Chick-fil-A Interview – Team Member

please describe your job title in
primary duties. I’m a team member so the purpose was to serve the customers and
let them have great experiences and stuff so I worked in the front for a
while and I was supposed to like help with the customers and understand the
needs and fight anywhere possible to help them let go
our go-to saying let’s go like the extra mile just don’t just don’t do it just go
the extra mile to help the customer out so they can have a good experience and a
great time eating there and coming back what was your favorite part about
working there my best experience would basically be seeing all of us try to
help each other out so we all be as good as we can be like perform at the job
basically please describe the application and interview process the
application process was basically online if you come in you ask you are you guys
hiring we just be like go online and then just like fill out a form online
and then when you when you don’t fill out the form they would get back at you
so then they’ll get back at you and within like a minute or nine minutes
they’ll get back to you like in a week or like a month or so and then when that
happened you just come in for an interview and the interview set up a to
like two different people interview so the first interview process would be you
talk to one of the leaders and then if you pass that one you talk to a manager
and then the managers the final say and then the manager will text you like I
will email you I’ll email all the information you need to know and then
there’s videos online you have to watch and then you come in for you also come
in for like hands-on training before you actually like help a customer out so
that was basically like the application process in the interview process do what
questions did the interviewer asked during the job interview
basically the AXI like they actually was like have you ever had a job before what
can you contribute to working here what are your skills and stuff and then the
one question they asked was if the one question the experts
if you ever stress what can calm you down or like if you get really annoying
how are you gonna calm down and then the one question is lady asks I was like I
would never forget was if you’re making a sandwich and customers said no pickle
but you forget and you put pickle on it what would you do so that in my mind
outside well I don’t like pickles so if I say no pickle and they put pickles on
it and then they just take it off and I taste the pickle cheese or some other
pickle juice I’m gonna be mad so our side
I’ll just throw the sandwich away and make a new sandwich and she’s like that
was actually a question we’re looking probably the answer we’re looking for us
I’m hungry how were you notified that you received
the job and within two to three weeks they emailed me and they were like
welcome to the team you got the job then they set up an interview like a
schedule for an interview stuff and it’s nine of you sorry they set up a schedule
for training and who I was gonna be trained with so it wasn’t that long it
took like about two to three weeks and then my training was almost like a month
or two and then it’s like they really try to train all the new employees
before they actually like have the customers before they actually like put
you with a customer what other advice would you give to a job seeker looking
to gain employment be honest when you an interview or even doing like the
application process and just don’t lie and be like you already have a job even
though it’s your first job because if it’s your first job they’re really gonna
like help you like they’re really gonna help you understand how it is and all
the responsibilities of having a job and everything so if you be completely
honest with them they like really understand and then also like they have
the they have this program whether you’re
doing it’s like the Train there’s like a training class I guess so like they were
really train you and don’t be nervous because I was nervous so don’t be
nervous when you have your first customer and always just know it’s like
always just know it’s a job and be grateful for the job even how long you
be working it just be grateful for it because one one day you like before you
have this job you were looking for a job so if you had the job and you’ve been
there for a while still be grateful and thankful for having that job

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  1. My interview is tommorow so nervous because I my weakness is I don’t like interacting with people and that’s exactly the people they are not looking for

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