Cat yoga at Greater Birmingham Humane Society

Cat Yoga It is humans doing yoga in a room full of cats Or is it cats teaching yoga? See for yourself Ok. Hello. Hi. Um, welcome to yoga.Oh yea, that’s nice. Like, hi. Welcome to yoga class. Let’s start with downward cat OK, Karen. It doesn’t mean you can just pet me. Humans! This is so bad You call this yoga? This is pathetic Let’s stretch our left leg high and bend into it What, what are you doing? Stay focused! Uh, I was actually hiding here on purpose OK, no it’s fine. Yea, I’m cool. This is good. It’s fine! It’s like this. Excuse me, human! It’s like this! Wait, no. No, no, no stop! STOP! Now. let’s stretch our right leg out That’s your hand, Karen! Your hand, not your leg Again, these our legs Ugh, this is painful to watch For our next move, let’s cross your right leg over your left leg Yes, you’re doing it wrong… human It’s like this This is how you do it, OK? One leg in… Another leg in… Oh, look at this box! What a nice box Another leg in… And I”m out of here! One leg out, another leg out, another leg out… Last leg out MmmK? Grrreeat. Maybe if I just act like I’m sleeping I don’t have to do this K! Good talk!

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