CDC WHRC: ‘Human’

It’s easy to think of businesses
as well-oiled machines. But in reality,
business is human. Lots and lots of humans. Humans behind every computer, every cash
register, and every toolbox. People who can spend more than one-third of
their day at their workplace. That means employers
have the opportunity to make an impact and
support their employees physically,
emotionally, and financially. When your employees
feel good, they work well. And working well
means higher productivity and manageable
health care costs. Now there’s a way
to help you do it. The CDC Workplace Health
Resource Center is the one stop that gives you the
resources you need to create a healthy work
environment for your employees. It features easy-to-use,
free tools to help you design and develop a
workplace wellness program and put it into practice. You can also learn how to
expand an existing program. Plus, the site has
information you can trust, backed by science, and can be tailored to
your business’ unique needs. These new initiatives
you put into practice will fuel your
employees to do great work. You’ll support your employees,
your people, your humans, and in turn, help
your business thrive. See how to get
started at

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