Change in Societal Behavior

some people should put a slide in this video I'm gonna talk about changing society to a behavior there are some things I've noticed that have changed over the course of time and I don't know if you guys have seen it maybe you have maybe you haven't I don't know I'm going to speak up some things I've noticed I noticed that a lot of us these days are no longer interactive with each other people are not that social anymore and yes we have reasons like technology or work schedule so I understand one thing I want to speak on is when it comes to like watching movies and TV shows right I remember before when you watched a TV show or a movie you would actually spend time discussing that movie that you just watched yeah let me I'm gonna speak on the movies then the TV shows like I remember before when you watch the movie if it really got your attention you would actually discuss it well he would analyze the funny parts the part he liked them what you didn't like how was written you know me like you said to analyze those things like if a movie was well-written or it was a good movie you don't mean you don't believe discussed the writing cuz you're like man we was so good it left a positive impact you know in your mind well when a movie was poorly written you say to yourself who wrote this like the writer said done this writer said you know you should to analyze some things you know but it's not like that anymore it's more like you watch the movie and that's it you don't really discuss it you don't really talk about it it's like you just watched it you know send you with TV shows like on the TV shows these are shows down on every week for the season and you watch these shows it's like it's kind of you just watch it and that's it you know I remember maybe a time when you watch the TV show you would analyze certain aspects that really caught your attention you know you analyze oh this is what this person did I was kind of hot guys how you did that in you know you took the analyze thing and you come more involved in the show but nowadays it's like you watch the TV show and that's it you don't believe discuss it either watched it and that's all it is oh that's all it is you know when I watch TV show if I tried to discuss it with people people don't even care to even like respond it's like yeah yeah yeah oh that was funny that was funny and that's it and that's it you know what that's the one you talked about that's it you know and it's like I don't know people see this if people do let me know we are no longer like we are no longer interact with people anymore it's like when you go on vacation or you go to a new spot you never been before it you usually discuss those things because it's a new experience for you it can even be in your own town you live in for the first time you went to the museum or the time you tried a new activity you went to a food festival you know you mean you know what I mean but you go to these places and it's like these places are unique you know but nobody discusses these things anymore it's more like you do these things and that's it you know and I don't know if it's I don't know what's going on but this is what I have noticed this is the new life in America people are just antisocial people antisocial never happy they don't discuss anything new they walk around like okay I'm not watch TV so I can rest my body they don't actually watch TV in the central they can learn something from it like you watch a television show wait what's a comedy show you watch those shows just to laugh okay if you walked a documentary it's you're supposed to learn from the documentary but it seems like in America these days people don't do any of this stuff it's just like oh you did you do this you do that you know and it's like no one discusses these things anymore when I would watch like TV shows or movies people can't even like let me think about when I watch TV shows some people are don't even care to like analyze they just watch it and that's it and there's something look and I look I understand people watch different TV shows yes I understand that but I'm talking about the people who watch the exact same thing as you no one cares to discuss it like it's just I watched it yeah I watch it that's it you know yeah yeah yeah I yeah I've been to that restaurant it was nice yeah it's like no one discusses anything anymore and I don't I don't know how people can live like this the whole point of having a life or having a decent life if seen discuss your experiences I tried this new food I tried a new activity that's how it's supposed to be you learn from each other because you idiot if you tell me right now I went to this restaurant it was very nice guess what it may encourage me to go to that restaurant you you see what I mean but I don't do that no more Rahul don't do that it's more like a yeah I tried that place yeah yeah that's it I mean I don't know I don't know I the more I think about the type of things it kind of gets me depressed a little bit because it's like you're living in the matrix you're living in a life where people act like robots they act a certain way they don't show any kind of excitement and it's just whatever and I think that's what's really going on which I can't stand I don't know I don't like this kind of life this life it sucks it sucks what kind of life are you supposed to have if you just go to work and that's it the average person you talk to you today is working 40 hours a week for two weeks paid vacation and even though they work for the hour some may do overtime so by the time they have a day off they just want to rest and chill and talk to nobody this is the life people live in these days and I don't know what kind of life that's supposed to be but that does not sound interesting to me at all some people that may be okay but for me that that's that that's not okay I don't know what can I let people live these days but I want to live a decent life where I can discuss my experiences I can travel with people cuz it's in America today most people do not travel for any reason do you know I said most people do not travel if people travel they have to go to other people if they can't go with other people they don't travel at all that's the average American mindset they don't know how to do things alone they don't know how to do things alone so they'd rather just oh you know there let's just live the same basic life and try new things if you don't have anyone to try new things with go by yourself there's nothing wrong and traveling by yourself some people can't talk about them so oh they must travel with somebody they can't travel alone I'm like what kind of mentality is that if people want to live that life more power to them but guess what that's not for me that's why if you live in America today is slow depressing and I've seen people who've gone on vacations I've seen people traveling in places they don't ever discuss what they've seen on what they've done they don't ever discuss it and when I do kind of ask about how the trip and whatever in so some people they don't really say anything about it it's more like yeah you know it's fun I did this I did that they don't ever go into details nothing like what kind of life is this that we're living today in the United States I don't know what kind of life people are living but that life ain't for me you know it's just something I've noticed I don't know if people have seen this stuff either but I don't know it's like I don't know if I don't how to describe it but a lot of people man it's just this life in this society is so depressing and it's one of those things where you have to pretend that you don't know what's going on so you can live a decent life well not decent my buddy but you believe a basic life because if most people in society don't think well if they don't think about things you think about it's gonna make you look like the odd person out no one's happy anymore it's just crazy then you have people out there and they just talk about negative things yeah people out there who discuss negative things all the time they don't like their boss okay they don't like the job they don't like the town they live in you know all this stuff those are the topics that you could get people's mindset but when it comes to building a future or you know fun things or nice things nothing nothing ever comes up so anyhow let me think peace

14 thoughts on “Change in Societal Behavior

  1. Facts. People have become agent smiths. All due in part from being spoiled to options and flash of new things thats easily accessible. Quentin taratino said something similar to your wellspoken 💎 video about Netflix how its stolen everyone attention span & analysis

  2. I went down in a bed with sever infection in my head 8 years ago. 16 doctors refused me medical help and my entire family and friends turned their backs on me. I laid in that bed for almost 7 years dang near dead and never once saw 1 person walk in that door to offer any help. They saw for their selves that there was a problem and yet they still stood there and called me a liar. I was forced to drive my self an hour away on interstates to get help 7 years later. My friends and family wanted me dead. I still have problems to this day because I was refused help from 16 doctors, family and friends. I no longer have family or friends and don't want any more. I no longer trust 1 single person on this planet.

  3. Slidejones it seems like to me that most American people are becoming like "ZOMBIES" or ROBOTS!!! I agree with you that life is too short not to explore new places and things!!!!

  4. It will get to the point where people will stop going to places like cinemas and restaurants because there won't be any more value going to those places than just sitting at home on your PC and eating frozen food.

  5. These societal changes you speak of have been in the making for years, decades even. It's the dumbing down of our nation by the elites. Everything we watch & listen to… music, news, movies, tv, you name it, has been given to us for a reason. To make us non-thinking idiot zombies. A dumb midless nation is an easier one to control. Mind control of the masses. It's become the norm. That's why it's called television "programming".

  6. Who wants to be part of this society? This society is poison.
    Who does this society cater to? Even the people who you would think it caters to (primarily women) don't think that it does, they think the patriarchy is oppressing them. Maybe the end result of having a very diverse society is alienation because everybody will see alot in society that they don't relate to…

  7. The change started in 2008 time that’s when it went full blown anti social I think social media apps have a lot to do with it

  8. These days it seems like most if these idiots are too dangerous to interact with. Especially the women. It's sad that the powers that be have succeeded in dividing us. Every morning on the train everyone has their heads down at their phone screens……including me smh

  9. Neighbors don't even talk to each other anymore. We're all closet isolationists in silent desperation. Political correctness gets worse every year and it's used as speech and thought control on us. I think that's what the elites want. If we are divided as a country, neighborhood, and house then we are more controlled, brainwashed, and sickly. It's like nobody trusts anybody anymore, even their own neighbors. Mainstream news has us all distrustful and fearful of society and each other. Religion is frowned upon by mainstream as well.

    They have a solution for us now, big pharma pills, retail shopping therapy, and escapism using video games, sports, porn, movies, netflix, and other brainwashing tools so we forget about all the corrupt politicians taxing and frauding the hell out of us while "they" get richer. I seriously wonder if this life is real anymore. I know aliens exist, I wonder if this is one big experiment on human nature.

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