Chinese Officials Bulldoze A 3000 Member Church As Congregation Worshipped

Hey folks, I’m Just A Dude and a video emerged
of Chinese officials bulldozing another 3,000 member mega church as congregation
worshipped see how evil at his folks they didn’t even just threaten to knock
their church down they started knocking to church down while the people are in
the church during service worship fearing that their leaders and
congregations are undermining President Jinping kingpin I think the site you
pronounce it communist regime Chinese authorities continue to bulldoze the
sites of mega churches the latest building to get leveled by the ruthless
state of forces was fun yang Christian Church a massive structure located in
Finland according to persecution watchdog China aid the church could seat
some 3,000 people and was part of the country’s official Church network the
organization also noted the demolition was undertaken as congregants worshipped
and that action that the action was carried out with no supporting legal
documentation so they didn’t give you know any kind of notice like they should
they should here in the United States right you would expect that okay here’s
an order from a court or a judge or whatever that we’re gonna tear this down
nope they were actually in the church imagine yourself in a church I don’t
care if it’s big small middle large whatever you’re sitting there minding
your business you know praising the Lord to the best your ability worshiping him
and all of a sudden you hear boom and you see you know a big crane coming
through the wall that’s what we’re dealing with here in China folks are
these people that we really wanted to get into in cahoots with as they say in
the 80s and 90s and even earlier now we’re forever entwined with them
with money money money money money is the root of all evil so I’m the Bible
but hey sometimes that makes sense actually sin is the root of all evil
it’s not money money is just a vehicle for the sin to blossom I want to show
you this this isn’t really a dramatic video but you get the idea you can see
that Church I want to show that to you here hit by a crane and the hauls coming down
on you so for those people out there who laugh and giggle about Christian
persecution we hear about the Islamic state getting persecuted in certain
areas of the world we hear this thing we very rarely hear about Christian
persecution across the across the world there’s tons of it tons of it that’s the
actual church October 18th it was done to church leaders arrested for
protecting the church so they tried to stop it and because of that you know
they got arrested it is still unclear why their church was flattened though
the pastor’s I forget I’m not getting the train pronounce their names it is
unclear whether church was flattened though the pastor’s were subsequently
arrested on suspicion of gathering a crowd to disturb social order so they
were arrested not only for trying to stop it but they were arrested mainly
because they gathered their church congregation together yeah this is yet
another clear example showing the escalation of religious persecution
today by the Chinese communist regime said China aid president Bob foo in a
statement the total disregard of religious freedoms protection as
enshrined in the Communist Party’s own Constitution tells the world that the
president of China is determined to continue his war against the peaceful
Christian faithful this campaign will surely fail in the end I hope he’s right
I mean ultimately yeah he’s gonna fail I mean God’s already won the battle or
he was on the war so of course yeah he’s gonna he’s gonna fail but man these guys
are evil they knock in the walls down while people are inside that’s just
disgusting the demolition comes just a week after a
church in Henan Province was leveled as more than 200 congregants gathered to
worship so they did it again another and another Church faith wire reached out to
China aid for an update when they do look at back to them okay so this is
this one this is the one that just happened this was published on the 21st
now this is another one a story they came out this is the 200
that they were just talking about in the last story and this is on October 15th
this is published and here’s the little video of that one you could see you
could see the tractors down here and here and here and there’s one over here
it’s gonna play knocking down Christian churches because
they disagree with the churches I’ll tell you what folks these China leaders
these communist leaders are our bad news I don’t know why we got entangled with
them I don’t know why we gave them so much power by trading with them for so
long but they’re bad news they’re really bad news
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it’s not only Christians mind you they are imprisoning Christians they are also
imprisoning people of Islam I want to know you think about this what should we
be doing about it why do you think we’re still dealing with them on this level
and why do you think we started to deal with them in the first place knowing
that they have the potential to act like this they’ve always said they’re like a
capitalist you know economic system maybe that’s true to some extent but
they’re still communist at heart and they can squash any capitalism that they
see fit if they don’t agree with what it’s presenting or what they want
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without any further ado until next time in the next video take care and what do
I always say and always will say God Bless

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