China warns U.S. not to “meddle” in Hong Kong affairs, following Hong Kong human rights act

China has released a strong worded
statement warning the u.s. to scrap its legislation supporting Hong Kong
protesters the three bills were passed in the House of Representatives with an
overwhelming consensus in a rare show of bipartisan unity Lou young reports China
has won the United States to stop meddling in its domestic affairs
after the House of Representatives passed legislation supporting
pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong Beijing’s foreign ministry on wednesday
released the statements that expressed strong indignation over the passing at a
so-called Hong Kong Human Rights Act ministry spokesman Gong Shuang in the
statement called on the u.s. to immediately scrap the subsequent review
of the Act and one that if it’s put into effect bilateral ties would be severely
harmed he warned China would take forceful
countermeasures against the move US lawmakers on Tuesday had shown rare
bipartisan support in passing bills to defend the civil rights of protesters in
Hong Kong one bill would end Hong Kong special trading status with the u.s.
that sets her apart from mainland China unless the US State Department annually
verifies that Hong Kong authorities are upholding human rights and the rule of
law a second bull proposes banning exports of items that could be used for
crowd control purposes such as tear gas and rubber bullets another bill is a
resolution that recognizes Hong Kong special relationship with Washington and
condemns China’s interference in the semi-autonomous city since June this
year Hong Kong has seen massive rallies first against an extradition bill that
would have allowed people to be sent to mainland China for trial then turning
into a wider movement for democracy for years the people of sham Hong Kong had
faced a barrage of unjust and harsh restrictions on their freedoms and those
who have stood up for their rights had been met with a cruel crackdown in
Congress Democrats and Republicans in the house and in the Senate stand united
with the people of Hong Kong if America does not speak out for human rights in
China because of commercial interest then we lose all moral authority to
speak out for human rights anyplace in the world
for the three bills to come into effect the Senate has to vote on the
legislation before the measures are delivered to the white house to be
signed into law or vetoed by President Trump was he on Arirang news

14 thoughts on “China warns U.S. not to “meddle” in Hong Kong affairs, following Hong Kong human rights act

  1. Well if China can't understand those who want Democracy, then someone needs to speak up for these people. Their government is not listening, I hope the best for ALL people of Hong Kong.

  2. So what? China has spent 90 million dollars to spread fake news against democrats to make sure the Agent Orange get re-elected in 2020. The Agent Orange is a gift to China and Russia given by God.

  3. US has already meddle in Hong Kong affair BIG TIME by passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Acts in congress.All China has just words to the USA and no real actions.What are all these display of military weapons on October 1st National Day for ? Museum piece ???

  4. Let's get this straight. The House of Rep's, led by Dumbo-Craps is passing a bill for human rights and fucking with another country, but can't, will, DO NOT DO ANYTHING for American's here in the USA………… GO FUCK YOURSELVES INTO A BLACK HOLE!!!!! Also known as Pelosi's pussy. These mother fuckers. Impeach these fuck sticks yesterday. TRUMP 2020 AND SO ON!!!!!!

  5. China warned retaliation LMAO! 😅😅
    I assume that retaliation will be just like their laughable "unreliable entity list" they threaten to release 6 MONTHS AGO but never did knowing it'd just hault foreign investment and cripple their economy?
    Just more leverage for Trump in the trade war, China already virtually capitulated bending over to the US screaming "Ok, Ok, ANYTHING YOU WANT JUST NO MORE TARIFFS! DON'T BLACKLIST OUR COMPANIES FROM US STOCKS! WE'LL BUY YOUR AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS IN BULK!"

  6. National Endowment for Democracy and Oslo Freedom Forum are covert operations by CIA, USA government and have for years been financing, training and in other ways supporting the "pro democracy" movement and parties in Hong Kong, see e.g. 23:50 @ NED even published openly that they supported Occupy Central in 2014. What appears to be CIA officers have been seen on the ground during the protests.
    Nearly all "protests" have erupted in violence with Attacks on people having differing views, Attacks on Mainland reporters, Attacks on police — and attacks are brutal —, Disruption to city, Vandalise many hundreds shops shops and vandalise subway stations, as per "protesters" throw petrol bombs, attack with steel sticks, laser lights, trow and catapult bricks, attack with knives and more, set fires, smash equipment, glass, monitors in nearly all subway stations. This is what America do per a planned approach per instigate Problem, for Reaction, USA present solution "democracy", "freedom" and USA control mainstream media for news and still claim "peaceful protests". It is similar to how USA have for decades instigated in the Middle East and other countries, including recently in Venezuela where they failed. They will fail Hong Kong also but destruction will continue for some time.
    When this can occur in modern and developed Hong Kong, it can too occur also in Seoul.
    Arirang, please help to research and publish the truth to the world. Kamsahamnida!

    B.t.w. Hong Kong is rated #3 on Human Freedom Index by Fraser and USA only at #17. Hong Kong is already a form of democracy, which further explains that there is indeed foreign intervention for foreign purposes.

  7. Thanks to HK so-called pro-democracy lawmakers, the rioters, the gang of four, school dropout Joshua, Denise, Brian… America has finally passed the Bill they've asked for to restrict HK. Now they put the final nail to nail HK to it's coffin. HK is finished as a financial hub and now is just a hub for Rioters, thugs, robbers, looters, gangsterism and all kinds of criminal activities including terrorism. HK is already in recession and is going into a deep long depression. HK will ended up having alot of shops, businesses closure and alot of people will be jobless. Tremendous increase in suicide rate, criminal activities and mental cases. But the biggest losers will be the rich properties and business owner that sponsors them. Who is to be blamed….the same list of people above and below
    pro-democracy lawmakers, the rioters, the gang of four, school dropout Joshua, Denise, Brian…
    Look for them if you're affected by their doings.

  8. lol what is the bill going to do, take away HK's trading status? That's great long term for China, HK will have no other means of benefiting internationally and completely rely on China, it will unite them. Also the tariffs are already costing US consumers alot of money, taking away HK's trading status would make them even more expensive. Sanction officials? It's ok Chinese gov't will take care of them, they live in China not USA. What else you have? Launch a trade war? Well, we don't need to talk about that one do we? Trump's worried about his election on that one.

  9. China is right to warn America of meddling in China's affairs, the world is fed up of America's meddling, sanctions & tariffs against countries that standing up to America refuses to be dictated to by America. Asia & the whole world hates America, America is only useful for American money & military help, other than that, America is hated, I live in Asia trust me when I say Asia supports & love China, due to cultural affinity and they see China as an opportunity and a key to their success, in terms of economic prosperity & development, partnership & cooperation and a strategic alliance with China, Asia sees America is in rapid irreversible decline, while they see China as the next global superpower taking over from America, that's a FACT! Due to demographics & economic trends, America can't stop China's regional & global rise, its impossible. China should kick these American Yankees out from Asia! GO CHINA!

  10. President of Hong Kong , Joshua Wong . Advice India to be a Mediator between two countries China & Hong Kong @ Taiwan . 😉🤙 Citizens from Non-Democratic countries should not have Voting(Interfer) rights @ democraticy … ✊😠

  11. The planet earth 🌏 is not USA property !!!

    USA cannot makes other nations live by USA rules thats wrong practices call it dictatorships of 🌏

    Taiwan Hong Kong Republic China is not USA property internal affairs issues

    China must stand up solid to defend their country against bullies warmongers terrorists attackers war or not 💪💪💪💪

    Cocksuckers hypocrites dark side !!

    Free California ,Texas Florida ,Hawaii ,Guam , Porto rico , etc

    China must stop being humbled because USA takes advantage of that to contain China rising demands

    Long live CCP fathers 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    No 👹👹👹 nations can bully China with CCP quality protections for China anyways 😁😁😁

    What a joke USA China is not ur country internal affairs issues
    I didn't know USA trumpets president Taiwan Hong Kong Republic of China

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