Changing Member Selections in Smart View Queries with Report Package Variables

[Intro music] Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial on how to use report package variables to control Smart View queries in reference doclets. Reference doclets can contain Smart View ad-hoc and function grid reports that can be embedded in doclets in the report package. You can use report package variables to drive member selections in Smart View queries to update ad-hoc or function grid data, which in turn refreshes other doclets that use the updated content from the reference doclet. Both Word-based and PowerPoint-based report packages support variables. This tutorial focuses on using variables in Word-based report packages, but the procedure is the same for PowerPoint-based report packages. In my report package, I have a static variable that stores the value of the current month and reference variables that store the data result of Smart View queries for the current month. The report package doclets contain embedded Smart View grid reports for the current month. Let’s look at the Vision Statements source reference doclet that holds the reference variable values and Smart View queries. The Rules worksheet stores values for the Current Month variable and also values of dependent reference variables. On the other worksheets, the Current Month variable value defines member selection for POVs in Smart View queries that populate reference variable values. Let’s change the value of the Current Month variable to roll over the report for the next month. I’ll edit the variable value in the Report Center and then return to the reference doclet in Excel to refresh the doclet. The updated version of the doclet is downloaded and I can see the changed value of the Current Month variable on the Rules worksheet. All POVs have also been set to the updated value. I’ll refresh all worksheets. Notice that Smart View ran the queries on each worksheet and updated the data. To make the changes available in the report package, I’ll check out the reference doclet, upload, and check the doclet back in. Let’s return to the Report Center and refresh the Variables tab. The reference variables show the updated values. Doclets that include data from the reference doclet have also been updated. In this tutorial, you saw how to use report package variables to control Smart View queries in reference doclets. To learn more, visit

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