CHARLIE ROBINSON on an Urgent Societal Awakening

part of it is is the understanding that we have another choice and that is to not comply with these unjust laws and these unjust rules they want to take you put you in the military and ship you off to some foreign country to kill people that had nothing to do with you don't participate don't join the military for that that's insane you you watch your nightly news and they tell you about how horrible turn it off turn on something else find another outlet it's very instrumental for the people that are in a position of power to convince everybody else that they have no power that's the greatest trick of all but you have to wake up to that people go bankroll at want you know so it's a slow process and then all at once we watch that with social media social media has realized oh people are waking up we can't have that so they're trying to silence any dissenting voices it's a dangerous thing but it's also an acknowledgment that we're on the right track so if people do wake up slowly and then all at once and this is an impossible question where is the Western world if you like on that trajectory are we at a moment where people are saying do you know what I can see how the world is ordered at the moment and I don't like it yeah or are people just thinking well you know what what can I do about there's an inverted curve there's a curve going up is an understanding and a realization that what we're being told is not the truth and there's another curve that's going down and that is the dumbing did the intentional dumbing down of society and where do those two curves cross well I'm Wow well if the people don't wake up soon enough it's over because everyone will be too dumbed down to do anything about it the trick is alerting people to the reality of the situation educating them to get them going on that upward swing as fast as they can because we're close to the point of no return

9 thoughts on “CHARLIE ROBINSON on an Urgent Societal Awakening

  1. So true it’s madness RAF Royal Navy Army recruitment advertising all over your tv stopped training at a 24 hour branded gym because it was showing these mainly for the young to create an impression on their mind so you can be involved in sending poor countries back to the store age.

  2. An avalanche of cliches. I have read or heard all those terms and arguments before by other authors. Does he only repeat the same arguments others expressed more elegantly or does he come with his own conclusions? I don't disagree with what he said, but I would expect more than quotes. Same argument in different words at least.

  3. If you want to be healthy you eat the right food…if you want your brain to be healthy you need to turn the MSM completely off listen to both the left & the right & form your own opinion.

  4. Pure shit talk. WASP societies are decadent and finished. Tough shit for the Trumptards and the brexitards but no one misses tumours.

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