Child migrants in Italy

So there is no doubt that the Italian authorities
are doing a very big effort in trying to manage the situation of the refugees and migrants
arriving in the country. What concerns children, Italy has very good
legislation, so an under-18 is given residency and has the same rights as an Italian child. However, the system of assigning children
to first and second reception centres varies a little bit. And it depends on how lucky the children are. If the child arriving is sent after the hotspot
or directly from the port to a first reception centre that is managed by the Ministry of
the Interior, that is monitored by the Ministry of the Interior, and that has high quality
standards, her or his capacity of reintegration will be much easier. However, if the child is sent to a centre
that falls into a different category, where there are conditions of overcrowding, the
activities are not so well regulated and there is no monitoring, the situation for that child
can be a situation of further vulnerability. So this needs to be harmonised. Why? Because the rights of the child that are for
all the children cannot depend on luck. Rights are entitlement. They cannot be a matter of being lucky. You’re lucky, you get the best centre. You’re not lucky, you go to another centre. One thing that I can confirm by having visited
the centres in Italy, is that we have spoken to children, youth, 15, 16, 17, that have
a tremendous potential. That are thoughtful kids, have studied, are
respectful, they have a potential to contribute to Italian society at many levels. They can become doctors, they can become lawyers,
they can be politicians. That’s why it is so important to make sure
that rights do not depend on how lucky the process of attribution of a child is.

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