seeing them out at restaurant you're seeing them at the club so that I mean that people are are definitely more around each other and more friendly nails so that's how things develop and if you're a star and I'm a star and we're on different teams and both of them kind of suck like let's go somewhere else right that man that's cool I think that's really cool though you know I mean that you can do it and that's what keeps the MBA so interesting now because people tuning your around it's okay you know we had a good regular season we had a great finals and a man here comes free agency now too and now we got to see what these free agency movement is gonna be like next year like I think the NBA is in a great place right now I mean let's keep it real there are fans that are more interested in the free agency and the transactions and they are the actual games you know and I was I remember I was talking with texting with Michael Jordan once about this and how and I asked him doing this was relatively recently this was within the last year and I asked him you know about what you said players being friendly and all that and were you friendly with the opponents you know and and and he was like nah really kinda you know I obviously I was cool with Oakley and and Berkeley and we had dinner once or twice but he was like for the most part no we we kept to ourselves and I said well I thought during the 92 Olympics when y'all were the dream team that everybody got you know closing and all that y'all were playing cards all night and he was like closer you know but not really close but you know you kind of kept at bay how much do you think a a you had to do it on it I think a you is huge and then social media from a standpoint you're just always getting to see people you know when you were in before the social media book so it was it was a huge huge difference it was a you you you met everyone kind of in within you probably two or three up in that right there you yeah we would see now it's just overwhelming in there that's a whole nother subject with her playing too many games but that's how you met guys you know what I mean and then you would kind of have to read about them in the magazines or you know something weird like that but now you're seeing these kids from junior high on TV through high school and now you're seeing them on social media and learning them and figuring them out so there are almost little walking stars before or you know some of them don't even make it but you know the ones that do or kind of stars you know Sally oughtta had a bigger following than Duke did as a whole you know to keep it real with this whole little fan base so you know these people almost built 10 stars by the time they get to where they're at so you know more about people than he did when Jordan like you would if you only had got to see people when you play them how can you really become friends if you're trying to go at them but you like I said in the summertime everyone is out here so I asked you in the first hour we talked about what was it like to play with a guy that was a superstar now let's take it to another level if like this summer we saw it with the Lakers okay LeBron now obviously he's very powerful how much he actually had to do with you know the trade talks I don't think it was involved in his trade talks but you know with the with the pelicans when they were trying to get ad but that was the perception and you heard remember when they were in Indiana and was the Brandon Ingram was at the free-throw line fans gonna trade you the now as a player not just a star on that team or not just that team but just any team when you've got superstars that you know have that type of power cannot change the dynamic when you're one of the role players but you know these guys not only are just the stars but they now have the power to maybe move guys around and things like that uh me personally it never crossed my mind because I just always went out there and play hard I was a role player you know so it's it's a different perception from a role player to a star but you know I played with a lot of great great players but my okay I've just always played hard you know so it never crossed my mind like okay Liv I don't want to mess up because he can have me traded type situation right you know but just it's just way different now you know like I said whether LeBron had that power or not that was perception and these are very young players you know I don't talk too bright so that's why you know I said it back wall when it was happening you know after that all-star break debacle whether he had a hand in her that it was over for that team because you just young players you know grew up looking like everything Rhonda said it's great I said that and it was just hard to recover from so that's why I said you know they had to make a move this summer because if they didn't him thinking you're bringing back players for a second time around like okay well we believe in you now I'm glad everything worked out the way it did and everyone's happy now but it's it's probably different because more than ever players have you know they're the the power so I wouldn't say I think would be less with the superstars moving themselves and having people off the team moved so to speak but stars have a lot of power do you like this era of player entitlement or I'm sorry not entitlement player empowerment and LeBron James crazy he said he's more than an athlete and he's kind of like a CEO in the league now and other players are taking suit buying into that Kawhi Leonard the latest example of that let's go to Dan in New York Dan you're on with Chris and Matt Chris Matt thanks for taking the call yeah III think that there's good and bad news obviously I never want to take away a person's right to live where they want and work where they want make the money that they want right that's all good and and and I think we all wish we had that kind of power with that said though none of the other major sports football baseball even hockey have a situation where for the most part anywhere from 16 to 20 teams in in the NBA probably have very little chance of winning a championship any time in the next decade and I don't know if that's good for this sport this year will be the first year in a long time where we're going into a season where there's actually probably six or seven teams I could win the title up until this year that has not been the case that's always been the case with basketball and it's probably because one player can have such an impact when it's two in their teams are smaller you know what I mean so one or two players make a bigger difference in basketball than they would do on a big football team or a big baseball team hockey is the same way you know what I mean there's so many players it takes to put a championship team together and basketball if you get to start or your five players are stars you're gonna have a better chance of winning because they're on the court and then I think too while there might be a lot of stars they're really probably less than ten guys that are gonna really could lead a team to a championship yeah I mean only if you have even proven it so far Kauai Steph Curry LeBron KD hasn't really yet proven it as far as you know having his own team I think this will work out good and I think fans will be happy if it continues to stay where okay two stars per team kind of situation you know so there is more period right if versus three or verses for it I mean you can't you can't really almost blame the words because they did it the right way indicate he just landed but I think people will be more happy well okay there's two stars there there's two stars there and you know respirable to detroit they have two stars now you know it's just a little bit like like the like the caller said I think more teams have some optimism you know going into the season no doubt let's go to Albert in Dallas Albert you're on with the odd couple what's up Kristen Matt I'm huge fans of the show thank you I've been accused Clippers fans down low so I just want to say Matt I'm really sorry for the season and I hope it went style but um as far as player empowerment I'm all for it when it comes to building a legacy and alissa itself apart because it's hard for you to get the name recognition when you just say all I just want to play ball schmudge do you say my own wing because no one remembers those players but the players to say I wanted to be do the lights and want the tiles won't be greater than my little bond James really so those of such a standard it's worth like we as a family really all of the ABVP things is that good let's see if we can really work to it but the dude the negative I do see Matt is that if they all just want to leave and she go to these big brand really just the value was healing Milwaukee or Portland it where it's like well I want to go to LA I don't want to go to box me more then it really like they look the little ther value whereas if they can continue being organization because everyone wants play for bigger organizations but it's not like it's a big problem because it's a Brooking contracts on if they can just jump immediately into a new team self and as always I think that Yanis I don't think he'll join any type of super team or even try to go to a bigger city and you know Dames not he's right you know he was I mean they're moving on yeah so there are still those players out there that are gonna go about it on their own let's go do the NBA connoisseur from the Bay Area all right that's what your mom named you for 40-plus years I think I've earned that okay okay we'll be the judge of that let's hear what you got to say Matt I've seen you out of just pro in the last several years but anyway let me get to my point I think that it's about time that the players have had the advantage or had the pendulum swing their way and be able to being able to determine where they want to play who they want to play with it for how long they want to play let's just face it it's economics if the owners were not making say what the guy who had to sell the Clippers he bought it for fifteen million sold it for two point 1 billion high if they weren't getting a return on their investment like that then they wouldn't be able to pay these players you know 140 190 220 million dollars for four or five years let's just be real about it now let me also give her a prediction to you guys if LeBron James plays 70 to 75 games this year he's going to be in the running for the MVP yeah I see the Bron coming out yeah yeah I see LeBron coming I have a big year especially after you know coming to LA I talked to him during the summer I saw him like maybe a month ago our kids at a used the same spot and I just said you know coming and playing in LA as a whole lot more in Gees basketball playing he looked at me like man I mean like he took a he took a beating this year you know some just some unjust but I really see him bouncing back you know he's been able to you know have a part in putting this team together and I see him playing on an MVP caliber this season so I definitely agree with you yeah yeah I think he should be in the running no question about it you

37 thoughts on “Chris Broussard – The Player Empowerment Era is LeBron's Legacy

  1. All I’m going to say is we want players to have the rights to do what they want but then that leaves a lot of teams and fans of those teams to be upset cause if these players are being buddy buddy and play with each then other teams and fans are losing out to where only a handful of teams are worth watching. With the duo’s is better than the trio’s cause now more teams are going to be able to show up and show out

  2. NBA coaches have become so marginalized these days. It’s basically star players running their teams now.

  3. Lebron may be credited for player empowerment, but he showed us how that power can ruin teams and competition.  Kawhi showed how to use that power to make the game better by eschewing a super team.

  4. They make all of these side achievements for LeBron because he’s come up short with titles compared to MJ, Kobe, Magic, etc. The media has to come up with ancillary ways to still say he’s better than those guys and they have to leave the court to do that because of his Finals failures while playing with more HOF prime players.

  5. LeBron isn’t a genius…he was just the best player on earth the moment players began making so much money that they could leave $50 million on the table to stack the deck in your favor. It didn’t take much brain power to build super teams the previous generations just couldn’t afford to leave so much money on the table at that time.

  6. Lebron’s legacy will include curing cancer, his handling of the Israeli/Palestinian peace treaty and eliminating world hunger if Broussard have anything to do with it.

  7. It's Rooooooooobbbbbb Par…. Wait?! Where's Rob Parker??? Fox didn't sneak and Espn'd Rob did they?

  8. Is Empowerment the New name of AAU Ball. Lebron used Maimi to get his Leacy on track. He used Cleveland the 2nd time to get back in the good graces of the people. He used the school he opened to grease the departure out of Cleveland. He using the Lakers for his Sh.ty ASS TV shows. I call that Lebron empowerment. Oh yeah, he needs to stop taking that rogerclemons juice before he gets caught and really mess up his empowerment.

  9. Recruiting is Lebron's legacy…..players could force trades and become free agents in the 90s but they didnt recruit players they COMPETED…. Magic Johnson is the greatest advocate and business man the league has ever seen… they wanna give Lebron extra credit for growing up in a single parent home.

  10. Owners, Adam Silver And Espn Hosts Wants The Players To Shut Up In Dribble Until They Want A Interview This Labor 99% Vs Owners 1% This About Freedom In Power

  11. If you blame lebron for starting superteams even though they always existed then you gotta credit him with players taking thier careers into thier own hands

  12. Owners and Teams allowed this to happen by letting players have their way and bow to their demands. Just stop doing it and don't pay them the ridiculous amount.

  13. MJ lost his best player; Kemba ’ due to free agency. So, there are pros and cons to this freedom. The smaller markets are the losers.

  14. I promote more NBA players from outside of US. They are just more appreciative for a job instead of this empowerment stuff

  15. That’s why he should never be in the NBA in the first place. Let’s just wait. The owners will trash the “ Queen”

  16. How does kawhi leonard signing with the Clippers prove that he didn't want to play with lebron!?!?!? uhhh. well he chose not to play with Lebron soo…..

  17. Nets broadcaster Ian Eagle was saying last year December that he had inside information that a big name NBA star facing upcoming free agency was secretly wanting to come play for Brooklyn. We now know that was Kyrie sending information through his agent.

  18. wrong again chris. lebron doesn’t do anything about this player movement.players now have more power and more demanding because they already have big money in the bank..

  19. It's weird to see how fox sports are praising LeBron where as Fox news is bashing LeBron. Hows it possible.

  20. People are lying about the 90's and MJ's era. It was the expansion team era and the change of salaries era. MJ was on a role player deal while being the best player in nba. It changes the competition if the best player has a small contract.
    Few team with great players that already signed long deals before the salaries got huge, dominated the nba. The jazz the bulls and few other with future hall of fame on small deals.
    The bulls even won 72 games once. It wasn't as competitive as people say.

  21. KD and Steph cancels each other out all the time for the past 3 years in mvp running but Bronsexuals be predicting LeBron just gonna win it now after he has AD? Let’s just rename it the LeBron James award.

  22. LeBron’s legacy will be that he had all the tools on his side such as built/control/era/competition to be the greatest to ever do it. But never had enough hunger because he’s constantly told by people like you he has nothing to prove and already put him as Goat. Instead he resorted to PEDs and chasing other stars to team up.

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