Chiriakhana | চিড়িয়াখানা | National Award Winning Movie | English Subtitle | Uttam Kumar

Hello. Byomkesh Bakshi speaking. Which number are you trying to connect? No. It’s wrong number. What can we name him? You are busy with it again? Either throw him out or we’ll
have to shift it to some other place. Or someone will lose his life. Snake is a strange creature. You can blame anyone of
being spineless but not snakes. It’s all spine. Basuki (snake). Dundhubi (snake). The way your cases have dried up.. ..I’ve decided to start writing a romantic novel instead of
Byomkesh diaries. It won’t help.
– What do you mean? You won’t be able to? You just need to know the craft. Pure love is fake. Why are you so cynical? Analyze it and you’ll
find my words to be true. Jealousy, suspicion, small lies,
deception is bound to be there. There can’t be
relationships without them. It may not be true for every relation. No. No. In today’s
world that’s the norm. True love may be possible in Mars. But, that won’t help your novel.
It’ll sound silly. For example the Shakespearean plays. There’s no play without murder. How many deaths do you see in ‘Hamlet’? At least four. Take the example of Rabindranath Tagore. Let’s start with ‘Chokher Bali’. There can’t be novels
without illicit relationships. What do you say, Ajit? Is there any? I was planning to write
a simple love story but you.. Well, it’s very important
for the literature to be complex. Why only literature? You also.. Thank God! Let’s welcome the client. Mr. Bakshi?
– Yes. Come in. greetings. Let me introduce him.
He’s my friend Mr. Ajit Chakraborty. What’s up? Let me help you.
– Thank you. How about a coffee?
– Coffee? Not bad. He?
– He stays with me. Oh, I see. Well, get black coffee
for me without sugar. Ok? – Yes. Thanks.
– Have a seat. Have a seat. Plastic. With my compliments. Wonderful! Thank you. Golap Colony.
Don’t you’ve a stall in new Market? I’ve not one but two
stalls there. Thanks. One sells flowers and the
other one sells dairy products. – Oh! Is this your colony?
– Yes. The bungalow that
you see is my bungalow. The houses that you see
around it houses inmates. Inmates? Is it something
like an ashram (Rehabilitation)? Somewhat. But, they are not sages.
– I see. Except the gardener all
of them belong to a decent family. But, they are special in their way.
– Like what? Either they’ve physical defects,
some of them. Or they’ve done something for
which they won’t get shelter elsewhere. Criminals? And social outcastes. Help yourself. But. isn’t it risky for you? Actually Mr. Byomkesh, you can
consider it a repentance from my side. Repentance? Look, during the 12
years that I was a judge.. ..I gave death sentence to 22 people. I’ve 57 years old right now. I suffered a mild
stroke at the age of 47. After that I retired from service. After retirement I started repenting. A feeling of doubt. I started doubting
the basic structure of law. After all, I’m a human being. What right do I’ve to end the
existence of another fellow human? You can term it as my weakness. But.. Well, I understand. The people whom you once
condemned are getting rehabilitated. Right? What’s wrong f they get redemption? After all,
they are living in a beautiful locality. A garden of roses. What else can be more
beautiful than a rose? But, roses also have thorns. You are here to talk
about the thorns. Right? Not quite. Mr. Byomkesh, will you
come and have a look at my place? You don’t seem to be busy.
– You are right. Then come and spend some time there. You’ll like it. After all it’s a new experiment. Ajit, what do you say?
– I’m always ready. But not always. His wife is in Ghatshila at the moment.
– I see. You are a bachelor.
– Yes. I suggest you come tomorrow. There’ a convenient
train from Sealdah at 8:35. My coachman Muskil Miaan
will be at the station. Muskil Miaan will be at
the station with the carriage. You won’t have any problem. Did you come here to invite us? Do you watch Bengali films?
– Not much. I hope you are interested in music.
– Yes, I am. But, I’m not interested
in modern Bengali songs. I’m not talking about
modern Bengali songs. Have you ever heard the song.. ‘Bhalobasar Tumi Ki Jano?’
(what do you know about love?) ‘Bhalobasar Tumi Ki Jano?’ I heard this song around seven
years back in some Bengali film. Which film was it? who produced it? When was it produced? Who sang that song? I wish to know the answers
to the above questions. Well.. did you call the
office of any film magazine? No.. that’s because I
want that the work is done by.. Me?
– Yes. Ok.
– Good. Well.. were you ever in Lucknow? Oh I see! It shows that I’ve
come to the right person. Here you go.
– Thank you. What’s this? You are so smart.
Didn’t you get what it’s for? Oh! Now I know.
– Advance. Ok, Dr. Watson. Goodbye.
– Goodbye. I’m meeting both of you tomorrow.
– Yes. Goodbye.
– Goodbye. By the way,
you are used to disguises. Right? Your inmates may recognize me? Ok. No one will recognize me. What happened? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 10 rupees extra. How do you know he paid extra? No one pays sixty. They pay either 50 or 40. If anyone pays more than
50 then they usually pay 75. But, not 60.
– Forget it. He is a rich man. 10 rupees doesn’t make
any difference to him. What do you think? Well, you had a friend
who was screenplay writer. Indu?
– Yes. Call him. Tell him to get
an appointment with Ramen Mallik. Ramen Mallik of Beleghta.
– The encyclopedia of cinema. Welcome. Welcome. I’m Ramen Mallik. Welcome. You are the famous seeker of truth. He is..
– He is your aide. He is my friend Ajit Chakroborty.
– That’s the same thing. That’s the same thing. Come in. Don’t hesitate. All great men have their aides.
I too have some. Is he..
– Yes, he is the one. Please leave now.
I want to talk to them. Have a seta. Be seated, Mr. Ajit. Conium Maculatum 30.
I hope you remember? Yes. I’ve written it down. Go straight to King Corporate. Do you also practice homeopathy? Do I need to give a list of what I do? Giridhari.
– Sir! It’ll take a whole night
if I start talking about myself. I came to you for help. First tell me what will you have? What will you have?
– Anything that you have. I hope you don’t have problem
with anything. – I don’t but.. Yogurt drink? Giridhari, get two whiskey and soda. Get chilled lassi
for him in a big glass. You are a detective right? Private eye. What method do you follow? Berdio? FBI? Goblianear? Which one? No.. I follow my own methods.. Are your investigations
based on finger prints or cranium. Well, my investigation is
based on evidence and observation. One who smokes cigar has
nicotine stains on his finger. You should also taken up
the profession of a detective. How can I help you? I want some information
about a ‘gaan’ (song). Gun?
– No music. Music?
– Yes. Which song? I’ll definitely help
you if I know anything. ‘Bhalobasar Tumi Ki Jano’.
This is the song. 1958. This song was sung by
the character of Kamala Mani.. G K Productions ‘Bishbriksha’. No payback singer was used.
The actress sang this song. Anything else? The name of the heroine was..
– Sunetra. Sunaina. Yes. That’s right. This was her first and last film.
– Yes.. there was some problem.. Dutta Das and Company.
– Jewelers. Murari was the son of Dutta family. He was murdered.
– Stabbed. Yes. Stabbed. Yes. Yes.
A warrant was issued in the girl’s name. But, nothing happened. Now I remember. Even if you remember it,
you won’t remember everything.. ..because you don’t know everything. Murari was my friend.
– Oh! He was a nice person. He had some vices
like alcohol and woman. Many people have such vices. One day he went to
the sets of ‘Bishbriksha’. He saw Sunaina there. He was head over heels in love with her. What happened after that?
– Well, what usually happens. He didn’t pay heed to anything. He was after me day and night. Chains, necklaces, bracelets, bangles..
– What? He gifted her everything. There was a room behind the shop. A nice room for chatting. They would drink and enjoy music there. I would also go there some times. One day Murari brought her there. That’s all.
I stopped going there from that day. He was killed. What was the motive? Money. 20,000 rupees went missing. From where?
– The safe in that room. But, why was a warrant issued
in the name of Ms. Sunaina? Because she was in that room that night.
– Oh! So, the police knew it. Did you inform them? I thought of helping my
dead friend by doing by duty. But, it didn’t help. All efforts were in vain. What was your impression about the girl? She is an extremely talented actress. She has great sex appeal. We didn’t know anything about her. Which family she belonged to,
where she came from.. ..what was her background
and foreground I knew nothing. So, I didn’t proceed with her. So, you had also fallen for her? Anyone would’ve. Even you. Then you would know
what’s falling in love is. Mr. Ramen, we’ll leave now.
Thanks a lot. Shall I ask something? Sure.
– What’s the matter? Matter? I can’t disclose it right now
as it’s against my profession’s rules. I’ll tell you later. Bye.
– Ok. Hello. No. I’ll give the phone to him. Please hold on. Byomkesh. Byomkesh.
– What is it? There’s a call for you. Who is it?
– Mr. Sen. Hello, Mr. Sen. Good morning. We’ll start within half an hour. What? Japanese. Horticulturist. Name, Okha Khura. He doesn’t know English. He’ll have an interpreter with him.
A Bengali man. Is he Japanese?
– Yes. I had a business in Okohoma. I was in Japan for seven years. His ear is blocked.
– Oh I see! He came by flight. His ears
were affected during the flight landing. I was saying that his
country is very beautiful. Are you going to the colony?
– Yes. Muskil! You?
– I’m Rasiklal. I work for them. Photo. Photo. He wants to click your photo. My photo? Ok. Take one. Come. Come. Greetings, sir. Just a minute. Are you going to Chiriakhana (zoo)? No. No. We are going to Golap Colony.
– It’s the same thing. The place that you call
Golap colony is zoo for us. Will you have tea?
– No. No. No?
– No. Is he Chinese?
– No. Japanese. It’s the same thing.
Come. Come. Why did he wish to visit the zoo? Do you think that it’s
a place not worth visiting? Yes, there is.
Well, why should I bother? I eat, drink and drive. I told sir to sell the
old horse and buy a car. Do you know what h said? He said.. he doesn’t have money. Why? doesn’t he earn
enough from the colony? Yes. Yes. Why not ? There’s a saying that excess
profits always enjoyed by others. Welcome to Golap Colony Mr.
Okha Khura. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Come and take rest in my cottage. After that we shall
go around the colony. Come in. The place is very beautiful.
– Thank you. I think you like it. Come. It’s the season when roses are in bloom. You’ll like the place. He’s saying that the
place is very beautiful. Oh! Thank you. Thank you. He is my nephew Bijoy. Bijoy.
– Bijoy. Photo.
– Alright. Shall I stay back?
– Yes. Wait for some time. Take them around. Please come in. Hang on. Do you hear me? Wonderful get up. The song was sung by a
new actress named Ms. Sunaina.. the film ‘Bishbriskha’. The woman was a murder suspect. A warrant was issued in her name. But, she escaped. How much did you pay that day? How much did you pay me that day?
– 50. You gave me 10 rupees extra.
– Oh I see! She Is my wife. Dr. Okha Khura and Mr. Chatterjee. Photo. What about the juice? It’ll be better if we
have it after we come back. Come. Come. There’s the kitchen
together with the canteen. My wife manages it. Who is that woman?
– Nazar Biwi. The second wife of Muskil. She is in charge of the cattle. These are our cows. Holy cow. Holy cow. Shall we go? Braja Das. He was my clerk. He stole my money
for which he was jailed. He came back to me
after he became a Vaishnav. He is the vet of the cows. Photo. Come. How are you, Panu? I think he wants to
get his photo clicked. Come. Panu has hearing and speech defect. He takes care of the cows. This is the house
of Muskil and his wife. You’ve met the person
who stays there at the station. Rashid who has one hand. He talks care of my dairy
products shop in New Market. Nepal, are you at home? Nepal! What’s the matter? We’ve a visitor from Japan.
– So what? He is an expert just like you. So, he wants to meet you. Come in if you wish to.
I won’t wear a shirt. He is Prof. Nepal Gupta. Soil expert. Soil expert.
– Mr. Okha Khura. Horticulturist. That’s ok. I thought you hired
a detective to solve the mystery.. ,..of the missing motor parts. That’s not a mystery at all, Nepal. Photo. Photo.
– No, sir. No photo. Do you get me?
I’m not in a zoo garden. Tell him. They are greatly pleased
by your behavior, Nepal. Please come. Nepal’s daughter Mukul. What’s Nepal’s story? He was my classmate in school. he was professor of Chemistry. He lost both his face and
job when he tried to make a bomb. Dr. Das! Dr. das, our resident physician. Doctor! Mr. Okha Khura. From Japan I presume. Did you ever go to Japan? No, I didn’t visit the country. Please come in. Come in, please. Come in. Come in. This is also my dispensary. That’s a sitar. Musician. Physician. Photo. Photo. With the sitar? Thank you. Thank you. Illegal abortion. But, he was a good surgeon.
He was quite famous. The next person is Banalakshmi. She is a village girl. She was cheated and brought
into the city. The usual story. She is in charge of
the sewing department. There are few orchids here. In the hot house there you’ll
find some rare cactus. That’s it. You can speak in Bengali now. But, it’s better to speak softly. Please be seated. I’ll get the juice for you.
– Why do you bother? That’s alright. Please have a seat. Is she his second wife? Well, having a second wife
is very romantic. Isn’t it? How will you know? You haven’t married yet. So, your trip was not that bad at all. Not altogether unsuccessful. Please.
– Thank you. The pleasure is entirely mine. Do you think that Ms. Sunaina is here? There’s someone here who knows the song. Her voice.. You saw her picture. Right? Yes. That was long ago. Moreover she had make-up. I suddenly remembered the
murder case that I had read about. Then I heard the song.. Well, out of the three
woman who live here.. ..Nazar Biwi is Muskil’s second wife. Muskil was a car driving. He was involved in
a rash driving accident. He came here after losing his license. Mukul is Nepal Gupta’s daughter.
– That’s right. Is Mr. Nepal’s wife alive? I met Nepal after around 40 years. I brought him here after the accident.
– Ok. What about the woman who was sewing?
– Banalakshmi. My nephew Bijoy is in-charge
of the flower shop in New Market. – Ok. The woman was sitting in a
restaurant near New market and crying. My nephew brought her here
when she sought help. – I see. Well, who came here recently?
– Dr. Das. He came here on his own. He was involved in a big scandal. He is a good doctor. He plays the sitar and is happy here. He plays really well. By the way, what’s this
story about motor parts? – Oh! Come. Come. Take a look. Someone was throwing them
inside my window at midnight. Every day?
– No. After every 15-20 days. This one is the latest one. This
was thrown after midnight yesterday. I hope young boys aren’t fooling around. Young boys won’t be fooling
around at regular intervals. Even if it isn’t the
work of notorious young guys.. ..they are just troubling me. Do you get me?
There’s no doubt about it. Do you think that there’s
any motive behind this? Motive?
– Yes. Something like blackmail. Blackmail?
– Hmm. Me? Blackmail.. I think there’s some
mystery in Nishanath’s life. Putiram.
– Yes. Don’t you think so? Don’t think so much
or your brain will explode. Putiram.. go to Nidhu’s shop and get.. Cutlet?
– Great! Go. Hello. Is Mr. Mallick at home? There are five Mr. Mallick’s here.
Whom do you want? I want to talk to you. Oh! the seeker of truth. What’s the news? Do you’ve a print of ‘Bishbriksha’? You may get it from the distributor. Can I see the song portion? Why not?
Do something. Sri Ganesh Films.
54/1 Dharamtala Street. Note down.
– Go and search it there. Ganesh Films. 54/1 Dharamtala Street. If you get the film,
I’ll can arrange a screening. Ok? Hello. Who is it? Mr. Bakshi? Is it Mr. Sen? I think that you’ll have to come
here once again but not in disguise. Why? Well, we can’t discuss
everything over phone. It’s not right to discuss
everything over phone. I feel that.. I feel that.. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Please speak. Hello.. Hello! Did the call get disconnected? I think someone has entered his room. Hello.. Listen. Listen. Listen carefully. Do you hear something?
– Yes. What? Music of the sitar. I can hear it clearly. Give it to me. Raga Malkosh. Hello.
– Do you recognize me? Speak once again. Do you recognize me? Inspector Barat. You’ve good memory. What’s the matter? Are you busy?
– No. Please come here immediately.
– But where? You had helped me a
lot in the Bhadreshwar case. I can’t forget it. So, I couldn’t stop myself
from informing you about this case. You’ll like the case. Another case?
– Murder. You won’t have to think
too hard in this case. But, I think you’ll love this place. Which place?
– Mohanpur. You’ll get a train
from Sealdah at 8:35 am. It’s an hour’s train journey. My jeep will wait
at the station for you. Who has been murdered? The owner of the colony Mr. Sen. Come immediately. You’ll enjoy interacting
with the inmates. Welcome. Welcome. Good morning.
– Good morning. This is a strange place. I never such odd people
living in one place before. When did you get the news? The nephew of the deceased
called me at 8 am. I informed you after coming here. We haven’t got the medical report yet. I’ve asked Dr. Pal to come. There’s a doctor here
but he has lost his license. So, he can’t help us. Mister! After you finish your job here,
I’ll be thankful if you visit my place. I mean.. I’ve something to say.
– Ok. He is.. Come in. The dead body was placed on the bed. A blunt instrument was used. Did you find it?
– No. When did they find out? Tell him. There’s a girl here..
– Who is this girl? What’s her name?
– Mukul. She was walking in
the garden in the morning. She heard aunt shout. When she came here she saw.. I think she is still unconscious. Who? – Mrs. Sen. Where is she at the moment? She is in my room. Dr. Das is with her. Let’s go.
– Yes. I think he was murdered in this room. The body was then dragged to that room. There are some marks on the floor. You can check it out. The phone was hanging like this. I think either he has just picked
up the phone or was calling someone.. ..when he was hit.
– Right. Let’s go outside. The case isn’t complex. I wanted you to come here to see
this place and the people living here. You can write a novel on it.
What do you say, Mr. Ajit? That is the rear view. This is a hard land. You won’t find any footprints here. The land beyond this wall is soft land. We’ve found some footprints there. Did you see it?
– Yes, I have. There are both running
and walking footprints. The locality on the other
side is infested with burglars. I think that it’s a
simple case of burglary. Someone had come to steal. The owner was present at that time. He was intercepted. He hit him on the head and escaped. What do you mean?
You don’t agree with me? He was hit on the bed. The dead body was dragged to the bed,
covered with blanket.. ..and then he escaped. Oh! yes! Yes! That’s true. Of course. How is she?
– Better. But, it won’t be right to
disturb her at the moment. – Yes. You are a doctor. What’s your opinion
after seeing the dead body? Will it be right to speak? I don’t think I’ve the right anymore. Do you play the sitar? The mark on your finger s not
from any surgical knife I suppose. You are a good observant. Don’t you recognize him? He s Mr. Byomkesh Bakshi.
– Oh I see! Oh you don’t see.
You don’t know me. – Well… You were playing raga
Malkosh last night. right? I’ll go around the colony. What happened, mister?
Were you really playing it? Strange! Do the gardeners
who work here stay here? No. they come, work and then go back. Mr. Bijoy, for how long have
you been living with your uncle? For around 14 years. Is there any secret
in your uncle’s life? I don’t know about
anything that happened here. Anything before that? I was very young at that time. Who smokes beedi (local cigarette) here? Muskil, the coachman smokes beedi. And there I a boy called
Panu who smokes beedi. When did your uncle get married? In 54. In Lucknow. He married at a ripe age.
– Yes. Who will get uncle’s property?
– Property? Isn’t there a will?
– Maybe. Don’t you know anything about it?
– Yes, I know. Who will get his property? Aunt and me. Equal share?
– Yes. Equal share. For how long were you with
Mr. Nishnath? – Yes? In Lucknow?
– 6 years. So, you went astray after that. I know everything about you. I can’t explain how much I regretted
the action when I was in jail. May I know what you were
doing after 10 last night? I had dinner at 9:30. After dinner,
I came to my room and lay on my bed. The doctor was playing the sitar. He plays really well. I was lying down listening to his music. I don’t remember when I fell asleep. I can assure you that I never
lied after I was released from jail. But, have you ever hid any truth? Please forgive me.
I can’t say anything more. Do you know me? You saw my photo. Right? What happened? Why are you scared? Will you say something? Were you smoking beedi
beside the pond last night? Greetings, sir. He was a nice man. When do you sleep at night,
Muskil Miaan? I? I don’t see the time,
I just fall asleep. I’m a sound sleeper. I fall asleep the
moment I lie on the bed. Don’t mosquitoes bite you?
– Bite me? They don’t bite me.
There’s no blood in my body. Greetings, sir. Muskil’s wife. That’s Rashik’s house. He is missing since last night. Uncle had some arguments with him. Regarding what?
– About money. Was he cheating? Maybe.
– I see. Come, sir. Come. I’ve kept the chairs for you.
Be seated. – Thank you. I’ve only one side of the face to shave. So my expenses are also half. You are Prof. Nepal Gupta. Right?
– Ex-professor. The professor is dead. Murdered. An ex-Marx despot. You are the seeker
of truth Byomkesh. Right? You maybe a renowned personality.. ..but it’s not an easy job
to unravel the truth of this zoo. That’s why I came to talk to all of you. This is a hot bed of scandals. The flowers are used
to camouflage the truth. Have you camouflaged yourself too? Look, I’ve spoken the
truth from the very first day.. ..about myself and also
about the other inmates. You’ll find the details in my notebook. Have you noted down the
incidents of last night too? Take a look. Have you noted down the
incidents of last night too? I had forecast it. I would’ve told you but
I can’t say anything because of.. ..the presence of a person here. Will you also tell them that you wanted
to become the owner of the colony? You always criticized uncle. Do you think your uncle
was beyond criticism? Was he a pure pious great soul? The words don’t suit you, uncle Nepal. If I say..
– Yes, say it. You’ll get arrested.
– Ok. Ok. Fine. Won’t you go through this?
– Later. Come. I lived out of the
country for many years. This is your dispensary. My everything.
Have a seat. Have a seat. Your sitar. How did you know that
I was playing Raga Malkosh? Well, you had a foreign
medical degree. Right? Well, they may’ve snatched my
license but I still have the knowledge. But, it seems meaningless now. A person can’t be judged
with his merit and intelligence. A person is judged on basis
of some senseless rules and regulations. You mean that the if a talented
person does something wrong.. ..he doesn’t become unworthy. Unworthy?
Never. Of course he is culpable. But, that too in the eyes of law.
Law is inconsistent. Very interesting. If a girl become
pregnant out of wedlock.. ..the society will stigmatize
her if she gives birth. If a doctor wishes to save
that girl what’s his fault. The girl is also not guilty. Can men control their natural responses? Music and medicine.
It’s a rare combination. Einstein also played the violin. I hope you know.
– Yes, I do. I had almost given up music. I’ll sit and listen
to your music some day. Is your combination
music and criminology? Sherlock Holmes also played the violin. That’s interesting.
– I also play but I play the gramophone. Greetings.
– Greetings. My name is Byomkesh Bakshi. My habit is to ask questions. But, I don’t question unnecessarily. Will you question me? – Hmm.. Where did you learn this? It’s not a difficult job. Do you work at night too?
– Yes. How late do you work?
– Till 10-11. You were working last night too?
– Yes. Didn’t you hear your
neighbor play the sitar? Why do you ask? Well, if you’ve any objection
we can’t force you but.. I’ll be happy if you
don’t question about him. Can I ask why?
– I can’t answer you. Please pardon me. Mr. Bijoy..
– Hmm.. ..can you throw some
light on this matter? Once she wished to learn the sitar. She went to Dr. Das?
– Yes. Then? But, I think Dr. Das..
– Gave her an indecent proposal? Maybe. Dr. Das doesn’t look like that. May I know what you were
doing at 10 last night? – I? I was sleeping. – At 10? No, I mean.. ..there isn’t anything much to do here. You don’t have the habit of reading,
I suppose. – No. I mean that the lights
here aren’t strong enough. So, it’s a problem. Case was instant. – I see. He had high blood pressure. He was hit at the most sensitive spot. Can you guess the time of murder? Between 10-11.
I can’t give you accurate.. 10:10. What do you mean? He was killed at 10:10 pm. Who is he? I’m sorry. He is the famous seeker
of truth Byomkesh Bakshi. Maybe so.
It’s difficult to be so definite. Goodbye. Mister, are you into telepathy
or is it just a coincidence. How is Mrs. Sen?
– She is better. Do you wish to meet her? Mr. Bakshi is here. He wants to talk to you. Please come in. My sincere condolences with you. I knew Mr. Sen. I’ve been handed the
responsibility to solve this case. I want to ask you
a couple of questions.. ..only if you don’t mind. You found out this morning. Right? He wakes up early in the morning. But today he didn’t wake up. So..
– It’s ok. What were you doing at 10 last night? Do you remember? I was in the kitchen
arranging the utensils.. Was your husband very
careful about his money? Not at all. Can you say something
about this accident? Anything. Everything.. is dark. What do you say, Mr. Ajit? It’s a strange case. Well, you used decent words. If you had come here before
you would’ve said it’s terrible. It’s terrible because
two days back the man who.. What did you say? I mean the man who was alive yesterday.. Why are you talking about two days back? The man was alive last night.
– Yes. How is your blood pressure? High or low? Low. And yours? Mine is on the higher side.
I need to get myself checked. I need to use my brains
a lot in near future. Do you think so? I think I can arrest
the culprit within two days. Do you think so? Do you see the leg space in my car? If you opt for any other
car you’ll feel cramped. And everything will be over
if you meet with an accident. How old is your car?
– 35. Human heart has become small these days. Yes, his pockets too. He is Pulak Chakroborty,
the director of ‘Bishbriksha’. The enemy of the producers. Sir, do you wish to hear only the song? Show him whatever he
wishes to see and hear. Other than ‘Bishbriksha’
has any other film based.. ..on Bankim’s novel flopped? Shall we go ahead?
– Yes. Go ahead. Sit near the fan. I’ll leave now.
– Ok. Arrange tea for us. So, you’ve connections with all
the movie halls of Kolkata? – Yes, I do. But, I never took any advantage. I always bought tickets of
royal circle and watched the movies. Do you get me, Mr. Ajit? Good songs,
good films, good objects and good.. I was never stingy
in these four matters. Good songs,
good films, good objects and good.. I was never stingy in these four matters.
– How is it? It’s been recorded. What’s wrong? Sir, the print is seven years old. I hope we can hear the song.
– Yes. I also hope that the heroine
can be recognized. Isn’t it? You’ve worked with Ms. Sunaina. Right? How was she? She was a terrific actress.
– Terrific actress. As if he knows everything. This is a big problem. He has written me to go there.
How do I leave work and go there? Shall I go there with son? Will you go? Just now you said
that he needs suggestion. What shall you do there? He doesn’t need suggestion
about money matters. It’s a suggestion
regarding matters of heart. Matters of heart? Do you understand the matters
of heart better than me? Yes, I do. “What do you know about love?” “What do you know about love?” “What do you know about love?” “You relax..” “..and go through the accounts book.” “You relax an go through
the accounts book.” “You are busy with your work..” “You are busy with your work.” “You don’t listen to me
when I ask you to stop working.” “You don’t listen to me
when I ask you to stop working.” “What do you know about love?” “What do you know about love?” “Mister, what do you know about love?” “Didn’t you notice in the garden..” “..that in the ears of the rose..” “Didn’t you notice in the garden that
the buds whisper in the ears of rose?” “Didn’t you hear it?” “The buds whisper in the ears of rose.” “Didn’t you hear it?” “The buds whisper in the ears of rose.” “Didn’t you hear the
birds chirp from the trees?” “Didn’t you hear the
birds chirp from the trees?” “Whom does he look for?” “Whom does he look for?” “Why is he restless today?” “Why is he restless today?” “What do you know about love?” The film is tattered
one just like its director. That’s not a problem.
I’ve got what I wanted. Oh! the stills for you, sir.
– Thank you. Well, the song is very nice.
– Yes. Where did this lady stay? During the shooting? Ask me. They offered to send her
a car but she refused. – I see. She came to the studio by
trams or buses or sometimes by taxi. Was she married?
– Yes. Married. She had hinted that her relation
with her husband wasn’t good. I see. That’s all. Let’s go.
– Let’s go. I love this picture
gallery thing you create. Do you get me, Byomkesh? Just praising it isn’t enough. You must sit for a test.
– What? Test? First tell me who amongst these
four women is the most beautiful. Well, this can’t be a test.
It depends on your taste. Ok, let me see what you feel. Ok, tell me Damayanti,
Banalakshmi, Mukul or Nazar Biwi? Who amongst these four
do you think is most attractive? Who haunts you the most?
Come on, tell me. No laughing it away won’t help. Whom did you dream about last night.
– Stop it. I’ve crossed that age.
– Strange! Why don’t you say who is most beautiful? Come on, tell me.
– Wait. I’ll tell you. The most beautiful amongst
all of them is perhaps Mrs. Damayanti. So, you are attracted
towards another’s man’s wife. You asked me the question.
– Ok. Anything else?
– I met her for a very short time. Yet what impression
did she leave on you? Her husband’s death has shattered her. It means she loved her husband a lot.
– Isn’t it? Possibly. But, only if she isn’t feigning grief. How can she feign grief at this moment Yes. The name Damayanti isn’t..
– A common name amongst Bengalis. What about her? She is interesting. You are trying to avoid the topic. Speak clearly. I mean she has a simple rustic appeal. But her experiences have
adulterated her simplicity. Which experience? The way she was cheated
and trafficked out of her village. Is there any evidence
that she is speaking the truth? What about her? Do you’ve any evidence to
prove that she is his daughter.. ..and she is his second wife? You are complicating matters. I’m not doing anything. It’s the truth.
Do you get it? A murder and a blackmail. A murder in 58 and
now another one in 66. Do you think both the
murders have a connection? Mr. Nishanath suspected that Ms.
Sunaina was perhaps.. No.. Are you convinced about the blackmail? The motor parts incident clearly
proves that he was being blackmailed. If there’s any mystery
in Nishanath’s past life.. ..then getting blackmailed is natural. Who do you think can blackmail him?
– Yes? Who can blackmail him? Number one suspect is Damayanti. Second is Bijoy. Third suspect is Nepal Gupta.
Don’t forget that he was his classmate. And the fourth suspect is Braja Das,
his employee. Nazar Biwi had the
habit of eavesdropping. If she had known a secret
then Muskil also knew about it. If they had shared the secret
with anyone else in the colony.. ..then the matter
becomes more complicated. If someone wishes to blackmail him
then why did he kill him. That’s what I’m thinking about, Ajit. Come in. come in.
– Greetings. I got your address from the
telephone directory. – Have a seat. What’s the matter? May I get a glass of water, please? I’m really hurt, Mr. Byomkesh. I’m really hurt. When I was in jail I had vowed
that I won’t lie and do anything wrong. So, I adopted Vaishnav religion. I tried hard and devoted
myself to a religious life.. ..and to Lord Krishna.
But, it’s wrong to hide the truth. If I hide the truth about
the murder of the person.. ..who gave me shelter then
I’ll be committing a grave sin. It’s ok. Please try to calm down.
– How can I? He was a great man, a renowned judge. He was also a seeker of truth. Isn’t it? But, what if you bring
a remarried woman home.. ..and introduce her as
your wife to everybody then.. Wasn’t Mrs.
Damayanti married to Mr. Nishanath? No. The death sentence
wasn’t carried out. Whose death sentence? – Death
sentence of Mrs. Damayanti’s husband. Sir gave him death sentence. They appealed in the High Court. He was sentenced to
fourteen years in prison. So, the accused was Mrs.
Damayanti’s husband? – Yes. Laal Singh.
– Punjabi? She is also a Punjabi. Mrs. Damayanti is a Punjabi woman?
– Yes. Did Mr. Sen teach her Bengali? I can’t forget that day, Mr. Byomkesh. Will you please speak clearly? The way he stared at the judge that day. The judge was announcing his judgment. He gave him death sentence. I sentence you to death. And you’ll be hanged by
the neck until you are dead. Mr. Byomkesh,
Laal Singh opened his shoe and.. ..threw it at the judge. Few days after this incident.. ..sir wasn’t well,
he was working from home.. ..when the servant informed
that a lady had come to visit him. Go and check who has come. If it isn’t important tell
her that I can’t meet her right now. I saw a Punjabi lady waiting
at the door. Laal Singh’s wife. She was an attractive woman. She said that she won’t
leave without meeting the judge. She said she won’t budge from there. I had no other option. I took her inside. I’ve committed only one sin, sir. I married him. We had a love marriage. I didn’t know that he wasn’t a good man. Sir, you’ve announced
your decision on him. But, who’ll decide my case? I’m innocent. What have you decided? I don’t have money or children. I couldn’t stay in the room after seeing
the expression on the judge’s face. Mr. Byomkesh, I felt uncomfortable. I never saw such a
look in his eyes before. After that..
after that the lady often visited him. One day I saw the judge
come home in his car. But the driver wasn’t driving. Sir was driving the car. I thought that something is wrong. My fears came true. He had brought home Laal Singh’s wife. She didn’t leave after that day. She stayed back forever. My mind changed after that day. The person whom I respected
and revered so much.. ..had done something illicit. I was an ordinary clerk. Why should I suffer in penury? Why don’t I make my
life more comfortable? Is theft a more serious
crime than what he did? So.. So, you stole because you
lost faith in your employer. – Yes. Well, after some time
I repented my actions. When I was in jail I thought
that we shouldn’t judge someone.. ..on basis of just one thing. I had a human relation with Mr.
Nishanath. There was no change in our relationship. I didn’t have the right to judge
his character based on something else. I repented my action. I repented. Ok, Mr. Braja Das. You’ve
helped us a lot by sharing all this. Thanks a lot. I couldn’t sleep the last three nights. You can sleep peacefully now. Is Laal Singh still alive? I know that he was
not hanged till death. Well, fourteen years of
his sentence is also almost over. What was his profession? He was the owner of a motor garage. He killed his partner over
an argument regarding some motor parts. Who is there? I was confused about which
news I should give you first on phone. Murder has become a norm. Did you anticipate the second murder? I should’ve, Mr. Promod. I should’ve known that the
boy had seen something that day. Witness sis an evidence. Evidence means his life was at risk. The criminal is dangerous. It’s the same person. He was hit on the head
in the similar manner. So, you couldn’t catch
the murderer in two days. How would I know that this
case also has a blackmail angle to it? The case is complex. Has he confessed everything?
– Everything. That’s also a strange story. He was imprisoned for fourteen years. But, he was released after
12 years because of good conduct. He started searching the
judge after he was released. He already knew that his
wife was living with the judge. He came to Mohanpur. He checked out the colony from
outside and went back to Kolkata. After going back to Kolkata
he wrote a blackmail letter to Mr. Sen. He would drop a motor spare
part in his room at regular interval. After that he should keep 500 rupees
in the hot house in a flower pot.. ..within 10 the next day. Have you informed Mrs. Damayanti that.. ..her husband has been arrested?
– No, sir. You’ve to give her the news. I’ll question all of them today. Play the music. Dr. Pal is here. I’ll take care of the things there. Come in. I’ll give you little trouble. But, it’s important.
– Ok. Have a seat. Your husband was arrested last night. Do you know that?
Laal Singh. The person for whom you
kept 500 rupees in the hot house. He has confessed everything. You had no other option
but to give the money. Right? You are right. If I didn’t give him the money
he would spread scandals in my name. I couldn’t let that happen. The treatment I got from him.. The judge is my husband and not him. He is not my husband. Ok, Mrs. Damayanti. You may leave now. Nepal Gupta.
– Present, sir. How long will you
display your efficiency? Not too long. Well Mr. Nepal..
– Yes, tell me. Why are you angry with Mr. Bijoy? Because.. I can’t tolerate
a characterless person.. ..and someone who breaks his promise.
That’s all. He proposed marriage
to a simple innocent girl. She accepted the proposal. But, the person broke his promise and.. ..ran after a fallen woman
can commit murder and theft too. Can I assume that this simple
innocent girl is your daughter? Of course. Won’t you ask who this other girl is? No. Thank you. I wish to talk to your
innocent daughter now. Thank you. Thank you. Mukul, go in. Will you question me?
– Yes, that’s what I wish to do. What if I don’t answer any question? You are free not to answer.
Please be seated. Can you sing?
– Yes, a little. Did you learn music?
– No. Do you hum songs? It depends on the state of mind I’m in. I can hum if I’m in good mood. Do you remember what happened
on the night Mr. Nishanath was killed? Yes, I do. What were you doing that night? I was standing near the window. Did you hear anything?
– Yes. I heard the buzzing of the crickets,
cry of the wolves.. ..the music played by the doctor. Did you hear the sound
of the sewing machine? It wasn’t in use at that time. Well, did Mr. Bijoy propose you.
– Yes. Why didn’t it materialize?
– I don’t wish to comment on it. Ok. You may leave now. Ms. Banalakshmi. Like master, like servant. He was hit on the head
and died immediately. The murder was committed
after 10 at night. What happened? How far have you progressed? Any breakthrough? The matter is quite interesting. I would’ve been happier
if the culprit got arrested. Have a seat. May I know the name of your village? Village? You were born and brought up
in a village before coming to the city. Right? Oh yes! Chanberia. District?
– Hoogly. How did you come to the city? I.. I was.. Where did you live in Kolkata? I didn’t have a home. I lived in the slums. Why did you wish to learn the sitar? I love music. Can you sing? For how long have you been married?
– For a long time. Where did you learn music? Music?
– Don’t you know how to sing? Yes, I do.
– From where did you learn? Radio. Gramophone. Films. Where were you eavesdropping last night? Were you near Panu Gopal’s
hut when he was murdered? That’s a problem, sir. I told you that I’,
out of senses after going to bed. Are you addicted to something?
– Addiction? It’s a childhood addiction. So, I can’t quit. Oh! So, you weren’t sleeping. You were in inebriated state. State of unconsciousness
and sleep is the same thing. When I sleep I’m not
in my senses and vice versa. Are you recording the conversation? Do you’ve any objection?
– Not at all. You were married abroad. So, you’ve done research on me. Where is she right now?
– She maybe there. You didn’t bring her along?
– No. She suddenly became conscious
about the color of my skin.. ..and left me. Well, which degree did
you get when you were abroad. What’s this? You know about
my marriage and not about my degree? Maybe I know but I
want to hear it from you. Well, Fellow of the
Royal College of Surgeons. Thank you. You may leave now. Bijoy! I?
– Yes, it’s your turn now. Did you know about Mrs.
Damayanti’s past? Yes, I did.
– didn’t you tell us? I thought you would misunderstand. I respect aunt a lot. What about your uncle?
– I respected him too. You brought Banalakshmi here. Right?
– Yes. Did you feel pity for
her after hearing her story? Everybody would’ve felt pity for her. Do you love her? You broke your promise to
Mukul because of her. Isn’t it? It’s a personal matter. We are curious to know about it. You’ll clearly benefit from Mr.
Nishanath’s death. What are you saying? After falling in love it’s
not unnatural to think about marriage. You need money to get married. But, as far as I knew your uncle… He wouldn’t have given his consent
to your marriage with Banalakshmi. Can you refuse your
weakness for Banalakshmi? No.
– So, you don’t? Did she travel to the city? Who?
– Banalakshmi. Not at all. But, don’t you need to meet each
other secretly when you are in love. We met in the colony and not outside. Will you still say that
you go to sleep by 10 pm? Believe me,
we know nothing about the murder. – We? I was in Banalakshmi’s
room from 10 to 11:30 that night. Mukul knows about it. You can ask her. Keep an eye on the colony. I should be informed if anyone goes out. She accepted the proposal. But, the person broke his promise and.. ..ran after a fallen woman
can commit murder and theft too. He appears to be a man of principles. He had some difference with Nishanath. Bijoy thinks that he wanted
to remove Nishanath from his path.. that he can be
the head of the colon. Maybe. But.. You think he didn’t
have a strong motive? Just think about it. Being the owner means your
income will increase. Right? But, you can’t expect
high returns from the business. Think about it more deeply. Well, to openly oppose someone,
then kill him and.. ..take up his position..
it’s impossible. Only a mad man can do this. Maybe he is not mentally stable. He may not have been in
his senses when he murdered him. His eccentricity is just a camouflage. He is a very intelligent
person or he wouldn’t play chess. If he was angry with
anyone then the person is.. ..because of.. But, Nishanath Sen was murdered. No.. Did you hear anything?
– Yes. I heard the buzzing of the crickets,
cry of the wolves.. ..the music played by the doctor. Did you hear the sound
of the sewing machine? It wasn’t in use at that time. Did she speak the truth? Was the sewing machine not
in use at that time? – I think so. I also think so. Banalaksmi was not working
on the sewing machine at that time. But why?
– She was romancing Bijoy. Byomkesh, Bijoy has the
strongest motive to kill him. He wanted to marry Banalakshmi. Nishanath didn’t give his approval. He killed him so that
he can inherit his property.. ..marry Banalakshmi
and go away from here. Yes, he is one of
the prime suspects. But.. Bijoy said that he chatted
with Banalakshmi till 11:30. Mukul is the witness. Did Mr. Bijoy propose you? Yes. Why didn’t you get married? I don’t wish to disclose the details. She doesn’t want to say. She doesn’t want to say. It means that even
though he betrayed me. I won’t demean him. It means that Mukul still loves Bijoy. So, Mukul’s evidence
can’t be considered. Out! Out! And out! Don’t you suspect Muskil? He looks weird. He not only drinks at night. He was smelling of alcohol
even at 9:30 in the morning. Can’t a person kill
someone in inebriated state? Yes, he can. But,
to kill someone at 10 in the night and.. ..then to drag the body to the bed,
cover him with a blanket.. ..isn’t possible for him. What can be his motive? He is leading a good life. No. This isn’t acting. Or it may be very good acting. Where did you live in Kolkata? I didn’t have a home. I didn’t have a home. I didn’t have a home. ‘Basa’ (home).. ‘Basa’ (home).. Oh yes! Chanberia. District?
– Hoogly. Hoogly? Do people of Hoogly call home ‘basa’? What do you say, Ajit? What does your experience say? What? She may use the terms ‘ghar’
or ‘bari’ for home but not ‘basa’. People of East Bengal
use the term ‘basa’. Why did she lie? Her whole story proves to be false then. It means she is not
someone to be pitied. She made up the story
so that people pity her. She did it to get a place in the colony. She wanted to stay away from people. She wanted to hide there.
– Right. Yes, but.. How did you come to the city? Where did you live in Kolkata? I didn’t have a home. Why did you wish to learn the sitar? I love music. Can you sing? Switch it off. This is strange! They are not present here
but their voice can be heard. For example, you are not in the room. But, a tape recorder
is playing your voice. Someone hears it and reports that Mr.
Byomkesh is in his room. Ajit..
– Alibi. Bravo! Ajit, I’m a fool. A fool. If you are a fool then what am I? You are also a fool. You are also a fool or you
would’ve known why I’m so excited. Scoundrel! Motive? What’s the motive? What’s the motive? I’m such a big fool. Hello. Thank you. Do it, Byomkesh. Oh no! Sorry. Oh no! Hello.
– Hello. Stop! Stop! Stop! Let’s go back. Rosie! Rosie! Rosie! Rosie! This is your house? Dr. Das’s house? You pay him rent? Thank you. Bye. Do you know the locality? Number nine.
The room on the right. Dr. Das’s room. It’s filled with
incriminating documents. I want them tomorrow.
Send your men there. Make a list…
Hold on for a minute. You may leave now. Deposit money in Banalakshmi’s name
the way you were depositing till now. Shall I?
– Yes. One more thing. Think about the girl
to whom you were being unjust. She is not bad, she is a nice girl. Ajit..
– Yes. I want a scissor. A big scissor. Sorry, Mr. Barat. Note it down. Good morning, sir. At first.. ..I would like to talk about a film. In 1958 G K productions
produced a movie.. ..based on Bankim Chandra’s
novel ‘Bishbriksha’. Whoever has watched
this movie feels that.. ..the most notable thing
about the movie was the acting of… ..a new actress named
Sunaina who played Kamal Mani. This is her photo. People have not only
remembered her but.. ..people also remember
a song she sang in her own voice. “What do you know about love?” Ms. Sunaina was a married woman. But no one knew where she
stayed and what was her past. No one felt the need to find out. When the shooting of the
film ‘Bish Briksha’ was going on.. ..Mr. Murarai Dutta
Dutta das and Company.. introduced to her
to her and fell in love with her. He gifted her lot of
ornaments from his shop.. ..and fulfilled the duties of a lover. Few days after this
development in a room behind.. ..the shop of Dutta Das and Company.. ..Murari was stabbed from behind and.. ..around 20,000 rupees
was stolen from the wardrobe. We’ve the information that Ms.
Sunaina was supposed.. visit Mr.
Murari on the night of the murder.. ..from a close friend of Mr.
Murari, Mr. Ramen Mallik. According to Mr.
Ramen, few days after the murder.. ..a warrant was issued
in the name of Mrs. Sunaina. But, the lady went missing. This is my introduction to the story. Eight years after this incident,
that is seven days back.. ..I heard about Ms. Sunaina in my room.. ..from your late owner Mr. Nishanath. Mr. Nishanath felt that Ms. Sunaina
was staying in this colony in disguise. He was of the opinion that either Ms.
Banalakshmi, Mukul or Nazar Biwi.. actually Ms. Sunaina. When Mr. Nishanath doubted this,
someone in this colony.. ..mercilessly killed him. From the nature of the murder
it seems that the murderer is a male. The murder was committed
at 10 in the night. When I asked everybody what they
were doing at that time that night.. ..many of you had lied. Well, their lies have
already been proven. Some of them confessed
that they had lied. There’s just one person whom
I want to ask that question once again. I hope he won’t lie today. Dr. Das. Yes, tell me.
– You tell me. What shall I tell you? What were you doing on the night of Mr.
Sen’s murder.. ..instead of playing the sitar? I wasn’t playing the sitar? How do you know that
I wasn’t playing the sitar? Do you have lack of witnesses? Or do you think everybody is lying? The number nine house
in Master Lane is yours. Right? We’ve custody of the tape
recorder that you kept there.. ..inside a briefcase yesterday. I must praise your investigation. May I know why you took it there?
– Certainly. It wasn’t working,
it needed to be repaired. It needed to be repaired?
– Yes. Strange! It’s working properly. Do you recognize the music? Why won’t I recognize
the music played by me? Isn’t it the piece that you
were playing on the night of murder. Mr. Bakshi,
you don’t know that musicians.. ..record what they play. It’s a part of their practice. If I say that you weren’t
playing the sitar that night? It was the tape recorder
that was playing the music. When Mr. Nishanath had
called me at 10 in the night.. wore these gloves and hit him
on the head with a blunt instrument.. ..and killed him. You killed Panu Gopal in the
similar manner the following night. In that case I would say
that you’ve lost your mind. You need medical attention. Why will I be mad enough
to kill someone without motive? If I say that you had motive. What was my motive? You killed Mr.
Nishanath because he suspected.. ..that Ms. Sunaina was staying here. Don’t speak nonsense, Mr. Bakshi. Who is Sunaina that
I’ll kill someone for her? You reveal the truth.
Who is Sunaina? I found her ornaments in your wardrobe. This is the contract. I didn’t say that I wasn’t
acquainted to Sunaina. She was my patient.
My first abortion case. What happened after that?
– What else? I had to take her responsibility
or she would’ve been stranded. She had a good voice and acting talent. I helped her get a film. That’s all. What next?
– I don’t know anything after that. Mr. Byomkesh,
will you play that song again? “What do you know about love?” “You relax..” “..and go through the accounts book.” “You relax an go through
the accounts book.” “You are busy with your work..” “You are busy with your work.” “You don’t listen to me
when I ask you to stop working.” Is the song that bad?
– No. it’s quite good. But.. no one gave me another chance. Why did that happen?
– “What do you know about love?” Ask him. He is my husband. What is she saying? Has she lost her mind? I’ve become mad because of you. You pretended that you were
in love and tempted me with money. Sunaina!
– ..and made me do illegal things. You! You!
– Didn’t I save you? He has changed my face too. He has committed all the murders.
All the murders. Sunaina! What are you doing?
Take the reward for doing a hattrick. Oh no! Mrs. Das, come with us. That is why I couldn’t
recognize Sunaina. Plastic surgery. The idea suddenly struck
me when I saw the plastic flowers.. ..on my table. I replaced the nose
from Kamal Mani’s photo.. ..on Banalakshmi’s face
and it confirmed my suspicion. Such strange characters! They appear to be something
but are actually completely different. That’s why I always say that
humans can’t be trusted. – No. But, I’ve full faith in Basuki..
– Basuki? I’ve full faith in Basuki. I can’t trust Ajit but I can trust her. Very reliable.
– Very. Very. I hope this isn’t made of plastic.
– No, it’s real. Check it out.
Touch it and see. Come on, touch it.

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