China, Russia and Iran begin joint naval drills amid tensions with the US

100 thoughts on “China, Russia and Iran begin joint naval drills amid tensions with the US


  2. Can’t anyone grow up we’re in the 21st century we’re not going to go to war with each other, otherwise there won’t be anything left end of

  3. This war Starts then it will be the end of America as we know it. you people better leave America while you still can. WW3 is almost on it's way.

  4. This is why we should remain friends with China and Russia. So demons like Iran are not ……. I read somewhere once that "the bear and the dragon would rise up with the sword " I probably just butchered that quote but isn't there a sword on Iran's flag?

  5. A new world order is coming. So is Jesus, call on him before you cannot anymore. Jesus is the way the truth and the life, No man comes to the Father except thru him.

  6. Back in the 80's Russia was a threat. And where I lived They built bunkers under the schools. We never used them . Just last year they built over them.. and yes I live in the United States . The Media trys to scare people.. just like the guy one lines down . It's your own government is the biggest threat… ..

  7. That's all these countries are worried about is f**** fighting with the US well you know what you bunch of f**** losers go ahead and push your f**** button because when you push it worse United States is going to take you all out with us so nobody will survive some may survive in a bunker but for only a year or two because the radiation stays in the atmosphere for a hundred years so go ahead push the buttons I'm waiting I can't wait to see Jesus and all you people in charge of these countries notice stuff in or you Kings I feel so sorry for you because you going to burn in hell for eternity and you may think it's a joke now and you don't think before you do you'll find out the truth when you burn in hell for eternity hell and heaven is not a game it's real so what are you waiting for push the button to get it over with China Korea Russia bring it

  8. China n Russia can turn toward Trump and say Excuse me, your not God nor a Budda ok we got it. See MsAnnie as she'll tell you it isn't good to try to pull the wool over my Eyes.

  9. They going to gang the United States….America must pay for what they did to Black ppl……What's goes around comes back around…So don't cry and get scared now America

  10. Three countries with three different languages, and three different beliefs or religions. Iran is not a super power Russia some what China is but with all of the cultural barries I'm no to worried it. The news is the news so they will report it bigger than it is.

  11. DO NOT TRUST GOOGLE NEWS PLATFORMS I CHECKED THEM OUT MYSELF VOX SPORTING hub a Russian back sport PLATFORM that work with DNC, CNN,, YouTube, TWITTER thay influence young Americans nbuy filling there heads with lies to influence AMERICAN elections

  12. Good,now they will fight each other for the number one evil country. Pres.Trump just needs to ignore them and beef up the US military might.Let them spend their money,they will never challenge the US. We have a Pres.they think is crazy and impulsive,which is good..Remenber that mother of all bombs he had explode?

  13. Прибежали в избу дети,
    Второпях зовут отца.
    Наебал нас Фукуяма,
    Нет истории конца)))

  14. Changes for the bankrupt American Rogue Regime are inevitable. Multipolarity is the driven force and is here to stay. Therefore, for now on the Economical and Geopolitical decisions are Multipolar decisions!!

  15. im a center left democrat, but what makes us american, i love the stock market the police the military and our freedoms, the united states military could remove any of these governments within 9 days, troops down in 5 hours, rockets launched in 15 mins and shut down their electrical grid with cyber attacks in 10 mins… this is not braging or a threat, just stateing the capability of the worlds ONLY superpower after the coldwar… russia has the same aircraft carrier from the ussr, they dont even have the technology to fix the things they made in the 80s, i have no doubt its because the ussr burned its secrets before collapsing

  16. The Democratic politicians and Donors are also funding these thugs against Us and paying them to have war with Us. I'm sure they are up to most of this chaos. They hate Trump that bad they will go to destroying Our own Country by dividing Us using media fake news and T.V. shows. Award shows too. They will use celebrties and try to wreck Trumps economy. They will break the stock market and all of Our happiness and success They will end it.
    They will start a war with Our own People to take power back. They will rig the voting system so they are certain of victory. The Democrats are no longer Americans. Just because You live in America don't make You a American at heart!! Barack Obama changed all that with His 8 years of political correctness and His trash talking on Christians and Our bible always apologizing to the world for America. MAKING US LOOK LIKE THE BAD GUYS. HE'S THE REASON FOR TRUMPS VICTORY HE'S THE REASON FOR THIS GREAT DIVIDE AND TENSION IN AMERICA. THE ANTI CHRIST BARACK OBAMA!!

  17. Jut found out from U.S. Navy personnel that the Japanese sold CNC units to Russia so that they could make silent running Submarines …….. thanks a lot Japan!!!! as I said before they are not our friends at all.

  18. To solve North Korean stalemate US needs to work closely with South Korea. But American unilateralism is making things more difficult.

  19. Let them enjoy their tariffs and sanctions….. Let them enjoy more tariffs and sanctions… Now we know who the real enemy are.. they are showing the world

  20. Im sure Pelosi, Schiff and friends called them up and told them to start harassing President Trump now that their impeachment plan's have faild.

  21. The US doesn’t care cause while these idiots are still making missals the US is already making its space force these country’s will never be able to keep up lmfao 😂😂

  22. China wants free oil from Iran! China and Russia joint forces wanting to oppose the West! We need NATO to spend more money!

  23. Current US antagonistic economic and military approach has forced China, Russia and other countries to unify to offset the threats. Winner is the military industrial complex, more sales, more profits willingly provided by the puppet caretakers of taxpayers money.

  24. With all the extra money from Trump, we might make Afghanistan as successful as the Vietnam war and we might stop America from being invaded by the Confederates again. TRUMP 2020

  25. They cant build their own bombs so why not go with the other 2 big nuclear powers,someone will push that button its a matter of time before we are all evaporated.

  26. Well the beast is supposed to come out of Russia so now we know who the evil triad is now all we Gotta do is blow up Iran I

  27. 😘😘💋 انت يلـــــي شـــفت تعليقـــي 💙 انشــالله مـــا تشوف بحيـــاتك غيــر الســعادة والــهناء*💕..* بداعــــت امگ ــبس خلي لايك واشتراــك

  28. This is about and will always be about flooding Europe and the US with ‘refugees’ sympathetic to the Middle East. Send ALL refugees to Iran and Turkey. Protect European borders with military force or Europe will fall.

  29. Global peace is illusive with radicalized Islamic terrorists countries like Iran Iraq Egypt Sudan Pakistan north Korea Somalia on one side and Russia and China hustling for more power on the global scene in this world scenario full of distrust and universal hate America has much to gain by siding with the democratic English speaking world communities on its side including Latin America and Japan

  30. Interesting, did you take a break from "trashing" our President FOX? Are you worried about nobody wanting to protect your asses?

  31. Corey.M
    More like this would not be happening if the US, Trump was not bullying and intimidating, the world at large, with sanctions and tariffs.The sooner more countries join forces against this imbecile, in the Cirque De La Maison Blanche, the better and maybe with a little luck Amricans in General will wise up, and loose this looser, his ideas of win win, but at what cost, are very overinflated, along with his ego.

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