Chambers County sheriff talks about woman attacked, killed by wild hogs Sunday morning

21 thoughts on “Chambers County sheriff talks about woman attacked, killed by wild hogs Sunday morning

  1. This hurt me hearing about this tragedy, it's crazy because I'm also a San Francisco 49ers and Houston Rockets fan.. REST IN PEACE BEAUTIFUL!! 😢

  2. Last year I was walking on my ranch on Texas without my glasses. I saw a stray dog, and bent down to call to him. It was a hog. He passed me within a few feet because the wind was blowing in my favor. Poor woman, some people don't want to admit how dangerous they are. Very sad news. That's why you can kill feral hogs year round in Texas.

  3. Werent the "OK CUPCAKE THE SNOWFLAKE" leftists laughing at a man because he wanted to protect his kids, using an AR-15, from feral hogs in Texas???

    Ahhhhhhh, the LOONIE LEFT.

  4. Damn shame they won't let people hunt & kill these hogs. They are "inside City Limits" so No Shooting Firearms. The hogs won't go into traps. I've been hunting, studying and watching these hogs in SE Texas for over 35yrs. I've been hit & thrown by hogs. Many people have but a Hog walking up & killing to eat a human is unheard of. She must've done something to provoke this Hog. Just doesn't make sense & the only way to get rid of hogs is with Bullets. If us as Hog hunters, helicopter hunters, etc, killed 25 hogs each a day? Your only knocking out around 25% of the population. I've watched boar hogs hit smaller pigs as they get close to a trap door. They are extremely smart.

  5. Not 1 question of “will you go after the hogs in question?” That’s what everyone is thinking. And these reporters asked nothing about it. Ridiculous.

  6. This woman didn't have to die. there are literally THOUSANDS of VOLUNTEER HUNTERS that would gladly show up at the good sheriff's office for some wild pig payback. but the farmers, ranchers, TPW and TXDAg. will get in the way. they're all in cahoots on a big money fake hunting scheme.
    hey, sheriff, with your blessing, I could be geared up, and in East Texas after this week end. I don't want the meat (well, maybe a couple of tender loins) so you can give that to need families. drop me a note or give me a call.

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