Chess Talk Membership Benefits: How to Join |Silver Play Reward |Play Online Tournaments on Lichess

Hello Chess Friends, I am Jeetendra Advani
and welcome to Chess Talk. Today, I have a lot of stuff to share with
you. I have a big announcement to make, I am launching
something really awesome, I will share with you a reward that I received from YouTube
and of course, I have a brilliant chess puzzle for you all. Let’s see if you can solve that. So stay tuned till the end and keep watching
Chess Talk. Let’s get to the announcement first. I have been receiving tons of requests from
many of you to provide some kind of training or chess coaching. While I would love do that, its practically
not possible for me to train each and everyone due to time constraints. So to provide some basic chess help to you
all, I have decided to launch the Chess Talk Membership Program. Before moving on, let me just clarify that
nothing is changing on this channel. Whether you join the membership program or
not, I will be here, on my YouTube Channel, providing my regular videos as always
because I love what I do & I really enjoy sharing my chess content with you all. I am launching memberships because I want
to help you in becoming a better chess player. I can’t give you full fledged training, but
by becoming a member, you will get access to some really valuable benefits & perks so
Let’s first take a look at the benefits of becoming a Chess Talk Member. The first benefit is that You will be able
to interact with me. Yes, you heard me right! After becoming a member, you will be able
to chat with me & even share your online games with me. This will be a quick way for you to reach
out to me to resolve your chess doubts. I am sure this will be helpful for many of
you. How will this all work? Well, after becoming a member, you will be
able see details of all your perks & from there, you just need to follow the instructions. It’s that simple. Benefit #2: We will soon be starting Member
tournaments on Lichess. Winners of the same will be featured on our
channel either through community posts or videos. Some of the best games of the tournament will
also be shared with everyone. This is your chance to showcase your game
to the Chess Talk Community. That’s awesome, right? Moving onto the next benefit. Your comments will stand out because all members
get special badges displayed against their name. As you can see on screen, your badges will
upgrade depending on the time duration of your membership. You can grow your reputation all the way up
from a pawn to a king. You also get access to certain custom emojis
which you can use during live chat. There is one more huge benefit of becoming
a member. But for that, I need to tell you about our
very own Chess Talk Merchandise. We have officially launched our Chess Talk
Merch Store at Teespring. We have already made some amazing designs
for all you chess lovers. You can check out all these designs at the
links mentioned in the description or in the comments. If you have updated your YouTube app, then
you will be able to see the Merch Shelf right below this video. We have t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, mugs,
pillows, towels & posters. We have almost everything out there. You can buy it if you like. Just look at these designs. Aren’t they amazing? We will be constantly adding new designs to
our store and you can get access to some amazing discounts by becoming a channel member. And you know what’s more cool, members might
even get a chance to design some of the official Chess Talk Merchandise. So these are the benefits we are offering
right now. I will keep reviewing these as we go along. Okay, now let me show you How you can Join
& become a Member. Right below this video & even on the Chess
Talk channel page, you will be able to see a ‘Join’ button, just next to the ‘Subscribe’
button. When you click on the ‘Join’ button, you can
see all the membership perks here. You will get to know the cost of membership
as well. This pricing has been set by YouTube depending
on your country. Now that you have decided to go ahead, tap
on the ‘Join’ button again. Then finally, you will need to enter your
card details & complete your purchase. That’s it, you are now a Chess Talk member. Also, usernames of all new members will be
displayed in my upcoming videos. And don’t miss any of my community posts as
I will be sharing some very useful information & further updates for our members. So Should you become a member? Well, that’s completely your choice. If you like what I do & want to support my
content, then you can become a member. It pretty much expands the quality of my channel
& supports me as a creator in general. And of course, members do receive some great
benefits & additional perks. Thank you to everyone who becomes a member. I really appreciate you all. And a Massive thank you to all our viewers
& subscribers. Whether you become a member or not, I will
always be grateful for your continuous support. Now let me show you what I received from YouTube. Here’s the silver play button that every creator
gets on crossing the 100k Subscriber Mark. I also received this letter of appreciation
from Susan, the CEO of YouTube. This wouldn’t have been possible without you
all. This is not just mine, it belongs to all of
us. So accept this award by hitting that LIKE
Button on this video. It really motivates me to provide more quality
content on this channel. A huge shoutout to YouTube as well for providing
this great platform & motivating creators like me. Okay, so its puzzle time. In this position, it’s your turn & you need
to find the best move continuation for white. If you are able to find the solution to this
puzzle, then share it in the comments below. All the best, guys! Let’s see how many of you can solve this. Thanks for watching and I shall see you in
my next video.

100 thoughts on “Chess Talk Membership Benefits: How to Join |Silver Play Reward |Play Online Tournaments on Lichess

  1. Hey I am new to this channel but hv absolutely fell in love with your videos.GREAT JOB!!
    Hey and can u also tell me how much is ur rating? Just out of curiosity……

  2. Rook h6 check,pawn takes rook,pawn to g6 check,king moves h8 the only place left for him,pawn futher advances to g7 giving check,king come backs to g7,white advances the g7 pawn to g8 and changes to queen giving a checkmate.

  3. I'm trying to be a member and just knew about it today and I can't see the join button but I saw a link and it said purchase unavailable. Please get back to me. Love your work. Thanks

  4. Best move for white is pawn h5-h6. After that black don't have any choice either capturibv the pawn on h6 by g7 pawn. Then rook e6-h6 that's a beautiful checkmate.

  5. Can you show how to checkmate with one queen please I know it is possible but I dont know how to checkmate with queen show us

  6. I really like your Channel but I'm sorry I can't become a member of Chess Talk because I am still 13 years old. I am still learning something new but I will support you by Subscribing your channel ;). Btw, thank you for helping me with your video, I will become more stronger chess player 😀

  7. Sir all video are awesome I always learn through it…
    When I have money I will join membership thankyou sir for your efforts to help the all chess lovers 😍😍😍

  8. The move for the puzzle is Pawn to h6 because-:
    1)If the black pawn captures it our rook will capture that pawn and that's a checkmate .
    2)If black rook captures the g5 pawn our h6 pawn will capture black's g7 pawn.Then blacks king has nowhere to go so definetly it has to move its rook.If he moves the rook anywhere in the g row

  9. First move rook h6 pawn captures rook pawn g6 check king h8 pawn g7 check king h7 pawn g8 makes queen check king h6 queen

  10. by the way Jeetendra Advani, HAPPY 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work! and by the way im one of those subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU JEETENDRA ADVANI!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. Sir, kindly give me free membership I am big fan of you and wanna to play with I want to become best chess player and you video's are very helpful for me please give me free membership …I don't have money…

  12. I have seen your all videos in channel every tricks and explanations are very nice I like to follow your channel and
    you are really a chess genius.
    And also please put the new video to tips to improve chess skills
    and try to uploard a lot and lots of videos about chess because I need to learn and learn more about chess from your videos….

  13. First Rh6+ then the only move for black is to capture with his pawn and then g6+ then king moves to h8 and pawn to g7 is a beautiful checkmate

  14. Rh6 * black pawn is forced to capture the white rook .After pawn captures rook g6 check . Black king to h8 . Then comes g7 Kh7 and finally g8=Q Checkmate

  15. The best move for this puzzle is pawn to h6. This is because if black pawn takes the h6 pawn, you need to slide up your other pawn to g6, check. Because if you recapture the pawn from h6, your rook supports it but the enemy king block your pawn from promoting. So if king moves to h8, then pawn to g7, check. And if king moves to h7, white moves his pawn up to g8 and promote it into a queen and it’s a beautiful checkmate.

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