Chaos On Capitol Hill As House GOP Members Disrupt Impeachment Hearing | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Chaos On Capitol Hill As House GOP Members Disrupt Impeachment Hearing | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. During meetings, the sergeant at arms keeps order. If other board members or meeting attendees are disruptive, the sergeant may warn them and, in extreme cases, eject them from the meeting. The role may involve some administrative tasks such as collecting ballots, tallying votes and recording attendance.

  2. These GOP testimony crashers are following Trumps lead. Do crazy, inappropriate, asinine actions out of desperation. Please vote these asshats out. We must respect one of the best thing in our constitution, checks and balances.

  3. Trump has reversed the maxim "innocent until proven guilty". With his unrelenting lies and obfuscation it is surely for him 'guilty until proven innocent'. Great coverage as usual Nicola.

  4. IMO – GOPs are pure evil as their leader period. They are all recipients of dark monies funneled from their leader. I’m not saying some dems are not corrupt. Politicians serve their own interests first and the public they made promises to get elected no longer exists once elected. Greed & power are their only motivations. Vote wisely to get back the USA being sold to the highest bidder.

  5. Call the cops on these spineless GOP!!! And throw them in jail for obstruction!! "They are way out of line. The line is a dot to them!!!"

  6. Unbelievable, they cry about due process, only for some of them to say that won't need to see any evidence, they will just find him innocent! Where is the due process in that?

  7. The party that supports witnesses ignoring supeonas refusing to supply documents asserting executive privilege where none exists is crying foul on access.
    That's faf.

  8. If Trump really wants that testimony out there, couldn't he declassify it? I'm not saying it should be declassified… just that this has not stopped Trump in the past.

  9. Gives me hope there are still good Americans who see past party concerned enough to preserve the beauty of our country grateful this man testified and took the notes he did… Dems keep going meticulously to stop this degradation and crime of Dump and his criminal cronies

  10. Remember when Bill Maher said Trump wouldn't leave, even if he was impeached or lost the election? This is probably what it would look like.

  11. Republicans say let the people of America decide if the president should be impeached… well, we decided and 55% say yes… so yeah. Why can’t the gop see that we don’t want him in office. Smh

  12. GOP is getting desperate. Instead of busting in on the democrats (and republicans), and breaking the law, they should pay attention to what's going on with the power grab Trump handed to Putin in the middle east and help the democrats save our country

  13. All they had to do was body slam someone and the transformation from government to WWE match would finally be complete.

  14. I live in a 3rd world country and it is sad to watch elected officials behaving like idiots. Who in their right minds voted them to Congress? May be Mrs. Clinton was correct when she referred to them as deplorable.

  15. So DT wanted a bribe in exchange for already appropriated money. Tax payers money? Talk about abuse of office. Guess what would happen if you're Mayor did that with the city's money. 💰

  16. Isn't this the same tactics used in Florida, to stop a recount?
    Oddly that was a Roger Stone idea and he is a hang over from Nixon. To many coincidences too be an accident.
    Stone has definitely been talking to baby Donny and he's getting more desperate. Be prepared for more Faux News spinning.

  17. Maybe Trump is right… the Reps. Seem to be starting a civil war because they go to any length to defend criminal behavior and power hunger.

  18. Trumpism is really exposing both people's weaknesses and strengths. And these Republicans look desperate, hypocritical and weak.

  19. Silly boys, afraid of loosing power. Wouldn't you love to put a circle tape in Bill Borden's car saying, "You're losing power. You're losing power…"

  20. Their children and grandchildren must be so proud of their actions. Obstructing constitutional due process, lieing about House Republicans not being allowed to cross examine witnesses or see the evidence. Endangering our national security bringing mobiles into a secured facility and intimidating witnesses.

  21. This Impeachment only means there will be an inquiry into Trumps affairs… There are a MILLION miles between that and something actually being done. And another million miles between something being done and Trump leaving office.

    Its quite frankly amazing how cowboy amateurish the US Gov. really are. Is there anything they can do up to international standards?

  22. Bloody hilarious. Ask yourselves why the Republicans would stage a high school drama like this. Obvious answer: it's pure desperation, folks. Trump is taking down their entire party, they've painted themselves into a corner by continuing to support Trump and now, they're in a blind panic.

  23. Nice of them to make it so easy to pick out the stooges for Republican voters having serious regrets. Are voter registration statistics public? I can't be the only person with friends switching parties.

  24. If Lindsey Graham saw Trump peeing on the Constitution he would say that he could not see any wrong. I hope every one of these Republicans who are letting down there supporters for this lying corrupt President are voted out in 2020 with true Republicans who value the rule of law.

  25. 1973. #1. PRETTY. IN. PINK. HOTASSSS. #1. NICHOLLE. WALLACE. SWayS. THIS. IS. ORWELINAN. FANTASEY #1. LOVEING. TRUMP. BUSTED !!$$$$$$$$#!#!::###!!!!#canyonlocalfilmscom.

  26. Ok.. so I'm guessing these outta control republikkkans must be the under cover bikers for Trump😂😜🤣😜
    Next stop… A party at the House of Bedbugs
    This is so reminiscent of a Nazi uprising..😳

  27. Schoolboy error by the GOP – why should a bunch of crusties (led by a boy) think that walking in on a closed meeting would do anything at all ?

  28. This is thug like behavior. How can we look our children in the eyes and tell them this is a great country when the elected adults behave this way?

  29. It was reported that most of the Republican members of the hearing committee left before hearing the testimony. Most of these same Republicans have refused to read the Muller Report . When the Nazis took over , the same tactics where used.

  30. Lol you people don't have any understanding of White power do you?😅 could ANY other group of humans pull this? Seriously…. and there will be no consequences for those individuals seperately or collectively

  31. I can't believe this happened today. Their actions are not ethical, or acceptable.
    They're desperate and it shows. How thick-headed can you be to think that you would accomplish anything positive from that?

  32. I see you didn't cover the 20mins before they tried to enter the room where the Republicans explained about the illegal unconstitutional secret meetings by the democrats. … Trash channel

  33. these republicans know that their days are numbered. Look at them, predominantly white males trying to mount an ineffectual defence of a corrupt misogynistic narcissistic autocratic ignorant self absorbed a hole.The question is whether the GOP is in its death throes and who cares

  34. Ralph Nader calls for a million Americans to surround the White House and demand Trump’s resignation.

  35. The GOP are like people who have a bad smell in the fridge, and throw out absolutely everything except the dog turd right at the front, staring them in the face.

  36. Notice that there was no need for proof of Biden corruption. Just an announcement of investigation. Just dirty him up for a few news cycles. I am really hating this reality show prezidency.

  37. The 43% have no brains but are really the living dead. Trump cultists who are willing to drink the poison handily supplied by the liar in chief and all his lick spittles (Republican Party) who worship every word he tweets. They are going to have a new Bible written based on the wisdom that infests all of the orange turd's tweet fest.

  38. We need Congress to quit these FAKE PARTISAN INVESTIGATIONS. They should get back to investigating the real scandals like Benghazi.

  39. This was an attempted COUP by the republiCan't to overtake our government/democracy! Most probably have ties to Russia and took that dirty money through the NRA! Especially Moscow Mitch!

  40. Trump says the Constitution is Unconstitutional. His lawyer told us a judge, yesterday, that NO LAW can TOUCH Trump, LITERALLY! And the judge was using the, “shooting people,” analogy . . . America gets Trump OUT, or we lose our Republic.

  41. If it were any other group of protesters, would they be arrested for such a breach? Why weren't they all charged and made to face court? Or can anyone do this without fear of legal reprisal?

  42. The COMPLETE OBLITERATION of the GOP is the only remedy for an inept complicit self serving TREASONOUS "organization".
    ANY politician that provides protection to a CORRUPT president doesn't deserve the PRIVILEGE of holding office.

  43. Time to booth all these Traitors out of office, an stick them where they all belong, in JAILs surrounded with a moat filled with snakes & alligators like they want!

    They want to act so stupid to crash the house impeachment, GOOD Lock them all up for treason!!!

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