Cats dumped off at Humane Society

THE LEXINGTON HUMANE SOCIETY GOT THIRTY NEW ADDITIONS LAST NIGHT. EMPLOYEES SAY SOMEONE DUMPED CATS IN THEIR PARKING LOT OVERNIGHT. THE CATS WERE FOUND THIS MORNING IN CARDBOARD BOXES. GARRETT WYMER IS TALKING TO HUMANE SOCIETY LEADERS… WHO ARE ASKING FOR HELP FOSTERING AND ADOPTING THESE ANIMALS. IT’S A STORY THAT’S NEW AT 5-30. “When employees at the humane society got to work Thursday morning they found those cats in two cardboard boxes right out here in the parking lot of the administration building.” Some of those cats had gotten out of the boxes and were roaming around the property. The humane society says they found 20 yesterday, and more today. They think now they have them all – 30 in total. The humane society says the animals are in pretty good health, despite being abandoned in the parking lot so close to a busy road in an industrial area. But such a large influx of cats all at once comes at a difficult time for the humane society. Donations, they say, are down, while the number of animals they’re caring for is up. Ashley Hammond / Lexington Humane Society: “I do want the community to consider giving to the animals when they’re considering their charitable giving this holiday season. Don’t forget the animals, because they really do enrich our lives, and we do everything we can to care for the animals in the community.” “Hammond says those kittens found out here are as young as four weeks old. They’ll be put in foster care until they’re ready for adoption. In Lexington, Garrett Wymer, WKYT.” HAMMOND SAYS THEY ARE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WILLING TO FOSTER…ADOPT…AN D DONATE.

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