Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication – Interpersonal Communication Skills

click the Bell icon to get latest videos from equator hello friends now there are different characteristics of interpersonal skills when we talk about so there are different forms of characteristics what interpersonal skills play a major role in our day-to-day life let's see what we need what we need to understand as characteristics of these interpersonal skills we communicate a lot of things throughout our lives but researchers have found out and they've made a study that communication have identified a few common characteristics so let's see what are they for one interpersonal communication involves independent individuals so this is what part of the characteristics that we are talking about is individual independent independently ok this may seem obvious but really what it means is that each person has their own motivations expectations and interpretations of communication every person is different every person has its level of understanding every person has different level of understanding I might not understand a particular thing the way my mother does or my mother would not understand opportunity and understanding the way my sister does so every individual is different and every individual have its own form of understanding own forms of motivation own forms of expectation so this is one major characteristic of interpersonal skills were interpersonally how I feel as an individual is very important that helps us to understand that every person is different then every person's viewpoints are different and that's the reason it doubles our work to understand this also that we need to act differently with different people the other major fundamental characteristic of interpersonal communication is that it's inheritant ly irrational so which means in short to be understood so it it shows that whatever we come however we communicated so in short it means to be understood that whatever we communicate however we communicated we do so because we are all in delusion beings capable of expressions and communicating our thoughts and feelings so we are each individuals with different feelings different expectations expressions communication and that makes us intelligent among ourselves to understand how capable I mean to do this at our best and we are and we and when we communicate we do so because we expect something to do with our communication so every communication has a.m. every communication has some idea or thought process that why is a certain thing communicated this way or why is it even communicated so suppose if I am doing this video I have a goal in mind I have an aim in mind I am thinking that my voice or my knowledge of my skills should reach to another lakhs and millions and crores of people to for them to get into a better person in all the walks of life and that's my aim and my whole why I think I am doing this video for you so this is my aim for communicating and it has to be communicated in such a way that it makes a difference to masses of people the same way inheritance rationally means that making difference of your communication understanding each one's capability and capacity and then making a difference of the Y or certainly is communicated this is what new characteristics of interpersonal skills so how interpersonal communication can quickly become an interesting field of study that is what this next characteristics will help you and in fact create urge of learning or studying certain interpersonal skills why is what we will see beyond the fact that human company k directionally okay researchers also characterize communication as being in s capable now this is third characteristic that it is not as capable whether you like it or not whether you practice or not whether you you know want it or but yes communication interpersonally is something which is not escapable you cannot escape it what this means is that you always communicate always presenting information about yourself and interpretation interpreting information from other people this is an ongoing process whether we like it or not we are doing that every day subconsciously right but by saying something you are communicating anything you say it is communication but by refusing to say something you also communicate something so if you are saying definitely you're communicating but if you need to I'm not saying I still communicating so it is not X capable if I say no I do not want to do this video I am still communicating so this is something very important that we need to understand that's there if there is something that we cannot escape it better improve so that's what major things rain is why I feel that there is a huge scope of improvement there's something that is unescapable something that is so intangible and that will definitely help us to become a better person rather than just to find an escape and run away which is not possible let's see the next characteristics of interpersonal skills now communication is constant as we all know definitely but it is also but it also involves personal choice this is the last characteristics of interpersonal skills that it has personal choice so every person has a choice that's the fourth main characteristic of interpersonal communication you can choose how you communicate information because you are a rational individual see that the characteristics are all connected you can choose how to communicate information because you yourself is a rational company interactional person now this is something very important someone who doesn't want it willingly or someone who doesn't want to do certain things willingly suppose if I do not want to willingly shoot the video I will never do it or what will happen is I will put a wrong message because it's anyway unescapable so I might not do certain things but still I would communicate my negative behavior to many people even by not communicating so this is something come please love my personal choice when I think it's my personal choice to put a my views in front of so many people in so many viewers that's where I put in my communication more effectively that's exactly what we see that now since we know all the characteristics all are connected to each other so they are all like a process they're all like a process of communication they all like the process of interpersonal skills so even one characteristics if we are not understanding well that means we lack in real understanding of interpersonal skill so friends these were certain characteristics which I think you must read a little more on them you will find on internet you will have books will say interpersonal skills I'll definitely give you a lot of references of different books we'd say what are interpersonal skills and how better can you get into this in my other coming videos or upcoming videos or the other videos but then yes you need to understand what are the characteristics to focus and to understand what's interpersonal skills and I hope that it will make a lot of difference in your understanding of interpersonal skills so friends thank you so much for watching this video please stay tuned to Ikeda and keep subscribing to our channel thank you so much you

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