Cats evacuated from Myrtle Beach Humane Society ahead of Hurricane Dorian

[MUSIC] My name is Pam Miller and I’m the founder
and president of Safe Haven for Cats. And we are at Safe Haven for
Cats animal shelter in North Raleigh. Well, this is our two little new
kitties that just came Sana and Nacha. And so they came to us on Labor Day from the North Myrtle Beach Humane Society that
was evacuating ahead of Hurricane Dorian. So we got a text from our partners at the HSUS on Sunday
evening about 5 o’clock. And they said, hey,
we got to evacuate Myrtle Beach. How many cats can you take? So we did a lot of shuffling around and
we said, well, we can take about 35 cats tomorrow,
less than 24 hours later. And they said, good. So long story short, we ended up getting all of the cats from
that shelter that could be evacuated. And then they come,
you don’t know what you’re gonna get. Long story short,
we have ended up with 33 kitties. They range in age from 30 days, that’s
these little sisters, to over 10 years. Many of these guys are just
your garden variety stray and abandoned kitty cats that we
have in our shelter every day. The average that it costs for each one of
the animals that we have in our shelter, it takes an average of about 159 or
$160 per cat to get them ready. Our average length of stay is about
a month and take care of them, get them all their medical care. These guys will be needing lots
of vaccines and get spayed and neutered eventually. Our money goes really far because
we’re professionals in animal welfare. So we have accounts with all the food
people and all the medical people. So your money that you
donate goes really far. So I think that monetary
donations are the number one thing that we all need during these situations. Secondly, we’re always,
always needing volunteers. [MUSIC]

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