#CCUfamily – Dallina Vera

Hi, my name is Dallina Vera. I’m a senior
political science major from Myrtle Beach, SC. So I ultimately decided to study
political science because my all-time favorite subject in high school was
American government and my teacher Mr. Veely really was the one who truly
inspired me to attend Coastal Carolina and to study politics and I’m super
happy that I did. So I actually just got back from Lulac’s
2018 Emerge Conference. At this conference I was able to represent Coastal Carolina
University as well as South Carolina and meet with my representatives to talk
about prominent issues such as DACA, immigration reform, healthcare
and education policy and it was truly a life-changing experience and I’m so
happy that I went. So I first learned about that through the Poli Sci Department but ultimately it was my friends who were already involved in the organization
that convinced me to join and South Carolina student legislature is such a great organization. They teach you how to write bills but most importantly they
teach you how to fight for change that you want to see in South Carolina. So I would have to say that Coastal Carolina
has had a positive impact on me by allowing me to excel academically but
most importantly for allowing me to like be as involved as I am. So on top of
being a delegate of South Carolina student legislature I’m a member of
Coastal Carolina mock trial and also serve on the Executive Board as
Secretary of Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity and I’m also a proud sister
of Alpha Psi Lambda National Incorporated. It would be, “La vida te pondrá obstáculos, pero los límites los pones tú.” Which translates to, “Life will put obstacles
in your way but you’re the one that truly sets the limits.” The thing that makes me most proud about
Coastal Carolina University is that the university truly cares about its
students. It offers so many different resources for students to excel
academically for students that want to get involved in organizations that
provide them with first-hand experience and also allows students to travel
whether it be through the study abroad program or through different
organizations. Definitely working for the government
but hopefully I will still be advocating for Hispanics and Latinos
in my own community and hopefully by then I’ll be graduated with my masters
in public policy and finishing up my law degree in either immigration or
international law. So I want to give a huge shout out to my brothers and
sisters of Alpha Psi Lambda, a huge shout out to my awesome professors because I
know they work so hard, and a special shout out to my family. Especially my mom
who has supported me in my dreams every single day and my older sister Debbie because without her I would not be the woman I am today.

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