Chad’s Response to No Social Media

– This new boy came to Chad’s camp thingy, he started stealing food. One boy caught him and
he came up to punch him, Chad got in the way and the boy punched Chad instead. – It’s like survival out there. – [Therapist] And so for Chad,
he’s asking for primitive, which means that he would
be taken out of his group. (African sounds) (wheel screeching) (car driving) – [Ruby] How was piano? – Good. – What is this? – It’s my festival song.
(lion roaring) – This looks like a fun song
(harp music) – Should we go home and play it? Do you know what it sounds like? – Yeah. – Would you like me to
go home and play it? – Sure (playing piano) – So this new boy came
to Chad’s camp thingy and he started stealing food and then, one boy caught him and
he came up to punch him, Chad got in the way and the boy punched Chad instead. (laughing) – It’s like survival out there. Chad you should go on Survivor after this.
– He would win. (laughing) Eve, go get me your
lunch box, so I can see what you packed in it. Hey, right now, go get it
and then you can come back and play with this later. Look at the wat she did the eyes. That is so cute. Okay, this looks good. You’ve got, a little treat there, some Nutella sticks. Why does she take the sandwich out and put it in a container? – She likes the family odor. – Oh! Eve do you want to pack a
snack for the ride home, so you have a sandwich
to eat on the way home? She always gets hungry on the way home. – Never. – [Eve] Here’s my red socks. (happy music) ♪ Get out of here ♪ – Goodbye Eve! – Bye! – Remember your boundaries today. – Okay. – Everyone has boundaries. – Okay, bye! – Bye, love you! (record scratching) Abby you can’t go! Hey!
(knocking on window) Abby? Abby forgot, she’s got an
orthodontist appointment this morning. You got to stay here with me. – [Abby] Fine. – Ill take you to school when we’re done. (soft music) (soft music) (soft music) (soft music) – I can barely even open my mouth, because I got bands again. And they look like this. – [Ruby] Oh that’s weird. – Yeah, I know. (laughing) (laughing) (soft beats) They request that? – [Therapist] Yeah, so we will
not give that out to people unless they really want it. And so for Chad, he’s
asking for a primitive and to really get even more
out of this experience, which means that he would
be taken out of his group, and give leave to food and a sleeping bag behind. And sometimes they leave their boots and they go vague. Like vaucansons or something like that. – Okay so, a little
update on Chad, I just, oh, my battery’s dying. Okay, got a new battery. So let me give you a quick update. I was just on the phone
with Chad’s shadow, who is his therapist out on the trail. Chad’s having a really good experience. And talking to his therapist now, I can see what was going through his mind. He was practicing a primitive experience. I’m just learning what that is. I guess not every boy goes on it. But Chad has been with a bunch
of boys between four other boys and six other boys,
at this experience. So at all times he’s been
surrounded by other boys who are struggling with some
of the same things, and they’re helping each other and they
are learning from each other. Chad is asking for one week of isolation. Which is where he goes into the woods, he does not get a food pack, he has to live off the land on his own. A lot of boys don’t take boots with them, they leave their shoes. And basically he lives like a native. I read in books where a boy
becomes a man, after going out into the wilderness on
his own, and showing that he can live on his own. And I really think that’s
what Chad is trying to do. So we will find out if he
can get special permission he may not be able to. The other update that I was
given, was Chad’s response to having his Instagram deleted. So I already told you
what his response was, that he felt relief. A follow up question was
asked to Chad, “Hey, its been a week and you’ve had a
chance to really think about what your parents have decided to do with your social media accounts. How are you feeling? Are you feeling any bitterness? Are there things that you would
like your parents to hear? Or are there things you want to say? Because we really want to
understand you and validate your position.” Chad said, “I’ve thought
a lot about my future, and I thought a lot about
the man I want to be, I don’t need to be on social media. My life is not going to
include social media.” I just thought that was
a really mature answer. I was just really, really proud of him. And I know that there’s a lot still that we need to, you know, adjust. He’s out there on the trail, and life at home is
just so much different. And like I’ve said
before, not every detail has been explained to you. But we want to share with you, the process of what it looks
like when you love a child more than you can say. And when you love a child, and you want what’s best for them, and you have boundaries
that you’ve set as a parent, how do you accept your child? How do you validate your child and hold boundaries at the same time? I know it can be done because
that’s what we’ve done. We’ve loved our son, and
we’ve expressed how much we’re doing, is because we love him. And he feels it. He knows that we’re not resentful. He knows that we have his
best interest at heart. And he is growing in so many ways. His letters reveal this mature young man, who is ready to take on the
world and still has some fears and still has some insecurities, and is willing to look at them. And I’m just really, really happy that I get to share this with you. And thank you to those who
have been very respectful. There’s been a lot who haven’t
been, I can’t control that. I do want to thank the ones
who have been very supportive. It means a lot to me. – Eve, come on bring them. Just pick your favorite thing. – She can keep them home with us. – Oh. – They’re important to her. – All right, all right,
bring them all back. – Mom, sorry. – All right. – Can we leave them at home instead of? – Can I put them in a
special place at home? – No, my teacher wants me to
keep this stuff in my folder. – Right, but what about
the stuffs that all done and you don’t need anymore? That’s been corrected. – Well, my teacher said that
we can give them to our kids when we grow up. – So you’re going to
save these until you can give them to your kids? Honey? what? – Because I would not
have in school I can, give my folder to my kids. – Okay. Okay that’s so cute. I’m just not sure, if
your folder’s going to fit everything in it for the rest of the year.
– Well last time it did. – But you’re going to have like 10 times that amount of stuff
by the time school gets over. – But I still… – It’s your stuff, all right, you can leave it in your folder for now. I’ll find a pretty little
folder you can keep it all in later. – She’s going to keep
them for her kids mom. – You’re not helping me.
– Obviously. – Okay Eve, well put them
back, because we have to go. I don’t want to leave you home. – [Ruby] Bye! – Bye. – Bye love you! Thanks for helping her. (car driving) (car braking) (car driving)

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