Chop It Up Podcast Episode 7 "Environmental Aspects" (Audio)

hey yeah baby it's the rock boss booth chop chop chopping it up reality sneaks podcast Thursday 101 it's going down I'm feeling real good today hope y'all had a amazing and incredible week because I know I am every week I set out to make progress every day I set out to make progress every day so far this year I've been accomplishing my goals see the big to pop those is when you write those you rarely think about or understand the challenges of those goals sometimes we just be hungry driven and motivated to go out and work towards those goals try to get to those goals but if you really can outline and think of everything that could possibly go wrong like you trying to achieve your goal I wonder if that would be our hunger and make us more driven to develop the sense of urgency that it takes then the sacrifice that it takes to really go after our goals in life I know that's what I do I pledge to not be distracted deterred or even knocked off my focus within a second this year and every year to come because I know in order for me to be billionaire is don't take those huge sacrifice that I was telling people had to most human beings is inhumane you don't most people can't even comprehend and calculate the sacrifices and procedures the lifestyle and the culture behind what it takes to get a billion dollars out of this world and how love the teens the incredible tea you've got to put together and how you got to go at it every day every second of your life all of us to obtain but it's that important because it comes with so much power and so much responsibility and you in a position to help so many people if you can reach that goal that I know that that's on the top of my bucket list I have to get a billion dollars before I leave this urgent and I'll try to put an ounce of fear or doubt in my heart and hit my spirit I'm already a billionaire I'm painting before I just didn't know it I wasn't responsible enough to keep investing and keep going after but I've stayed some money in this world that I wish I could have back right now but I definitely appreciate everybody that I know is too did he even though I honestly haven't even released it to the world all up as they start coming on and dropped it once our premiere I know I'm about to change atmospheres everywhere I go but I can't wait to get the feedback in the comments like that either the drop in the controversy to be the disposition of this forum is no cause but this is the message God wants to deliver and I'm the message I deliver them do it's not just in music and movies but just the whole aspect of entertainment gives me the platform to change lives and that's what I had intended to do about 40 years beers from this earth 30-plus years being in his entertainment and music game wasn't him it wasn't in vain we got meaning behind it it's a perfect system reason I still got ghosts and I'm still waking up to achieve them every day so the feeling that's been good you know as I become more confident become more open to giving my life to the public and putting myself in a position to be critique ridicule Haiti you know or admired honors and presence you know so eat the one I'm already spiritually mentally and physically prepared for whatever this energy causes in life I hope more so than anything like I said I'm trying to find my team cuz me saying I'm about to get a billion dollars donut means it's gonna say jalan capone seagulls net worth is a billion dollars my network might be only 300 or 400 million because that other 5-6 went towards feeding my people feeding my team and those who believed in me when I didn't have a fucking car I slept in a car and a blizzard and motherfuckers was calling a praying fucker or blow on my page up saying we wish you was here in our state we will help those the motherfuckers that aren't happy that's a part of my Empire there we go he is so lovely it's so good come on this podcast by way of series by movies my music videos to dr. batteries everything is just our all-star connected Empress models don't go from being this underground stereotype vision to a worldwide international corporation that's gonna bring back the sophistication the honorable desirable and respectful woman because we should have abundance of choices of how many great women he is walking this earth and this sad at least here Detroit Michigan born and raised I would get to see them and I'm upset about them but the is wasted good talented loved and years and gifts from God from me as a man who could leader stand as a king that I should be providing that in a family setting to a great extraordinary woman that it's not speak life into me and that when make me better and become even stronger than wise or even better man what man that's a lot right not wouldn't be up there cuz that's the only way we get complete and I know it's a woman out here that's on that level that God wanted to cut this it's been life into these already got so much work she go cubby they had credible texted edge Biya to stratosphere somewhere and who knows like I said disturbia a billion-dollar international show one day it's many positions many places I can feed and give back to the world through this because all I'm doing is open in my heart my life my spirit my mind and giving it to the world so in return like I said it would get that energy that undeniable undestructible positive energy that over bears the evil and the negativity in this world would boom the change to the atmosphere and now we can all civilize split a piece of this pie in this world and we can give pieces of the world to each other every day like we should but we don't get into something happy today trust me it don't stop I'm on the roll this is chop it up reality speaks I am the mayor of moguls rock boss Siegel Capone Zara's entertainment DMA films prestiges I photography I'd be back chop chop chop it up ladies record as frequently as possible to talk to Al you calling me bitch tired of him you wanna meet me on the beach swim breathing lip talking to me about things that he never beat never do lazy shit like lady shit laying up playing games and shit hard and shit I let it hit the weed hold her head make a lap tell her that I understand she's trying to feel like she'll be free again she ain't got time for facing man to other big house in the cup for him since she can't neither is he doing that with him because my say he only focused on Tim's baby I ain't got no kids but she do got dreams in the night with him just wanna hang all night with me but she knows she got to go back to hell talk to a.m. on the beaches to have a swim we met up on the beaches to have a swim song 2 a.m. we met up on the beaches to have a swim talk to him up on the beaches to have swim to call the meet Chris Kyle Toto to a.m. we met her on the beaches to have a swim pillow talk to him you calling me bitch tired of him we met up on the beach to have a swim you got up on the beaches to have a swim yeah make way for the bad guy this said oh hello hello hello alpha wolf records [Applause] then they finish they just use your product good a father was a dancer Oh as the chili was a problem with my beer sill my shoes your product a father would they bear self I was feeling whew up there I was dealing with this is your product equality we finish with could a father with a dancer I was dealing with my women cutting follow with a dance he'll I'm a natural-born US I've been gettin money sister youngster service over the top with it I was soon them under running through the buzz hit the bar cash I run it through the clouds running through the house she'll be on the casting and niggas today frost I ain't axe to be flying but blaming gave me that shows I seeked it to the Fastlane oh my pock see her some sort of morning never stop it to the cash pain my conscious telling me nigga you want a chair daddy nigga but I'm paying for my mail know your bills on the flip side I still gotta watch my circle be the niggas closest to you who'd be platinum IQ they swear the guys are money they made you change but it's not you the spin will all remain the same you feel me make money don't let it me see I was taught to take the streets before they take me so addicted like a hot it never goes away now you're hooked and hope to never have a storm a day ain't no feeling like waking up in the morning bad for our next to you while you're yawning the helmet you lookin out in your blender like damn it's what my life is Brian I sleep like fuck with the price is reminiscing on my days I was struggling stuck couldn't figure it out listen I was playin here all of these niggas I hang around with broke with knowing bitch and living those around 6 I was searching for my niche and I found e now fly like I don't know what the town is but I still gotta box myself will be the niggas closest thing you've always plan and write you this for the guys one even made you change but it's not you December I'll remain the same you feel me I was taught to take the streets before they take me to say you can't enjoy the fruits of your labor a jealous nature make a hater fight of reason the Haitian talked about you when you move far away we're safer surrounded by rich people at your neighbor's damn and I live it I happen to downgrade my life cuz I've been grounded for years and not invade the fries fuck that I'm a bar high waterfall plus only fig God nigga I swear honey and I still gotta watch myself is stay strapped cuz these niggas wanna stop my help block my wealth ain't paranoid I'm cautious on some bullshit homie i'ma get it regardless I was taught to paint the streets before they take me Oh yes why does it hurt so bad but as it are so bad shut up Chuck chopping it up it's the rock boss Segal Capone back up their hair podcast artists man I'm gonna just take a moment of silence for the six seven or however many females and isn't right now I'm not trying to really even follow it or get too caught up in you because I kind of get depressed and real sad hearted because you know first of all I want to send apologies and try to speak for me and when I say that like I said in the previous podcast we responsible for taming ourselves we not only responsible for leading and carrying the weight of the world but we don't have nothing ahead of us more dominant than us but us that's why it's important to develop community and a brotherhood and an atmosphere where all kings can stand together and we can invite and inspire and lead you children because a real king is capable of leading me in hand children you know so I just feel like it's just saying how we ruined women for generations all while still giving them more and more power more and more knowledge more and more leeway to come up in the world and now decades and centuries later this role reversal is taking place or it is almost completely took place to where men aren't in the household no more women are more powerful running the world doing things that men should be doing and men are doing things that women should be doing or net by nature it was ordered to be doing so this is crazy just in the world that we live in especially when you're in your proper position right now right steered right body straight King all the way through and through so I can only be 300 in it continue to be Who I am against the rest of the world that chooses to see believe or even understand life in a whole different spectrum than what it was supposed to be so I said I just apologize to women for what we've done to bring y'all to this point of being so savage but it still happening to where women are me and being killed everyday and you know it's just really a dark cloud over our city that's already in ruins and one of the worst places in our country to be think about that for a minute every week for the past month or so or two three months because I said I'm in and out waiting and trying to keep it on my mind on my spirit my heart that women are being found be murdered in different parts of the city and it's an ongoing thing that to me is not just a coincidence I do feel like Detroit is capable and property has produced plenty of serial killers in the world period it's a violent corrupted poison mind set type of environment to be and it's in me and women and children now but women are still taking the fall for it and it's just sad when every day you turn on China to turn in China for China seven or you pop on Facebook or something and you see it come across the time line across your screen and is saying another woman has been found badly beaten to death or shot or stabbed over you know and this it's just sad why just to imagine that my kids I got two grown daughters now they in danger everywhere they go rather they going today job they going to the store they driving around the go to a party anywhere they are in danger and I try to stress to them everyday that it's right on your blocking you don't even know it could be anywhere women are getting found every single day every week and it needs to stop is terrible when I just need everybody to take time out even beyond the show or whatever else I'm trying to talk about right now and just pray for these women and I hope y'all find a way to put safety first stop being in public intoxicated so savage with which are my friend the things that you are doing where you're not as dominant isn't as strong as me and when they snapped and used a temporary and they doing these harmful dangerous and deadly things to y'all like that so you know my heart goes out to you and then another thing that got me in versus women or big celebration our country now it's the whole abortion than me being a father six all my kids was reduced from relationships that I had my heart and my love involved for over two years or more so I don't know what it feels like to just make a mistake and I just had a baby with somebody that I never cared about all my kids was produced from love with my last one actually born in but and I will just say that a responsible parent is one who don't think impossibly on today but as being a parent for the longevity which is life you know when that child was wrong your steel repaired this steel don't be times where that relationship comes into play is testy and it's by the water important to one or both of your man you will always still have to provide protection and love for your child so I think it's selfish for any of the reason young love and the ability to care and provide your child that a child is even bought into this world women know don't know who the daddy is you know if they give rain or incest and stuff like that I feel like they shall have them right and then he is a woman's choice because she can dive was taking her body has taken her life is taken everything from her to produce his child she should have the right to decide and where if and how regardless to end in on top of that I think it's selfish if you bring kids into this world knowing you can't provide or you just wanted to have a baby because you thought it would strengthen the relationship and all these other stupid reasons that people come from Hana to be their truth as to why you're producing life out here in some of the worst environments you can possibly think of without having the two most of mine said sources to be a quality pair and then they wonder why we grow up and we make the same poor decisions that keeps the circle and keeps us oppress and keeps its down because I could have been chasing a lot of my dreams long time ago and properly accomplished if I didn't have so many genius early but the prose was that they probably saved my life it's the greatest love I've ever known and felt and it leaves my legacy for generations to come because Siegel is a real Empire in that it's not just me it's at least six more read out here my face my likeness my DNA so that's a giftedness a beautiful thing and nobody on this earth will ever talk down make me feel ashamed of bears or anything and for any of the man or woman that are producing life and multiplying the earth God loves you for that and if God stands with you who could stand against 300 so I think the quality of life and them trying to put stipulations on abortion and getting rid of a baby that has a heartbeat after weeks or something it's a great strong point when you think of it from the rules of God every child does deserve to be born and God DSA punished dark and if we all just lean on his understanding instead of our eye we wouldn't need to be worried struggling and going through things as causing us not to be quality parents in the first place so um I wouldn't say I'm on the fence witty because like I said if it was a rape case incest like the understanded or you just really really not mentally or in financial straits where you can't provide then it becomes a quality decision to not have to put this lifetime responsibility on yourself and you know that you're not equipped to even understand how you can even accomplish the job in the first ones but for those that just recklessly have unprotected sex and just keep pregnant and get pregnant and get rid of it and get rid of it then yes something do need to be done to stop women from being able to do that but it's just like anything in life if you take it in moderation and we find that balance and always come to the understanding of ground zero and how important the weeks to go foundation is we get along better in a be less war conflict and debates over things and we have learned to just accept everybody for who they are because this is the land of the free remember we got the choice to do what we want to do or do we chop it up with a little speed that's all I'm saying we've got to get back to your couple more segments and I'll keep the show rolling it's NBA Finals time the Warriors will bring home that three-peat with or without KD I hope he stay I think they could get six or seven on them at lease if he just finishes career we go to state and who cares about what the rest of the league because the object of life and the game and the sport and the thrill is to win you want to go in and knock your competition out every time who gets tired of winning some thug dubs up the Warriors game won tonight so I actually tagged me in on the podcast orally so I can just be our Lin this is the moment I've been waiting for and I think they go on against the best team possible and KD and cried until KD got hurt was showing that they are the number one and number two players in the league I wouldn't mass in the boat stay where they it and just develop it in a careers and they legacy from that because they've proved and they could be winners and I think it's great for competition and boy if you put them together they sneak around on the same team that's here Kauai and KD with anybody else it's gonna be a problem so you know I'm all-in and like I said it I got a heavy heart but at the same time I'm feeling real good so I feel like I'm gonna change all this atmosphere ya'll say to chop it up reality speaks [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it's always the dumbass – you always the dumbass last they slide snow dude I'm all about that bread if you didn't know didn't lose the wine got a problem saying bad – it yo homies ain't no bitch no they was wrong about women oh they'll know no bitch he's in a different breathing niggas niggas respecting niggas that's cooking in the kitchen [Applause] fuck I'm a fuck niggas talkin about a strength in numbers no wonder our whole squad drunks hell I'm still trying to think we bout enough it by Hennessey and see damn he got me out here a while and I'm everywhere there's a wide road you bullshit nigga call a ho think I give a fuck nigga ain't so but fuck these cops fuck this block I go done with this look like liquor got me feelin like to pad revolver next to my tool sucks blowing the war at least like the cons like fucking think I don't wanna start this continuation from last night we got a redeem it was a bad price stole start another fire this time grab a low half pay I'm gonna drink this I live life we go hard like a night I'm drunk driving drunk driving but I've asked you not to I'm gonna drink blue I'm cruising farewell bye stand well I hope I don't lose I'm bottle fear like baby sees next bottle gotta be we just had a couple porkchops be smashing a guy like let's take these shots to walk grade in fucking we gonna die for some I be mad if I die snut fucking butter liquor all in my stomach I throw it all up tomorrow morning then drink again I'm a drunk nigga keep alcohol in my trunk nigga I don't even take that sobriety test I already know I'm gonna flunk me right through the hood with ADHD know what something might happen that's why I brought this mag out and I'm sloppy drunk I ain't scrapping know my didn't sail I'm a bad captain this real life I ain't accident son the teacher son named bragging I woke up after I crashed it is a car wreck my brain Rick fuck around and run into a train said I already want a cup another spider and he even gave me my change it I'm drunk nigga I'm fucked I'm fucked up we get fucked up cuz I gonna hit the car Chuck Chuck Chuck chopping it up it's the rock boss Segal Capone you are tuned in to chop it up reality speaks podcast Thursday and this is the part where I let y'all know this shit I don't like yeah exposing the fraudulent exposing the fraudulent shit I don't like we don't talk about to type of people to death personally being the bandwagon motherfucker when you just want to write the bandwagon you ain't there from the beginning to the end Jim shooting the shots but you expect everything to come to you at the head well you see everybody else too got all the grinded all the way to the end now you come trail and try to jump on the ticket right click and get a free ride ok fuck with people like this that's that's that fake-ass lazy ass leeches mooches shit and we got a lot of those people here in Detroit they're just Rancho pi2 yo shit fall apart and then they go jump on somebody else's bandwagon wasting your time especially when I give raps and hands up down to somebody it should be nothing but honor and somebody who gives freely from the heart and if I don't make you work for it or early from me and I just feel for whatever I'm compelled that you deserve the opportunity and I'm handing it to you and you should be willing to put in forth the effort to carry on the tradition carry on and make the the giver asset to use it share back do something but you've got a lot of selfish people to in the world that just take take take because all they do is just what it takes you so when you a bandwagon type of person and you just take it from people and you can never give back those two people we need to had a big world filter on let them fall through the cracks because if you ain't willing to put forth the effort you and you don't deserve shit out of life you got to get a break hell are molding your own barrier to get where you need to be person number two is the non supporters the bump funder to see you consecutively out here putting forth the effort and they might be in a position or got some knowledge that can help you and they just hold that shit in they won't even offer you to opportunity like I said when it comes time for you to be to give her you got to give back some time too you can't just always take and I think the worst thing is what you build this up you you tried to get to the finished product and motherfuckers think you've made it somewhere just because things starting to look a little better oh I got a secure miss a spot right quick and I got a make sure I've eaten off that plate instead of just praising it honor the for building the plate and it's starting to look like it might be going somewhere continue to support if you go support and if you don't be an arse of water move the fuck out the way you know that's that's how I look at that it's people like I said in your own household on your blockage Oh John part of your company that snake you in the and really don't support you they just bandwagon all fuckers we got a wheat they ass out like I said because they saw enough to progress or eventually that because the greedy motherfucker that's never satisfied and want to take take more and more from you which is slowing you down and keeping us from getting to that building so all my true supporters that's donating that's car men like and sharing feedback by the music came wait for the shoulders drop that really support me three hundred the uh when I fuck with trough of rip chop it up reality speaks you ain't got last week you ain't got lad with you ain't gonna let you doing a laugh Ewing and left hey you ain't gotta let it touch you again you ain't got a lot of hustling you ain't got a lot of buff I'm doing a lot Carol I don't eat peaches our allies like cute games and flatlined I'm bout to blow like a vampire I fade the truth in that salt bags dopamine bitch with a carfax I got a chance with Mikey Vance I'm polka honking damn she's gonna buy some James bitch c2c she's killing drunk fuck just lots of weeds he lied known his beat he never hit her she lied on her pussy fuck the lot of niggas do it live know you feeling feeling you roll my hips declare I'm making dumb bitches if you wait talking money I can't even hear you nigga you ain't got spin you can learn with you again we gotta let you in left you ain't got a lot of fuck you ain't got a lot of husky you ain't got a lot of up gonna let you ain't goin broke my knee trying to fall but no competition I cut you off at the circumcision how you talk to shit with no pasta pants and ain't cooking though when I'm in the kitchen I'm a new ways now I'm Kyle chicken that dick talk hit you long distance got some real shooter sent down the prison I see some daylight maybe they jealous they ain't into spies I don't know why one minute they let me there halo the rise I just get van stones so fuck what you saying homie I'd be minding my business I felt awake so why would you round don't lie you ain't working bitches messy they lurk in my circle tell you like a virgin you ain't got a lotta know your purpose I'm cut from a different cloth I can never follow the game you got lucky you ain't got you ain't got Ladd with you ain't gonna like doing a left-winger let you in your left but you ain't got a lot of touchin you ain't got a lot of fuck you ain't got a lot of husk you ain't got a lot of bump you ain't gonna let you ain't gonna let you in I let you ain't got like you a lot hey hey hey for real [Laughter] okay – potato sack thin slices no I put Franklin aside row hang inside that cinnamon roll is that they know I Spit flows outside of be second though on the outside I see my gummy from her mouth wash it Kosovo Outsiders Jellico sideways they burn the place sideways food wash your brain sideways in this way is how I like to beat my face or upside run like eight bucks I'd stay up the day upside she can throw the legs TLC I drop a big downfall this all y'all down gravy from Hideo ball let's get down to business see these kittens this y'all turn around change ups and strike the curve mofo running pants our first day running through West in the first place she gonna tell they'd like his Marty more on stage first day the bank first Oh [Applause] [Applause] you know flashes like a bottle like I said you only DUI two-timer fuck the police we ran slow whoa listen in the hokies from the west coast tipping up by oh eh I'm only twenty-something feeling like a ho chi socks brand-new got me feeling so fresh say your audios got me so so still fill up where's puppet where the fees they got the drinks my nigga not wearing a weed so much cost on the trees where they're green they're already were too lean you tryna me and my dog came in the way and straight to its nest yeah no faster drink my nigger here you go dog Pasteurella my nigga let's get blowed off through the hood all day that's how we roll dog eyes hell just be on my Road dog that's a train my nigga you go dog that's the rubble my nigga dog so we let a mere every kill curve I see a now it's time to cop here next with the snow we pants gonna stop being a snap Bombay when you wear hose don't pout chin when pussy feelin bossy so we busted through the park own I wanna see us to quickly do our pennies off the trustor bug woody get my switch honest to god I feel like Sallie Mae because my body full of Medicine this dish make a nigga feel intelligent think I know what time equates of all the elements or maybe cuz I'm di a– for Edison or maybe because I'm driving in a pattern later I'm fuckin fuck the clock read through T we can wake up tomorrow and do it all again chuk chuk chopping it up reality speaks it's the rock boss seagull coupons back up in here podcast like I said it's going down I'm feeling real real real good right now I think it's gonna really spill over into some of the things I just wanted to touch on in this topic for the night which is you know just identifying with some of the environmental some of the environmental aspects of life success of business because we got understand first and foremost it as business owners you have to understand your target audience the demographic of everything that you brand and where you putting it out that's what develops the market that increases or decreases your profit because you know it first starts off we how much do you understand where you live affects your mindset the type of people you involve yourself with or you're around like your workplace is supposed to be this team effort this team environment but how many of y'all then been in situations where it will steal every man for himself even though you supposed to be on the same team and to me that's kind of where the family didn't trickle and you know they took identity of that same type of thing where you automatically born to this team but as you grow and in today's world we see a lot of families broke apart and separated and it's every man for himself you know see family bonding together and pulling together to make sure this one right then make sure that one right like we used to is sad this real said you know we don't had a type of environment built around that we raisin as a tradition for our kids to come up and become better and carry it on you know so kids is wanting to be out on my own quicker because they haven't been raised in a foundation that togetherness you know and this is crazy because like I said as the years passed by and the different situations go on it affects your mindset by the environment and the vibe and the energy that we build up around each other you know so you have to understand how important that is to every part of your life your environment is starts at home your neighborhood your community your city you know then is your state your country the world you know so imagine if you surrounded by misery every day all day nothing there to inspire nobody telling you you gonna make it you cannot help you or you know if you ever been in that situation or if you going through it right now just really anxious of those questioners like who is there to become that or trying to be that in your life and if you don't have none of that positive vibe positive energy surrounding immediately every day you get up or you go to work or you're doing yo daily activity then it's vital that you should start identifying with that and try you know best to move into a spot where you can change that because this is not cool to be that only person that gives off a positive vibe no more than it would be for the only person giving off the negative vibe so to be surrounded by a place where you don't feel growth you don't feel inspired you don't feel loved you don't feel companionship you don't feel the fruitful parts of life that involves spirituality more than just mind and body that you need in order to have a beautiful quality of life that should be the foundation of how you build your life then work and business are the other stuff that you add into life so your environment is important you have to get into a spot you know I believe so that's why it's hard being from Detroit Michigan with me because it's not a lot of inspiring people that give off that good vibe and that that motivation that you need like I said in order to better the quality of your life what I really don't understand is if you in misery or a bad place how do you become content with the struggle and don't do nothing about it like imma just wake up and live in misery live around uninspired dead in the spirit people every day of my life and I'm just content with Hiro I'm reppin my city leaving my hood up and die for this it ain't even worth dying for you know and you just don't give up yo one gift and spin around life when this whole world was out here to be explored and you can change and move into a whole different climate a whole different atmosphere a whole different time zone and you don't know nothing in life until you experience it so just the potential of how much better life could be don't inspire you to keep moving until you get exactly what you want out of it my or you know like relationships lock a lot of people down to you and they've become this miserable thing that sucks the life out of you every day and people just attached to you so hard and won't let you go and they expect you to just be content with the struggle and never do nothing about it and it's sad when it ends and violence and the ends and death all the traumatic drama that we pulled out of each other from relationships from starting with the mindset of getting up every day building and helping that environment grow and flourish around you and everybody else that comes in contact with you or you just allow it to continue died and coming poison it instead of changing it you just let it consume you and everything around you and that's that's a real messed up position to just decide to be like I couldn't do it I wouldn't do it I understand why people do it you cannot never become continued with the struggle and that's why we got to start breaking our minds out of these 95% thoughts and get into the 5% thoughts where we want ownership we want control of our life again and we willing to better our break the most to better ourselves as long as we do that and always continue to go back to the beginning and understand the energy and the spirituality aspect of life then we will understand our environment and nature and how this energy is transferred and becomes quality and we become responsible enough to use these powers that God gifted us with to make the world better I'm building something you know so that's what I wanted to touch on it's just being in a great place right now in my mindset first you know because I know that my environment affects my mindset in a lot of ways so since I'm not in the best environment I have to combat that with my spirit and with my body every day to train my mindset to stay focused on where I moved the positive direction which will lead to my next place of being which is a more positive environment that's all I'm accepting in my life peace of mind peace of body peace of soul and I can change atmospheres everywhere I go based on the message the energy the love that God gave and put me on a mission to deliver through everything that I'm doing chop it up reality speaks

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