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I'm gonna get ready for this video alright let's go I've got business in the door I just opened up my heart about to see the world y'all do to my charges with court honey her oniy him what can I do myself hi guys welcome to another video first thing I say thank you for all the new subscribers we just crossed 200 yesterday and still going up I'm really stoked about that thank you guys as always keep hitting me up on Instagram I got a lot of good people coming on there I'm giving them value they're giving me value a girl finally did hit me up so thank and as always I have the Shopify 14-day free trial in the in the description go through there if you guys want to get started on your store without paying for anything and get it all set up but today's gonna be really doing really showing you guys everything I'm saying on my phone so I can show you guys exactly what I say to make sure I always get the lowest price when I'm negotiating with the influencers so without further ado let's get to it okay so by the way for any of you guys that are unfamiliar tactic I'm reusing for marketing for my stores that I always use initially is Instagram influencers you're kind of just paying someone else to post on their social media on your behalf so that you can get all of their usual traffic to your store now that we got that out of the way I'm going to show you guys my phone screen I'm gonna pop it up on the screen somewhere it'll show you guys exactly what I say examples of stuff that I've actually said and done to get way lower prices than what people asked for on the air alright so the first thing you guys need to know about these influencers when you're about to negotiate with them is that they want your money and whatever they say that their price is going to be you can always give them less than that and they'll still take it for either the same service or even more service than before you guys need to keep that in mind like they want your money because if you don't give them your money and they're probably not gonna get it from anywhere else that day so they're really expecting to get it from you especially if you're working with smaller pages I just have three steps they're always gonna get you a lower price no matter what so the first thing they don't do is lowball them right so first you just contact them with the little message I'm going to show you guys an example of one after this I'm contacting with a little message just saying you want to work with them and you're gonna ask for the prices right when they give you your price no matter what it is you're gonna be like well for a pager size I always do something lower like if they offer $20 ads say you always do ten dollars for a page their size and then in that same message you're gonna say since you usually do it higher I'm willing to do 15 but you're also going to have to add a link in the bio or a story post for free something else just a quick note most Instagram posts only really lasts for 12 hours so if you're charging more if they're charging more for 24 hour posts just don't do it especially like even if you're negotiating with a page and they're like er cost $20 for 24 hour post you're just gonna say okay what's your price for a 12 hour post and then start the negotiation from there because 12 hours you're gonna get all of your all of your actual sales off of the 12 hours and then after that it dies off so now I'm gonna go into the phone okay so for this first one this is through email so if you guys don't know how to contact these guys go to my last video where I show you guys how to search form I'm also showing you like how to contact them in there so this guy was on an email and this was for a bigger page so this page had an either 3 or 4 million followers on it so they're already going to charge higher prices now when you're sending an email you want to be more professional like this you guys can use this literally exact template and just fill in whatever you're gonna say it makes usually always respond when you do the the subject line though make sure the subject line if you guys can see my subject line at the top here it's as you know I put three stars and then Instagram business inquiry and three more stars that's just so they actually noticed an opening because these guys are probably getting like 100 emails a day so you want them to see that your email so you they actually respond to it so when they came back and responded they said our price for standard ads ad for standard ads and whatever is $300 for 24 hours if you guys think I'm paying $300 for a 24-hour ad you're crazy so like I said ask them for the 12 hour ad and I was like we usually do 12 hour ads do you have a standard price for that amount of time and they said for 12 hours it's 260 dollars no link included that's terrible I'm not doing that either so then I brought them way down like I said so this is where where my steps come in lowball them so I said we usually do $100 for 12 hours on pages your size usually not actually but I said would you be able to do 150 or would you be willing to do a six hour post or storybooks so I'm making them do stuff this what you always want to do whatever they say they usually do you always ask them what they usually do and they're whatever they say they usually do make them do something they don't usually do we don't usually do 12-hour posts this price is just for you the cheapest is 250 for 12 hours with link included so notice how they added the link included as we've already come down so much and I made more than 250 on this so it was I made a little bit by bit like 300 and profit off of this so what you guys need to know is that if you you you can only get them to come down so far right and I already got them down from 300 to 250 with the link included and notice how they suggested the link included not me so that's the first one but I'm gonna show you guys what it's like to see like a more common conversation because this one mostly you guys aren't gonna be working with pages this big until a little bit later and I usually don't even like to work Sage's to speak because it's usually just too much of an investment to start out with especially if you don't know if the products it'll work or not so we're gonna go to the next one okay so this next one is on the Instagram is on the Instagram messenger because they didn't have anything in their description so I just sent them a direct message so for this one you know the last one I did stars business in Crete this one I'm doing the fire emoji business in Korea just so the yet again so they see it because they're probably get DMS all the time this one obviously it's kind of in the DM so it's a lot less like official you can just say something quicker they're probably not gonna want to read it if it's a whole long paragraph and everything for a 2-hour shot oh this these are like really weird hours and everything this guy has on here it's really weird to me so he for a two-hour shout out $20 to our shout out with Lincoln bottle 25 a six-hour shout-out $45 and a six-hour shout out with Lincoln vial for $50 and a 12-hour story shadow shout out for 15 and keep in mind guys this is a smaller business pages like 50,000 followers so and they're really not that engaging like they were engaging but they really weren't extremely engaged so I'm doing the same exact process guys so I'm showing you this is the second page I'm doing the same exact process someone a lowball and I was like we usually do $20 or less for six hour posts when working with pages of your engagement level and that's actually true I usually do less than $20 for the page like that then I said would you be willing to do a two-hour shout-out for $20 with the Lincoln vibe included so I actually came up a lot for this guy just to see what he would say but see how like he didn't even try to negotiate with me the next thing he said was well we accepted send us your picture and the link so he just immediately was like okay that's it cool check this out so after I messaged him a couple more times he said if you want we can make it's a six-hour shout out and a story post and a Lincoln bio for $35 just from talking to him like he ended up going giving me more for just a few more dollars so this is this is really worth it I mean as opposed to his original price his original price for six our shout out was what there was no press for a six-hour shout out with the Lincoln viral was $50 and I got it for $30 you know so it you guys just got to work with that so bottom line that's that's pretty much it you literally if you apply that same process to every single Instagram shout-out that you're trying to get it's going to be ridiculously cheaper than what they say whatever they say is never set in stone in fact never take what they say seriously initially and just change the price to whatever you actually need it to be whatever actually makes sense for you and guys if you have twenty dollars you can make a lot of money in sales off of Instagram influencers thanks for watching guys you guys are gonna want to stay tuned next week as well because next week I want to talk about product research once you find the pages that you want to work with once you contact them get their numbers and everything fill out your chart to get everything set up now your eyes are going to want to find products to to advertise to those pages so imma show you guys exactly the product research to always find a product that's selling and sell that same product and make a ton of money off of it so make sure you guys subscribe yet again comment if you have any questions or hit me up an Instagram at dual-x 2x and I'll get back to you guys go to extra life bro yeah only hurts onie him fuck it I do myself no one's got this no one's got that fucking I do myself everyone's scared everyone pussy fucking so everyone watch just keep looking fuck it I do myself

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  1. Awesome video! I've also been working with influencers and I have been utilizing the barter system in which I do an exchange of products or services for every shoutout. To find influencers to work with phlanx is a notable platform to use.

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